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Star Gazing

Star GazingPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/9/15 6:23
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Earth, the Solaran homeworld, the third planet in the Solar System ... I was born on this planet but I never felt it was my home. I haven't been there in years and while I'd like to say I have no ties there, it would be a lie.  I have 3 children here, and I haven't been a very good father tot hem though they can hardly be described as children they are my offspring.  I haven't seen them in over a hundred years and I'm not even sure they'll want to see me after such a long absence.  I should visit more often, on my own without it having to be another life or death situation.  The fact is I need to contact a certain Temporal Physicist or my current mission is a bust.  As we get closer I feel a tightening in my stomach I may have finally made a fatal error in judgment in taking this case and it's a pretty good likelihood that this will be a one way trip so I'll see my kids one last time and hopefully I'll be well received.

red rocker

red rockerPopular
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2016/9/13 1:00
Hits469  Comments4    
ive been playing with this idea for sometime between shifts at work
i plan to enter it in a few art showings/contests in hot springs and in georgia with my cousins representing me i hope yall like it

Search and rescue

Search and rescuePopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/9/12 21:42
Hits409  Comments3    
After barely escaping a dimensional vortex, Obsidian hops aboard his hover-bike to begin a search for the craft that lead him, and any survivors. The marshes would be treacherous for any normal aquatic vehicle and the massive flying beasts of this world make high altitude searching nearly impossible.  Hopefully there aren't any creatures beneath the waters that are fast enough to do any harm, still obsidian will being keeping his head on a swivel.

american dream

american dreamPopular
Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2016/9/11 13:35
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2016/9/6 11:29
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The Hunt

The HuntPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/9/3 18:33
Hits528  Comments3    
"Shall I tell you a story about the past, or the future? Will it make a difference in the good and evil in the world?  Will it give me back all that I have sacrificed? Will it make any of my sacrifices matter? No. I will instead tell you who, or rather what, I am. I am a hunter like the great cats whose blood courses through my veins, I am a warrior and a soldier created by science to stop a weapon they created. I have no love, no kin, no home...I have my pride and they have me...we are all that is left of our world. Hurled forward in time to face the horrors of the future only to find our greatest accomplishment undone by  happenstance.  The weapon I thought I destroyed...that I was created to destroy, yet lives only now he has the resources of this time to wreak havoc unparalleled in the annals of history, but he is no raving madman any longer. No he is sane and calculating now, meticulous and clear of mind and purpose, and the destruction of the planet Earth is all he desires. He hates me and hates this world though the ones who instilled that hatred have been gone for over two millennia.  I will never know peace until he stopped, my tigress will never have my heart until he is stopped...we will never know happiness until the day I place his head upon a pike and know for certain that he is not coming back.  The world my pride and I are in is one of advanced technology and powerful magic and there are so many ways he can slip through our we must never stop hunting him...The Self Proclaimed "Man Eater" is more dangerous now than ever before. And until he is dead and buried I will never know peace and can never rest. While I may be a man out of time but I my DNA has been engineered so that I adapt whole life has been engineered up till now. I can see in the deepest darkness, I can hear the heartbeat of my foes as I stalk them from the shadows. I can even smell their fear as they cower behind false bravado. I can even tear steel apart with my bare hands but...this is all there is for long as he lives. I have sworn never to take a life where I can prevent it but Man Eater's life has long been forfeit. When we next meet I will try with all that is in me to tear his still beating heart from his chest, and show it to him before death takes him.  The past, the future...neither matters. So long as he lives I can never have a life beyond the hunt.


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2016/9/3 12:37
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The Rift

The RiftPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/8/30 19:41
Hits468  Comments4    
On the outer rim of the Magellanic Cloud galaxy there id a solitary planet which lays in ruins, decimated by a species tampering with fourth dimensional technology. Without knowing exactly what they were doing these human-like beings opened a dimensional rift which remains open to this very day count Less millennia after being opened. The atmosphere all but completely depleted, having been absorbed into the rift is far too thin to breathe. The portal itself leading to a destination no-one knows...Obsidian mask will be the first to step through this portal. His mission: Reconnaissance and recovery of the wayward ship Kaznarr, a Kryllian cruiser with a crew of 800. It is presumed to be an impossible task. However, Obsidian is know for accomplishing the impossible.  


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2016/8/29 13:43
Hits488  Comments2    
And after getting caught they were sentenced to one year in jail.

For each of their seventy three offenses...

Served consecutively....

Catch'em All

Catch'em AllPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2016/8/29 12:51
Hits581  Comments6    
After 20 years, they caught the rarest find, each others' hearts.

Cheesy, yeah, but I found the outfit and it sang to my muse until this was done...


