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Eight Lantern Corp
Eight Lantern CorpPopular
SubmitterparallelMore Photos from parallel   Last Update2008/7/1 20:51
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ever since the end of the Sinestro Corp War, i have been eagerly waiting to see the other forms of the six remaining lanterns. seven if you count the black lanterns. i have drawn up a member for each lantern corp group and included a different designed lantern aswell.

the green lantern here was thrown together kind of quickly. she has gold hair and always has energy wings
showing. i guess i was going for an angelic look.

i used the white martian from the first JLA story line by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter for the red lantern. i like to call them the Blood Lanterns. my idea is that when someone makes a kill out of pure hate, that is when they are given the red power ring. also what i did was show that when they make their kill, they mark themselves with the blood of their victim in the form of the red lantern logo. the red lantern itself is the exact look from its first appearance in Green Lantern #25.

when i first started this drawing, i decided to make the character the same as Starfire, a tamaran. i just don't know if Starfire is the only one. last i heard she was. also i was originaly going to make her outfit similar to the new Star Sapphire look that appeared before the war. but i decided against it. mainly because i couldn't draw it right. the violet lantern is also similar to the one that was shown in Green Lantern. it's sleaker and a bit taller.

now this character has a back story. in a recent story line in Superman, the Insect Queen tried to take over the planet, but of course she was defeated by Superman. this character was originaly a hive solider of the Insect Queen and was tossed about and had its wings ripped off during the fight with Superman. Sinestro later found him and saw that he can inspire great fear in others and granted this solider a yellow power ring. immediatly after receiving the ring, Solider always has energy wings on to replace those he lost. he is now a loyal and devoted member to Sinestro and the Sinestro Corp. for the yellow lantern, the handle is about the most noticable difference with a different shape of the body.

with the orange lantern here, i just wanted to make up any kind of alien. my goal was to show that members of the orange lanterns are so fueled by greed that their main objective is to defeat an opposing lantern member just so that they can get their hands on a fallen lantern's power ring. you can see that i added a string of power rings from other lantern members around his neck. but, if you notice the rings in front of him, there isn't a red power ring. personally i think it would be very difficult for anybody to take away a power ring from the red lanterns. i like what i
did with the look of the lantern. making it look like the logo, plus it has a "don't touch" kind of feel.

with blue lantern, i wanted to show mainly the difference in the logo. when we first see the blue lanterns, they have a white lined logo on top of a black solid circle. this is the same with a Sinestro Corp memeber and just about everyone else. my idea is to have the good guy lanterns have black outline logos on top of solid white circles. similar to the
Green Lanterns. with the bad guy lanterns, this would be the opposite. now the blue lantern itself has the most change in its look. again i wanted the lantern to look like the logo. it may look weird, but it works.

i wish i did the same thing with the other characters that i did with idigo and black. i did the drawing first and then scan and colored them with photoshop. when i began to draw a character for indigo, i wanted something really different. i have this painting of these two owls in my room and thought that was perfect and it turned out to be one of the best free hand drawings i ever did. now i don't know a lot about the indigo lanterns other than they stand for compassion. they have a strange looking uniform. also, is the staff their power ring? i don't know. their lantern is similar to the one i saw in Green Lantern #25.

this drawing topps them all. i will put up a single image of him later on. now explainations are in order. recently i heard a rumor from Wizard World Chicago that Kal-L ,from earth-2 who died at the end of
Infinite Crisis from a battle with an insane Superboy Prime, might end up leading the black lanterns. with that in mind this image of an undead Kal-L came about. with almost no information about the black lanterns other than them being the dead brought back to
life, this is all i could do. the decaying skin is based off of the only image of the black lanterns coming out their graves. now the black lantern Kal-L carries is an original idea i came up with. it has a triangular top and bottom base with an outline of a hand on the sides if you can see it. the chain for a handle was a last minute thing. possibly the best part this lantern.

and there you have it. damn, that took a long time. i hope you guys like what i did. tell me what you think. if you have any questions or any answers for that matter, please let me know.  


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Poster Thread
Posted: 2008/7/3 22:42  Updated: 2008/7/3 22:42
The Great Eternal Dragon
Joined: 2004/2/9
From: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Posts: 11088
 Re: Eight Lantern Corp
This is a neat gallery of the personalities!
Posted: 2008/7/3 16:43  Updated: 2008/7/3 16:43
Ring Forger
Joined: 2007/8/23
From: Mexico
Posts: 1252
 Re: Eight Lantern Corp
This is great, i was trying to do something similar, and had a couple of ideas, first was to do use some sci fi character for each character (in the sinestro corps war there was a member that looked like a Predator) but at the end it doesnt seem such a great idea. the other was more obvious, use a DC girl for each.
Love what u've done
Posted: 2008/7/2 17:08  Updated: 2008/7/2 17:08
Criminal Mastermind
Joined: 2005/10/2
Posts: 1856
 Re: Eight Lantern Corp
this is cool.
Posted: 2008/7/2 11:48  Updated: 2008/7/2 11:48
Hellfire Club Member
Joined: 2007/3/20
From: The Muggy Depths of Amerika
Posts: 419
 Re: Eight Lantern Corp
all of these are very well thought out and executed, and i can't wait to see more of them. my favorites, are of course the purple lantern and the black lantern, as those have the most personality.
i liked the idea and conception of the orange lantern, and the blue lantern.

i hope to see more!
Posted: 2008/7/2 7:53  Updated: 2008/7/2 7:53
Hero to the stars
Joined: 2005/7/18
From: Moses Lake, Washington
Posts: 2852
 Re: Eight Lantern Corp
I have not kept up with Green Lantern at all and had only heard somewhere that there is now a rainbow of colors of different lanterns. I know nothing about them or where their rings come from.

Nice drawings I like the style.