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Local Natives
Local NativesPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/6 10:42
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According to the Kryllian officer the remaining survivors are being held in the very ruins we first investigated. I am hoping to resolve this peacefully without unnecessary bloodshed but I on't think it'll  GO THAT WAY.  All too frequently tribal cultures have superstitions, rituals, codes, and customs that make even the simplest interactions an overly complicated matter. You usually have to find one member of the tribe who can influence the other to at least hear you out. We have no such person, so this is gonna be difficult at best.  We near the entrance to the ruins and survey the area scanning for ambushes and the like but this place is teaming with life so scanning for life signs is really super easy, differentiating one from another, now that's difficult. I'm too focused on the task at hand and I let my guard down, not paying attention to my surroundings. That's how you get blindsided like we just did.  She comes seemingly out of nowhere, I turn my head in time to see her land and in an instant she swept my legs from under me, it doesn't hurt but before any of us can react Omega, and Caewon join me flat on their backs.  Now don't get things twisted I'm fast so fast in fact that before my two companions hit the dirt I'm already regaining my feet with sword in hand.  The woman appears elven judging by her pointy ears alone, with a dark complexion darker than any sylvan elf for sure. She's armed with only a spear and a couple of daggers really no match for me straight up, but I need someone to speak on my behalf so she's going down.

"Lle naa sai- maite,  nan' ta will avail lle nothien.
(You are very skilled, But it will avail you nothing.)"

She swings her spear at my head, and with less effort than it takes to swat at air my sword's infinitium blade cleanly slices it to pieces. She's stunned by the sheer ease of which I dispatched her weapon but she is a fierce warrior. it will take something considerably more grand to shake her confidence which isn't a problem for me.

"Ai girl mani will ta sana a' convince lle?
(Little girl what will it take to convince you?)

Her twin daggers come at me with blinding speed, but as I grab her wrists and begin to squeeze her eyes open wide with shock.  In my armor I can lift just over 20 tonnes, and she's barely over 60 KG. Needless to say she's stuck, and I could rind her bones to powder if I chose to. Instead I squeeze just enough to wrest the daggers from her hands.  The two blades fall almost silently to the ground and I ask her:

"hin, uma lle dura amin sii'? amin can Ndengina  lle yassen ease nan' amin uma il- wish um- ikotane
(Child, do you believe me now? I can kill you without effort but I do not wish to do so.)"

She lets out a groan of pain and I ease my grip but hold her fast. The relief is easy to see on her face.  This whole time I have been speaking our language to her and I was beginning to doubt she was an elf...until she replies.

"lle caela glake amin vanya. yassen lle beleg lle naa ere' y' aute ri' y' rauko. amin naa ten' lle nai-  heru say ta ar' ta nauva ikotane?
(You have captured me justly.  With your strength you must be either a god or a demon. Iam yours to command my lord what would you have of me?)"

Now we're getting somewhere. Holding her by the wrist I reach for a neuralizer pack from my belt and place it on her necklace. I tell her from nopw on if she disobeys me I will make her ill, that she is cursed to my service until i release her.  The doctor and Caewon both start to protest but they don't even need to see the expression on my face to know what kind of bad idea that is right now.

"sii' hin nyara amin lle essa.
(Now child tell me your name.)"

"amin essa naa Ai Thoron heru
(My name is little hawk lord.)"

"tanya naa y' sai- vanima essa. amin merna lle san- amin a' lle i' dol en' lle hostar.

(That is a very pretty name. I want you to take me to your the head of your tribe. )"

"vee' lle irma heru
(As you wish lord.)"

With those words we are on our way. In no time the able warrior takes us through the heavily wooded, overgrown reaches of the ruins. As we travel I can't help but to notice her shapely figure, Strong women are a weakness of mine. She's well muscled, and very agile her hips sway a little when she walks and it's a sight to behold. Her backside is quite pleasant to look at not that she'd notice me looking mind you. her breasts are firm as one might suspect and not overly ample. In fact if I were on the prowl for a woman she'd fit the bill quite nicely indeed. Her animal skin bikini leaves precious little to the imagination but I'd bet my life that the few guys who tried to take a peek never tried twice. We reach the camp and find most of the kryllian captives to be in good health. A few are in rough shape but nothing a couple days in a med bay won't take care of.  Ai brings me before Chief whose name translates to "Laughing Lizard" (actually "Lizard" is whatever the name of those dumb dinosaurs that attacked us are called.).  he doesn't seem to impressed with me although after Ai tells him how I defeated her without effort and nearly broke both of her arms with my bare hands, he doesn't do anything stupid.  I ask them to tell me about their customs specifically greetings, peace offerings, and how to get the captives back. I hail the Wraith and according to their customs I have several sheep (or what passes for them here) transported in as a gift. The exchange of the prisoners costs us a great deal of gold though we can manufacture all we need. Next there is the matter of peace between our people the treaty for which requires my people to perform some act of loyalty. Apparently we have to perform some service that benefits the entire tribe. They ask me to slay some chieftain in a rival tribe and initially There's some disagreement about whether or not I should do it but after sleeping on it I find and eliminate the bastard because I need this to be over.  Finally we all have to attend a feast to commemorate the peace treaty between our tribes. The chief's wives (he has twelve.) prepare a feast of sheep-thingies and of course I am required to remove my helmet at which time they honor name me Nim Rauko (White-Demon). The night id full of fun and frolic and throughout the whole ordeal Ai is ever at my side, at one point (accompanied by her three sisters) placing a wreath upon my head, serving me wine, and dancing for my amusement. When all is said and done the Doctor is happy, well as much as one can be considering I had to kill a native to accomplish our mission, and more than half the crew saved. I call thi one a win...especially when I am greeted by none other than Captain Drizna himself. Oh this is gonna be one helluva payday.

