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Dossier Infinity-Man
Dossier Infinity-Man
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2020/3/24 19:00
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Identity: Unknown  (Secretly work for Panterra as a service droid.)
Known associates:
Affiliations: The Scions of Justice.
Relatives: None
Age: 25
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 600 lbs
Str: CC 5
Agl: CC 5
End: CC 5
Int: 13
Psy: 22
Pre: 15
Looks: 15
Sight:Telescopic/Microscopic/X-ray/Full light spectrum
Infinity man can perceive events lasting less than a 1/1000 Femtosecond.
Kinetic support: And item held by Infinity-Man recieves the benefit of being supported on it's entire bottom surface allowing Infinity-Man to carry objects that would otherwise fall to pieces or break off. This power acts reflexively and though it does require some concentration.
Energy emission ALL FORMS: Infinity-Man can emit any form of energy he chooses although he must have firsthand knowledge of a given type of energy before he can use it.  Because of this limitation he is constantly growing and learning.
Superspeed (Land/Water) Infinity-Man is nearly as fast as the "Warp Speed Runner- Thunderbolt" and as such can traverse an earth sized planet in seconds.  Unlike Thunderbolt however, Infinity-Man has no ability to become intangible or vibrate through objects and thus must circumnavigate obstacles in his path.
Superspeed (Flight) Infinity-Man is capable of unassisted sub-light speeds reaching .99 of Light speed and is also capable of making pinpoint turns.  However, as stated previously, he must circumnavigate obstacles to avoid damaging them or himself.
Invulnerability Cat 2: Many beings are invulnerable to damage by mortal means but Infinity-Man is also invulnerable to Magic spells, weapons and magical effects.

Form-Shift:  Infinity-Man's appearance is Illusory, that is to say he can alter his appearance at will and no power known to mortals can penetrate the facade. In this way even when injured he can appear to be undamaged if he so chooses.  This ability requires no concentration and can be maintained indefinitely.  

Infinity-Man is the result of all of the gods of light coming together to create a scion from their unified powers.  There were several attempts using different vessels but power corrupts and the kind of power he possesses corrupts absolutely. Because of the corruptive nature of their divine might the decision was finally made to place their faith in a machine rather than a living being. The template was created thus: The skeleton and regenerative infrastructure would be constructed of pure Infinitium, and all the components would be of the highest quality with no enchantments whatsoever.  The Gods themselves agreed unanimously to NEVER interfere in the android's development so as not to even be accidentally tempted to pursue any agendas. Any intervention in events that directly concern their creation are simply not allowed under strict penalty.  The Black Mantis is rumored to have contributed to Infinity-Man's creation providing the infinitium used for his skeleton.
Infinity-Man was purchased as any normal android would be with the sole exception of his buyer being the famed hero Panterra.  Through him Infinity-Man has learned self sacrifice, humility, honesty, loyalty and many other heroic traits.  Much to the relief of his creators.
It was Infinity-Man who, at the end of the Millennium Wars singlehandedly decimated a full half of the Sathari fleet in a single attack.  The powers that he weilds know no upper limit and if he should ever turn against the people of the 5 galaxies he would be nigh unstoppable for few are those who can match his full might.

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