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In my chair
In my chairPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/21 8:38
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it's been a great morning, breakfast was delicious, and the coffee was perfect. My wives are a real blessing.   I have to remember to get them each something nice.  I walk to the bridge and into my office and that's when the day goes to complete crap.  He's just sitting there all 4 foot 3 inches of him, multiverse's greatest assassin  . In actuality he's a cosmically powered killer, dressed in an infinitium nano mesh bodysuit.  it looks like spandex but there's so much magic you'd go blind if cast a Magic detection spell on it.  and technology in it you'd go blind casting coffee his feet are perched on my desk with coffee in hand and he's rifling through my star charts like he owns the place. At this point I realize I have nothing to lose so I may as well be a bit indignant.  

"You're in my chair."

he doesn't even acknowledge my presence.

"I said...!"

"No need to raise your voice Obsidian, I heard you the first time."

"Is there something I can help you with?" I ask while pouring another cup of coffee.  I brew mine fresh in a pot I keep in my office it's a little decadence I allow myself from the 21st century. The Black Mantis looks up from the hologram in front of him and calmly states

"I have a job that requires your skills."


"But you haven't even heard the specs."

"it's from you? No."

"It threatens the mulitverse."


He takes a deep breath, sighs and then he scares the living hell out of me with one word.



"He's gone."

"No." I chuckle mockingly "He can be gone. Because you have his head encased in infinitium, and locked in a vault on your ship. A ship I might add that is...480 MILLION MILES WIDE                               AND 240 MILLION LONG!!! So there is no way with the most powerful technology, magic and cosmic power that you could possibly have lost his HEAD!!!"        

By now he and I are nose to nose, and I realize I may be pushing my luck at this point.

he places a finger on my helmet then slowly and deliberately pushes my head back.

"I didn't lose it.  It was stolen, by someone with a lot of magic and well informed.  The thief completely bypassed everything and we knew she was coming."

"Wait, She?"

"yes we determined that it was a female and we have tons of video and images."

"Really? but you just said..."

"I have mundane backups for just such an emergency. Simple video photography late 20th century tech, laughable but few people ever think backwards when planning jobs like this. They're always prepared for the advanced systems but nothing like  simple camera."

"If she gets his head out of that casing.."

"You don't have to tell me I'm the one who put his head in there remember?"

"Then you already know you guys will be the ones he comes for first and he's a bloody genius not to mention powerful."

"His former resources are ours now and anyone loyal to him died centuries ago."

"Okay any leads?"

"Just one, she's on an Earth colony in the outer rim. I've been there and I can tell you there's no way to detect her by psionics or magic. So you'll have to do it the old fashioned way."

"Alright, I'll take the job, but it's gonna cost."

"Tell Tanaka and it's yours, I'll grant two requests one up front, and one on completion. I don't care what condition the thief is in but I don't need to tell you what could happen if Parata gets loose and resurrected."

"You really don't"

"Good then, do not fail."

"I never do. Now will you get out of my chair?"

With a snap of his fingers he's gone and I'm left with a ton of research. How would one get anything out of a case made of pure Infinitium? You can't hurt it or beam through it, and as far as I know the only one who has the etch to reshape it is the Black Mantis himself.  Quantum resolution EMT devices are still a millennia away by current standards and that really limits the number of people or organizations that could get that head out.

Parata  is singly the most fearsome opponent the Black mantis and his pantheon have ever faced. At one time he had defeated all of them and left me and my two friends Ray and Harley to stop him. he underestimated us and it allowed us to kill him. But gods don't die so easily and so the Black mantis had his head encased in indestructible Infinitium. He then had his body likewise and placed it on the surface of an unnamed star where it remains to this day.  

if the two were ever rejoined the rage of this very unbelievable powerful cosmic being would be unthinkable. I have a good idea of where to start searching but I'm gonna need help on this one. I think it's time I called on some old friends.

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Posted: 2016/11/21 18:50  Updated: 2016/11/21 19:11
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 Re: In my chair
Yeah, you better get some back-up! This is the big one here! I like the build up.
Hmmm, well this all sounds ominous and interesting. Go on!...