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Obsidian Spider.jpg
Obsidian Spider.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/8/12 23:07
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Okay this "God" thing is kinda cool but the power itself has some unique aspects, things you think you'd normally be in charge of just go according to divine will aka the power itself influences decisions based apparently on personality and well, I look like freakin Spydra.  Same armor as I always use but with 8 creepy looking spider legs sticking out of my back, and of course as a demigod I can't create an avatar and after hearing what one of those really are I don't want to. I mean would you really want a remote controlled you? In any case I end up looking like some kind of superhero.  The up side is I'm physically very powerful fast as well with a whole host of abilities I have yet to fully explore, but my little clone is in for one helluva shock when I find him, and here on Thrassa 4, a burned out planet that ended with a devastating nuclear war, I just might find my quarry. In the distance I see his fighter, and while I'm not sure what he's looking for here, I am certain that once I find him I'm gonna beat the answers out of him before I tear out his spine...Wow that last comment was uncalled for, I have to get a handle on these divine emotional outbursts...something bad could happen or worse yet it could change me...into something dark.

I set my hovercycle on a distant rooftop far from my quarries ability to detect, and then summon a couple of spiders to use as spies. With my new powers I can see through their eyes and hear what they hear like little spy drones. and they will go completely unnoticed unless they attack him...and they won't.

"Shadowveil, are you inside the structure?"

His radio is loud to a spider, and the itty bitty teeny tiny one on his shoulder is right next to it.

"Yes master Nechronos, I am searching for the relic now."

I shadow slide to where he is with ease, an ability that allows me to travel from one shadow to another and remain unseen.  I find myself in the unique position of either getting the jump on him and taking my revenge or finding out what he's up to.  I choose the latter. The spider legs on my back are not a show piece they are functional and allow me to climb effortlessly onto the ceiling unheard and unseen.  As the imposter searches high and low I use spiders from everywhere to keep tabs on him.  He reaches a vault and that's when I know exactly what I have to do next. Using my shadow slide I enter the vault and jam the lock, which won't stop him for long but a quick Forcewall spell should stop him form cutting through the door. once inside I begin EMT-ing everything in the vault, whatever he's looking for he won't find it in here today.I step back into the shadows and out of the vault. He looses his little clone mind and slashes the hell out of the vault door it fall to pieces before the might of my blade.  I want it back and the instant I find out what he's looking for I'm taking it. as he starts to enter the vault I dispel my magic and let him through.

"Master Nechronos, the vault is empty. and it looks like it was recently...very recently"

He begins looking around and I know he's scanning for me but mortal technology is no match for divine power. After a couple minutes he stops to call his boss..again

"I have made a complete scan of the area, the time key is not within range.  I don't understand master, I detected it here and my scanners are not easily fooled."

"Someone has obviously beaten you to the punch, return to base and destroy the building."

I see him reach for an anti-matter grenade (at least it looks like one) and I web the damned thing to his hand.

"What the?"

It's an ambush of the highest degree he is lost and as I web one foot, then the other, running circles around the room unheard and unseen.  In mere moments he is bound from head to to toe minus one spot.

As I step from the shadows I use my spider legs to remove my blade from his belt and place it firmly in my hand.

"I don't know who you are you Spydra wannabe but you are seriouslly messing with the wrong guy.  Drop dead."

The last time he and I met he chuckled when I said that, the noise that comes from my mouth is a total shock, to the both of us, and it scares the hell out me.

MWaaaaahahahahahahaaaa,  ( did I just laugh maniacally?) this god thing has got to go.  "That didn't work any better on me than it did when i tried it on you."

"Obsidian Mask, I should've guessed. Whats with the spider getup?"

As I command the spiders to crawl over him, I can't help but feel a bit smug...but I'm not stupid...I know he's calling for his ship...the spider hiding inside his helmet as much as told me so.

"There's no Obsidian Mask, you saw to that when you killed Moonshadow, I am Obsidian Spider now. God of Itrigue."

