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Main : ! 3D Art ! : Original Characters :  Man's best friend

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Man's best friend
Man's best friendPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/10/26 4:15
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The Sathari cruiser that was waiting here when we arrived here in the Namae system hails us and I'm a little uneasy considering the fact that I'm not speaking to my best friend whose second in command of the empire. On screen is a uniformed captain who looks a little too Nazi for my tastes but is otherwise completely cordial.

"Greetings Danar, I am Captain T'briel of the cruiser Exeter.  I have on board an envoy assigned for personal protection assigned to you by the emperor himself. He'll have more details and his orders with him upon his arrival."

"I'm sorry did you say Danar?"

"Yes , Danar is the name for all former high ranked officials after they leave office."

"You guys don't play around with the formalities do you? I was told to expect the arival of some personal security but I have a detail assigned to my ship already."

"Yes sir, I'm aware of that but this officer has been hand-picked by the emperor as I stated previously he'll have more information with him. We'll send his shuttle over when you're ready."

"Very well, send him over. Obsidian out."

In moments a tiny little shuttlepod arrives in our shuttle bay and I am there to greet it with my new personal security detail and as always Aini eager to prove herself.  I have briefed them that if anything seems amiss to shoot to kill and ask questions later.  Not everyone in the Sathari empire was happy when Analaeus took over or with my appointment as High  Justiciar. More than a few have tried to kill me in the last few years but you have to get up pretty early in the morning to assassinate an assassin.  Still that never stopped the few ca[able of it from trying. In the meantime I have already contacted Ananlaeus who was at the moment in acouncil with the regional governors and was not going to be able to confirm this guy's identity, I send a message to Harley as well just to be safe and hope maybe he's in the loop.  

As the rear hatch opens I am stunned to see a Lunari, black furred and clad in the Nazi-ish uniform the Sathari are known for. I have to remember to have a talk with Harley about those uniforms. The lunari is a male about 6 feet tall with some kind of optical scanner on his head adn wearing a half cape which I personally think looks to be a bit too much but is actually standadr issue for the Sathari Psi-Mage division.  Suddenly it dawns on me why this guy was assigned to me and  the second my men see the cape the draw their weapons.

"This guy doesn't flinch he instead salutes and very carefully hands me his orders. I read them over carefuly and what it boils down to is that because of the nature of my personal life the emperor has deemed it necessary for me to be assigned additional security of an arcane nature. Apparently guns can only do so much but I can understand where he's coming from.

"What's your name soldier?"

"Sub-commander Shadawar reporting as ordered Danar  and may I add it is an honor to be assigned as your personal guard."

"Oh? Why is that sub-commander?"

"To be honest sir, your exploits are well known to all of us in the Sathari empire and anyone working dignitarty security would give his right arm to be assigned to anyone who sees the kind of action you do."

"Too many old farts puttering around at social functions and rubbing elbows with snobby aristocrats?"

"Something like that sir."

at that moment I get the word from Harley that I should expect a large black German Sheppard-looking mofo to arrive at any time.  Okay this guys is on the up and up. His qualifications are impressive, he knows rank 10 spells, tier 56 psionics too.  Yeah this guy is exactly what I expect Analaeus would assign me. I need a new first officer and he's got the credentials and then some.

"Shadawar is it?"

"Yes sir."

"How would you like to be my first officer?"

"I don't see how that would be possible sir, I'm assigned to be your personal security."

"Actually , your orders say right here "...or in whatever capacity you deem necessary." Leaving you free for such duties if I see fit.  So what do you say?"

"It would be my honor sir. Okay I'll brief you in full on your specific duties later, just for now know you're second in command."

The shuttle returns to the Sathari cruiser and make our way to the ghost this point we're about as ready as we're ever gonna be.  

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Posted: 2016/10/26 20:21  Updated: 2016/10/26 20:21
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 Re: Man's best friend
Good doggy. I like his shades! Sounds interesting. Another good illustration to go along with the interesting story.