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BANZAI GIRL:  Referencing
BANZAI GIRL: ReferencingPopular
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   Last Update2009/8/4 12:05
Hits2943  Comments6    
Some of you have been asking me how much of my work is "made up" artwork, and how much is based on actual reference?

I think this is a good example to show you, from the line art from the first issue of my comic book.  

In the big panel, my character is posed at her bicycle.  My friend shot a photo reference of me with the bike.  That was my starting point, but I learned early on that being "married" to the reference usually leaves artwork feeling too stiff.

So notice my changes in the drawing stage to make the figure more "alive":  My (longer!) hair and skirt (and tie!) are moving, blowing in the wind...I've curved the body more, pushing out breasts and buns...made the legs pose cuter...added details...even did little things like show the front wheel/spokes of the bicycle better, even while simplifying and thinning down the tires to alter the type of bike.

Hope this helps letting you see the process!


-- Jinky

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2009/8/15 9:41  Updated: 2009/8/15 9:41
Real Life Comic Goddess
Joined: 2009/7/7
From: Orlando, FL & Iloilo, Philippines
Posts: 375
 Re: BANZAI GIRL: Referencing
I think that was my POINT. I rarely use reference directly, but only as a starting point. I know at the same time there were other photos shot (one had the wheel turned more) that I looked at, not just the one, but this one was the main photo.

As for supposedly shooting this reference AFTER I did all the work of drawing the piece, what would be the point of that? How would that make my process of drawing go more easily?

-- Jinky
Posted: 2009/8/6 19:29  Updated: 2009/8/6 19:30
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6070
 Re: BANZAI GIRL: Referencing
Hmmm... pardon me for being a little suspicious here but I almost suspect the photo of being taken after the art as beyond the angle of the bike frame & back tire, it really looks like the photo was barely used for reference given the changes but clearly whatever works for ya works well! Jinky, ya look cute as ever in the photo and the page looks amazing as well. Great stuff.
Posted: 2009/8/4 23:13  Updated: 2009/8/4 23:13
Gold Member
Joined: 2005/8/4
From: Massillon, Ohio
Posts: 715
 Re: BANZAI GIRL: Referencing
Very nicely done here. You do a very amazing job! Like what was said here below. Plus in simple terms some people can see things in their head all the way through, better sometimes though to have reference to get it right. Fantasic image here!
Posted: 2009/8/4 17:52  Updated: 2009/8/4 17:52
Gold Member
Joined: 2008/11/4
From: Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1401
 Re: BANZAI GIRL: Referencing
Nice tut, Jinky.
I think you did a wonderful job illustrating how you take the photo to the next level and adapt it to the character.
One of the things I noticed about the altering of the bike, was that you didn't just change the tire style and type, but you actually turned it into a more traditional "girly" bike. The rear rack, the curvier handle bars...definitely compliments the schoolgirl accessories like the animal backpack.
The thinning and lengthening of her heels, the coy look in her eyes, help accentuate her atypical schoolgirl attitude.
I think this is an amazing way of showing how the tiniest details you have used to tie into the character herself. Successfully combining the cutesy with the kick ass.
It's not just a bicycle, it's a schoolgirl's bike.
It's not just the required school attire, it's a "bad girl's" school uniform.
And this is not just a student on her way to class, this is Banzai Girl.
Every detail seems to be as well thought out as it is executed.
Thanks for this reference pic. I think it'll help a lot of people here get even better with composition.
Posted: 2009/8/4 16:32  Updated: 2009/8/4 16:32
Fanboy Extraordinaire
Joined: 2005/3/27
From: MiddleOfNowhere, Ohio
Posts: 2300
 Re: BANZAI GIRL: Referencing
Very nice comparrison, Jinky. I know just what you mean about being 'married' to the original image. I too need to learn to take more artistic liberties with my finished pieces to spruce them up some more. P.S. In case no one's told you yet, which I'm sure they have,... You're smokin' HAWT!!!!!
Posted: 2009/8/4 14:38  Updated: 2009/8/4 14:38
Arch Nemesis
Joined: 2003/10/20
Posts: 1447
 Re: BANZAI GIRL: Referencing
Very nice mini-tutorial. I like to mix drawing, photomanip and computer art and sometimes I pose to see how the composition will work.