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IGFW Dossier: Panterra
IGFW Dossier: PanterraPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/5 13:41
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Name: Panterra (Panterra II officially)
Species: Unique poly-genome Solaran Base
Age 15 (Appears to be in late 20's)
Relatives: Alleycat, Jagwire (Brothers) Tigress (Sister) Cheetah (sister deceased)
Known associations: Scions of Justice, The Zero Men (Specifically Obsidian Mask), IGFW Supernatural Crimes Division
Chronologically his age is well over 3,000
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 285 lbs
Eyes: Green Feline irises
Hair Black with hints of dark spots
Skin Color: Latin features and skin tone

Strength: 22 (100 in armor)
Endurance: 22(100 in armor)
Agility: 22 (50 in armor)
Psyche: 12
Intelligence: 22
Presence: 22

Vocation: Assassin

Powers and Abilities:
Nightvision (120' range)
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced intelligence
Enhanced Endurance

Panterra's armor is composed of a Mythril Absorbium compound making it nearly indestructible

The armor incorporates many devices and paraphernalia and well as servos and internal circuitry providing the following abilities:

Ultravision (Panterra can see even in magically created darkness)
Climbing sheer surfaces (via retractile adamantine claws)
Super Strength (80 ton capacity)
Super Speed (Mach 4 maximum)
Enhanced hearing: (Sensitive enough to hear a pin drop at 100 yards)
Track by scent: Olfactory scanners can identify up to 100,000 different scents in a 25 foot radius.
Oxygen filtration: Panterra's armor is not hermetically sealed but has an advance air filtering system.
Enhanced combat protocols: Reflexive neural simulators designed to work with his martial skill set.

HardLight sword: A specially design hilt designed with a hardlight blade capable of cutting through all but the most durable metals

Drone shuriken

Escrima Stick Tasers  1,000.000 volt capacity with 200 charges

Panterra and other P.R.I.D.E. member have access to a variety of modern vehicles custom designed by Jagwire.

Shield: Panterra's shield is composed of Mythril/Absorbium using a bonding process that has now been lost to the ages. The shield possesses retractable blades for cutting and can be thrown like a disc. Internal gyros and built in GPS nav guide the shield back to Panterra if thrown.

The being known as "Panterra" was genetically engineered in the latter part of the 21st century.  Solaran (Human) DNA Sliced with various attributes from large felines species. His creation was a direct response to the escape of his forerunner now code named "Man-eater". Panterra was design to be the team Leader of the Preemptive Reconnaissance Infiltration Detection and Elimination squad Acronym: P.R.I.D.E. whose primary purpose is was to infiltrate behind enemy borders and eliminate targets deemed a threat to the United State's security.   Panterra was not the first genetically engineered being but rather last of a line of 6 such beings. (Individual Dossiers to be submitted later)

The first to be created was code named: "Alleycat" a massive 9 ft behemoth of immense strength and endurance.
The second was code named: "Tigress" a female assassin trained in various forms of martial arts and intrusions techniques.
The Third code named:  "Cheetah" Was an incredibly fast Speedster of unlimited endurance and capable of reaching speeds of up to mach 6 on land.  However, she was reportedly  incapable of pinpoint navigation.
The fourth code named: Jagwire is technological genius and a weapons expert in all small/heavy arms and s killed inventor. Like the others he is a capable soldier and an effective killer.
The fifth was originally code named: Panterra   However, during a routine live training exercise he attacked and subsequently murdered his handlers going rogue and escaping from the facility that created the team.  The Panterra soldier genome was designed to be a combination of the other 4 team members and while not at their individual peak would have some proficiency with all of their skill sets.

Panterra and his allies arrived in the year 4380 after a conflict with Maneater in which was using and experimental "Space Fold " device a device which had previously used to open a portal from the Sun's corona to the UN Building on Earth vaporizing the building and the surrounding area for 15 miles and disrupting the Earth's atmosphere on a massive scale.  While attempting to apprehend the villain the device was damage and the resulting explosion hurled the team and (Unknown to them Maneater) forward through time> After a brief conflict with the then fledgling Scions of Justice which resulted in the Scions being subdued.  The prompt arrival of the Black Scarab cleared the entire situation and the P.R.I.D.E. was given the bad news about their situation.  For a time the team thought their adversary long dead but the events of "The Rise of Dominion" would reveal that Maneater was alive and well.  Maneater was defeated by Obsidian Mask who nearly killed him and has since been placed in a maximum security penal station along with Dominion.

Panterra's whereabouts are currently unknown and it is presumed he has settled down with his love interest Tigress.

IGFW Intelligence files on these subjects are far from complete but their early database from the 21st century is on file.

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