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Main : Awards and Special : Monthly and other challenges :  Starchild's Influence Map

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Starchild's Influence Map
Starchild's Influence MapPopular
SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2012/7/31 3:20
Hits1673  Comments11    
here's mine  although this isnt an official challenge i thought it might be better to put it here. if you mods have a problem with it feel free to move it to a gallery of your choosing. as you see i had nowhere near the same influences as pijon...but e did relate on a couple and just like him i had nowhere near enough room to put all my choices. i wasn't sure if i was supposed to adhere to the guidelines of the map so i toook a few liberties with mine. hope you like and feel free to ask about my choices.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/8/7 19:50  Updated: 2012/8/7 19:50
Joined: 2008/6/28
Posts: 496
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
A couple of artists that also appear on mine. I was never influenced by Fazetta, I only only knew him from some record covers a friend had. I do remember a Boris book were he goes into his style and shows how he uses photos to make paintings.His wife is a painter also. You know none of the image guys influenced me at all. I haven't bought a Jim Lee drawn book since Wildcats. I drew Larson's Savage Dragon character a few times. When I was watching Saturday morning cartoons Hanna Barbara wasn't doing any superheroes except the Superfriends. Scooby Doo and their other teenage detectives didn't influence me. Perez I knew. He was on avengers, but when he went to DC to do Teen Titans I stopped following him. This a interesting map
Posted: 2012/8/6 6:06  Updated: 2012/8/6 6:06
Wizard of Lasagna (Mod)
Joined: 2007/5/20
From: From the Other Side of the Ocean
Posts: 3461
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
One of the best maps so far.

I see a lot of choices I wish I could included in mine.
Posted: 2012/8/5 16:19  Updated: 2012/8/5 16:19
The New Number 2 (Moderator-Like Guy)
Joined: 2004/5/16
From: Kamloops, BC, Canada
Posts: 1366
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
Gaaah! I missed John Buscema and Neal Adams! How could I miss John Buscema and Neal Adams?

A lot of awesome here. Hanna-Barbera brings a smile to my face. Frazetta and Vallejo are still awesome. Especially Frazetta -- so dynamic.
Posted: 2012/8/4 8:59  Updated: 2012/8/4 8:59
Gold Member
Joined: 2009/3/15
From: Villainous hideout
Posts: 601
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
Great design on your map
Posted: 2012/8/1 17:02  Updated: 2012/8/1 17:02
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6356
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
All great choices but just gotta say I really regret not having included John Buscema and Neal Adams. Ugh! It felt like Adams was DC's top dog and Buscema was Marvel's for a while when I was growing up and everything those guys touched turned to gold. Adams' Batman and GL/GA and Buscema's Avengers and Conan were some particular high points for me!
Posted: 2012/8/1 10:45  Updated: 2012/8/1 10:45
Criminal Mastermind
Joined: 2005/1/4
From: St. Petersburg, FL
Posts: 1743
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
Excellent choices, I especially agree with the inclusion of Lee, Hanna, Perez and Kirby!
Posted: 2012/8/1 0:09  Updated: 2012/8/1 0:09
Shaper of Worlds
Joined: 2004/4/5
From: Matteson, Il
Posts: 3908
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
thanks guys. glad you liked it. i'll admit i couldn't find some of the images choices i really wanted but as long as you got the gist of satisfied.
Posted: 2012/7/31 23:13  Updated: 2012/7/31 23:13
Supreme being
Joined: 2010/3/2
From: memphis ,tn
Posts: 765
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
where do i go to do one
Posted: 2012/7/31 22:28  Updated: 2012/7/31 22:28
Bat Junkie...and who took my meds???
Joined: 2003/8/18
From: Mexico City (we don't wear hats)
Posts: 2619
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
so... that's what you mean with the map!
Posted: 2012/7/31 13:26  Updated: 2012/7/31 13:26
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6356
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
I must admit there's one thing I don't like about a lot of your choices and it's that I didn't pick 'em first!! All great choices, dude! The map itself came out terrific too and the arrangement of great artists is excellent! I also like the inclusion of produces Hanna-Barbera too! They certainly fueled our young turbo-charged imaginations growing up! I fully expected to be iinspired by my own map, I'm just a little surprised how inspired I am by yours! Great job, bud!
Posted: 2012/7/31 3:50  Updated: 2012/7/31 3:50
Shaper of Worlds
Joined: 2004/4/5
From: Matteson, Il
Posts: 3908
 Re: Starchild's Influence Map
I know i said i'd field questions about my map but i thought i'd go one better and save you the trouble by elaborating on my choices.
Frank Frazetta - Quite possibly the greatest artist I've ever seen. He made every man look dynamic, every woman look ravishing, every battle look bloodthirsty and every monster look...well...monsterous! Still #1 in my book!
John Buscema - The artist I tried to emmulate my early drawing to.
Jack "King" Kirby - Do I really need to say?
Hanna Barbera - Watching those Space Ghost, Young Samson, Herculoids etc.. really turned my childhood fantasies to superheroes.
Boris Vallejo - Sort of a junior Frazetta. Not quite as dynamic or eye-catching but his work more closely resembled reality to me.
Jim Lee - One of the most skilled comic artists I know. Anyone who's ever seen his X-Men already know where I'm coming from.
Gil Kane - His own unique flair for creating action scenes drove me to put as much effort in my own work.
George Perez - His attention to detail and willingness to do group images was a defining factor in my own attempts at large scale images.

There are others who didn't make the cut...John Byrne, Jim Aparo, Dave Cockrum, George Tuska etc.. but most of them were just favorites.