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Obsidian Mask Dossier & Mk XIII Armor

Obsidian Mask Dossier & Mk XIII ArmorPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/6 5:19
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Name: Obsidian Mask (Rusco Yondo Ne'rdo) Pron (Rrrooscoo, You N' doo, Nairr doo,)
Species:  Elf, Luminesti
Age: 354
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye Color: Blue (Currently Cybernetic)
Hair Color: Blonde
Birth Rank: 2nd of 7
# Siblings: 6 (all deceased)
Relatives:Jenara (Daughter), Arethan (son)
Marital Status: Married X 2 Spouse's Names: Ai Thoron (Sylvan Elf...Dragon?), Lote' (Sylvan Elf)
Known Associates: Crimson Mask, Cobalt Mask, The Scions of Justice, PRIDE, The Sathari Empire. IGFW STAR Command, Shadawar (Sathari officer), Rendaza "The red" (Bodyguard Sathari Empire), Sabrina Wildman (Chief Engineer), Analaeus Sathari (Reigning Emperor Sathari Empire)

Intelligence: 14 (140 IQ)
Agility: !9
Strength: 14 (60 in armor)
Endurance: 15 (100 In Armor)
Psyche: 18 (Minor Psionic Defenses)
Presence: 19 (Elven DNA)

Vocation: Ninja/Soldier
Effective Combat Vlaue: 25

Powers/Abilities: Nightvision, Supernatural Beauty, Indefinite Lifespan, Immunity to Natural (non-magical) disease, Does not scar.

Notable Skills:
Electronics Engineering P.H.D.
Astro-Cartography M.D.
Anthropology and Archaeology MLA
Trained in Medicine (Equivalent Trauma care nurse),
Holisitic Medicine B.A.
Certified in Starship, Automotive and Aircraft Repair.
Blacksmith certification
Weapon Engineering/Design Certification (Archaic and Modern)


Current Armor Capabilities:

4-D Contained Jump Jets: (for limited flight capability) Top Speed 400 KPH

Zero Pistol Mk 4: Infinitium Components, Variable round select,  "Barrel View" gun sight, 20 mm Grenade/Micro Missile launcher

Zero Rifle Mk 7: Infinitium Components, Internal Vari-Barrel allowing it to function as a shotgun/Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle/Minigun Has all of the features of the Zero Pistol incl 20 MM grenade launcher.

Both weapons feature a 4-D warehouse with crates of various types of ammunition effectively making Obsidian a one-man army in a battle of attrition. In addition, the Infinitium construction means the barrels will never overheat and enchantments placed on the weapons mean they never have to be cleaned.

Zero-Blade ("Godslayer"): A relic class Katana created by the Golden Star Empire as a reward for "Services rendered", This highly enchanted blade can be summoned to the owner, Cast and spell the wielder has studied
       Spell potency is 5 times normal Duration, Affected area, Affected Targets, Range, Damage, etc. Casting level is equal to that of the wielder times 5. Obsidian can command anyone holding the weapon to simply
       "die" killing said person instantly.  Additionally, as an immortal being (of the lowest category) the blade can be used to irrevocably slay divine beings although Obsidian is forced to take over said being's divine portfolio
. The blade also boasts Infinitium construction, and 4-d compartment to hide the Mono-molecular Infinitum blade, additionally, the blade possesses a high capacity 2-way forcefield which contains a
       Matter-Anti-matter intermix chamber with an output of 13.5 billion GW of power capable of disintegrating any matter it comes into contact with. The Forcefield is designed to allow objects to pass through
       without letting the energy within it escape. (The technology used to create this weapon is unknown in this universe and is exclusive to the Golden Star Empire).

Left Gauntlet/Bracelet Grappling line 16 ton capacity, Obsidian's Left Gauntlet/Bracelet contains an Infinitium Grappling line with Matching anchor. The line is thin but otherwise indestructible. Total Length 50 feet.

