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Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil  ??
Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil ??Popular
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   Last Update2014/6/7 18:12
Hits1702  Comments8    
Good vs. Evil, huh?  But who decides which is which?

Credits and details in comments....


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Poster Thread
Posted: 2014/6/15 11:14  Updated: 2014/6/15 11:14
Joined: 2008/7/20
From: The Dream Dimension
Posts: 1451
 Re: Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil ??
The war between Heaven and Hell never looked so blurry. It's interesting how the characters whose abilities are demonic like are depicted with more sympathy than most of the angelic characters. You have some great choices here (though would have loved to see your interpretation of Damion Hellstorm.
Posted: 2014/6/11 18:47  Updated: 2014/6/11 18:47
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1474
 Re: Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil ??
My Klingon is a tad rusty...but luckily Bing has a translator...

Regardless, very well said! Exactly the point I was wanting to make, too. Whose virtue is "good?" And whose is "evil?" And what gives anyone the right to suggest that just because others don't believe as they do, there need be a war?

Thanks for the comments, folks...

Posted: 2014/6/11 1:22  Updated: 2014/6/11 1:24
The Great Eternal Dragon
Joined: 2004/2/9
From: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Posts: 11182
 Re: Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil ??
chay' 'e' Hoch jIH legh pagh patlh vISovbe' nuvpu' anfd 'e', qatlh Hoch latlh ghob Hoch guys ghob 'oHbe' chaH rap Dop?

Great job in creating this picture though!
Posted: 2014/6/9 7:33  Updated: 2014/6/9 7:33
Official Award
Joined: 2008/7/13
From: Canada
Posts: 556
 Re: Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil ??
Congratulations! You've made top images for the first week of June, 2014
Posted: 2014/6/8 17:16  Updated: 2014/6/8 17:16
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6363
 Re: Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil ??
Wow! Awesome job putting together such a massive cast of great characters!Excellent work on all that modeling, textures and outfits (Avengelyne is my favorite)! Good lay out and nice details too like the runes and pentagram playing field. Epic indeed!!
Dark Wanderer
Posted: 2014/6/8 0:34  Updated: 2014/6/8 0:34
The Metal Shinigami (Moderator)
Joined: 2004/12/6
From: Kentucky
Posts: 5149
 Re: Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil ??
Holy! or er Unholy....either way Just... WOW!
Posted: 2014/6/7 18:25  Updated: 2014/6/7 18:25
Shaper of Worlds
Joined: 2004/4/5
From: Matteson, Il
Posts: 3908
 Re: Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil ??
Jeez where to begin? Can't say I'm disappointed and can't say I expected no less from you. I especially like the slight twist of 'Good vs Evil' you've done here..and Avengelyne alone is worth the price of admission. Excellent!
Posted: 2014/6/7 18:13  Updated: 2014/6/7 18:13
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1474
 Re: Epic Smackdown: Good VS. Evil ??
Who exactly decides who is Scoundrel or Saint, Friend or Fiend, Heavenly or Hellion, Divine or Demon,
Angel or Devil?
In a time when beasts disguise themselves as beauties and Lovely Lassies such as Lady HeroMorph can fall victim to evildoers like Bandwidth...
It seems only fitting to reflect upon those who in the past have undergone crises of identity and battled their own good and evil natures.
Tis a theme spread throughout not only every multiverse, but one that also crosses over the different Comic-verses.
So herein lays the epic conflict. What is good? What is Evil? Can not a Hellspawn be a hero? Can not a Seraph be a sinner?
For example(s):
1. The two in blueupper center stage:
a. Warren Worthington, Marvel Universe, an angelic hero, an apocalyptic horseman
b. Dan Cassidy, DC Universe, a hero dressed as a demon, often mistaken for one, and thus often has to battle against the good guys.
2. Slightly left of center as you perceive
a. Angela, Image Universe, warrior of Heaven, Slayer of Hellspawn. She herself was cast out by her own Angel guard for her rebelliousness and willingness to fraternize with
b. Al Simmons, also Image Universe, the original SPAWN. Made a deal with the devil, then pulled a trick on the trickster and turned hero.
3. Lower left and Upper right
a. Hellboy, Dark Horse Universe, an actual demon born baby, son of a woman who summoned and loved a high level demonyet he is full of love and good firing his gun at
b. Angel Girl, from Angel Entertainment (drawn by Al Rio), a Heavenly Honey who battles vampires and demons in the name of goodwhile running around mostly naked like a naughty lil Nymph
4. Lower right
a. Lady Demon, Chaos Universe, brought forth from Lady Deaths inner self, consort of Lucifer himself, yet later accepts Angelic powers from her mum and battles Luciferhere fighting
b. Jean Paul Valley, DC Universe, as Azrael, the Avenging Angel, who in the name of good kills baddies, assumes the mantle of the Bat during Knightquest, and is not well liked by the Bat family due to his overzealous and often brutal methods.
5. Upper left, swooping down to lower center
a. Vandala, Chaos Universe, an Asgardian angel who is bent on saving her half-sister, Lady Death, and fights Lucifer, even though Lady Death turns to Lady Demon and Loves Lucifer, but still tries to kill him and runs to and from Vandala and Lucifer creating a very confusing story arc of Angels, Devils and minionsseen here swooping at
b. Satana Hellstrom, Marvel Universe, Daughter of Satan (sort-of), whose brother rejected evil, whose father tried to make her evil, who herself embraced evil and served her father by kissing the life out of men and giving him their souls, yet she died (the first time) in a fight for good working side by side with Spidey and Doc Strange
6. And upper, lower, middle center stagethe two babes with the blades
a. Christine Spar, Dark Horse Universe, the second Grendel, who tried to be good, but her past wouldnt allow itso she became the devil. Here she is attacking
b. Avengelyne, Image Universe version, an Angel of Jehovah, who inhabits the body of adult film actress Heaven Starrneed I go on?
Throughout the background are various anonymous angels and demonsjust for effect.
Sogood vs. evilperhaps, but who is on which side?
Either way, this is gonna be a Hell of a fight.

Characters their respective comic brands.
V5, V6, Gensis, and Genesis 2 male used for models.
Background is The Mountain Rite by Flipmode.
Various outfits from Daz, all costume textures by me.
Angelas helmet, boots, and staff; Vandalas helmet and pauldrons, Spawns spikes, Blue Devils fork, Gendels staff, Azraels arm blades, and Hellboys right hand are props by me.
Photoshop for touch ups.