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The favor
The favorPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/11/6 22:08
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The Black Mantis has asked me to accompany him to, of all things, a slave market. I despise slavery no matter whether it's legal in some systems or not.  

"What's the big idea? You know how I feel about this sort of thing."

"So there is a line you do not cross?"

"You know there is."

"In that case, you'll probably hate what comes next."

As we gaze out of the windows a massive Hadean drags out a small blue figure scantily clad in no more than a couple of flimsy cloths. As he chains the small humanoid to the struts on the left and right it becomes obvious that the creature is humanoid...and female. I feel a hand on my wrist as the Black Mantis stops me from subconsciously reaching for my gun. I hate Hadeans and this one I just want to kill where he's standing. I turn to the Black Mantis and ask:

"Why the hell did you bring me here? Is this some twisted game you're playing or what?"

"No son, this is a test to see how you handle impossible situations. You can't kill everyone here, many of which are innocent bystanders, but I'm guessing the do gooder in you won't let this continue either so now you have to make a decision.  Leave with your tail between your legs or..."

He doesn't get to finish the sentence, before I start bidding.  What transpires next has to make history...every stinking sentient that comes down the ramp i pay dearly for and have them transported aboard my ship to be returned to their homeworld or wherever the hell they want to be dropped of...with a few credits in their pockets.

The Black Mantis only wanted to see if I was a hero...Bastard...I'll be back here alright...and that Hadean...I get his name oh yes and one dark night in a shadowy room I ma gonna pay him a visit.  For now all the slaves are freed save one...the blue female from the first bid. One of my officers calls me stating she does not wish to be free...Dafuq?  What creature in their right mind doesn't WANT to be free?  I conclude my business with the Black Mantis and flip him off for good measure rotten bastard that is the last time he ever asks me for a favor, I knew it was going to bite me in the ass.  On board my new ship (I gave the Lillun to Harley)I am greeted in the EMT room by none other than the little blue...demon?  at only 4 feet tall she is gorgeous as all get out. Two small horns sweep backwards from her forehead and she's not wearing a stitch of clothing...this is gonna be one of those days.

"I am here to serve you master."

"Alright, which one of you brain children, let her up here, and naked yet?"

There's not the tiniest snicker from anyone...I am not pleased. I avert my eyes as best I can and order this ...this...demon to follow me. Jaws drop and eyes quickly turn away as I march her to a replication unit to be scanned and fitted for some decent clothes. I had the items to her an the look on her face is nothing but confusion. What the hell is so confusing about getting dressed I wonder...and no sooner does that though form in my head when she blurts out.

"You wish me to cover myself master? Will that not make it more difficult to pleasure you?"

One lone gafaw escapes a lieutenant's and without even looking I place a bullet hole next to his head...he either stopped laughing or I killed him, I don't check to see which it is.

"Little...what are you?"

"I am your slave master."

" I mean...what species are you?"

"I am a Doajinn master."

"A say what now?"

"A Daojinn my master."

"Where are you from? Don't you want to go home?"

"Daojinn have no home we are bound servants, our whole lives are spent in service to others."

"Get outta here, you're kidding right? No you're not kidding...that's not how my life works, and I'll bet the Black Mantis knew all along."

"When you signed your reciept you agreed to take me on as your servant."

"Yes but you're free now."

The thing shrieks like a wailing Banshee I'm certain she could crack glass with her voice.

"Alright, alright, alright, ENOUGH!!!"

as the sound dies and my hearing returns, and the bleeding eardrums stop...she starts crying...Black Mantis...I will repay this you sonofabitch.

"Alright kid that's enough shrieking you can be my...grrr...servant,. There are some rules though."

she smiles like a child, but I know better. As a demon she is quite possibly thousands of years old. I wonder how Moonshadow is going to take this? UGH I'm really beginning to hate my in laws.

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Heh... cute story.