Right Gauntlet/Bracelet Scanner/Communications array: Obsidian's Right gauntlet contains a full sensor suite similar in design to many standard handheld models though 3 times Range and sensitivity, In addition
        it also is equipped with a holographic communications array/display the keyboard allows full access to modern databases. There's also a surveilance package 4-D wrist blade, and concealed cutting devices

Helmet:  Loaded with Visual scanners Obsidian's helmet is also contains a communications package (Works in conjunction with gauntlet), Full visual spectrum scanner, internal life support/nutrition/fluid dispenser
            and acts as a barrier against any level of Psionic/Mental intrusion. Unfortunately this is a double edged sword cutting intuitive perception drastically. An Infinitum Face-plate has recently been attacked
            front of the helmet insuring that no means of attack will penetrate the helmet head on, the remainder of the helmet is and frame covered by a layer of Absorbium 80 which absorbs all known forms of                         energy.

Bodysuit: The Bodysuit is a hermetically sealed, self contained environment suit and like the helmet, is composed primarily of Absorbium 80 and enhances Obsidian strength/agility/endurance considerably allowing
             him to bench press an astonishing 25 tons. Reflexes are enhanced via internal AI and Neural-Muscular inputs lattice-worked throughout the suit and helmet. In the event that Obsidian should become                          paralyzed (even from the neck down) the suit can still be operated with full functionality so long as Obsidian remains conscious and the suit 75% intact.  Holographic camouflage with Tactile support this is                  like a built in disguise allowing the wearer to even appear to be unarmored if he so wishes. it is ineffective against magical sensory spells which do not reveal the true form but do reveal that it is a hologram.

Utility Belt: The Buckle can be removed and used to enhance the already impressive sensor suit of the Gauntlets and helmet, but it's most impressive feature is the Variable Contra-Gravity Generator which allows                             Obsidian to orient his center of Gravity to any point or direction he desires.

Kinetic Gloves: The Knuckle plates of the gloves are capable of channeling absorbed energy into a concentrated kinetic burst equal to the energy absorbed. Such attacks are further enhanced by the armor's 25 ton                             strength capacity. The Palms of the gauntlets are layered with Absorbium 120 and can be used (as in the case of the god Apophis) to weaken or outright kill an opponent in hand to hand combat after                         only a few seconds of exposure.
Absorbium 80 Overview: In addition to absorbing what one thinks of when considering energy, Absobium 80 also absorbs sound-waves, photons, impacts (kinetic energy), Magic, Psionics, and even life energy. In it's most pure form Absorbium cannot be physically touched by living beings as it is lethal. The highest level of refinement (Via Chemical processes) absorbium is rated at 120 (a thin layer of this version is applied to palms of Obsidian's gloves) it is capable of absorbing ambient life energy. When used with Nano-Irises the effects can be restricted or even stopped altogether.  Due to the fact that Obsidian's armor is a creation of incredibly powerful and advanced beings the Absorbium in his suit is controlled via Sub-atomic Irises which are the single most refined method of controlling the effects of the absorbium. This method combined with an undisclosed adhesion method, allow the Absorbium to be applied in similar fashion to spray-on paint creating a thin layer that is more effective than larger plates. The technology behind this is a closely guarded secret.  The absorbed energy is most often re-channeled throughout the armor to supplement  the internal magical power supply potentially powering the armor indefinitely.

Born on earth in the 20th century Obsidian was once a human. He was accidentally summoned across space and time by a Mage. After some adventures, deciding he was too old and out of shape but wanting to continue adventuring, he sought out magical means to extend his lifespan. To that end he procured the services of a mage to have himself transformed into a Luminesti elf, forsaking his humanity and Solaran roots for all time. Obsidian became embroiled in the "Millennium Wars" fighting on the side of the IGFW and its allies (Namely Earth) achieving the rank of Commander. Using the skills he acquired as an adventurer Obsidian quickly rose in rank and was recruited into a black ops branch where he was trained by the alien species known as the Oni who trained him for nearly 25 years before granting him the honorary rank of "Jonin". After his military service ended Obsidian was recruited by the mysterious Black Mantis who sought his services as an operative. Obsidian refused permanent employment with the Black mantis but did undertake assignments over a period of 100 years. Payment for those assignments has taken many forms including his ship, his weapons and various technologies, as well as his crew.  Obsidian Mask is 354 years old, and for over 300 of that has been a mercenary, assassin, and something of a private investigator. Obsidian possesses several degrees,  Obsidian believes in being self-sufficient and a survivalist. His Zoological knowledge has  proved useful for determining types of animals that are poisonous or edible. He is a master tactician and is always suspicious. He has been a widower 2 times before his current Harem and is known to be attracted to powerful women.  Obsidian still maintains ties with the Sathari Empire holding the position of "Indor" a title given to high ranking former officials by the Sathari government. As such he is under the protection of the Sathari Government until death (His species possesses an indefinite life span). To that end Obsidian has had many bodyguards, often a Psi-Mage of incredible power and experience.

