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Shulkie Chant-Two
Shulkie Chant-TwoPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   Last Update2008/12/2 12:48
Hits8264  Comments26    
Okay lounge lizards!  I decided to do one last She-Hulk a la Jessica Rabbit. This time I wanted a different approach, something between  Mr. Android's technique and Mr. DarkBlade's technique (see Forum).  As you can see the art is for her new CD cover.

Special thanks to Mr. Wolf who first got me inspired by 50's diva Julie London, and Mr. OCP for loading the sound file. Shulkie sings Julie London in this new retro CD. It should be her last cover for awhile (unless of course she recreates the layout for Ms. London's " Calendar Girl" album)!

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2009/1/16 19:26  Updated: 2009/1/16 19:26
Joined: 2007/6/14
Posts: 68
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
This was great just from teh picture then when the music cut in it blew me away
3 thumbs up for going above and beyond
Posted: 2008/12/17 13:27  Updated: 2008/12/17 13:27
Joined: 2004/10/8
From: Western Mass
Posts: 47
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
This is beautiful and clever! Audio really brings the pic to life!
Posted: 2008/12/15 8:43  Updated: 2008/12/15 8:43
Joined: 2007/4/7
Posts: 429
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
I might have to do a rendering of this too..

Who's the singer btw?
Posted: 2008/12/14 18:31  Updated: 2008/12/14 18:31
Mr. The Mighty Lord *Krackaboom!*
Joined: 2004/1/13
From: The Good Earth
Posts: 3277
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
Yes! The soundtrack is a first.

Easy 10 from me,
Posted: 2008/12/9 14:02  Updated: 2008/12/9 14:02
Shaper of Worlds
Joined: 2004/4/5
From: Matteson, Il
Posts: 3909
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
An absolutely fabulous approach to image posting. Not so much because of the Awesome artwork but the sound track makes it even more entertaining!
Lady Heromorph
Posted: 2008/12/8 11:45  Updated: 2008/12/8 11:45
Official Award
Joined: 2005/10/21
From: Mammoth Mountain
Posts: 5502
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
This great image made Lady Heromorph's Top Ten Images of the Week ending December 6th, 2008.
Posted: 2008/12/6 10:13  Updated: 2008/12/6 10:13
Arch Nemesis
Joined: 2003/10/20
Posts: 1447
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
Was: "how many grooves...?"
It depends. If you have one cut on a LP Record side (e.g., Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant) or 8 cuts on the side. You waste a lot of grooves in between each cut. You will have to specify before I start counting...
Posted: 2008/12/6 8:53  Updated: 2008/12/6 8:53
deluded narcissist guru (Whateverator)
Joined: 2004/7/6
Posts: 2723
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
This is simply amazing! Jaw droppingly Amazing...
Posted: 2008/12/4 13:20  Updated: 2008/12/4 13:29
Time Lord!
Joined: 2004/8/27
From: Knobblers Gob
Posts: 2002
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
I'm gonna have to go down to the basement and pull out all those old LPs...

Trivia : How many grooves are on each side of an LP record? Send me a PM with the answer.

And speaking of Julie London, don't forget the years she was Nurse Dixie McCall on Emergency! seen here with real life husband Bobby Troup.

Posted: 2008/12/4 10:12  Updated: 2008/12/4 10:12
Kling on HM (WebMaster!)
Joined: 2004/7/19
From: My Box
Posts: 6982
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
I just had to drop back by and drool a little more before moving on in the gallery.
Posted: 2008/12/3 15:11  Updated: 2008/12/3 15:11
Fanboy Extraordinaire
Joined: 2005/3/27
From: MiddleOfNowhere, Ohio
Posts: 2385
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
A perfect 10, Cheif! The pic blew me away (Excellent layout, looks just like an old record album my grandparents would never have bought!) but the music took me totally by pleasent surprise! [I'd definately come-a to Shulkie's house!] Truly a masterpiece!
Posted: 2008/12/3 13:23  Updated: 2008/12/3 13:23
Joined: 2008/8/16
Posts: 132
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
Whoa!! Goin' gaga over those almost tactile long gloves, that face, that dress and umm . . . .that bod. Order me a rooti kazooti as I grab a seat. Think I'll stick around for the show
Posted: 2008/12/2 20:19  Updated: 2008/12/2 20:19
Arch Nemesis
Joined: 2003/10/20
Posts: 1447
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
For a long time, I didn't know what to say about this. But (never at a loss for words): this is the best artistic rendering of an antique Shure microphone I have ever seen! (BTW, I have a Julie London record - NOT a CD - that came with a yard sale batch of Sinatras). I guess you already know it's a great pic. I think up some criticism in about a week.
Posted: 2008/12/2 20:06  Updated: 2008/12/2 20:06
Guardian of the Great White North (Webmaster)
Joined: 2003/8/17
From: Canada
Posts: 6812
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
brilliant work sir.
Posted: 2008/12/2 19:18  Updated: 2008/12/3 7:40
Hellfire Club Member
Joined: 2006/5/5
Posts: 831
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
You can learn a lot of cultural back history from these posts. Not only had I a vague idea about Julie London, but I wasn't aware Edie Adams or Diahann Carroll were jazz artists at all. I just thought Ms. Adams was a comic actress (which is good, since it fits into Shulkie's standup routine in a previous post).

The notes about "...visual sound Stereo" are particularly interesting since I didn't know what it was supposed to specify. I tried to find a Liberty Records logo to match the Julie London LP's, but I couldn't find one with a high enough rez. Hence the fictitious "Marvel Records" logo, a detail I must admit, I like.

