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Heromorph Gallery
Heromorph Gallery DDJJ: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  pijon (2019/1/29 17:37:44)
Heromorph Gallery DDJJ: Red Sonja
  pijon (2019/1/19 15:00:50)
Heromorph Gallery DDJJ: Bandcamp Vampire Slayers
  pijon (2019/1/17 16:03:07)
Heromorph Gallery DDJJ: Hart to Hart - the movie
  pijon (2019/1/11 23:28:20)
Heromorph Gallery DDJJ: Kevin Hart as Blade
  pijon (2019/1/7 20:20:40)
Heromorph Gallery Jack Banyon Cover
  pijon (2018/11/14 17:57:30)
Heromorph Gallery HM Classic Horror: The Thing with 2 Heads
  pijon (2018/9/18 17:20:54)
Heromorph Gallery Lady Mix-A-Lot: Casper and Wendy
  pijon (2018/7/5 10:30:13)
Heromorph Gallery Influence Map: Comic Based TV Toons
  pijon (2018/6/26 17:26:56)
Heromorph Gallery Influence Map: Comics That Made Movies
  pijon (2018/6/20 9:43:39)
Heromorph Gallery Influence Map: Newspaper Artists
  pijon (2018/6/10 20:05:46)
Heromorph Gallery Influence Map: Ditko
  pijon (2018/6/8 10:38:55)
Heromorph Gallery Cover Redo: Spragg- the Musical!
  pijon (2018/5/10 2:08:12)
Heromorph Gallery Bad Casting 4: Gambit: The Trump Card
  pijon (2018/5/9 4:15:04)
Heromorph Gallery April Challenge: Cover Redo!
  pijon (2018/5/8 5:23:03)
Heromorph Gallery Bad Casting 4: X-Men: Executive Class
  pijon (2018/5/1 12:59:03)
Heromorph Gallery April Challenge: Cover Redo!
  pijon (2018/4/29 18:14:54)
Heromorph Gallery April Challenge: Cover Redo too!
  pijon (2018/4/26 16:58:08)
Heromorph Gallery April Challenge: Cover Redo!
  pijon (2018/4/19 21:06:49)
Heromorph Gallery March Madness2: Swamp Thing's New Pet
  pijon (2018/3/20 13:37:56)
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