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SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/6/7 17:34
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After a few drinks i really begin to let my guard down and things get really wild, the little dark elf knows her way around a man to be certain and every curve is exquisite. Our bodies intertwine like they were meant for each other, and time passes ever so slowly, everything becomes a blur.  The voice that was screaming "She's gonna eat your eyeballs!!!" is now screaming "Grab her ass!!!" which I happily comply with.  if she's some demonic monster I'm a dead man at this point because this elf is a down right freak, and I savor every moment of it...when all is said and done we collapse, exhausted in each other's arms the bed is a disaster, along with the kitchen, and of course the livingroom in which our little tryst began. The next morning I awaken to the sound of sizzling ....BACON!!! and eggs? I love the Nahmae, they have almost everything you can find from the 21st century especially fresh food. The last time I ate freshly prepared food was during the was some sort of lizard...plant...thing.  The Dakkalfar however is cooking, and it smells wonderful. I hop out of the bed wearing just my boxer-briefs and as I walk into the livingroom a glint of gold in a nearby photograph catches my eye. A closer examination  reveals the image of... "Flashing"  is a process in which a subject's body is equipped with an implant that is used to basically teleport some item directly to the owner, magical versions of flashed items have almost no range so long as the item and owner are in the same dimension. In my case I paid vast quantities of credits to flash all of my combat gear. In an instant I'm in full combat gear. I bull my pistol and grab the picture. I move to the kitchen clearing each room as I go. I do a quick sweep of the kitchen itself. The hot little dark elf is standing over the stove in her white lace gown cooking breakfast. I level the pistol to her head, and while she notices she doesn't react in the slightest.
"That's really no way to say thank you after last night."

I'm not happy, I don't think she's funny right now.

"Okay sister, what the hell is this?"

I hold out the framed photo.  She glances at it and kinda smirks.
"Oh that, that's just a picture of my father why?"

"SAY WHAT!?!?" the words leap from my mouth without my knowledge.
"THE FREAKING BLACK MANTIS IS YOUR FATHER HOW, WHY, UH!?!?  My head can't wrap around the fact that I just slept with The Black Mantis' daughter.

"Calm down" She says in a sing song tone "it's not like he's not watching or anything, and besides I'm a grown woman."

"Okay I enjoyed the mysteriousness at first but I need to know now...what is your name?"

"Oh I totally forgot I got so into the game" she snickers, "My name is Moonshaddow Longarrow."

"You're his eldest daughter, why didn't you tell me?"

"Would it have made a difference?"
"Um yeah! Multiverse's Greatest Assassin!!!! What part of that is just cool, and not something to completely freak out about?"

"Listen Luminesti, I do not answer to my father, and I do not have anything to do with what he does do you understand?"

With that last assertion, I start to calm down.
"I'm sorry, it's just...."

"My father and you have done business huh? Well I can see why, you definitely have skills and being immortal is a plus."

"I just got out of a contract with him that would have made me his servant for all eternity, fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be there was a loophole that cost me the woman I loved...the one that broke my heart. Breaking my heart was the only way out of the contract."

"Wow...just wow.  I mean that actually is a new for him and after 10,000 years that's saying something. I'm sorry that you had to go through that but I promise you it had and has nothing to do with me. I am not him and I honestly don't approve of anything he does nor do my brothers and sisters...Except for Bareht who wants to be just like him."

She puts her arms around me and the stress simply fades away. This could be a mistake and my mind goes rampant trying to think of ways he could use this against me in some way. Moonshaddow somehow senses my anxiety and squeezes my tightly.
"It's okay Michael, you're in good hands, come have breakfast...then we can both have some dessert." That sly smirk of hers is magical, and I fall for it and I prbobably will every time. Moonshaddow is an immortal and probably as powerful as a demigod. This is going to be interesting if nothing else

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Lady Heromorph
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 Re: Bloodlines
Congratulations! You've made top images for the Second Week of June, 2015
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 Re: Bloodlines
Yeah I'm not sure daddy would care but Obsidian's brain isn't working that out...he's just terrified that she's related to the Black Mantis. Poor guy
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 Re: Bloodlines
Just don't tell daddy! She's looking smoking hot and it's a fun storyline too!
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