At this time IGFW Intelligence recommendations are to maintain surveillance not underestimate his capabilities. Should the Golden Star Empire become involved agents should NOT interact and maintain surveillance from a discreet distance. Several agents have gone missing investigating this "Empire" and are presumed dead. At least one agent was returned and later discovered to be a clone of some variety as yet unknown.

Dossier: Sabrina Gertrude Wildman

Dossier: Sabrina Gertrude Wildman
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/6 2:38
Hits82  Comments1    
Name: Sabrina Gertrude Wildman
Species: Nibran
Age: 67
Weight: 126
Eyes: Light Blue/Silver
Hair: Brown (often dyed)
Prominent Marks/Tattoos: Sabrina bears a genetic birthmark over her right eye and upper/lower lips denoting her family lineage.

Strength: 14
Endurance: 12
Agility: 14
Psyche: 17
Intelligence: 28 ( IQ of 280)
Presence: 17

Vocation: Warrior
Effective Combat Value: 14

Powers and Abilities:

Extended Longevity: A gift from the Golden Star Empire, has prolonged Sabrina's lifespan to an as yet unknown extent. It is possible they may have made her (and several other crew members) Immortal.
Exceptional intelligence: Sabrina is a Genius scientist whose work in the field of Electronics Engineering is well known throughout the scientific community.
Sabrina has no other exceptional powers or abilities.

Notable skills:
Star-ship Diagnostics
Star-ship Repairs
Star-ship Design/Engineering
Star-ship Weapons Systems
Star-ship defense Systems
Mechanical Engineering M.D.
Electronics Engineering P.H.D.
Cybernetics Engineering B.A.
Space Flight Theory  Assoc.
Archaic technologies Assoc.

Small arms Proficiency:

Sabrina is less of a combatant and more of an engineering genius. Growing up Sabrina was something of an outcast of her proud warrior species, preferring to spend most of her time in school surrounded by books. Her passion for star-ships was well received as the Nibran well know the value of science especially Space Warfare.  Sabrina's aptitude for Engineering and Mathematics earned her high praise but few friends. She received her first Master's degree at the astounding age of 8.   Her thesis on Advanced AI's and their Impact as Recognized citizens is now standard reading. Sabrina spent most of her life in schools often teaching, she has several degrees (some earned simultaneously) and despite several offers from well-known ship designers she settled for a career at a Solaran Spacedock where she could be around star-ships of all kinds from all over the five galaxies.  While not always happy with the work conditions, pay or coworkers she did enjoy working on the various Spacecraft that came into port needing repairs.  This is where she was discovered by a headhunter who was secretly working for the Golden Star Empire who gave her Dossier and credentials to Obsidian Mask. He immediately sought her out and recruited her for the position of Chief Engineer aboard his star-ship the SS Lillun and she has continued to serve on vessels with him ever since through the promise of always getting to work with technologies unseen in the five galaxies...a promise he has not failed to live up to.  Sabrina is no longer an outcast but a valued team member and very happy despite her recent injuries incurred by the sabotage of the SS Lillun A. Sabrina has recently acquired an E5779-1 engineering drone who she affectionately named Rebo, her skills have made the Rebo a far more effective Repair drone than any very before or since. Sabrina secretly harbors deep feelings for Shadawar... Feelings she is unaware that her shares. The two are very awkward when dealing with each other almost to the point of being comical.  Sabrina hates her middle name (Honor named after a notable Solaran) and while proud of the person she was named after, it was a source of constant teasing whenever anyone discovered it (Considered an old person's name). If teased about her middle name she will become physically violent.

