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Obsidian Dossier
Obsidian DossierPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/9/27 16:34
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Name: Obsidian Mask
Real Name: Rusquion Tura
Age: 327 (Solaran cycles)
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 147 lbs (172 in armor)
Eye color:Aquamarine (Cybernetic eyes glow blue)
Hair Color: Blond
Species: Luminesti Elf (Solaran formerly)
Vocation: Ninja/Mercenary
Siblings: 6 3 brothers 3 sisters (all deceased)
Birth Rank 3rd of 7
Known Relatives: Miridia (1st wife deceased), Sarah Dashel (2nd wife deceased), Jenara (Daughter), Arethan (son)
Other known Relatives: None
Known Associates:Crimson Mask, Cobalt Mask, The Scions of Justice, PRIDE, The Sathari Empire. IGFW sTAR Command.
Int: 14 (140 IQ)
Agl: !9
Str: 14 (50 in armor)
End: 15 (75 In Armor)
Psy: 18 (Minor Psionic Defenses)
Pre: 19 (Elven DNA)

History: Born on earth in the 20th century Obsidian was once a human. He was accidentally summoned across space and time by a Mage. After some adventures he realized he was too old and out of shape to continue adventuring and so sought out magics to extend his life span. To that end he had himself transformed into a Luminesti elf forsaking his humanity and Solaran roots for all time. Obsidian became embroiled in the "Millennium Wars" fighting on the side of the IGFW and it's allies (Namely Earth). Using the skills he acquired as an adventurer Obsidian quickly rose in rank and was recruited into a black ops branch where he was trained by the alien Oni who worked with him for nearly 50 years before giving their approval and naming him "Ninja". Obsidian later was recruited by the mysterious Black Mantis who sought his services as an operative. While Obsidian refused permanent employment with the Black mantis he did take assignments over a period opf 100 years. Payment for those assignments has taken the form of his ship, his sword and his technology, as well as his crew.

Armor and weapons:

Absorbium 80 power armor: Obsidian's armor was once a heavy suit that provided no enhancements other than Camouflage and Energy Absorption. After an encounter with the villain Dominion, his suit was upgraded and while less absorptive boasts agility, speed, and strength enhancements. Both suits have Contra-Grav systems allowing him to change his point of gravity to any angle he chooses. The most recent upgrade to Obsidian's armor incorporates Absorbium 120 which can be used like Absorbium 80 with similar effectiveness with only one quarter the quantity. When used without restrictors Absorbium 120 can actually absorb life energy which is what makes it so very difficult to manufacture.

Admantine Vibro-claws: Obsidian has 2 retractable claws that while not indestructible can cut through virtually any material.

Gauntlets:  Obsidian's bracers boast a wide array of surveillance, intrusion., and computer systems as well as kinetic relays which allow him to unleash stored energy into a kinetic pulse by punching a target.

Obsidian's Helmet has a wide variety of optics allowing him to see in every spectrum including x-ray. (Currently his cybernetic eyes allow him to do this without the helmet). His cybernetic eyes have similar capabilities though to a lesser degree. The helmet also have interfaces that work with all of the weapon systems of his various vehicles.

Self Contained Atmosphere: Obsidian's armor incorporates a complete self contained environment complete with food dispensaries as well as oxygen and waste direcycling. It has an energy supply that can be charged simply by kinetic impact.

Zero-Weapons: All of Obsidian's firearms are outfitted with smart systems allowing him to see through the barrel like a scope. They all support Variable round systems with nearly every type of ammunition imaginable. His guns have been enchanted so that ammunition is never depleted. They are each constructed with pure Infinitium shells making them indestructible by normal means.

Infinitium Blade: A gift from the Black Mantis Obsidian's sword can cast any spell he knows of at 5 times his power rank (Obsidian is currently rank 27) but only while the blade is retracted. The sword can cut through steel as easily as waving a stick through air and is highly enchanted so as to be able to affect even Deitic beings. The blade is semi sentient and can follow basic commands such as teleporting. The blade is absolutely lethal to anyone but Obsidian who can command anyone holding it to die. Obsidian has named the sword Godslayer and thus far it lives up to its name. The sword also boasts energy blade capabilities using a form of Anti-Matter Containment which allows objects to pass through a field containing Anti-Matter yet does not allow the Anti-Matter to escape. The damage from this version of the sword is nearly incalculable.

Flashing: All of the aforementioned gear is flashed, a process involving implants which allows said items to appear on the user at will so long as the item and the user are in the same dimension otherwise distance is not a factor.

Section-7 command Recommendations: Approach with extreme caution DO NOT confront directly.

Obsidian is known to take assignments from the figure known as he Black mantis, who may possibly be inclined to render aid do NOT confront the Black mantis under any circumstance. Should the Black Mantis become involved in any of Obsidian Mask's operations observe and report back immediately and DO NOT engage.

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