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MF's Pandoriana Screwloose

MF's Pandoriana ScrewloosePopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2015/11/13 15:43
Hits586  Comments6    
Details inside.

The favor

The favorPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/11/6 22:08
Hits562  Comments3    
The Black Mantis has asked me to accompany him to, of all things, a slave market. I despise slavery no matter whether it's legal in some systems or not.  

"What's the big idea? You know how I feel about this sort of thing."

"So there is a line you do not cross?"

"You know there is."

"In that case, you'll probably hate what comes next."

As we gaze out of the windows a massive Hadean drags out a small blue figure scantily clad in no more than a couple of flimsy cloths. As he chains the small humanoid to the struts on the left and right it becomes obvious that the creature is humanoid...and female. I feel a hand on my wrist as the Black Mantis stops me from subconsciously reaching for my gun. I hate Hadeans and this one I just want to kill where he's standing. I turn to the Black Mantis and ask:

"Why the hell did you bring me here? Is this some twisted game you're playing or what?"

"No son, this is a test to see how you handle impossible situations. You can't kill everyone here, many of which are innocent bystanders, but I'm guessing the do gooder in you won't let this continue either so now you have to make a decision.  Leave with your tail between your legs or..."

He doesn't get to finish the sentence, before I start bidding.  What transpires next has to make history...every stinking sentient that comes down the ramp i pay dearly for and have them transported aboard my ship to be returned to their homeworld or wherever the hell they want to be dropped of...with a few credits in their pockets.

The Black Mantis only wanted to see if I was a hero...Bastard...I'll be back here alright...and that Hadean...I get his name oh yes and one dark night in a shadowy room I ma gonna pay him a visit.  For now all the slaves are freed save one...the blue female from the first bid. One of my officers calls me stating she does not wish to be free...Dafuq?  What creature in their right mind doesn't WANT to be free?  I conclude my business with the Black Mantis and flip him off for good measure rotten bastard that is the last time he ever asks me for a favor, I knew it was going to bite me in the ass.  On board my new ship (I gave the Lillun to Harley)I am greeted in the EMT room by none other than the little blue...demon?  at only 4 feet tall she is gorgeous as all get out. Two small horns sweep backwards from her forehead and she's not wearing a stitch of clothing...this is gonna be one of those days.

"I am here to serve you master."

"Alright, which one of you brain children, let her up here, and naked yet?"

There's not the tiniest snicker from anyone...I am not pleased. I avert my eyes as best I can and order this ...this...demon to follow me. Jaws drop and eyes quickly turn away as I march her to a replication unit to be scanned and fitted for some decent clothes. I had the items to her an the look on her face is nothing but confusion. What the hell is so confusing about getting dressed I wonder...and no sooner does that though form in my head when she blurts out.

"You wish me to cover myself master? Will that not make it more difficult to pleasure you?"

One lone gafaw escapes a lieutenant's and without even looking I place a bullet hole next to his head...he either stopped laughing or I killed him, I don't check to see which it is.

"Little...what are you?"

"I am your slave master."

" I mean...what species are you?"

"I am a Doajinn master."

"A say what now?"

"A Daojinn my master."

"Where are you from? Don't you want to go home?"

"Daojinn have no home we are bound servants, our whole lives are spent in service to others."

"Get outta here, you're kidding right? No you're not kidding...that's not how my life works, and I'll bet the Black Mantis knew all along."

"When you signed your reciept you agreed to take me on as your servant."

"Yes but you're free now."

The thing shrieks like a wailing Banshee I'm certain she could crack glass with her voice.

"Alright, alright, alright, ENOUGH!!!"

as the sound dies and my hearing returns, and the bleeding eardrums stop...she starts crying...Black Mantis...I will repay this you sonofabitch.

"Alright kid that's enough shrieking you can be my...grrr...servant,. There are some rules though."

she smiles like a child, but I know better. As a demon she is quite possibly thousands of years old. I wonder how Moonshadow is going to take this? UGH I'm really beginning to hate my in laws.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2015/11/6 18:17
Hits597  Comments4    
Armor piercing round to the forehead CANNOT be pleasant.

