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Main : ! 3D Art ! : Original Characters :  Enter the spider

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Enter the spider
Enter the spiderPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/23 17:51
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Her mistress has summoned her, and the goddess of war will need her champion during this tumultuous period.  There has been a theft, someone has stolen from her goddess a relic of great importance, and her mistress bids her to join the mercenary Obsidian mask in his quest to recover it.  As instructed Spydra makes her way through the city's skyline on the magical threads of silk woven from her fingertips. Diving between buildings and around the fast moving traffic high above the streets. In no time she reaches the Hall of heroes where the the Scions of Justice make their home. High above the towering building she can see Obsidian's fightercraft approach and she is exited at the opportunity to prove herself to her Goddess.
Spydra plummets from the sky and with a spring and a somersault she lands deftly at the entrance.

She takes the lift to the conference room to find obsidian waiting.

"Obsidian Mask."

"Spydra, what's up? Hey have you seen Panterra?"

""No I haven't but I was looking for you."


"My goddess has instructed that I should accompany you on your quest."

"Um two things first: One: Who exactly is your goddess? Two: What do you know of my quest?"

"I worship the goddess Spydraxis, and she has bid me to hep you find and retrieve the relic that was stolen from her realm."

"Yeah,  I was hoping the cat would join me but you're more than welcome.  I just wish "someone" would've mentioned it."

"Do you know of the goddess?"

"That's actually a long story, but let's just say I'm informed.  I didn't know you were one of her devout though.  You can load your stuff aboard the Wraith, and you should prepare for a lengthy stay, we'll be traveling off world to practically the other side of the galaxy."

"I have all I need. We can leave right away or at your earliest convenience."

"Let me just leave a message  for Panterra and I'll see you on the Wraith."

Spydra has seen many wonders in her life but nothing quite prepares anyone for a ship whose interior dimensions are vastly larger than it's exterior. She is understandably impressed. The technology to create such a vehicle is beyond anything in the known galaxy.

"Obsidian, your ship is...I don't have the words.  How did you come by such a thing?"

"Don't be too impressed Spydra, 4d technology is rare but it's available on the open market. It is however, awfully expensive."

"So, you're a billionaire like Panterra then?"

"No but my mercenary jobs aren't always paid in money. Sometimes I trade for services or items. This fighter was one such payment."

The small fighter darts through the atmosphere with grace and speed that would make any fighter pilot jealous, and in a burst if brilliant light it make a seamless jump to hyperspace, and screams towards the Sable's current location.  In no time the two ships are reunited and the Wraith slowly enters the shuttlebay of the small frigate. Once aboard Spydra is escorted to her temporary guest quarters, a room more ample and elegant than her own downtown apartment and for just a second she thinks that perhaps the mercenary work is a bit more lucrative than her own job.  They crew of this ship want for nothing and there's no constant struggle to balance bills. The ship is clearly built for war but luxurious at the same time, powerful but elegant. To live here, to be part of this crew must be a truly wonderful experience, but she goes where her mistress bids, and her faith will never waiver or such amenities.

"Enjoy your quarters Spydra I'll be in my office.  If you need anything just tap this panel here and someone will assist you okay?"

"Thank you, and it is my understanding that you are  now married?"

Yes, I have 4 wives, and  I'm certain that once they find out you are aboard they will want to meet you. How about we all have dinner tonight and we can get better acquainted. Say 9ish?  You'd like them, you all have a lot in common."

"That would be nice, I look forward to it."

With that, Spydra invokes the magic that alters her armor's appearance and returns to her alter ego Gloria Bannon, but somehow mild mannered archaeologist doesn't seem to fit in here, "For once," she thinks to herself, "I can just be me, with no pretense." a truly foreign concept.  Joining this quest is much more than just the adventure.  

"What a treat this will be." She says while peering at her her reflection, "Thank you, goddess."

Her heart almost stops when she hears a voice say "You are quite welcome chid, but remember...our lord has a purpose for this one."

Gloria bows on one knee and replies "Of course my lady."

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Lady Heromorph
Posted: 2016/12/7 5:22  Updated: 2016/12/7 5:26
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 Re: Enter the spider
Congratulations! You've made top images for the last Week of November, 2016
Posted: 2016/11/29 20:16  Updated: 2016/11/29 20:16
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: United States
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 Re: Enter the spider
It is a great looking shot! Awesome intro image! Glad to see Spydra taking part in this latest chapter. I've always found her an intriguing character.
Dark Wanderer
Posted: 2016/11/24 3:49  Updated: 2016/11/24 3:49
The Metal Shinigami (Moderator)
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 Re: Enter the spider
This is an awesome action shot and perspective to match!