Dossier: Kezari Rendazza "Rendazza The Red"

Dossier: Kezari Rendazza "Rendazza The Red"
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/6 1:46
Hits80  Comments1    
Name: Kezari Rendazza
Species: Sathari (Homeworld: Varanus 3)
Relatives: Sanja (wife deceased), Reinti (Son deceased)
Known associations: Sathari high command (Rank Colonel), Obsidian Mask (Bodyguard)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: N/A (Vaanans do not have body hair)

Strength: 12
Endurance: 19
Agility: 18
Psyche: 19
Intelligence: 18
Presence: 10

Vocation: Psi-Mage
Effective Combat Value: 18

Powers and Abilities:

Rendazza has several Psionic powers as well as
Psionic mental defenses and attack powers

Telekinesis: Can lift 1200 lbs
Pyrokinesis: Can be used to burn opponents or objects
Telemechanics: Can repair mechanical objects
Psychic Barrier: Creates a forcefield of considerable strength
Psi-Wave: A shockwave attack 50 feet in diameter
Psionic Healing/Ravage: Transfers health between 2 living beings (can be used offensively)
Clairvoyance: Psionic surveillance with audio
Danger sense: Warns of pending attacks
Telepathy: 2-way mental communication
Telepathic vision: Can transmit what he sees to others
Memory purge: Can erase memories
Levitation: Limited flight/Parachute
Telekinetic Strangulation: Can "choke" the life from living beings
Telekinetic Crush: Can squeeze a victim causing considerable damage
Telekinetic Throw: Can launch a victim in any chosen direction (Can cause possible fall damage)


The weapon and calling card of the Psi-Mage Rendazza's glows a pale blue he has spent a lifetime refining his techniques and has achieved a strong degree of skill.

Blade Charge (Psi-Blade remains active for 5 seconds after being released)
Blade corrupt: Can use another's Psi-Blade as if it were his
Energy deflection: Can deflect energy blasts harmlessly away
Disintegrate: Can cut through even the strongest metals and armor
Dual Wield: Can use two psi-Blades at once
Mastery: This skill not only makes the Psi-Mage a more effective combatant but intensifies the energy from the blade itself Rendazza has achieved this 5 times.

Known Spells:
Fireball, Flame Beam, Eldritch Bolts, Lightning bolt, Darken Bolt, Flight, Forcefield, Grace-fall, Enthrall, Stupefy, Slaughter, Invisible vision, Oracle, Dream/Nightmare, Whisper, Silence, False Memory

Smite, Lesser Healing, Intermediate Healing, Greater Healing, Restore, Barrier, Emotion Control, Strike terror, Meteor Strike, Raze earth, Evaluate, Sense Undead, Sense Evil/Good, Scry,

Rendazza, as a result of his association with  Obsidian Mask is presumed to have far more potent magics available to him.


Rendazza is an orphan with unknown parentage, his wife and son were both killed by slavers during an attack on an Outer Rim colony where they lived. Rendazza is a career soldier and former commander to Shadawar who dislikes him for reasons of ethics.  Rendazza is ruthless and used to being in command, but knows how to take orders. He requested his current assignment curious to discover what Obsidian Mask could have done to inspire such loyalty from his previous Bodyguard (the aforementioned Shadawar) such that he retired from service.  He is a serious man, not prone to levity or laughter for that matter   Most of the Commander's file is "Classified" and sealed. It is important to note that Rendazza also has a reputation for being Honorable...  He does not attack those unworthy of his skill (the innocent or weak) and does not slaughter those who cannot defend themselves.  Rendazza earned his nickname during the reign Emperor Zakahn in a battle with a hive of Xitizk.  Rendazza was quite literally laying waste to them by the hundreds until finally they simply 'lost the will to fight" fleeing in disgrace. When recovery teams arrived they found Rendazza covered from head to toe in the blood of his foes.  Thereafter, his men began calling him by the Suffix "The Red", but not to his face or within earshot. Truly Rendazza is not a man to be taken lightly...It is important to note that Shadow served under him, and was in the battle the day he earned his moniker.