Even if you are bulletproof.

Night Maiden (DC Comics Based FC OC)

Night Maiden (DC Comics Based FC OC)Popular
SubmitterCMK24601More Photos from CMK24601   Last Update2015/11/3 5:41
Hits778  Comments5    
Night Maiden is a Concept I came up with based on the Justice League/ JLU Cartoon  flirtations of Batman and Wonder Woman. I know its at least some what popular and I have always thought -since seeing that - the Idea od Batman and Wonder Woman as a couple would be intriguing. So, Night Maiden is based on if Batman and Wonder Woman Had a kid.

Obligitory Freebiess List:

Chest plate is something I made by modifying TeryMcG's Wonder woman Chest plate and Batgirl Symbol in Hexagon
The Rope and Bracers are from Rogue Pilots New 52 Set
Belt and boots  from TerryMcG's Batgirl cosplay set
Suit  (top half) is From TerryMcG's wonderwoman
The Mask I got on Share CG but can't recall who made it and the Arm fins are from a defunct site called animotions and the cape I can't quite recall either
(ps if you know who made them please tell me so I can give proper credit)

Halloween Special

Halloween SpecialPopular
SubmitterMikeallMore Photos from Mikeall   Last Update2015/11/2 13:31
Hits384  Comments3    
Bit late, couldn't logon for some reason. Thanks for looking.

Killer smile

Killer smilePopular
Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   Last Update2015/10/22 0:03
Hits454  Comments4    

Severed ties

Severed tiesPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/10/15 21:27
Hits520  Comments2    
Analaeus Sathari, my former Emperor has given me leave of my duties as High Justiciar, and appointed Harley in my stead. Harley has left the Lillun to settle into his new role with his fiance.  I am returning to the lillun where i will receive my next assignment from my mistress...I hope I don't have to keep up this flunkie routine up for very much longer but Nechronos must be defeated and until that is done i will have to play the role of servant. Without Harley the search is going to be harder but he'll be holding things down here for Analaeus.  I renew my resolve to find this bastard Nechronos and run him through. As I head to the EMT out coordinates, I get a call on my suit's comm-link.  

"Obsidian, this is Mister Tanaka."


"I beg your pardon?"

"Sorry that just slipped out. What can I do for you?"

"The Black Mantis has a favor he would like to ask of you."

"Did you just say 'Favor'?  Um last time I checked he doesn't ask for favors"

"You are correct he normally does not, but since you are to be his son-in-law he is extending this courtesy to you."

"Alright, I guess...I hope it's not something life threatening."

"The Black Mantis requests your presence at his imperial palace for a family meeting."

"Get the fudge outta here. I'm there transmit the where and when to my ship and I'll see everyone there."

This is gonna be fun, the whole family in one room, I don't even care what it's about...although maybe I should. Dammit there goes my instincts kicking in and right now it's like a danger sense before a nuclear bomb. Once I'm aboard the Lillun we head out at our fastest speed to go to the family meeting...yay.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2015/10/12 18:42
Hits829  Comments4    
Superheroine peril comes in many forms.....

Guardian Angel

Guardian AngelPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/10/7 12:42
Hits516  Comments4    

Grim Defiance

Grim DefiancePopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/10/7 12:41
Hits464  Comments3    
Grim determination, that's what this pic is about nothing more nothing less. It's about overcoming and moving beyond.

Creepy clown

Creepy clownPopular
Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   Last Update2015/10/6 23:14
Hits590  Comments8    

Satisfied Honor

Satisfied HonorPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/10/5 1:06
Hits590  Comments1    
I get a call from an old friend, like me he was trained by the Oni, but was not born Oni.  A Solaran by the name of Saito Nakamura. He is a high ranking member of the ninja clan that trained me.  I know why he wants to see me, it's because I broke ties, and now they want to let me know what the deal it now that I'm not part of the clan anymore...seems word of my fall form grace has gotten around. No doubt there's gonna be some payback for my threats...and vulgar display of power...but they don't know I am a Scion. Saito wants to meet on the planet Dagus 4 a hard hit world during the Millennium Wars abandoned by settlers after the Stakahn poisoned the entire planet's water making it uninhabitable. Saito asks me to meet him in and old shopping district away from prying eyes and in a place where he can basically ambush me.  Normally i would agree to meet in the open but I'm not frightened of mortals at this point and they have no idea of what I am now capable of. As I approach my scanners pick up no less than 17 additional life signatures besides me and Saito...yeah those numbers won't help them.

