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SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2008/9/3 18:39
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Just my take on the character.  Still needs a bit of work, but it's passable.  Thoughts, Comments, Criticisms?

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2008/9/12 6:48  Updated: 2008/9/12 6:48
 Re: Ravager
I tend to be an opinionated, overbearing SOB, so I hope you took it in the spirit of helping. Usually someone asks me once and after my answer never asks again.

I think you did really well, if I didn't I would have said anything. I thought the chainmail was really good.

The gloss you mentioned, messing with the spectacular settings might help. Ramping the Glossiness up will shrink the size of the gloss and cutting down the Strength will reduce the amount of gloss that comes up.

Well, if you ever want to ask me anything, drop a line. If I don't know, I will try to find an answer.
Posted: 2008/9/11 0:58  Updated: 2008/9/11 0:58
Joined: 2007/6/23
From: Someplace, sometime
Posts: 102
 Re: Ravager
Well I usually do more with the lights to create effects and such, but this one was pretty barebones. I have yet to find a Ravager texture out there so I used the V3 Ultra Catsuit and a chain mail texture i cobbled together using a tile I picked up somewhere. The mat settings are default plastic which makes everything so oddly shiny, so I set the bodysuit to mettalic to give it a sheen, but nothing uber reflective. The scarf is actually the Ms. Marvel Classic scarf from a freebie set. The gloves, boots and cowl are all Predatron that I osed pretty much straight with minimal alterations to base settings. The cowl is two seperate renders since I don't have a mapping program. I did a render in orange and dark blue, then cut and pasted which worked famously as much as I can tell. I am not happy with the chain mail on the collarbone area.

Basically the catsuit does not let me select the tanktop strap sections so I had to clone tool the area and it makes it look very rough. If I get up the moxy I am sooo gonna clean this thing up. But i have a ton of other things I am working on so ravager has been set to the back burner.

But thank you for the critiques and the suggestions, that is what I always want, but seldom get.
Posted: 2008/9/5 8:40  Updated: 2008/9/5 8:40
 Re: Ravager
Not just this picture, but all you have posted here so far...

Lighting. The best picture is ruined by lighting. The character is athe main focus and unless you are going for dramatic lighting they should have good bright lighting. Use spotlights to light the figure and dimmer infinate lights for the scene. Another way is to darken the surfaces of everything but the main figure. Look at this to get an idea of what I mean.

A good basic light rig you can do is a three light set. 1st is the bright main light. Set it to raytrace, low softness, and bump up the Bias to 7-8 range. 2nd is a filler light. It is to cut down on the harshness of the shadows of #1. Set it to Deep shadow, high softness, a low intensity, Bias in the 5-7 range. The last is a ambiant light. Keep it dim, no shadows and the color.. is something to play with. Keep it consist with the surroundings, but when outside keep it close to a blue. These three lights are arranged in a triangle with the figure in the middle. Place 1 and 2 and the front of the scene, 3 in back.

There are alot of lights and special rigs you can buy. Some are better than others, but I like the UberEnvironment from Daz. I tend not to use it as my main light, but at 20% intensity it gives a good filler light, replacing the third light.

Better lighting will make a big difference and make things start to pop.

The texture isn't bad, you are using what you have. Until you have a library of stuff built up or able to model, in pure 3D that is about all you can do. If you can access someplace that has a fast connection, start hitting the freebie sites as hard as you can. Some freethings are better than stuff you pay for.

To make good textures, get something like Photoshop (even an old copy 7 or better), Elements isn't bad (I started on that), Gimp which is free but funky, or one of the other paint programs. You need on that you can do LAYERS and PATH/LINES in. Those two things are a big help. Peter Cotton does some really good textures as does Yunners. Talk to them.

Play with your camera. Just start moving it around your figure at odd angles and when something strikes you stop. Comic books use the bizzare camera angles for good effect. Look at your favorite panels and figure out where the lights and "camera" would be.

Materials. The Basic Daz Material settings suck. Really suck. Don't use any poser product without adjusting the materials yourself. Check out the Daz shader/materials in the freebies at Rendo. There is a Daz script called, Univeral Material Skin Preset. Get it and learn how to use it for skin. Does wonders. The Elite shaders from Daz are interesting, but I don't use any of the textures. I stripped out the map settings and will use the material settings with a other textures I get.

This is a bit to hit you with and there is alot more. PM me a place where I can send some files and I will get you a few things I have made, that will help you understand what I was trying to explain.

Overall, you are doing good and are getting better.
Posted: 2008/9/4 15:46  Updated: 2008/9/4 15:46
Joined: 2007/6/23
From: Someplace, sometime
Posts: 102
 Re: Ravager
I wouldn't ask if I didn't want mate. This one is flawed because of the ways I had to do things V3's jumpsuit needs to be remapped or I need to create a texture. But I am no expert at creating textures and I have a freebie program to do them with. Other than that, whatcha got?
Posted: 2008/9/4 8:54  Updated: 2008/9/4 8:54
 Re: Ravager
Not bad. If you really want a technical review, I will give it. Still using Daz Studio?