Dossier: Rebo

Dossier: Rebo
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/6 0:22
Hits89  Comments1    
"Rebo" (A pet name given by Sabrina Wildman) is an early 44th century E5779-1 engineering drone. despite it's small size it is equipped to perform the most hazardous repairs with unparalleled efficiency. Rebo has been upgraded with several dozen programs, hardware, and peripherals that make it even more useful than ever reducing normal diagnostic and repair times by as much as 50 percent. This version of the repair drone is no longer in use having been replaced by newer "Humanoid" models which many say are less efficient. Rebo, has been outfitted with new Replimatted parts of the highest quality and (minus some quirks in his software) is performing at peak efficiency. The Adamantine outer shell is nearly indestructible and all systems are hardened against radiation and electromagnetic interference meaning Rebo can operate in the most adverse conditions imaginable. Rebo can carry up to 5 tons of materials and has ea variable forcefield generator that he can shape into useful construction tools. Rebo's hands are retractable and have concealed Micro Replimatts which can create a variety of handheld tools. If Sabrina had a dozen of these units equipped with remote Replimation devices she could construct a shuttle in less than a week from nothing. It is worth noting that Sabrina has an abnormally strong affection for Rebo like a doting mother,  especially after it saved her life. Rebo's personality matrix does make it something of a smartass...but it makes up for it in bravery, efficiency  and tenacity.  Rebo is an also considered a Class A IT drone capable of hacking into most protected systems and due to programming available to Obsidian Mask can now access even the most protected systems at the highest levels of government.

IGFW Dossier: Panterra

IGFW Dossier: Panterra
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/5 13:41
Hits96  Comments2    
Name: Panterra (Panterra II officially)
Species: Unique poly-genome Solaran Base
Age 15 (Appears to be in late 20's)
Relatives: Alleycat, Jagwire (Brothers) Tigress (Sister) Cheetah (sister deceased)
Known associations: Scions of Justice, The Zero Men (Specifically Obsidian Mask), IGFW Supernatural Crimes Division
Chronologically his age is well over 3,000
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 285 lbs
Eyes: Green Feline irises
Hair Black with hints of dark spots
Skin Color: Latin features and skin tone

Strength: 22 (100 in armor)
Endurance: 22(100 in armor)
Agility: 22 (50 in armor)
Psyche: 12
Intelligence: 22
Presence: 22

Vocation: Assassin

Powers and Abilities:
Nightvision (120' range)
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced intelligence
Enhanced Endurance

Panterra's armor is composed of a Mythril Absorbium compound making it nearly indestructible

The armor incorporates many devices and paraphernalia and well as servos and internal circuitry providing the following abilities:

Ultravision (Panterra can see even in magically created darkness)
Climbing sheer surfaces (via retractile adamantine claws)
Super Strength (80 ton capacity)
Super Speed (Mach 4 maximum)
Enhanced hearing: (Sensitive enough to hear a pin drop at 100 yards)
Track by scent: Olfactory scanners can identify up to 100,000 different scents in a 25 foot radius.
Oxygen filtration: Panterra's armor is not hermetically sealed but has an advance air filtering system.
Enhanced combat protocols: Reflexive neural simulators designed to work with his martial skill set.

HardLight sword: A specially design hilt designed with a hardlight blade capable of cutting through all but the most durable metals

Drone shuriken

Escrima Stick Tasers  1,000.000 volt capacity with 200 charges

Panterra and other P.R.I.D.E. member have access to a variety of modern vehicles custom designed by Jagwire.

Shield: Panterra's shield is composed of Mythril/Absorbium using a bonding process that has now been lost to the ages. The shield possesses retractable blades for cutting and can be thrown like a disc. Internal gyros and built in GPS nav guide the shield back to Panterra if thrown.

The being known as "Panterra" was genetically engineered in the latter part of the 21st century.  Solaran (Human) DNA Sliced with various attributes from large felines species. His creation was a direct response to the escape of his forerunner now code named "Man-eater". Panterra was design to be the team Leader of the Preemptive Reconnaissance Infiltration Detection and Elimination squad Acronym: P.R.I.D.E. whose primary purpose is was to infiltrate behind enemy borders and eliminate targets deemed a threat to the United State's security.   Panterra was not the first genetically engineered being but rather last of a line of 6 such beings. (Individual Dossiers to be submitted later)

The first to be created was code named: "Alleycat" a massive 9 ft behemoth of immense strength and endurance.
The second was code named: "Tigress" a female assassin trained in various forms of martial arts and intrusions techniques.
The Third code named:  "Cheetah" Was an incredibly fast Speedster of unlimited endurance and capable of reaching speeds of up to mach 6 on land.  However, she was reportedly  incapable of pinpoint navigation.
The fourth code named: Jagwire is technological genius and a weapons expert in all small/heavy arms and s killed inventor. Like the others he is a capable soldier and an effective killer.
The fifth was originally code named: Panterra   However, during a routine live training exercise he attacked and subsequently murdered his handlers going rogue and escaping from the facility that created the team.  The Panterra soldier genome was designed to be a combination of the other 4 team members and while not at their individual peak would have some proficiency with all of their skill sets.

