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Return of the Spider Queen.jpg
Return of the Spider Queen.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/9/4 12:12
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I have tracked down Nechronos to a strange looking temple, but as I enter I realize something is amiss there's a temporal signature to be certain, but no bad guy...the inscriptions on the walls are so ancient that my universal database has nothing on them. I approach what appears to be a computer interface and examine the keys, but as I approach I feel something pulling at me.  I try to jump back but it's got me, I can't move...I can't move? I'm a freaking god for crying out loud what is this thing? Then I hear a voice, a voice I have not heard in some time, one that used to soothe me but now fills my very being with fear and dread.

"I will have what is mine!!!"

The voice is booming and echoes in the vast chamber and still I struggle against it in utter futility then i see it, the form of a giant spider with the torso of a dark elf.


A split second after I utter the name my body explodes in pain.  I can feel the divine power being drawn from me and into her.  It is unlike anything I have ever felt and none of my Ninja training had ever prepared me for.  I feel as though every bone in my body is being crushed and then set aflame.  I can't help but scream it lasts but a few moments but they feel like an eternity.  Then just as quickly as it began it ends, and the pain vanishes. I am keenly aware that I am no longer a god and that my powers are completely gone, moreover my armor has returned to normal, and considering I was wearing armor provided to me by the Black Mantis that's pretty spectacular.

I'm not sure if the being in front of me is Moonshadow or not, but she was killed by an immortal with my sword so she shouldn't be able to return to the living.  The giant spider-elf in front of me speaks again and in the blinding light I still can't quite make out her face. The voice however, that I recognize.

"Do not fear my darling."

Tears well up in my eyes as the I am calmed to my very soul.  I don't know how it is possible but my Moonshadow has returned.

"H-How? You were...he was immortal...with my blade.  This shouldn't be possible."

"No darling he was not immortal.  None of them are, they are pale shadows of the original and their lifespans are limited. Their creator is tied to them and when his life ends theirs will too."

"What?  But they're trying to help me, despite his control."

"No, they are trying to help their master who has commanded them to destroy you."

I run to her arms hoping it's not some sort of illusion, she stretches out her arms to hold me once more and in a flash my Moonshadow is holding me once again.  The spider aspect has vanished and for the first time in a while the rage inside me subsides.

"Wait, How is this possible? Why would Nechronos lead me here?  I mean he'd have to know what the result would be."

"Yes, he knew that your coming here would strip you of the gift of my divinity.  He fears you and having this power made you unstoppable.  He knows I am bound by divine decree to not directly interfere in the affairs of mortals."

"And that would put me at a disadvantage."

"Yes but he must think I'm some sort of moron if he even thinks for a second that I can do nothing.  I have a question for you darling."


"Would you die for me?"

"I uh- Of course I would!"

"Swear it. Swear that you would die for me, that your heart and soul belong to me, swear it and mean it!"

"I-I swear it."

"Take off your armor, and kneel before me. Trust me my love."

The familiar hiss of air echoes in the air as the hermetic seal is broken and I smell the damp mildew laced air. Moonshadow reaches out to touch me and again I hope to myself that this is not some sort of deception.  She is my weakness, for her I would do anything even lay myself vulnerable.  As her hand touches my head I feel strange, powerful, strong,  I look at my arms and my skin has returned to it's pink color, but that doesn't last for long as a blackness born from the darkest abyss takes it's place. The room which had been bright before is now blinding I can barely see through it.

"I have made you my Scion, my champion. My love you are mine now and forever, you swore it and i will hold you to your vow for time eternal. You are mine to have, to love, to command.  This power is a gift born of shadows. You will not be so powerless when my enemies meet you.  Nechronos will die at your hands, now swear it!"

"I swear it, he will die at my hands! I will make him pay for all that he has done to us."

"Then come my love and let me show you all that you have become. As my scion you cannot serve any other master Analaeus Sathari will need a new High Justiciar."

I hadn't thought of that but perhaps he'll appoint Harley. I'll deal with that when this is over, for now, my mistress beckons and I obey happily.  His plan was cute but I think he may have made me more dangerous for his efforts. When we finally meet there won't be anything that can save him.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2015/9/29 21:32  Updated: 2015/9/29 21:32
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 Re: Return of the Spider Queen.jpg
So those classes of mine are paying off, is that what you're saying? LOL
Posted: 2015/9/20 20:26  Updated: 2015/9/20 20:26
Shaper of Worlds
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 Re: Return of the Spider Queen.jpg
I am speechless. This is fantastic!
Posted: 2015/9/18 12:29  Updated: 2015/9/18 12:29
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 Re: Return of the Spider Queen.jpg
Awesome scene!
Posted: 2015/9/17 4:17  Updated: 2015/9/17 4:17
The Great Eternal Dragon
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 Re: Return of the Spider Queen.jpg
Lady Heromorph
Posted: 2015/9/14 7:23  Updated: 2015/9/14 7:23
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 Re: Return of the Spider Queen.jpg
Congratulations! You've made top images for the First Week of September, 2015