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God Slayer
God SlayerPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/11 9:50
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I have teleported to the planet's surface. The divine being known as Gredienar is expecting me to kneel, bow, and scrape, to save my life and that of my crew but that's not why I'm here.  No I am here as a matter of defiance, I have pushed around by the Black Mantis, and enough so called GODS to last me my immortal life, and I have had enough of this place and I want to go home!!!  I summon my sword to my hand keeping the blade retracted, if this guy is an elder god he'll know what he's in for and he won't show his face.  This demonstrates he is clearly not an Elder god and and appears in giant form (a favorite of gods ruling through intimidation) he stands roughly ten meters tall and looks really menacing.  There are many tribes in attendance here to watch me grovel but boy are they in for a surprise.  In a booming voice they "God of the people" addresses the crowd.

"Many of you know this man, and thought him a demon or a god.  I have brought him low and proved him false before you. I have made him tremble for his life and instilled fear in him and his people. His lies are laid bare for all to see and none will challenge my right to rule as your GOD!!!"

The crowd is in awe and fear as they look upon me, many of them are jeering and booing me while still other look dejected at the thought of my being a false god.

"Now he will confess before you of his falseness.  Speak to them false one and tell them the truth of your deception."

I take a deep breath and cast a spell increasing the volume of my voice so people on the other side of the world might hear me, okay maybe not that loud but easily enough to match this god.

"Good people, you have called me god, or demon, but I have never said I was these things.  I am not in fact either of these things.  I am like you save that you are mortal.  I  am untouched by time but fate and misfortune are my enemy as much as they are yours.  I am sorry if you have been misled it was not my intention and do not want you to worship me.  I cannot hear your prayers and will not be able to answer them. It was never my intention to mislead you"

It is clear from the look on many faces that my words have left them dejected and still others are smiling with a smug grin, I hate that but I don't say anything. In truth all I really want is for this god to leave me alone but then he opens his mouth one more time and says something that I make certain he regrets for the rest of his immortal life.

"he has taken from you wives for himself, and promised you eternal peace.  There will be no peace with him or his people!!!  I will demonstrate that I am the true god of the people and destroy them all starting with this one."

You almost have to laugh when someone says something like without taking even a second to figure out what they're up against.  Now at first you might think to yourself "But Obsidian this guy is a greater god, capable of rending the continents you're totally screwed right?"  and under normal circumstances you'd be right but I'm about to do something that will kind of even the odds.

"Gredienar!  Would you challenge me with your weak, pathetic, and feeble avatar hiding your true self far away?  Go ahead then show these people how much you truly fear me by hiding your true self away. Demonstrate the cowardice that is your true self."

Now I have basically just called this guy out and he has two choices: Eradicate me on the spot with his avatar or do the thing I just know he's gonna do.  Instead he surprises even me with the thing he says next.

"I do not fear you mortal, you stand before me in my true form already. I ma a god and have nothing to fear from the likes of you."

That's music to my ears. I release the blade from within the handle and utter the words.

"Wanna bet?"

The gigantic being laughs at my audacity, apparently someone has tried this stunt before. Well not the way I'm about to do it. His hand glows and he calmly says

"Begone insect."

As a blast of white energy engulfs me and vaporizes the ground I was just standing on. it takes a second for the dust and smoke to clear, but when it does the look on this guy's face is priceless.  Lo and behold, yours truly is standing defiantly before him without a scratch, although the power sinks in my armor read ten percent of full capacity, and to be honest that's pretty impressive considering a one megaton explosion wouldn't get half of a percent.  Still the armor won't take but a few more of those and I honestly think he was holding back because the look of confusion on his face is replaced quickly with rage.

"You live? No matter I will destroy you once and for all."

Another blast only this time I don't stick around to absorb the energy.  Again the smoke clears only this time he lets out a hearty chuckle and says to those watching.

"See now I have destroyed him.  Now bow before your...GAHHHHH!!!"

He creams as I take my enchanted blade across his back cutting a gash nearly as long and I am tall. he falls to one knee and the look of rage returns as he has just realized....I can hurt him.

The crowd screams and flees in a panic trampling over each other in a desperate bid to escape the onslaught of destruction they know will surely ensue. A bolt of fire screams past me and impacts not far away leaving a massive crater large enough to fit a bus in.  I toss one of my own via my sword and it hits him square in the face knocking his ornate headdress clean off. it disintegrates to nothing consumed by the magical flames.  he reels from the pain and a bolt of lightning screams towards me. it hits me in the chest and the armor again absorbs the power.  The sinks are now charged to thirty percent.  I guess he stopped holding back.  The earth beneath my feet cracks open in an attempt to cause me to plummet to my death and he is not amused to see me hovering above the newly created chasm.  he pulls out two odd looking crescent blades and I laugh out loud this time. and extend my blade once more.

"Who are you?"  He screams in rage.  "How do you resiste my power? How can you defy me?"

