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SubmitterjoshuaomanMore Photos from joshuaoman   Last Update2008/3/2 18:23
Hits1955  Comments3    
Ceevie, another SWRPG Character, was an assassin and a gladiator, before being liberated by, and later joining, the pirate group.

She is also featured in my story:

Thanks for looking


SubmitterjoshuaomanMore Photos from joshuaoman   Last Update2008/3/2 14:32
Hits1559  Comments3    
Darktan, another SWRPG character, was an Imperial Stormtrooper, until he was left for dead on Tatooine after a battle with Tusken Raiders.  The sandpeople adopted him, trained him (and gave him that brutal scar).  He was later reunited with his Stormtrooper brothers, but is looking for a chance to escape.

Denzel, the Space Pirate

Denzel, the Space PiratePopular
SubmitterjoshuaomanMore Photos from joshuaoman   Last Update2008/3/2 14:27
Hits1462  Comments3    
This is a 3D character I designed of my brother's Star Wars Role-Playing Game Character, Denzel.  He lost is arms in an ill-advised attempt at boarding a Wookie vessel, and as a result, has cybernetics.

I wrote a short story introducing the characters and posted it in the Fan Fiction section of this site:

See the other characters in my subsequent postings.


SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2008/2/28 3:20
Hits1697  Comments5    
A cool comicbook series and an even cooler movie. I've been wanting to do a render using the Aliens and Predator for sometime now and finally thanks to a friend for directing me to these cool Alien drone models, I was able to do so.
I did a little tweaking with the Aliens because I thought the skin texture they came with was really crappy. I was attempting to set a similar mood to the one in the movie. I actually did 2 different camera angles of this with some slightly different poses in the second one which I will be posting a little later. Thanks for viewing.
Creds: Aliens by Franz Munz, DAZ's V3 wearing Sparky's Skater outfit, background by Stonemason and I really can't remember where I got the Predator from]

The Viper of The Syth

The Viper of The SythPopular
SubmitterCyanureMore Photos from Cyanure   Last Update2008/2/24 20:40
Hits1826  Comments4    


SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2008/2/12 7:21
Hits1957  Comments5    
Try to turn the notch up a little on my shader and mapping and inject a little more emotion into my work I figured a beautiful lone Mech-pilot walking across an airfield after a mission..y'know blah blah [actually I just wanted an excuse to use the Mechs] plus this is my first attempt using the Aiko character. Only postwork done involves the lights on the mechs. Hope you like.

Monday Morning Thought....

Monday Morning Thought....Popular
SubmitterCyanureMore Photos from Cyanure   Last Update2008/2/11 22:00
Hits1674  Comments4    
Just a monday morning thought(posted a Tuesday I know ...who care?)

it take 37 muscles wasting energy for you to frown and only 4 muscles to pull the trigger of any half good guns...SO STOP WASTING ENERGY!!!!

Jedi's Attack

Jedi's AttackPopular
SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2008/2/11 12:52
Hits1815  Comments4    
Just having a bit bit of fun with some Star Wars stuff. This scene started out pretty good but as it became more complex I started having issues with it [crashed 8 times]. There were a lot more elements I wanted to add to it, but thought I'd better get a render in while I still could. It's not one of my best but then again other than my Spiderman vs Sinister Six piece, it's the only other full blown action scene I've done involving more than 2 or 3 characters. Hope you all appreciate the effort I go through for you H-Morphers.


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2008/2/6 21:08
Hits1885  Comments5    
Although it's hard to see against the bright background, the lightsaber blade is purple. The colour of choice of Bad Mo-Fos.

There's a higher-rex version in my devart gallery if anyone's interested.

Pleasure model

Pleasure modelPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   Last Update2008/2/6 11:50
Hits1969  Comments6    
Once man conquers space travel he will need many different models of Androids to help out with deepspace travel and starship operation.  Here we have the Heff industries plreasure doll model.  She is multi tallented in many different forms of pleasure as well as spacehull repair and navigation.  If you would like to see a mpre personal render of her let me know and I can make one to post.