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2016/8/27 12:55
Hits578  Comments2    


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2016/8/27 12:54
Hits485  Comments3    


LITE EM UP!Popular
SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2016/8/26 6:26
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Escaping Ferusi post.jpg

Escaping Ferusi post.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/8/20 11:06
Hits578  Comments4    
At one point early in my novel the SS Runt makes a run for it after rescuing Panterra from the planet of Ferusi. With Ferusian battle cruisers in hot pursuit the Runt makes a desperate play opening a fold gate near the sun of Ferusian system. A gamble that nearly destroys the Runt along with several Ferusian ships.

Side note: The planet of Ferusi has it's own global shield system via a network of satellite emitters powered by solar energy. Half of the grid is always facing the sun granting a limitless supply of energy at all times. Ships colliding with the shield meet the same fate as if crashing into the planet itself. SWhip that manage to breach the shield are greeted by the full might of the Ferusian space fleet garrisoned there.  


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/8/20 6:14
Hits502  Comments3    
A revamp of one of my older characters.possibly a new costume...I'm not sure but this image was fun to make.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2016/8/18 17:58
Hits519  Comments5    
A mighty hero!
Super strong!
Bane of evil doers!
The idol of many!
The heartthrob of ladies everywhere!

Shya, right!
Total buffoon is more like it!


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2016/7/31 11:33
Hits578  Comments3    
OK, OK, drone ride if you really wanna pick nits...

Burning the Midnight Oil

Burning the Midnight OilPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2016/7/30 5:39
Hits628  Comments4    
She burns the Midnight oil, while she delves deep into ancient tomes, looking for long lost knowledge.

A test run of Aiko7 for G3F.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2016/7/21 12:18
Hits580  Comments5    


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2016/7/15 12:33
Hits599  Comments3    
Y'gotta admit, that's quite the temptation...

Last resort

Last resortPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/7/8 1:20
Hits554  Comments2    
Not all worlds are are populated by friendlies, and even the impressive resources of Obsidian Mask are enough to keep things peaceful. However, underestimating your opponent works both ways and while the pistol in his hand looks relatively harmless when compared to a 35 ton mech the Anti-Matter rounds in the chamber is a real game changer. Everything for 3 blocks is about to be reduced to a crater...But the intrepid mercenary isn't worried as his armor has held up against worse and he knows he'll be the only thing standing when the smoke clears.  Anti-Matter is something of a last resort but with his hovercycle a flaming wreck Obsidian is fairly certain it will be the only way to save his skin. A single negatron (opposite of a positron) is enough to do the trick, and anyone caught in the area won't even have time to notice their dead.


SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   Last Update2016/7/5 22:40
Hits600  Comments3    
Just grabbed a Mask I made out of the GSuit for Genesis and started Zbrushing. Has no name, serves no purpose just looks cool in my opinion...

Then and Now again

Then and Now againPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/7/5 11:35
Hits474  Comments2    
This was another drawing turned 3d I did a while back.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2016/7/3 9:13
Hits522  Comments2    
Well, she knew the idea was gonna suck when she came up with it...

Me?, As The Hulk!?

Me?, As The Hulk!?Popular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   Last Update2016/7/2 21:40
Hits477  Comments3    
This was for a contest over at Renderosity.
"What Superhero Would You Be"

So I Made a Hulked out version of my self. "Machulk"


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/7/1 2:55
Hits522  Comments3    
With arctic powers and supreme control over cold and ice Northwind is considered to be among the most powerful Gen-Abs to ever originate from Earth. I need an Ice-man type character. Good Name right?

Something Different

Something DifferentPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2016/6/29 23:15
Hits574  Comments4    
I wanted to try something a little different that what I normally do.

Aini Quenya

Aini QuenyaPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/6/26 18:44
Hits503  Comments3    
Here in her debut is Aini Quenya, demon hell-spawn or divine angel...does she have secrets and is there more to her demonic nature than she's telling?  Obsidian believes himself falling in love, but so too have men who were deceived by succubi.  Demonic forces are nothing to dismiss and love makes one blind...unless one is very well prepared. Aini's form is not typical of her species and reflects the preferences of Obsidian a Ninja one might suspect he is partial to Japanese ladies...or Oni. As mentioned her demonic nature is very prevalent...unlike a Succubus they have no ability to shape shift at will their shifting ability is completely out of their control becoming whatever their bond mate most desires...even if their bond mate doesn't know what that is. An interesting species to be sure.  This demon type emits pheromones that are only detectable to their mate as well and which are actually repulsive to other potential rivals.  

