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Farewell Dark Wanderer
Official Award
2005/10/21 23:05
From Mammoth Mountain
Posts: 5502
Level : 53; EXP : 33
HP : 261 / 1308
MP : 1834 / 71375

I never thought Id have to ever make a post like this, but it is with a heavy heart that I must make this announcement.

We lost one of our own yesterday. Jason Sizemore aka Dark Wanderer, passed away due to complications from surgery.
We lost not only a fellow artist, but a friend as well. DW, you shall never be forgotten.

Posted on: 9 07 19 12:18 pm
I am not a real user I was just created that way.
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
Shhh! I'm not here!
2013/8/29 16:52
Posts: 859
Level : 26; EXP : 25
HP : 0 / 631
MP : 286 / 19952
He was more than a friend to me, he was one of the first teachers I had when I started maniping.
He spent some time explaining to me how to start and how to improve. He even shared his tutorial on metals with me..
I had the pleasure of working with him on some Heromorph challenges and the Secret Santa.
He was always the driving force to some of those.
He really loved Secret Santa.

R.I.P my friend.

You will be missed.

Safe journey.

Posted on: 9 07 19 12:20 pm
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
2009/10/8 10:50
From Residing Philadelpihia, From New Jersey
Posts: 1764
Level : 35; EXP : 21
HP : 0 / 855
MP : 588 / 36763
R.I.P DW... You will be misssed.

Posted on: 9 07 19 12:38 pm
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
The Great Eternal Dragon
2004/2/9 4:54
From Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Posts: 11253
Level : 67; EXP : 49
HP : 664 / 1662
MP : 3751 / 98940

Posted on: 9 07 19 09:24 pm
Photobucket Member: 08/22/2006
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
Bat Junkie...and who took my meds???
2003/8/18 13:31
From Mexico City (we don't wear hats)
Posts: 2619
Level : 40; EXP : 93
HP : 0 / 998
MP : 873 / 60822
I feel bad for not been around, I wish I could have, so I could have spoke to Dark Wanderer on more time.

I remember him well when I started in this site witch was at the really beginning of this great community, he was one of the first people to give comments in that beginners era and his comments meant a lot to me.

Rest in peace my friend, you will not be forgotten!!


Posted on: 10 07 19 03:08 pm
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
Dazed and Confused... mostly Confused
2004/7/15 17:58
From usa
Posts: 3290
Level : 44; EXP : 51
HP : 0 / 1087
MP : 1096 / 63368
This has been hitting me so very hard. So many many memories. After a 10 year hiatus from drawing, some encouragement from the community, he was the one who nudged me back into drawing again. And furthermore got me to break every rule I ever had. I can remember posting a drawing I had done based on a character from Dragonlance. And he blew me away not just because he knew the character, but he knew way more than I did. When I became a father I remember telling him my daughter's middle name is Arisia from Green Lantern. And was surprised at how he shared in my joy. Then he shared his kid's names and allowed me to share in his joy. Eventually, when life collapsed, he was someone who I could talk to. But truthfully not much was said, he just seemed to know the path I was on. Later Critical Role came up in conversation and I can recall staying up till 3 and sometimes 4 in the morning on the phone discussing the show and he was the one who nudged me back into the dungeon master's seat after a 25 year hiatus.

And now I'm learning that it's hitting me so hard because yes he was a fellow artist, great friend, someone I considered a brother. But more importantly, a kindred spirit.

Posted on: 10 07 19 09:15 pm
Vivo per lei
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
2003/8/26 22:16
From halfway between limbo and purgatory
Posts: 1177
Level : 29; EXP : 95
HP : 0 / 723
MP : 392 / 44048

Posted on: 11 07 19 05:35 pm
Broaden your horizons, eat interesting people.
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
Supreme being
2009/9/16 8:24
From Spain
Posts: 898
Level : 26; EXP : 75
HP : 0 / 643
MP : 299 / 27787
I'm sorry to read this news.
It is a big loss for everyone.
A great artist and friend

Posted on: 12 07 19 12:55 pm
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
2008/7/20 17:11
From The Dream Dimension
Posts: 1451
Level : 32; EXP : 60
HP : 0 / 790
MP : 483 / 36762
My Sensei. My friend. I can not put into words how important you were in so many people's lives. You always gave advice, tutorials and assistance without ever asking for help in return. Heromorph, nay, the World is a sadder place without you in it. Peace and love to you from the Dream Dimension. :(

Posted on: 13 07 19 01:32 am
We are only as limited as our imaginations.
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
Gold Member
2008/11/4 18:41
From Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1474
Level : 32; EXP : 80
HP : 0 / 795
MP : 491 / 36320
I am without words. DW has been the source of much inspiration and guidance for me. He will be missed immensely.

May the next life treat you as wonderfully as you treated all of us here, DW.

Posted on: 13 07 19 07:28 pm
Commissioner Gordon: You know I'm violently opposed to police brutality.
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
2006/7/18 19:52
From United States
Posts: 6363
Level : 56; EXP : 3
HP : 275 / 1375
MP : 2121 / 72079
This is very sad news. DW will be missed greatly by all of us. He was more than just a terrific artist. He was always helpful, funny, supportive and generous. He was also one of the most committed and valuable moderators and contributors to Heromorph. My deepest sympathies and condolences to all his friends and family.

Posted on: 14 07 19 09:18 am
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
The New Number 2 (Moderator-Like Guy)
2004/5/16 10:33
From Kamloops, BC, Canada
Posts: 1366
Level : 31; EXP : 82
HP : 0 / 770
MP : 455 / 45269
Terrible news. He was a great artist, a genuinely friendly and supportive person, and one of the pillars of this community. He will very definitely be missed. 41 is far, far too young. Requiescat in Pace, my friend.

Posted on: 14 07 19 01:34 pm
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
2004/10/11 15:32
Posts: 34
Level : 4; EXP : 59
HP : 0 / 89
MP : 11 / 5168
Barely over 40--WAY too soon to go.
But, he's in a better place now

Posted on: 19 07 19 07:38 pm
"There must be some way out of here," said the Joker to the Thief.
"There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief."
--Bob Dylan "All Along The Watchtower" 1965--
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Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer
2010/7/19 7:34
Posts: 437
Level : 19; EXP : 40
HP : 0 / 460
MP : 145 / 18733
that is really sad news. in the time i've been a member here he and i have had only limited interaction.nevertheless he left a real great impression on me through his art and genuine personality,
my condolences to his family and friends

Posted on: 13 09 19 08:05 am
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