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Dossier Danielle Ne'rdo.jpg
Dossier Danielle Ne'rdo.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/12 15:14
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Name: Danielle Marie Ne'rdo (Simmons Maiden) [Deceased]
Species: Solaran
Age: 348 (at time of death)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 115
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Birth Rank: Only child
# Siblings: 0
Relatives: Jenara (Daughter), Arethan (Son), Rusco (Husband)
Marital Status: Married (at time of Death)
Known Associates: Quantice Cruise lines (Captain), Obsidian Mask (Husband),

Intelligence: 17
Agility: 13
Strength: 10
Endurance: 10
Psyche: 12
Presence: 18

Vocation: Warrior (Pilot)
Effective Combat Value: 5

Extended longevity (All Solarans live roughly 350 years)

Notable Skills:
Pilot Starship/Shuttlecraft, Automobile/Motorcycle/Hovercycle
Starship Engineering, Astro-Navigation, Navigation S.A.L. Archaeology,



"I loved my wife Danielle with all my heart till the day she died. She was a Solaran I always fall for mortal women my friends say it has something to with the brightest flame burning the shortest length.  Indeed Solarans burn brightly in that they are so very passionate and often adventurous. Danielle was no exception.  We met when she was already 127 years old (still young by Solaran standards).  My ship, the S.S. Runt encountered a cruise ship that was under attack by space pirates, and she was it's Captain. The Runt came to the rescue and once the ensuing chaos settled, I went to speak with the Captain... it was love at first sight. A couple of months later we were walking down the aisle in marital bliss.  I had found a contentment and true peace I didn't even know I was missing. I was so happy being with my family that I even hung up my armor for a while to be a husband and father.  However, as each decade passed I could see time taking its inevitable toll on her physically. It is a hard thing to watch the ones you love wither away while you are powerless to do anything about it. I begged her to undergo the same spell that made me immortal, but she wouldnt have it, and it became the source of a lot of conflict between us for a very long time. In the end, I conceded the point and pretended to be content to let it be putting her wishes above my own selfishness no matter how much it hurt. On her deathbed, she said that she had no regrets and that her life had been full and complete. With a forced, tear-filled, smile I kissed her gently one last time, and then she was gone."  Quote: Obsidian Mask

Danielle Simmons was a normal Solaran with no particular adventuring skills, born the only child (due to medical reasons) to Mary and Kevin Simmons, the family moved a lot when Danielle was young until finally they settled in the beautiful beach town Palm Springs.  Her father was a Colonel in the IGFW Marines and the constant reassignments and promotions made it difficult for her to form lasting relationships and make many close friends.  After he retired, the family settled in and Danielle could finally live a normal life with normal problems.  Every day Danielle would see giant cruise ships roll in and out from the beach and would daydream about what life aboard one of those luxurious ships would be like.  She vowed one day to Captain one of those luxurious ships among the stars. When Danielle was but a child she was given a necklace by her grandmother who told her it could bring her great fortune so long as she kept it close.  She kept it with her at all times thereafter and though there was once an adventurer who asked about it nothing ever came of it. Her son now owns the necklace after his mother willed it to him.   A short time later Danielle discovered quite by accident that her grandmother was, in fact, a very powerful Mage, a fact Grandma hid quite well from Danielle's mother.   Her grandmother would often brew potions and Danielle would help. Before her Grandmother passed away she imbued upon Danielle a bit of magic that would stay with her for the rest of her life making her quite lucky though she never abused her blessing.  (Danielle always received the best result from randomly determined events) When she was a young teen she found an item of powerful magic, one which had been sought by the IFGW who would eventually contact her to retrieve it and incidentally help her come one step closer to becoming a Captain. Only a short time later both of Danielle's parents were killed but the entire incident was covered up to avoid an intergalactic incident making her very untrusting of the government and its officials from that point on.  Eventually, she would strike out on her own attending college to further her goal of captaining her own ship, and despite being an excellent student she went practically unnoticed by her peers never really making any real friends.

Special Note: This is the first appearance of Danielle in an visual medium, she was originally just going to be backstory filler...but became an integral part of Obsidian's story and needed her own place in my universe.

Her Background was created using the Character Background generator from my WIP RPG. Yeah it's pretty colorful.

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