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SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/27 13:17
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Three corporations have the capacity to possibly remove Parata's head from within it's casing. Techimo, Niles Corp,
and Ildragitech, Of the the three only one has the resources to build such a device...Ildragitech.

They're a huge company spanning three of the five galaxies, and they sell just about everything from soap to software to space gate parts.
Their main factories on the colony Draza 4 specialize in Transport technologies.
We'll arrive in only under an hour, and I'll have to figure out how to stop the thief from getting what she wants.
 Of course we're all assuming that she infact wants to remove the head from the casing. I'm not taking any chances...
My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of shouting in the hall outside my quarters I step out and I'm
nearly decapitated by the business end of a very sharp sword.  

"You're out of your damned mind woman!!!"

"I see how you look at him do not deny it!!"

"Four the fifth time I am not after your husband!!"

There's a brilliant flash and suddenly Gloria Bannon becomes Spydra and my wife Ai is in mortal danger.

"What sorcery is this? Do you think to frighten me like some child?"

Another flash of light and my own body is instantly armor clad. I know I have to step between them or Ai could be seriously hurt.  
Why am I so worried about Ai?  
First: Both women are trained warriors which would make this a fair fight but Gloria is now garbed in her mystical
spider armor which tips the odds considerably in her favor, she's as strong as I am and ten times as agile.
Both are lethal combatants meaning their fights are usually to the death.  I don't want this on to escalate so
I step between the two of them.

"Okay what is this about?" I shout at the top of my lungs.

Sina inyahuan seeks a' replace amin vee' yeste' verne'" (This bitch seeks to replace me as first wife)

Even with a translator Ai still manages to spit elvish, now that's a trick. Unfortunately Spydra's enchantments
allow her to understand and speak all languages. So she knows what Ai just called her.

Spydra's silken bands envelop me and she pushes me to the side with force. My armor absorbs the impact but I'm bound
and stuck to the wall.  The next thing I know she's on top of Ai with two of her deadly, sharp, spider-legs placed
firmly under Ai's chin.  A single drop of her corrosive venom lands on the floor near Ai's head and hisses audibly
as it burns the floor.

"Spydra Don't"

She turns her head to me then back to Ai.

"I don't want to have this conversation again do you understand? Come at me again and I may forget your husband and
I are friends."

Ai's eyeballs are like saucers, she knows she's bit off more than she can chew and simply nods in agreement. Spydra
waves her hand and the webs holding me simply vanish. She helps Ai to her feet who then runs off in tears.

"You live in a zoo. What the hell is her malfunction?"

"I have no idea. What were you two going on about?"

"I was on my way to see if you had made any headway in our search and Ai marched up and accused me of wanting to
replace her, and having a thing for you, and then she attacked me."

"I have no idea what that is about but her people have some strange customs. I have to go see to her I'm really sorry about all this."

"yeah...whatever, it's cool. Just talk to her okay sheesh."

With that I tear off to catch up to Ai and pass Aini in the hall.

"Aini did Ai  pass you inthe hall here?"

"Yes master, she seemed pretty upset did you have an argument?"

"No, it's a long story. Just did you see where she went?"

""Maintenance closet, she told me she didn't want to be disturbed."

"I got this."

I open the door and find Ai, a deadly warrior princess, curled up with her knees in her chest sobbing. I know she
couldn't have been shook up that much. She never shed a tear when we fought so why now?  I close the door and
place my hand gently on her shoulder. Kneeling beside her I pull her close so she can cry on my shoulder.

"Shhh darling, what is all this about?"

I ask lovingly lifting her chin so I ca see her face I wipe the tears from her eyes.  

"I am a good first wife my darling, but I fear I am jealous.  I looat Spydra and her eyes follow your every
movement.  She thinks I do not see but I do "

"Sweetheart there is nothing to be jealous of, there's nothing but friendship between me and her and quite frankly
I have my hands full with you and your sisters not to mention Aini."

"You do not understand, our ways which we learned from birth are not some mere superstitions, we are bound to them
by our honor. What has been done cannot be undone. I am so sorry my husband, I have failed you."

"You haven't failed me. Spydra isn't hurt and neither are you and she is willing to let the whole thing go. It's okay."

"No, it is not okay! How can I remain first wife if I cannot protect my position? First wife is not just a matter of
order. The first wife commands respect and leads the others.  I do not merely give orders I take care of the others,
like a queen.  How can I do that now?"

"It'll be okay, I promise."


She pushes my hand away and storms off again presumably to her quarters.  I really wish these batty ladies came with
an owner's manual.  Women are hard enough to understand but their tribal customs make it nearly impossible.  If
there's nothing I can do to remedy the situation I'll have to let it play out.  That's a good way to handle this
right?  Yeah, right...I get the feeling I'm going to regret this.
The next morning we arrive at interstellar customs, my ties with the Sathari empire grant me diplomatic immunity in
the IGFW jurisdictions. This means I do not get inspected by port authorities which saves me a royal headache. My
vessel is considered a military craft in this area and they subtly warn me not to start anything or else.
Teleporting is only allowed in certain areas and they have inhibitors to make certain it's enforced so I have to
teleport down in controlled areas. A cursory scan with magic reveals that they're stopping magical teleportation
too,  I look around for the telltale signs of psionic dampeners, and sure enough they're all over the place.  Whose
really in charge around here? I mean you don't see real security like this except in rare circumstances.
I think it's time to get nosey but first...a hotel room, something swanky just to keep up appearances.   I never get
to wear disguises and these guys don't really know who I am except for what data records they can get, which are
woefully inaccurate by the way. So it's gonna be me, the Lunari, and the Spydra, costumes for everybody this is
gonna be fun.


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 Re: Spat
Get yr ladies in line, Obsidian! Interesting chapter.