Panterra and his allies arrived in the year 4380 after a conflict with Maneater in which was using and experimental "Space Fold " device a device which had previously used to open a portal from the Sun's corona to the UN Building on Earth vaporizing the building and the surrounding area for 15 miles and disrupting the Earth's atmosphere on a massive scale.  While attempting to apprehend the villain the device was damage and the resulting explosion hurled the team and (Unknown to them Maneater) forward through time> After a brief conflict with the then fledgling Scions of Justice which resulted in the Scions being subdued.  The prompt arrival of the Black Scarab cleared the entire situation and the P.R.I.D.E. was given the bad news about their situation.  For a time the team thought their adversary long dead but the events of "The Rise of Dominion" would reveal that Maneater was alive and well.  Maneater was defeated by Obsidian Mask who nearly killed him and has since been placed in a maximum security penal station along with Dominion.

Panterra's whereabouts are currently unknown and it is presumed he has settled down with his love interest Tigress.

IGFW Intelligence files on these subjects are far from complete but their early database from the 21st century is on file.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/11/30 12:51
Hits125  Comments2    
This should be a piece of cake! As well as a chance for Ravyne to test her infiltration skills.

All she'll have to do is sneak into the corporate HQ of Sergei Sonovavich disguised as a secretary. (UGH, why did she let her sister pick the outfit?)

And then it would be a matter of pretending to work late, find a computer terminal and look for proof the oligarch was guilty of human traffic-

What was that noise?

sky blu

sky bluPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2018/11/28 12:58
Hits126  Comments7    
hey ya'll,
i wish i had more time to visit you's always an awesome experience when i get to come by.i'm in the process of developing images a calender and maybe some for a photoshop mag.that and my real life work keep me on the go.
anyhoo i started a series of images called 7 wonders recently.the characters are kind of gothy rock lovin pinupy far there are about 23 .sky is one of the newest. i may post a few here from time to time but to be fair the art i see here is amazing and so is the feedback i've gotten is far more important to me than posting every piece i worries  though i've got plenty of good stuff to share.
take care and thanks all around.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/11/26 7:40
Hits139  Comments2    
Hey there babe! D'ja miss ole Gummy Joe?

Not particularly!

Aw, too bad, well, I got sumthin fer ya!


EEWWW! DISGUSTING! You are so dead!

Hee Hee! That there is a new formula ole Gummy Joe made up. It's called th' nuudee goop!

Why is it called th-


Oh no!

Healing up

Healing upPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/11/21 19:09
Hits117  Comments2    
A little spoiler from my upcoming comic, just a little something to keep my fans salivating.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/11/3 19:01
Hits213  Comments4    
She also has to do her nails with a metal grinder...

Another preview.

Another preview. Popular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/11/2 15:57
Hits159  Comments3    
The scariest werewolf you ever seen yes? This story is gonna go all the way back to the "Rise of Dominion" novel but as an ongoing series. I have been down but I'm not out. More to come.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/10/29 16:06
Hits175  Comments1    
Don'cha just wanna punch guys like that?


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2018/10/29 13:05
Hits141  Comments1    


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/10/16 11:17
Hits221  Comments2    


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2018/10/13 4:56
Hits187  Comments2    


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/9/30 16:08
Hits249  Comments2    
He was a former soldier who grew bitter and hateful after losing both arms in the line of duty.

But then a mysterious dark being made a pact with him. He would be given great strength and new arms made of stone and in exchange  he would cause as much chaos and mayhem as possible...

Free Candy

Free CandyPopular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   Last Update2018/9/21 7:58
Hits184  Comments3    
Something inspired from the work of artist Stefan Koidl.

(Adjusted some shadows and lighting)

The New scions

The New scionsPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/9/19 18:16
Hits180  Comments3    
The return of the Scions of Justice with their newest member...Guardian. This was a truly epic piece for me with all of these resource-intensive characters and their new looks. From left to right Obsidian Mask, Panterra, Silver beetle, Black Scarab, Cerebron, Guardian, Batmaster, Scarlet Bow, Spydra, Thunderbolt, and Infinity-Man.  This took all day and I am very happy with the result. Who's your favorite?