"I am Obsidian Mask, I am Luminesti, an immortal elf, and this is my blade God Slayer, want to guess how it got it's name?"

For just a moment I watch his eyes as he begins to comprehend the gravity of the situation.  You see there are very few ways to kill a god such as: Being and equally or more powerful god, or combining divine power to equal a more powerful god, or (as in my case) be an immortal being with a relic. What is a relic? A relic is a magical item of extreme power, so extreme that most  divine beings try to conceal them, unable to destroy them by any means. My sword is such an item. It's power is insane, it can cast spells many times more powerful than mortal spells, and I can slay anyone who wields it with but a word, and most importantly the damage it does is not even close to proportional to it's appearance. What does this mean to our friend Gredienar? it means that he has just realized not only can I hurt him, but I can actually kill him.  The only problem for me is that I don't want his power nor his obligations and they would all be mine just as Mooshadow's were when  I gained her divine power accidentally.

The divine giant attacks again and again and my power armor absorbs each attack again and again.  The power sinks filling more and more.  he tries to use his swords but my relic makes short work of them cutting them to pieces. I retaliate again and again cutting him a little deeper each time burning him electrocuting and even freezing him little by little.  Were it not for my armor he would've had made short work of me and he knows it.  Twice he tries to teleport my weapons and armor away and twice I recall them to me. He is in full out panic mode and unleashes raw energy from his hands in a desperate attempt to destroy me. My armor takes it and I can feel it shudder as it absorbs more energy than I ever though possible.  In a final bid to end this fight which has laid waste to everything for miles I take a flying leap at his head and transfer all of the stored power  to my kinetic gauntlet for one finishing blow. Under normal circumstances I can lift about twenty tonnes but my gauntlets add all the power he's been thrown at me and it's just too much for him to take. With a thundering boom  I connect solidly with his jaw and two of his divine teeth go flying knocking him cold.  When he finally regains consciousness he is much smaller in stature, and nearly powerless.  My blade is resting against his throat and he knows he's a dead man that is until...

"You know I could just kill you?"

"Then why don't you?"

"Because I don't want to."

"What is it you want?"

"What I want, is for you to do right by these people and let me and my people go home.  In return you can tell them you defeated me and I was destroyed."

"And if I choose not to?"

"I have placed enough spells on you to make you go away for a long long time. I will banish you to the freaking void never to return again.  Now you wasted a lot of power here today and I don't imagine you'll regain it any time soon without these people to worship you. So choose wisely."

'Fine so be it."

"My wives will leave with me, I will not turn my back on my responsibilities, and you will give them your approval.  I will not have them going through some kind of inner conflict between you and me.  Do this and I let bygones be bygones...refuse and God Slayer here lives up to it's name.  Deal?"


Gods are unlike demons in one very important aspect, they are somehow compelled to keep their word, well most of them anyway. Here's hoping this one is one of the former.

In the end he lives up to his word, he repairs the damage we wrought, even resurrecting the people who died in the conflict (that's costly to a god by the way) and gives my wives his blessing and his leave. The vortex reappears once more right where it should be and we are on our way home. We have been here only a few short days but at home it has only been a few minutes...all in all I would call this a success. assuming of course that we arrive at home on the other side. I have all stations report in and once ready we make the jump. The ride back is every bit as rough as the ride in but knowing what to expect has helped us better fortify our systems and the damage is nearly so bad as the first time. The debris field remains and the vortex is somehow smaller afar less intense. We leave this place "the ghost world"  behind and I hope I never return.

As we travel through the slipstream to Kryllia prime I find myself alone in my office with a moment of quiet contemplation. As I stare out into the swirling light of the stream, a voice speaks from out of nowhere, a famailiar voice I had hope to never hear again.

"You're welcome Obsidian."

I turn on a dime to see the diminutive form of none other than the Black Mantis himself. Fear and panic rise up inside me and anyone who has ever encountered this man knows both are well deserved.


I ask trying to conceal the terror in my voice. I have known this being for centuries now and I would rather fight ten gods than be in his presence. Still, he just said you're welcome, and I need to know why.  He walks over my desk sits down and props his feet on my desktop.

"You didn't really think you defeated Gredienar, so easily all by your little lonesome did you?"

"It' didn't feel like easy to me."

"Well it was, Your armor isn't what it used to be is it? No you should never have been able to absorb that much power.  I mean come on he was a Greater god for crying out loud. Still I couldn't just let him destroy you.  No I have plans for you, so I just thought I'd let you know I'm looking out for you....Heh heh."

With that he vanishes, and I'm shaking in my boots. He and I were finished, but it's clear now he's neer gonna give up trying to make a minion out of me, and there's no way to defeat him and no one I know of who can challenge him.  What am I going to do?

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 Re: God Slayer
Congratulations! You've made top images for the Second Week of November, 2016
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 Re: God Slayer
Really great action image and an awesome conclusion! Loved the whole showdown! Great to see your other major player, Black Mantis back too. Well done!