He is visibly shaking, I just dropped some knowledge on him and he's scared of the god-spider or at least that's what i thought, until he says...

"Moonshadow?  I-I killed her?  N-No I couldn't have, I l-love her....YOU LIE!!!"

Remorse? Could it be he was acting on instinct and didn't know?

"I'm afraid not friend, you took my sword and ran her through...and you are immortal."

"If I had killed her I would have gained her divine pow...ers."

"So you figured since you didn't get her powers you didn't kill her, and that her wound wasn't fatal? Well you were wrong weren't you skippy?  You took off before the transfer and before she actually died. Her abilities were bestowed upon me as she lay dying.  Feel good about yourself?"

"Nooo!!!! It's not TRUE!!  I would never.."

"Never what? Do your master's bidding?  How can you come from me and call anyone master?"

"You, don't understand..."

"Enlighten me."

"I don't have a choice, his magic compels me, I can question my orders but I can disobey them."

"Well isn't that just peachy? Of course that may not fly with the Black Mantis, he wants your boss dead...and you know why he's called "The Multiverse's Greatest Assassin" there's nowhere and no-when Nechronos can hide from him."

"He's actually pretty powerful himself, but there's  more to it than that, he's infiltrated the Black Mantis's realm, that was how he got that sword to Razor."

"You mean this sword?" I ask in a sinister tone as I hold it menacingly close to his face.

"I take it that means YOU killed him."

"Ever so slowly too."

The memory of that now feels enjoyable, and for just a moment I can imagine doing that same thing to my doppelganger here and a smile crawls across my face...I catch myself and turn away.

"Slowly? You sound like you enjoyed it. That doesn't sound like me. Maybe your divine appointment is having a more profound effect on you than you can handle."

Faster than I can think or even comprehend I'm all the way across the room, and with less effort than it takes to swat a fly I put this guy through three walls.  The next words I speak I am only barely aware of, I mean them but I don't want to say them.

"YOU!!!  You have no right to speak of my burden as if you can comprehend what it means to bear it!  I would rather have Moonshadow than her might any day but because of you this is what I have become."

A glowing red light fills the room we now stand in, I can tell he's seriously injured with several broken bones.  They power corrupts, and I know what they mean as I lift his broken body off the ground with my monstrous appendages to hold him before me. Every instinct tells me to end him now, but a small voice in the darkness that soothes me to my very being, whispers "Hold onto the light." and what could have been a bloodbath ends with me tossing him to the ground like a bag of wet sand.

"The voice of my beloved has saved you this day.  Tell your master we know about him and that we're coming for him. I grant you this clone."

With a wave of my hand I alter the magic that binds him to his master and I alter it just enough so that my blade is again mine alone.

"What did you do?"

"I took from you his compulsion. You will is now your own, live with what you have done and know that all that you know of your life is a lie, a shadow of mine, you are a sham and a fake. Make something of yourself or die I care not."      Inside my head I hear myself saying "Who talks like that." This is getting out of hand. I shadow step once more and leave this broken elf to his own devices. I have much to contemplate now.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2015/8/16 18:29  Updated: 2015/8/16 18:29
The Great Eternal Dragon
Joined: 2004/2/9
From: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Posts: 10983
 Re: Obsidian Spider.jpg
He looks dangerous!
Posted: 2015/8/15 20:15  Updated: 2015/8/15 20:15
Joined: 2012/12/23
From: Oxford Michigan
Posts: 1016
 Re: Obsidian Spider.jpg
Thanks, but he was a bit too spider-man, and that ship is actually his Hover-Cycvle.
Posted: 2015/8/15 14:41  Updated: 2015/8/15 14:41
Shaper of Worlds
Joined: 2004/4/5
From: Matteson, Il
Posts: 3908
 Re: Obsidian Spider.jpg
i really cool looking character and scene. i especially like the ship.