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Main : ! 3D Art ! : DC Comics :  Batman's Lamest Foes: part 2

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Batman's Lamest Foes: part 2
Batman's Lamest Foes: part 2Popular
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   Last Update2014/7/23 21:33
Hits1340  Comments6    
Continuing the list of some of the c list villains, gender bender, of coursebut with a couple new twists.  
This time, Bruce Waynes young ward finds out that these lasses of lameness decided to get together for a party for the pathetic,
a festival for the failures, a carnival for the cast-a-ways, and an orgy for the obsolete
Well, you get the picture.  
Andyou get THIS picture  
***more info in the comments***

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2014/8/2 10:18  Updated: 2014/8/2 10:18
Official Award
Joined: 2008/7/13
From: Canada
Posts: 556
 Re: Batman's Lamest Foes: part 2
Congratulations. This picture has made top images for the last week of July, 2014
Posted: 2014/7/25 18:52  Updated: 2014/7/25 18:52
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1473
 Re: Batman's Lamest Foes: part 2
Pijon, I was hoping the Burt reference wouldn't go unnoticed. I actually almost put Aunt Harriet in the scene pullin' Dick off the floor by his ear, but I thought that wouldn't quite fit with the lyrics.
DragonDack, Thanks!
Star...I use several tricks for multi-person scenes.
First, render each character individually.
Second, render characters with as few props and accessories as possible, just to get the background shadows for reference.
Third, render background and big props by themselves.
Fourth, adjust lights and render again.
Then, try rendering the whole scene.
Lastly, put 'em all together in Photoshop layers and combine the best parts of each along with touch ups and light effects.

Now some quick credits...
the whole DJ thing...DJ Equipments by zoro_d (Daz)
Big Speakers: Column Speakers by TruForm (Renderosity)
Disco ball: Pic I found on the web to which I added Photoshop FX.
Oddball headgear and Bulb belt by me.

Thanks again...stayed tuned for part 3...
Posted: 2014/7/25 2:08  Updated: 2014/7/25 2:08
Shaper of Worlds
Joined: 2004/4/5
From: Matteson, Il
Posts: 3908
 Re: Batman's Lamest Foes: part 2
I can't help but echo everyone's comments [wish I had said them first ]. DD, you continue to amaze and I find myself wondering why I can't put this many people and props in one image.
Posted: 2014/7/24 2:27  Updated: 2014/7/24 2:27
The Great Eternal Dragon
Joined: 2004/2/9
From: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
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 Re: Batman's Lamest Foes: part 2
Posted: 2014/7/24 1:18  Updated: 2014/7/24 1:19
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6356
 Re: Batman's Lamest Foes: part 2