"Obsidian Mask, Drizna says as if we're long time friends, "You can only be Obsidian Mask yes?"

"Yessir, that's me the one and only."

'I want to personally thank you for coming to our rescue and overcoming the many trials that lead to our salvation. In truth I had all but given up any hope of rescue."

"Well my crew and I may have done the work but it was at your father's behest, he paid a hefty sum for your safe return or proof of your demise. Still I was happy to do it>"

"I see, well no matter I am indebted to you on behalf of my crew, if there's anything I can personally do to repay you, you need only ask."
"I'll keep that in mind Captain. Now lets get out of here while he getting is good."

As we make our way to the ship a quartet of female warriors, one of which is Ai, head towards us with a large sack across their shoulders. Ai probably wants me to remove my "Curse" from her and I guess they have farewell rituals as well.  That is when The good, soon to be dead Doctor chimes in with:

"I was wondering when they would join us."

"Say what now?"

"Your brides dear Captain."


I spin around to look the Omega in the eye and there's not one giggle, not one snicker, not so much as one tiny chuckle, from anyone, and I'm not sure why...then I realize I have my pistol cocked and jammed firmly under the good doctor's chin. Seriously sometimes my reflexes get the better of my good sense.

"Do you intend to use that?"

He asks coldly, uncertain of my current mental state. I think better of it and ease the safety back on.

"No. At least not right now. we'll see what happens after I get an explanation. What exactly did you mean by "My Brides" and why did you say "Brides" like there's more than one."

"Remember when I told you not to harm these people?"

"Yeah, and I didn't."

"But you did. You defeated one of them in single combat. I tried to warn you against doing so. Yous see when you bested Ai, and proved your "Superiority over her and her people, you inadvertently acquired her as a possession, she as much as told you so."  

My heart sinks to my stomach and I remember her words she did say I bested her and something to the effect that she was mine to command.

"Okay doc, that doesn't mean we're married."

"You really weren't paying attention to any of the rites, were you? You exchanged gifts, you accepted the wreath, drank the wine and danced with your brides."

I think I'm gonna be sick.

"This tribe has a lot in common with many cultures I have researched, and I did try to take the lead on this one but you had to be i"In charge, so I let you. This is the consequence.  And before you ask, no you can't back out, it would be considered a huge insult and these four magnificent looking young maidens would have no choice but to take their own lives. Call it a ritual of rejection where they can only be accepted by their groom or the gods."

Yeah I'm gonna be real sick.  I have stuck my foot in it this time...I don't want four brides, and what about Aini? I-I can't undo this without sentencing them to death...they wouldn't be able to come to terms with their mind they'd only have one option left. I hang my head and wave them over...I hope Aini can forgive me. The lot of us hop on board the shuttle and depart for the Sable, I hope Sabrina has some good news from the scavenging party.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2016/11/11 10:07  Updated: 2016/11/11 10:07
Joined: 2012/12/23
From: Oxford Michigan
Posts: 1029
 Re: Local Natives
Indeed, this is a great play on that without the backstabbing. I loved the idea of getting a bride without knowing it LOL a wonderful conundrum to be sure. it makes for a great plot twist. Still Obsidian will handle this as he does all of his responsibilities, he will take it seriously and own it. he's a good guy like that. BTW No GM...although I used to be...I don't get to game much these days so this is my creative outlet for that.
Dark Wanderer
Posted: 2016/11/9 9:45  Updated: 2016/11/9 9:45
The Metal Shinigami (Moderator)
Joined: 2004/12/6
From: Kentucky
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 Re: Local Natives
Going out on a limb and say either you or the game master is a fan of Firefly?:)
Posted: 2016/11/8 18:03  Updated: 2016/11/8 18:03
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
Posts: 6356
 Re: Local Natives
Holy crap! A LOT happened in this chapter!! Very entertaining and fun. Awesome action image to kick things off too!
Good luck with the new wives, Obsidian!