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/9/17 9:50
Hits187  Comments1    
AH! To have the power of flight! To be able to soar through the sky without a worry in the world!

Except perhaps other flying things....

The Throne of Asgard

The Throne of AsgardPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/9/15 22:37
Hits201  Comments3    
I did this picture a few months back but some things about it bugged me... The Camera angle, Lighting and the wolves. The wolves I used were low poly poser pro BS. But today while going through my inventory I discovered I had the AM Wolf...with fur. I wanted a fur effect and tried to do one on my own to no avail...  Then I saw these and I was like WOW! I knew what I had to do so I reshot the image and I hope you like the new version as much as I do.  BTW Keep an eye for new posts of Old characters... Lots of updates coming.

Wallpaper 3 The Black Mantis

Wallpaper 3 The Black MantisPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/9/12 21:13
Hits179  Comments2    
The Black Mantis returns with some minor updates. note that I left out the black parts of his costume entirely.

Wallpaper 2 Panterra with his new ride.

Wallpaper 2 Panterra with his new ride.Popular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/9/12 21:09
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Due to the nature of this new direction, many of you favorite characters are getting a reboot which sometimes means and all new look (Just wait).

Wallpaper 1 Abominous.

Wallpaper 1 Abominous.Popular
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One of 5 wallpapers I'm giving away for folks to download. These images can also be found on the many products in my store. The link is below...I promise never to spam or to send push notifications (fucking annoying)


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Its pretty much inevitable.

There comes a point in every crime fighters career where they get into a compromised situation while in civies  which leaves them with two options:

A: Do nothing and protect your secret identity and endure what could possibly be a humiliating ordeal and hope someone else rescues them.
B: Take action and risk revealing your secret identity to the bad guys.

Oh, Such choices!


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The heist was going smooth, Sid Neville thought. The museum guards were taken down with minimal effort and soon he and his crew will be making a clean getaway and after he sells these artifacts he'll finally be able to pay off his tr-

Suddenly a door flew open and his crew stood in stunned silence as the super bitch Ravyne came running in and before anyone could react she'd already knocked out four of his men.

And now she was rushing at him with her arm raised to smash an elbow into his face!

Don't think so, darlin' he thought. ducking low Sid dodged under the elbow, took out his trusty bowie knife and lunged forwar.....



Wow, Sid thought later as the cops hauled him away. They really were made of steel!

Accidental Summons

Accidental SummonsPopular
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This is the mage that summoned Obsidian across time and space. It was an accident to be sure and one Obsidian will never forget. This image is one of many that will be featured in my upcoming Cinematic  "The rise of Dominion" based on the novel of the same name. There are clips of this story and even a comic book here which outlines the beginning but the Cinematic will be appearing in installments on (Hopefully) a weekly basis as soon as I have some more sets and few starter episodes in the can. In the meantime please know that I will be bringing quality images to the series.  In the meantime enjoy the sneak previews.

The old days

The old daysPopular
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In the days during the war Obsidian mask was part of a 4 man surgical strike team.  Their mission: Go behind enemy lines and commit acts of sabotage, Surveillance, Extract/Eliminate high priority targets.  From Left to right 1st Lt Gwenda (Frost elf silent weapons expert), 2nd lt Nealson LtJG (SEAL), Cmdr T'ura (Demolitions Obsidian Mask), Cpt H'zarrik (Sniper). Only a couple of team member may still be living based solely on species longevity.  Together they conducted 125 missions and earned multiple citations and medals. They also saved billions of lives and though the war has been over for nearly a century their files are still sealed.


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Ichee Treegafingas

Ichee TreegafingasPopular
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hey guys,
i've been fiddling around with a manga anime art much as i love the look it's been a reach to get the posing right.
never the less i'll be introducing ya'll to more of my original characters soon while i figure out which superhero to tackle next.
take care peeps ;)


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hiya gang,
you guys and gals rock 4 real.thanks for the support always.
so ya'll wanted to see more of this guy. you asked for a backstory too. sorry i still don't have one ... i do have some clues to his abilities semi hidden in the image though. so  as frank gershin used to say 'riddle me this batmaaan... heheeheheheh '

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