As one might suspect this idea was inspired by Star episode in which a "Metamorph" was betrothed to a planetary leader and instead bonded with Cpt. Picard...Although that woman was actually trained by tutors and the demon mentioned here acts on instinct seeking out skills and  other attributes to suit her partner...I have not decided if they only come in the female persuasion. Feedback would be appreciated.

Her name is...

Her name is...Popular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/6/25 18:49
Hits515  Comments3    
The Black Mantis had tricked me...but good.  20 million credits for every slave in the market...a day I'll never forget.  I'll never forget it because of one slave in particular.  She was tiny only 4 ft 6 inches...and she seemed frail.  She was of a  demonic species, what they call a category one...a servant.  Her very essence tied to service no matter how cruel the master. But there was so much more to it...she was empathic...a genetic empath and until I left Moonshadow I had no idea what that meant. Her entire species was created to be the perfect mate...she is everything I ever wanted and everything I could ever want and if my tastes changed then so would she...she could be what I didn't even know I wanted.  The problem is, I don't want doesn't seem right and she knows it...she is doing everything right and I fear I may break's not exactly a bad thing is certain...she's beautiful...and gets smarter by the day and she has all the skills of a top notch assassin...she is a perfect match. She went from shy and sheepish to fierce and independent almost overnight. She sleeps at the foot of my bed, the only compromise I could get her to make, my other choice was next to me and I'm mortal enough that I knew I'd give in to temptation at some point. Yes the Black Mantis had set me up and I'm certain he's getting a real kick out of this.
After a few weeks with her as my ...consort, assistant? I discovered that she was very young for a demon being only 50 years old.  She absorbs information like a sponge and can adjust her appearance to suit her mate.  However, she can never completely hide her demonic nature, meaning the horns and tail are package deal. They are cute though...Argh...see what I mean she's designed, no engineered to get inside your head.  I find myself thinking about her and admiring her shape...the way her breasts heave when she giggles....DAMN IT! I did it again!  When she walks in the room I lose my train of thought...

"Master, I have prepared your dinner, are you ready to eat?"

She smiles a perfect smile and I smell the scent of fresh flowers...Pheromones no doubt...that's not gonna help.  The clothes she chooses to wear are exactly what I would want for someone like her..not exactly revealing but suggestive yet classy...The last couple of weeks with her have been a bloody nightmare.  I don't have to resist but she thinks of herself as my slave and she STILL calls me Master.  I'd release her but it would literally kill her...her species cannot survive if they don't bond with someone to serve and once bonded they cannot bond with anyone until their bond mate dies...they are magically connected and also spiritually.  As Magic goes it's a masterwork of creation...but in my case...I want a mate who wants to be with me because she CHOOSES to.


I look up and she has this puzzled expression on her adorable face. DAMN IT!  My thoughts linger on her especially when she's near.

"Sorry, what?"

"Your dinner master, it is ready and the table is set if you are hungry."

"Oh yes, of course I'll be right there."

She cooks like a professional chef, every meal is an experience, there's nothing I enjoy that she isn't exceptionally gifted at. Yeah are you beginning to see the problem yet?

"Everything looks delicious. Thank you. Are you going to finally join me? It's okay to eat at the table."

"No Master I may not, it is for you to enjoy."

"Seriously, we have to get you to stop calling me that...and you NEED a name!"

"It is for you to gift me with a name Master."

AAAARGH!!!! I can't win! Now I have to name her too?  It's not like naming a puppy or even a child and I have named several of each.

"Fine, let me sleep on it and I'll come up with something tomorrow."

"As you wish master."

She smiles and her face lights up with excitement at the prospect of me naming her.  She can't break any of her demonic rules and it is something I am coming to terms with.  As she walks out of the room I can't help but watch her perfect ass sashay side to side...I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

The next morning I wake to her cute face inches from mine instantly I find myself wondering "Holy crud did I finally give in and sleep with her?" Frantically I start running a check list...underwear, check, blankets, check, her clothe still on, check. Whew a close one.  I turn my attention back to her.

"Um good morning, can I help you?"

Excitedly she says "You slept on it and today is my naming day yes master?"

"Ah yes, I didn't mean I would dream your name."

"Of course not master" she says with the cutest giggle I ever heard (Damn it!).    "I have prepared your breakfast and set out your clothes for today."

"Okay let me shower and I'll be right out."

"I shall keep your meal warm for you Master."

