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Maleficent Models
Maleficent ModelsPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   Last Update2009/4/8 13:22
Hits3486  Comments17    
Mal, updating her collection to more modern day goth, models her new crop top.

UPDATE: Publishers The Brothers Whimm decided to use this spot art for their new bedtime storybook. This is what it looks like applied on the opening page.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/9/5 0:07  Updated: 2012/9/5 0:07
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Posted: 2009/5/6 14:53  Updated: 2009/5/6 14:53
Kling on HM (WebMaster!)
Joined: 2004/7/19
From: My Box
Posts: 6969
 Re: Maleficent Models
I guess I have just been looking at your art and not commenting... Too Odd.

Anywho... as always, this is really kick ass!!!
Bad girls...Bad girls... Whatcha gonna do?
Lady Heromorph
Posted: 2009/4/14 12:01  Updated: 2009/4/14 12:01
Official Award
Joined: 2005/10/21
From: Mammoth Mountain
Posts: 5264
 Re: Maleficent Models
This image made Lady Heromorph's Top Images of the Week ending April 11th, 2009... Congrats.
Posted: 2009/4/14 11:24  Updated: 2009/4/14 11:24
Joined: 2008/5/26
From: DC area
Posts: 414
 Re: Maleficent Models
There's no hotter Disney Villain.
Great colors. Great weight in the character.
Your line work is nice too.
I love your simple design and use of texture.
great quality.
Posted: 2009/4/8 19:58  Updated: 2009/4/8 19:58
Gold Member
Joined: 2007/10/5
From: Brooklyn, NY
Posts: 1231
 Re: Maleficent Models
MILficent looks outstanding CO.
Posted: 2009/4/8 19:02  Updated: 2009/4/8 19:02
Hellfire Club Member
Joined: 2006/5/5
Posts: 831
 Re: Maleficent Models
drunks, so that is you all growed up and tucked in! After a night of bedtime "stories" you are trying to sneak out of Mal's boudoir the next day....
Posted: 2009/4/8 18:30  Updated: 2009/4/8 18:30
Supreme being
Joined: 2004/3/13
From: lost somewhere in Northwest Ohio
Posts: 840
 Re: Maleficent Models
Hmmm...lookin' really good, here, Sir.

I do have to agree with you on the nails...but, IMOHO, when Her 'Dark Side' pops out, I'm bettin' that the nails go 'red'...know what I mean?

yes, the raven looks good here...lucky bastard...see who He's hangin' with?

As for the graphics? Hell, yeah it's lookin' REALLY righteous!!!

Gotta give this one a '50'..."10" being too, too low...
Posted: 2009/4/8 16:02  Updated: 2009/4/8 16:02
Guardian of the Great White North (Webmaster)
Joined: 2003/8/17
From: Canada
Posts: 6810
 Re: Maleficent Models
Great work man, the dragon looks top notch!!
Posted: 2009/4/8 15:47  Updated: 2009/4/8 15:47
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1472
 Re: Maleficent Models
I like the graphic, co.
Adds continuity to your storyline behind the pics.
But I'd really like to read some of the stories in this bedtime book...
Uh, scratch that, I'd really like Mal here to tuck me in and read one to me!
Posted: 2009/4/8 13:24  Updated: 2009/4/8 13:24
Hellfire Club Member
Joined: 2006/5/5
Posts: 831
 Re: Maleficent Models
mrdoc: I did not know this bit of trivia, thanks for sharing.
Mr. W: I darkened the raven,though I did not change Mal's nails. This is her "softer" side, Heh! Heh!

Do you prefer this pic with graphic or without?
Posted: 2009/4/7 18:15  Updated: 2009/4/7 18:15
Joined: 2008/8/16
Posts: 132
 Re: Maleficent Models
Very smooth and stylish mal#2 Interesting how the dragon's wings look like they are coming out of her lower back. Makes it look like she's got wings-very inventive. I guess you're hinting toward her eventual switch into the dragon in this the last film Walt directly worked on.

Rock On!!!
Posted: 2009/4/7 8:02  Updated: 2009/4/7 8:47
Hellfire Club Member
Joined: 2006/5/5
Posts: 831
 Re: Maleficent Models
Wolfy--Thanks for bringing those things to my attention, I have already made a note of them. It takes a fresh set of eyes to find what I missed.

Drunks! But of course it's you--I merely forgot to put the beer stein in your claw.

MissVee: I think Mal is wearing "Eau de Come and Get It".
Posted: 2009/4/7 7:11  Updated: 2009/4/7 7:11
Arch Nemesis
Joined: 2003/10/20
Posts: 1447
 Re: Maleficent Models
Yes, to previous comments -- but what kinf of Perfume is she wearing...? I like the light single line outlinr between the figure an the dark background. Is it 1 0r 2 pix? Always a problem - separating a dark figure from a dark background. Once I tried a 2 pix gray line/ then smudged it toward the background/ then hard-lined the figure with a 1 pix line to give a slight aura or back-glow to the figure in the foreground.
Posted: 2009/4/7 3:11  Updated: 2009/4/7 3:11
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6356
 Re: Maleficent Models
Once again, exceptional job, co! Again, I love how you've used the environment in framing the figure, adding incredible dimension and detail to the image, your drawing and linework is superb and great sexy character choice too! Cheers to a job well done!
Posted: 2009/4/6 16:28  Updated: 2009/4/6 16:28
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1472
 Re: Maleficent Models
Dear OCP,
I Friggin' Wish!
Only one of co_04's babes could make me that docile!

Another brilliant job co, I echo the sentiments of Wolf's drooling.
And I envy you tremendously if you actually have access to live models for your work.
If so, and you ever want me to really be in the background, I'd be more than willin' pose with any of your beauties!
10 being the highest on the scale, I say in the immortal sentiments of "Spinal Tap,"
"This one goes to 11"
Posted: 2009/4/6 11:41  Updated: 2009/4/6 11:42
Supreme being
Joined: 2004/3/13
From: lost somewhere in Northwest Ohio
Posts: 840
 Re: Maleficent Models

A-hem! Now that I've mopped up the mess YOU caused ME to make...

The shine on the outfit make me believe that it is either latex or spandex would not 'shine' as well. The Headpiece is very well done as is the collar...not too extravagent; tastefully the right size for the outfit. The fingernails are a bit more "pinkish' than I'd have gone with; 'blood red' ( we're talking Miss EVIL here...remember? ) would have been my choice...but, that's why we have "freedom of Choice" here at heromorph. The expression and the facial make-up is very tastefully done...and the 'reddish-pink' lipstick is a nice touch, too.

The raven looks more gray than black; probably due to the angle the light is coming in at. The dragon dose look a bit on the 'tame' side...or else I'm just imagining it. Nice work on the background...the texture of the stone is really authentic looking.

The only major change I'd make is placing the ring on the middle finger...but, that just a minor quibble.

You've earned another "10"...what more can I say?

( Gee...I wonder what She would look like decked out as a Domme...might wanna look into a commisson work if He keeps thism up as well as He has so far...)
Posted: 2009/4/6 11:11  Updated: 2009/4/6 11:11
Wizard of Lasagna (Mod)
Joined: 2007/5/20
From: From the Other Side of the Ocean
Posts: 3461
 Re: Maleficent Models

Huh? Is That DrunkenDragon in the back?