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Main : ! 2D Art ! : Marvel Comics :  Spider-Man poster

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Spider-Man poster
Spider-Man posterPopular
SubmitterReddEraMore Photos from ReddEra   Last Update2010/7/26 14:26
Hits4218  Comments13    
***EDIT: ok, so I added Street lights and lamps, lessened Spider-man's moon glow, and added a turning car.
Thanks everyone your words mean so much to me. Pijon, your critique was great, I knew something was missing but I couldn't place it. Thanks. Ionisys, yes I'm a girl, thanks you :D and thanks Pres, DD wow....thank you so much. got me all teary eyed. Oh and to answer questions, the woman in the window is MJ, the photograph in the back is actually a painting of a picture of my boyfriend and I (we look like MJ and Peter there) the model on the billboard is also MJ. and as for the Baxter Building....I had no idea what that building was. Just thought it looked cool, and was the correct angle.
Thank you everyone for your help in the forum and with references. You're my life savers.  

This is the final color from these lines

I really like this. It feels like a jump in my art. Don't have much to say cause I'm brain dead.
I am going to post a link here to the DA post, I had to lower the resolution greatly and a lot of the details were lost.

You do not have permission to color this or use it in any way.
Spider-man/Black Cat/ Mary Jane Watson are property of MARVEL comics. This is fan art.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/10/1 1:06  Updated: 2012/10/1 1:06
Bat Junkie...and who took my meds???
Joined: 2003/8/18
From: Mexico City (we don't wear hats)
Posts: 2619
 Re: Spider-Man poster
Great image...I like spideys pose and blackcat is great
Posted: 2010/7/28 10:00  Updated: 2010/7/28 10:00
Joined: 2004/2/5
From: Ryker's Island :-(
Posts: 256
 Re: Spider-Man poster
Excellent work
Posted: 2010/7/26 14:41  Updated: 2010/7/26 14:41
Joined: 2008/5/26
From: DC area
Posts: 414
 Re: Spider-Man poster
MissVee: Did your boyfriend sign a model release...?

No, but he's not a model. and I painted that part looking at an image of the both of us. He thought it was clever. Actually there is another Spiderman image where the photo of them in the background looks like that photograph of us. Which we took five years ago. Its even the same jacket and hair cut in this artstis picture. It is unacanny. Here is a link to it. So I had the idea to use the real photograph of us as a reference for the picture framed on Peter and MJs apertment.
Posted: 2010/7/26 14:34  Updated: 2010/7/26 14:34
Arch Nemesis
Joined: 2003/10/20
Posts: 1447
 Re: Spider-Man poster
Did your boyfriend sign a model release...?
Posted: 2010/7/26 14:12  Updated: 2010/7/26 14:12
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6364
 Re: Spider-Man poster
That Pijon does catch things very well, don't he?

I don't know about that... I keep coming back to this and catching new things... and they're all good! So much great and wonderful detail! Thanks for sharing this terrific work with us, Redd
Posted: 2010/7/26 2:34  Updated: 2010/7/26 2:34
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1474
 Re: Spider-Man poster
MJ has a wall art collectors print of you and your boyfriend! (hopefully signed by the original artist)
That is truly priceless.

I like the added street effects , too.
That Pijon does catch things very well, don't he?
Great job!
Posted: 2010/7/25 17:14  Updated: 2010/7/25 17:14
Gold Member
Joined: 2005/8/4
From: Massillon, Ohio
Posts: 715
 Re: Spider-Man poster
Such great work here. Very beautifully done. And I do think you did take it to another level with this one. As well love the reflection in the window behind with seeing someone in the window in the background as well. This is a "10" as far as I am concerned. Very nice job.
Posted: 2010/7/24 14:07  Updated: 2010/7/24 14:07
Arch Nemesis
Joined: 2003/10/20
Posts: 1447
 Re: Spider-Man poster
I don't even know what to say! I especially like the expression on BC's face.
Posted: 2010/7/24 12:52  Updated: 2010/7/24 12:57
 Re: Spider-Man poster
This is a nice lookin pic. As for the update thing all I can tell you is be patient it does that sometimes and it will update the pic it just takes a minute. So wait and relax this has happened to me about a dozen times.
I may not care for your artistic style, but I will say this your eye for detail (without killin the pic I might add) is ......I got no words for how awesome it is. I can see into the apartments that's tight. Your eye for perspective is spot on. All in all really good pic, I wouldn't be surprised if it got a pic of the week.
Posted: 2010/7/24 0:23  Updated: 2010/7/24 0:23
Joined: 2009/10/17
Posts: 294
 Re: Spider-Man poster
if you are a girl, i say : go girl, go giirl

else : Cool dude :)
Posted: 2010/7/23 21:22  Updated: 2010/7/23 23:13
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6364
 Re: Spider-Man poster
I think I've already stated how much I love this in the 2nd pencil version but I really love the playful chase sensibility of Black Cat, really love her pose and expression too, good classic Spidey pose and just an incredibly detailed (BTW, love the Baxter Building!) and well composed scene with good perspective! As far as the coloring, I do like many of your overall choices and I realize my advice comes from the viewpoint of someone who can't came close to the level of skill required to pull something like this off and nighttime lighting can be very tricky but the lighting on Spidey looks like it's coming from the moon and while the face of the moon itself looks quite shaded, Spidey looks like he's being hit by a bright spotlight. Also city streets tend to be lit by the cumulative effect of street lights and car lights which also slowly diffuses to night up the side of the buildings. I apologize if I'm being too nit picky... I think your work is quite brilliant and only wish I could do what you do! Excellent job again!
Posted: 2010/7/23 20:54  Updated: 2010/7/23 20:54
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1474
 Re: Spider-Man poster
Even with some of the detail lost, this is great!
(I checked out the DA image, too...and am blown away,Redd)

Awesome detailing. From the miniscule background figures and items to the way you individually shadowed the webslinger's costume webbing for a raised stitching effect. The purple of the sky resonating in the buildings' tones is incredible as well. And is that you in the window behind Cat?
Hair, as always, phenomenal. Dynamics of poses and expression, beautiful. Use of color hues and tones throughout the work to carry the mood into every bit...fabulous.
Almost looks like a Rainbow reflection in the closest building's windows there, too. Nice!
Lighting effects are great in the other windows, too.
I gather a sense of playfulness from Cat's expression, almost as if this was a staged chase in which she is hoping to be "caught." This playfulness is mirrored even in the furry fringe on her suit, which is tastefully unzipped just enough to complete the tease effect.
I think your friend is gonna enjoy this a lot!

In fact, my only complaint at all is that you didn't do this for me! (yeah, I'm jealous...I admit it...)

Ok...'nuff wordiness.
In the tradition of Spinal Tap...
I give this one an 11.
Well Done.
Posted: 2010/7/23 20:21  Updated: 2010/7/23 20:21
Joined: 2005/5/29
From: Campbellton NB Canada
Posts: 387
 Re: Spider-Man poster
Incredible work!