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Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
Megan Fox - Wonder WomanPopular
SubmitterWolverine1607More Photos from Wolverine1607   Last Update2009/4/14 17:48
Hits17515  Comments10    
I know there has been some thoughts about who should be and play Wonder Woman if there is ever a movie here. I was browsing through the net the other day and came across a poster made for Megan Fox as Wonder Woman. I really liked the look of it so I began my own version of her here.
The base photo used here was a photo manipulation of Megan Fox and I assume model pieces. I did do some minor touch ups of course here. The original was posted at a Fakes site. The original artits for Megan was a user named Steve Fly. So no credit really to faking this one.
Otherwise a cutout and replacement of the hair back in. Touchups on the skin, eyes, and face here. Uniform is mine of course, the concept was from a uniform idea that was posted for a cover of Rolling Stone. I liked most of it but not quite all of it. So I did change it a little bit here. Rope was manufactured in PS CS3 as well the rest of it.
The background was just something I came up with and threw in. Originally it was all a blue one but I really wanted to break it up here and throught it looked better broken up. After three days of different images here in the background, and around 16 hours on the Model as a whole this is where it will sit here.
Wonder Woman character belongs to DC Comics. Fan art here is on me.
And what does one more Wonder Woman image hurt anyway. Another one of my favorite characters to do here. Thanks for those who look here. Comments and crits always welcomed. As well any thing I can answer or help any one with, with anything I manip or do, just let me know here. Thanks guys!

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/4/9 12:59  Updated: 2010/4/9 12:59
Joined: 2007/11/13
Posts: 6
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
I love this work, you are so awesome, I actually forward to see new stuff from you, my question is it possible to contact you outside of HM, just have a couple ? I would like to ask be4 I embark on this journey of Manping if so, contact me at, ps keep up the good work
Posted: 2009/6/10 8:47  Updated: 2009/6/10 8:47
The Reformer (Gold Member)
Joined: 2005/6/8
From: New York Metro
Posts: 301
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
Great manip!
What's the reflection I'm seeing in the belt??
Posted: 2009/4/19 17:52  Updated: 2009/4/19 17:52
Gold Member
Joined: 2005/3/12
Posts: 9
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
I really gotta stop coming to this place. Every time I think I'm getting better with manips, something this breath taking comes along, and...::sigh::just...cant compare to stuff like this. Really Really Really amazing work.
Posted: 2009/4/18 1:31  Updated: 2009/4/18 1:31
Gold Member
Joined: 2005/8/4
From: Massillon, Ohio
Posts: 715
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
Thanks very much here everyone for the comments. Very helpful things. As well I do like to hear feedback. Good or bad. I chose her because I think she would be yough enough yes to appear in other sequals if need be. And I as well agree here Monica, yep most definatley a top choice for the Role here. Very much so I think. I used the single pointed tiara becuase I may do many of one character but I like to try and always switch them up and keep them different looking each time than the last. Same basic model and look to Wonder Woman herself. Black hair, blue eyes ect... but switch up the outfits here. And I did change and enhance the eye coloring. Some green blues around the iris and then mostly blue for the coloring. I know she already has blue eyes, but I wanted to make sure the eyes pop for this as well. May have over done it here a little. :) But thanks again everyone, much appreciated!
Posted: 2009/4/16 15:27  Updated: 2009/4/16 15:27
Joined: 2008/5/26
From: DC area
Posts: 414
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
Great job.
I think she would be a perfect Wonder Woman except she is a bit too young. If only she were a few years older there would be no one else better.
She already has blue eyes, It looks like you artificially turned them an unnatural shade...why?
Anyway, this is great.
Posted: 2009/4/15 23:16  Updated: 2009/4/15 23:16
Bat Junkie...and who took my meds???
Joined: 2003/8/18
From: Mexico City (we don't wear hats)
Posts: 2619
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
The metal is AWESOME!!!!
Posted: 2009/4/14 20:30  Updated: 2009/4/14 20:30
Joined: 2008/8/16
Posts: 132
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
Simply Stunning!! That texture looks so good you could almost devour it with your eyes.

As for the movie, MF could probably do it, but the real problem is fear of another "Catwoman" movie. Script must be aces or else it risks going camp without intending to do so.

Probably won't get made with this economy, though the original Wonder Woman comic appeared when the US was losing WWII big time. A cruddier time would be hard to find. Maybe, hard times spur people to take the bigger risk.

Role probably favors a younger actress in her mid twenties, cause if it actually succeeds, then she'll look somewhat the same for the sequel(s)

One thing for sure, we've got plenty of time to check out every chica ever remotely mentioned for the role as they are manipped by the many excellent intrepid heromorphers.

Rock On!!!
Posted: 2009/4/14 20:03  Updated: 2009/4/14 20:03
Joined: 2008/8/31
Posts: 89
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
Very pretty, but the single point tiara doesn't really look right with the double point belt. Also, I'd remove the edging stars on the panties, the ones that get cut up by the edge, because it makes it more obvious that it's not a real outfit. Otherwise, very nice work!
Posted: 2009/4/14 19:45  Updated: 2009/4/14 19:45
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1474
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
oobie66, you took the words straight outta my mouth.
I, too see Meg here as a Wonder-Girl candidate.
And did you say somethin' about MONICA? Hells yeah!
Bodacious Beautiful Baberella Belluci! Perfect for the Busty Babe with the Brass Brazier!

Anyway, Wolvie, you've outdone yourself yet again. I think I saw the same poster manip a few weeks back, but yours rocks the house. I love your takes on the costume for WW, especially the metal parts. Unique lines and shapes to them enhance your skills with reflections.
Excellent work here, even if this babe doesn't get cast as a Donna, she is nonetheless a babe, and an excellent model choice. And I can never stop being impressed by your manip skills.
Posted: 2009/4/14 18:59  Updated: 2009/4/14 18:59
Gold Member
Joined: 2005/3/25
Posts: 13
 Re: Megan Fox - Wonder Woman
I seen alot of debates about casting WW on this site from Monica Belluci to Kate Beckinsale. Megan Fox seems to me to the perfect look for this. But maybe as a younger version or as Donna Troy. I still lean towards Monica because she looks older and would be taken more seriously as a realistic choice.