It took some doing but I managed to get her to agree to not bathe me...the first time she tried that Moonshaddow nearly punched her through a the end though she decided that was cute..but out of bounds...turns out Gods can order demons to do whatever they want
I step out of the shower and on my night stand is a piping hot cup of perfect coffee. Honestly as a personal assistant she is flawless.  She takes care of things I forgot I even needed to contact Harley on Ferusi.  Who is settling nicely into his new role as High Justiciar, but as it turns out he will be leaving Ferusi since according to how the Sathari do things, it turns out it's my private property and the High Justiciar according to Sathari tradition, must rule from a world gifted to him by the emperor.  I was supposed to meet with him for the transition and to re-establsh rule there. The date is set for the meeting and as I contemplate all of that my little demon walks into the room looking hotter than she ever has and I notice right away that her blue skin is no longer blue.  As I stare at her flawless frame I completely forget I'm only wearing a towel...something that becomes readily apparent to both of us as she stares downward, her eyes filled with excitement.

"Master? I thought you did not want me to..."

"What? U'm NO...HELL NO!!!  I'm sorry I didn't...I mean that is..." frantically I garb my pants and cover my...problem.  "What...uh...can I um....What do you want?"

"I was only checking to see if you were ready?"

"No I'm not exactly...and...Why aren't you blue?"

"Blue is the color of an unbound. You would call it...I do not know the a child before it reaches adulthood. On our naming day we reach maturity"

Holy crap she was a child!?!? ...aaaand naming her completes some sort of prerequisite for adult hood way to go dumb ass! Well that would explain the new...more impressive...proportions...yeah like she wasn't hot enough before.

"I will wait for you in the kitchen Master."

"Yeah um okay."

She walks out and I can't help but stare again...this is getting bad fast.

I stare at the floor as I sit at the table...another perfect meal waiting.  She walks up behind me and places a fresh cup of coffee as I finish the last of a divine breakfast...and I feel myself wishing that she'd place those perfect lips on my neck...yeah...that'd be great.  As I day dream about that...I suddenly realize....I"M NOT FREAKING DAYDREAMING!!!
Worse yet...I don't want her to stop. Suddenly, it's done deal and my desires win over my willpower.  Everything she does is perfect and my mind is lost in every perfect curve of her body. hear hair, the way she smells, and tastes.  It's mind blowing and even though she isn't a telepath it's like she can read my mind. Hours later I collapse in a heap with her atop me.  She places her head over my heart and runs her fingers across my chest...I know I should probably feel guilty but I just don't.  Just then she says.

"What a perfect day master, my naming day and my first time all on the same day it's wonderful."

"That um was your first time?  No offense but you seemed like you'd done that before."

"Oh Master, my species can read body language and we instinctively know what to do for our's even better the second time."

"The second time?" My words are cut short, and my day is complete bust...I haven't spent a day in bed like this before 300 plus years I can honestly say this is like nothing I have ever experienced and I have bedded a Goddess!
True to her word the second time around was phenominal...Oh I gotta send the Balck Mantis an apology letter and a Gift basket.

Only one name comes to mind Aini Quenya in or Angel Divine in the tongue of men. I name her this because there is no way she can be a demon. The next three weeks we spend all of our time together, and I notice that she seems happier than she has been since I've known her.  A part of me she happy or is it just her programming? She surprises me one day with a request...she wants to accompany me to full armor and weapon loadout. I don't doubt she can handle herself and since there's no real risk in visiting my own planet I agree. As she steps out from Ray's lab my jaw practically hit the floor  The design of her armor is very familiar and I'm sure it's intentional...Purple accents though...not something I would've chosen. Could that mean she's finally exceeding her genetic programming?When we land planetside Harley is noticeably taken back.  I'm sure he didn't expect to see me and a plus one. Harley greets me cheerfully as always.

"Bro, good to see you. You helping my move the big stuff?"

"Hah, you have jokes I see."

"And who do we have here?"

"This is..." Aini cuts me off mid sentence.

"I am Violet Mask...Obsidian's personal bodyguard! You may address me as Aini though High Justiciar. It is a pleasure to meet any of my master's extended family."

I'm stunned...if anyone could see inside my helmet they'd tell me to close my mouth. What was that? Over my internal comms I hear Aini's cute little voice say...

"Was that too much master? I wanted your bro to take me seriously I hope I was not too out of line."

"Uh no you were good...a bit unexpected but with it."

Harley shakes her hand and turns to me.

"Since when do you need a personal bodyguard?"

"It's something I'm doing for diplomatic doesn't look good to be all Ninja paranoid you know?"

"I feel you bro, well let's get inside and get the paperwork out of the way."

I spend the rest of the day bullshitting with my old friend and feeling rather impressed with Aini...ho would've thought she'd have that in her?  If I had any doubts about her free will they faded fast.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2016/6/16 12:37
Hits524  Comments2    
Caught like a fly in a web Ravyne struggled in vain, unable to achieve the needed leverage to break the chains binding her. leaving her to dangle helplessly as Detective Storm captured the moment for posterity....

Photo No. 271-300 (out of 1816 photos hit)
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