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Casting call and Animation announcement.
2012/12/23 21:36
From Oxford Michigan
Posts: 1088
Level : 29; EXP : 0
HP : 0 / 700
MP : 362 / 23660
Looking for voice actors soon for a space opera series I want to create. It's not a paying gig. Applicants should send a voice sample with at least 3 accents, Posh English, Proper American Midwest English, and one of choice. Also looking for something along the lines of two specific accents/voices... something like Madge Sinclair (Sarabi from lion king) and Letitia Wright (Shuri from Black Panther). For now 8 lead roles (which includes the aforementioned 2) are available. The series will be cgi animate with an anime feel.
Lead roles with voice specs in parenthesis are as follows:
Obsidian Mask: male 30's (Posh James Bond)
Shadawar aka Shadow: (CAST)
Ai-Thoron: Female late 20's (Madge Sinclair African)
Lote' pron. Youtay: Female young adult (Latitia Wright African)
Aini: Female Early 20's (Sultry Posh English)
Sabrina Wildlman: Female Early 30's (American English Midwestern)
Synthea: Female Early 20's(Midwestern English monotone)
Colonel Rendaza: male mid 40's (Posh Star Wars villain)
Black Mantis/Khar male mid 30's(menacing voice/calm collected)
Raven: Female mid 20's (Motherly yet Sexy)
Norjaguar: make mid 30's (Intelligent proper English, XMen Beast)
Reaver: make mid 40's (Dark, forbidding whispered)
Thunderbird: Make mid 30's(Deep voice Native American)
Emperor Beast: male late 40's (very deep)
there may be other recurring roles later.
Harley: make late 20's (bass voice no accent)

If you'd like to try your hand simply send a voice audition with for the character you's like to voice to or hit me up on facebook Thanks in advance.

Posted on: 18 05 21 11:20 am
Commissions starting at $25.00

"Hate on me but you can't deny skill." (Ill mind of Hopsin 4)
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Re: Casting call and Animation announcement.
Shhh! I'm not here!
2013/8/29 16:52
Posts: 859
Level : 26; EXP : 25
HP : 0 / 631
MP : 286 / 20084
Sadly I have not a good voice for that kind of thing.
I wish I had because it would be great for some game mods I made that I had to use virtual voices to made them... well, voiced instead of muted quests.

Anyway, just in case you don't find anyone, there is this guy that created a program that mimcs several voices from games: xVASynth tool by Dan Ruta...
Dunno how legal it is, tho... but if Nexus has allowed it there and they are very strict with their policy, can't be that illegal... me thinks...

Also, you should make an announcement at our Facebook page. Might help spread it among more people.

Good luck.

Posted on: 23 05 21 09:53 am
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