Empire Magazine #5

Empire Magazine #5Popular
SubmitterRaddarMore Photos from Raddar   Last Update2008/1/21 13:31
Hits1964  Comments6    
After a long hiatus the presses of Empire Magazine are once again on-line.  The staff would like to extend their appreciation for the support received after the Rebel attack that temporarily brought publications to a halt.  Rest assured that the Rebel scum responsible have been dealt with.

Thanks for dropping by.  


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/12/29 13:54
Hits2238  Comments4    
A bounty hunter bags an unlucky target.

Some original Star Wars fanart.

I'm not really happy with the background intergration on this one. But after four or five days ot tinkering, chopping and changing, I finally gave up.

Captain Feral

Captain FeralPopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/12/26 17:48
Hits1583  Comments1    
A pirate gal that a friend of mine requested

Kalara Cheesecake

Kalara CheesecakePopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/12/19 17:50
Hits1755  Comments2    
She got kinda popular on Deviant so I decided to do a lil fan service.

Damn...That was fast.

Damn...That was fast.Popular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/12/19 17:49
Hits1526  Comments2    
The Tann Syndicate sent six enforcers.  kalara sent one back.  All he could say was, "Damn...that was fast."

The Gunfighter

The GunfighterPopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/12/19 17:47
Hits1511  Comments2    
Just a portrait of the gunslinging gal

Draw Down

Draw DownPopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/12/17 19:11
Hits1666  Comments4    
My own creation, Kalara Quint, drawing down on the bad guys somewhere in the star wars universe.


SubmitterKhastagirMore Photos from Khastagir   Last Update2007/12/9 16:15
Hits1633  Comments3    
Been playing Dawn of war and decided I wanted to Play with some Warhammer 40K Characters

Hae ye no sense of humor then?

Hae ye no sense of humor then?Popular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/12/3 6:14
Hits1411  Comments4    
This is my first attempt at using the male morph of V3.  The character is Lt.  Killian O'Farrell, engineer on board the USS Crossfire.

The Bloodwitch

The BloodwitchPopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/11/21 11:01
Hits1694  Comments3    


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/11/14 18:57
Hits1815  Comments4    
"There's always a choice"

There's a story behind this one, but I'll leave you to figure it out on your own. :D


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/11/8 20:12
Hits1862  Comments4    
See, I'm not dead. :D

This is a request for a friend's character. A Nightsister on Coruscant.

Alien landscape

Alien landscapePopular
SubmitterlongthornMore Photos from longthorn   Last Update2007/11/2 21:05
Hits1195  Comments1    
Working with different effects.

Anytime Any Were

Anytime Any WerePopular
SubmitterurbansMore Photos from urbans   Last Update2007/10/30 13:52
Hits1631  Comments5    
No one has done a 3D Boba yet so I thought I would try. Took for ever to get it to look like this. I hope it is close enough to were no StarWars fan gets mad about how it looks.

Fly By

Fly ByPopular
SubmitterurbansMore Photos from urbans   Last Update2007/10/24 21:26
Hits2190  Comments6    
Here is a pic I did for the on-line StarWars game I played(SWG) it was for there Fan art section. I was so mad when the Devs screwed that game up.

The Kill

The KillPopular
SubmitterurbansMore Photos from urbans   Last Update2007/10/24 21:22
Hits1724  Comments2    
Again I can't get enough of StarWars

Jenna and Min

Jenna and MinPopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/10/24 10:02
Hits1448  Comments2    
Jenna is a freelance pilot and occaisional pirate, her friend is Min, a dancing girl from Tattooine.  Will Jennas protective feelings for Min become something...More?  Only time will tell.

Waiting for my Future to Come

Waiting for my Future to ComePopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   Last Update2007/10/14 22:06
Hits1468  Comments3    
Can this be all there is?


SubmitterurbansMore Photos from urbans   Last Update2007/10/10 15:17
Hits1827  Comments6    
I love StarWars, I would love to see this in a moive!

Vader Wins

Vader WinsPopular
SubmitterurbansMore Photos from urbans   Last Update2007/10/10 11:17
Hits2105  Comments5    
This is my first time to post a pic so please be kind.

Photo No. 301-330 (out of 388 photos hit)
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