Much Awesomeness!! Wow, I really loved Part One and you've really kicked up this party up several more notches! The epic Dance Party rap of poor Robin's lack of moves while name dropping each and every forgotten Bat B-lister turned bodacious babe was both hilarious and well crafted. The scene itself is amazing too! Very funny stuff, love all those hot babes in goofy outfits, crazy dance moves, old covers, great disco set and lighting and of course, Robin sulking in the corner! This one's really got it all... even a Burt Ward reference! EXCELLENT!
Posted: 2014/7/23 21:39  Updated: 2014/7/23 21:39
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1473
 Re: Batman's Lamest Foes: part 2
But HOLD ON THERE, PARTNERtheres more you also get this blatant rip off of Young MCs Bust a Move to sing it to
(and in case you aint familiar, heres a you tube video link:
Bust A Move
That bein said,
This here's a pic for all the so-sos
One shot wonders whose careers were no-gos
Got all beat up by Supes and Bats,
All gone now who knows where they atsoooo
Okay Dick, this dance party is sick
You see a damsel barely dressed like shes about to turn a trick
As a real chick MAGNET, you think you could get her
But she repels you with her hands that are stuck together*
Same dance floor and youre searchin for more
Ya see a fly gal and youre lookin to score
You walk up to a hottie thinkin you might
But she looks at you and says Go fly a KITE!
Musics makin, booties start to shakin
And your itchin for some action, really achin
A babe is out there makin the whole floor QUAKE.
But her glare tells you to run for your own healths sake.
You dont wanna waste more time, got nuthin to lose,
So you scope the next hottie on which to bust your move.
[Verse 2:]
No Days of Thunder for this young Boy Wonder
Your love lifes sinkin fast, and youre goin under
Youve made it your mission and your wishin
To find that lucky lady to fix your randy condition
Go up to her and face her, instead of just chase her
But she rubs out your style like a rotten ERASER⁴.
Yet its feast or famine, so you get your man on
Just to get shot down again like out a CANON⁵.
But you aint no kook, youre a high class duke
An scoring with the ladies for you is no fluke.
But the next baby doll says shes gonna puke
So you bust your move away from that SPOOK⁶.
You want ityou cant get it
You want, but Baby cant get it.
Just Bust a Move
[Verse 3:]
But oh my lord, youre a millionaires ward
Flash some of that cash an they wont look so bored
On comes the light, you got an idea thats bright
Gonna get yourself a lady to take home for the night
But once again you end up, startin to pout
Cuz she dims your light and burns your BULB⁷ out.
Rejected, cant fathom, other girlies youve had em,
So suck it up and move on to the next madam
Buck up, Burt, you know she like to flirt
Strut on over to her, heck no, you wont get hurt
Show her youre the best by the way you dress
Chillin fly style showin off your success
But she still thinks that you are a mess,
and youre dissed again by the ATOM MISTRESS⁸.
You want ityou cant get it
You want, but Baby cant get it.
Hey, Bust a Move
[Verse 4:]
Youre school pal Sherrys best friend Carrie
Is a real fine honey looks just like Halle Berry
You drop her name and flash her picture just for a hoot
So they bring in a big ol CAMERA⁹ for a photo shoot
But when they find out that youre frontin and its all a lie,
You get slapped around the circle and punched in the eye
You end up at the DJ booth and ya think shes neat
Then you recognize the pattern thats about to repeat
Every time you think youre doin fine and ya think youre in,
Ya end up getting punked out again and again.
This time is no different as ya start off great,
But ya get blown off by the DJ then her DUPLICATE⁰
So you realize now that no gal likes them dumb elf shoes
And its time to hang it up, and Bust no more Moves.
You want ityou cant get it
You want, but Baby cant get it.
Bust no more Moves
You want ityou cant get it
You want, but Baby cant get it.
Hey, man, cmon lose them shoes!
1. Human Magnet (Detective Comics #181, 1952)
a. defeated when Batman tricked him into clapping his hands
b. *because they were opposite poles, he couldnt get them back apart
2. Kite Woman (Batman #133, 1960)
a. Actually so lame that he convinced Batman to be equally lame and beat him by employing trick Bat-Kites
3. QuakeMistress (DC Special #28, 1977)
a. Quakie here is an architect who decides to crumble buildings to get even with the city for not hiring him to do more work
b. He gets demoralized when Bats points out its only his own buildings that have fallen by his device
4. The Eraser (Batman #188, 1966)
a. For 20% of the take, hell clean the scene of all evidence
b. As a bonus, hell wear a big pencil topper to ensure your team cant possibly look lamer than him
5. Cannoneer (Brave and the Bold #77, 1968)
a. Ummmyeah
6. Spook (Detective Comics #434, 1973)
a. Spooky actually had multiple appearancesreally.
7. The Bulb (Legend of the Dark Knight #94, 1997)
a. His real name is G.E. Brite
b. Seriously?
8. Atom Mistress (World's Finest Comics #101, 1959)
a. Created a device that can literally manipulate atomsand all he can think is to make illusions to confuse people.
9. Mrs. Camera (Batman #81,1954)
a. I, uh, dont think I need to say much about a crook with a camera on his head.
10. Duplicate Woman (Worlds Finest Comics #106, 1959)
a. Yet another in the long line of villains that can make copies of themselves, and still cant win.
Sorry for the length of the comment...just havin' too much fun I guess.