I imagine there would be a market for this kind of tribute entertainment. You get a sense of class back then, even if they didn't have it, that seems unknown nowadays. I enjoy reading Ross MacDonald's Archer detective series of that era. It really gives you an insight of the post-war culture.

There are tribute bands for vintage R&R, and burlesque has made some kind of a comeback, belly dance is popular again, so who knows? Maybe it is up to the comics to bring it back.

(Darkblade's tut can be found here:
Posted: 2008/12/2 18:22  Updated: 2008/12/2 19:45
Supreme being
Joined: 2004/3/13
From: lost somewhere in Northwest Ohio
Posts: 840
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
Thank YOU for the compliment!

This is an excellent re-take of the cover photo for "Lonely Girl"; where Julie is standing in front of a grand piano, in a strapless gown. I think that my favorite album of Hers is "Around Midnight", though. What really sets this one off is the use of the words "...visual sound STEREO" in the upper right. This was the time frame where stereo was overtaking monural recording; a big event indeed. And this statement was found on a lot of records back then; I have a few in my collection somewhere.

As PeterCotton states, an excellent job on the shading of the skin. What really reminds me of Julie here, besides the sultry expression and the languid pose, are the opera gloves. They were 'de rigeur' for all female jazz artists of that time, (reference Dinah Washington, Edie Adams, and Diahann Carroll). The shading on them blends in well with the positioning of the lights; the ones shining on the curtins, and the overheads, shining down on She-Hulk. The lipstick is picture perfect; not one point overdone. And the dress is exactly like those Miss London, and other artists wore during that time period. A lot of these ladies started out in cocktail lounges; where a little 'slinky-ness' was expected. ( check out the "RatPack" movies and TV shows of that era, too )

This picture gives us a glimpse back at a bygone era; one that, sadly, will never return...but, will live on forever in our memories...

( I'd give you a "20" on this...but, they'll only allow me to do a '10'...sorry! ) ( I'm also sorry I ran on for so long...couldn't help myself...THIS IS A GREAT PIECE OF ART!!!! )
Posted: 2008/12/2 17:54  Updated: 2008/12/2 17:58
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6363
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
Yup... all that Android just said! OMG, this is fargin brilliant! I am really blown away by what you've done here and that is saying a great deal considering how high my expectations are based on all you've already shown! Add Julie London singing... smooth as butter! You've really gone waaay above and beyond this time! Stellar, man!!!
BTW, although my manual skills have atrophied greatly as a result of neglect, I'd still love to read that thread on techniques although I couldn't find it on my own. Where. specifically might I locate this, if you don't mind my asking?
Posted: 2008/12/2 17:54  Updated: 2008/12/2 17:54
Gold Member
Joined: 2007/10/5
From: Brooklyn, NY
Posts: 1231
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
Absolutely beautiful AND with audio!!! Brilliant piece CO!
Posted: 2008/12/2 17:23  Updated: 2008/12/2 17:25
Magnifcent Mechanical Marvel (HFC)
Joined: 2004/6/25
From: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil
Posts: 667
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
This is one of the most awesome works I ever saw.

Where is nudity?

Where is the smell of sex and depravation?

Here we find a sexy BUT not vulgar woman. We see glamour and, most important of all, we see an artist doing a fantastic job.

I'm tired of seeing women treated like prostitutes or porn stars. Mr. Co_04 makes me believe that there is still hope for the super heroines brought to life at Heromorph.

Oh! And it was a lovely surprise the fact that this piece of art was attached to a really cool song! What a premiere!
Posted: 2008/12/2 16:28  Updated: 2008/12/2 16:28
Ring Forger
Joined: 2007/8/23
From: Mexico
Posts: 1252
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two

Well everything has been said. Just want to congratulate u, this is really a master piece
Concept, art, realization, and the music is the cherry on the pie
Posted: 2008/12/2 16:06  Updated: 2008/12/2 16:06
Wizard of Lasagna (Mod)
Joined: 2007/5/20
From: From the Other Side of the Ocean
Posts: 3461
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two

This is more than Awesome,co, this is A MASTERPIECE of a genius.

You ROCK, my friend.
Posted: 2008/12/2 15:25  Updated: 2008/12/2 15:25
The Big Daddy
Joined: 2005/7/1
From: Coming to you from America's hurricane central, Bay Saint Louis, MS
Posts: 521
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
Hey, Babee!
Posted: 2008/12/2 14:21  Updated: 2008/12/2 14:21
Kling on HM (WebMaster!)
Joined: 2004/7/19
From: My Box
Posts: 6982
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
This is amazing!!! Great job on everything! I love the sequins. WOW.
Posted: 2008/12/2 14:01  Updated: 2008/12/2 14:01
Hellfire Club Member
Joined: 2007/3/20
From: The Muggy Depths of Amerika
Posts: 419
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
this is MAGNIFICENT!i love your SheHulk here, who manages to be extraordinarly sexy while still retaining a lot of class. i also LOVE the skinshading here, which while still green, manages to be quite lifelike. i also love the little 'huh?' sig. all in all, my new favorite of yours.

Posted: 2008/12/2 13:35  Updated: 2008/12/2 13:35
Supreme being
Joined: 2005/7/6
From: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil
Posts: 522
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
O melhor trabalho do ano

Eu vi ela cantantando

Posted: 2008/12/2 12:51  Updated: 2018/9/16 14:52
Hellfire Club Member
Joined: 2006/5/5
Posts: 831
 Re: Shulkie Chant-Two
And for the full multi-media experience...