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Power Girl 4
Power Girl 4Popular
SubmitterWolverine1607More Photos from Wolverine1607   Last Update2011/2/7 20:07
Hits12020  Comments12    
I was browsing around the internet here and I ran into this model. She most definatley looked like a Power Girl to me. So here she is in all her glory. Tried to change up the uniform a little bit, as well as add some of the textures I like to do here of course. So not much to say here really about this one. Plus I found a DC background that I really liked so well, so the background is based upon that. Just painted and made my own. Comments and crits always are welcomed here, so thanks for taking a look! The model for this one is Marie Claude Bourbonnais. I think she fits very well. Power Girl belongs of course to DC, and artwork here is mine.

P.S. White is a real pain in the A$$ to work with still, didn't change since the last time I worked with it. Hope everyone likes!

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/2/15 16:52  Updated: 2011/2/15 16:52
Bat Junkie...and who took my meds???
Joined: 2003/8/18
From: Mexico City (we don't wear hats)
Posts: 2619
 Re: Power Girl 4
Nice work man! know what's funny?...I'm about to do a powergirl comission.
Lady Heromorph
Posted: 2011/2/15 12:00  Updated: 2011/2/15 12:00
Official Award
Joined: 2005/10/21
From: Mammoth Mountain
Posts: 5449
 Re: Power Girl 4
Congrats. This image made Lady Heromorph's Top Images of the Week ending February 12th, 2011.
Posted: 2011/2/10 1:14  Updated: 2011/2/10 1:14
Gold Member
Joined: 2005/8/4
From: Massillon, Ohio
Posts: 715
 Re: Power Girl 4
Chilly - Thanks for the honesty. I do appreciate it. Gives me crits and somewhere to go. Good to know about the hands here, as well I stumbled across the texture and probably do use it too much in my images. Which is why I have been chaning what I use through the image more. Guess its still a bit much. And one thing about the zipper and maybe I am not understanding it properly here but the zipper, wouldn't it roll and flow with the wrinkles in the material? When you wear something with a zipper and it winkles up that piece doesn't separate? It would continue on. Just trying to understand more is all. And once again thanks very much for the comments and honesty. I will work on that more here.

Sorry about the size here, I don't have a wide and huge monitor here at home either. Just a deent size. But I do have wide that I put and look at on other machines I have and use. So I try to accomidate all of them. Between 2 PC's and 2 Macs I have a range and it just seems to suit them all best for me. Si I could probably scale them down some here too.

So very much overall greatly appreciate the comments!
Posted: 2011/2/9 18:29  Updated: 2011/2/9 18:29
Your Reality Credit Card
Joined: 2005/9/18
Posts: 892
 Re: Power Girl 4
Honestly, this is the first piece of yours I really like, well done.
I usually can't stand the rubber texture thing you stick everywhere but this time it works.
I only have three comments;
1. You have a wrinkle crossing the zipper, which is fine, but where it crosses the zipper you have to change it because it becomes two separate pieces of fabric.
2. The gloves look like recoloured hands.
3. Too big! I don't have a giant monitor on my PC and having to scroll reduces the impact.

Again, good job.
Posted: 2011/2/8 19:10  Updated: 2011/2/8 19:10
Gold Member
Joined: 2007/10/5
From: Brooklyn, NY
Posts: 1231
 Re: Power Girl 4

Just an amazing piece of work. Congrats!
Dark Wanderer
Posted: 2011/2/8 19:06  Updated: 2011/2/8 19:06
The Metal Shinigami (Moderator)
Joined: 2004/12/6
From: Kentucky
Posts: 5150
 Re: Power Girl 4
Great as Always. And for those looking for a Tut, you can find them in the store section of the site, they will help you get the idea. hope that Helps.
Posted: 2011/2/8 17:30  Updated: 2011/2/8 17:30
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6356
 Re: Power Girl 4
The time and effort you put into your work really shows in the loving details. Terrific job!
Posted: 2011/2/8 7:13  Updated: 2011/2/8 7:13
Joined: 2003/8/26
From: halfway between limbo and purgatory
Posts: 1173
 Re: Power Girl 4
Aw man, love the lighting, love the shadows, love the costume, best zipper I've ever seen...but her face... I'm not diggin' that so much. I don't know what it is about her face that bothers me either...
Posted: 2011/2/7 22:49  Updated: 2011/2/7 22:49
Gold Member
Joined: 2005/8/4
From: Massillon, Ohio
Posts: 715
 Re: Power Girl 4
Cap --> Since the last one I posted I have started to make both versions now. One specifically for wide screen format. Just needed to know where to send it.

Thanks everyone for the comments here.

I may have to do a tutorial at one point. But between 16 or hours for each peice, may take some time. Maybe someday.

And Vee! So great to see a post from you again here! Thanks for the compliments on the zipper, its just a photoshop brush that I created for this piece, then had to mess around with the brush dynamics a little.
Posted: 2011/2/7 22:04  Updated: 2011/2/7 22:04
Gold Member
Joined: 2004/12/17
From: North Canton, OH
Posts: 208
 Re: Power Girl 4
Just in time for a new wallpaper! Excellent work as always.
Posted: 2011/2/7 21:50  Updated: 2011/2/7 21:50
Joined: 2009/10/8
From: Residing Philadelpihia, From New Jersey
Posts: 1757
 Re: Power Girl 4
This is an outstanding Manip, you should post a tutorial cause I would love to do something like this... WOW!!!!
Posted: 2011/2/7 20:11  Updated: 2011/2/7 20:11
Arch Nemesis
Joined: 2003/10/20
Posts: 1447
 Re: Power Girl 4
I hate to dwell on the details of this magnificent pic, but...this is the best zipper I've ever seen! Only Danskin made zippers this sheer.