In the center of an old dilapidated shopping mall Saito mask, but armed to the teeth.  The mask is a sign of respect, it also shows that you're not afraid. Well that's nice but I'm not taking a bullet between the eyes for anyone.

"Obsidian san Hajimemashite."

"Mae-govannen Saito"

"I believe you know why we are having this meeting."

"The clan wants to tell me to come back or else?"

"Something like that.  You know many of our secrets and as an outsider your actions are of special interest to the clan. They are concerned about your leaving and possibly bringing the clan great shame, embarrassment, and undue attention."

"Did you actually say the word 'embarrassment'? First of all I am highly skiled, and I have never let anyone know what clan trained me, and lastly I am NOT the guy who brought 17 men."

"Fair enough but you know, that honor must be satisfied? You were very disrespectful to our leader, and she didn't take it very well, she believes an act of apology is necessary."

"Did she mention at the time that I was a god? As such I simply put her in her place. Now I see though she wants to return the favor and put me in mine?"

"Again, something like that. She wishes you to perform and act of humility to demonstrate your loyalty to the clan."

I reach into a compartment and pull out a note, carved in pure infinitium. At the top it has symbol, and for as far back as I can remember it has been a symbol of fear, no, terror for my clan. It wasn't until i was in the company of the one who this symbol belonged to that I understood why the symbol was something of such great dread. The symbol of the Black Mantis to those who know it is a thing of absolute fear...his power is legendary and his empire is known to but a few but to those few he is like a force of destruction unparalleled in the annals of anyone's history. The gods themselves fear him..and now as the look on Saito's face turns from serious to horrified, I explain what the situation really is.

"Take this to your Jonin, tell her, that as of this day I operate under this banner, and that as the betrothed of the eldest of the Black Mantis's house I am no longer bound by the decrees and loyalties of the clan. I will respect our clan's secrecy and I shall not bring any dishonor to the clan name.  However, if one of you idiots ever challenges me again, I will bring the full might of the Black Mantis clan down on your heads and destroy you to the last man. Is that understood?" As I ask I look to where each of my former brothers believes themselves to be hiding. Saito places his mask back on, and I nod giving them their leave.  For just a moment I thought I was going to have to nuke the place to make a statement, but Moonshadow's plan was better than mine.  I must remember to thank her properly when I get home..  

Species Equinos

Species EquinosPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/9/27 17:54
Hits640  Comments3    
The Equinos people are a proud and noble race of Demi-Humanoids with the head and hooves of a horse with giant feathered wings. They believe that their species is divinely chosen to serve the gods of light and to further the causes of said gods. To attest to this all of their warriors are paladins, and all of their spell casters are priests, the many gods of light are represented on their planet and one can always find food, shelter, and healing on their world. Their technology is the match for any in the five galaxies. Their warships are easily a match for anything found anywhere and while elegant in appearance are deadly in function. Equinos, when encountered off world are typically on crusade, or are on pilgrimage to earn a name for themselves and demonstrate their worth.  Pilgrimages only end when the Equinos has performed a heroic task worthy of note, such as saving a large population, recovering some significant relic, or defeating some great evil. Many Equinos remain on pilgrimage for years sometimes decades, with a life span that rivals the Luminesti some have been on pilgrimage for centuries. Pilgrimages can end whenever the individual chooses and there is no shame and they may even take up another later. However, it is considered a great accomplishment to complete a pilgrimage and the individual is considered a person of high honor.  There are of course those that are on Missionary service and may be establishing a monastery in some remote region of the five galaxies.  In any case even the weakest among them are considered highly skilled warrior and that includes their spellcasters.

car hop

car hopPopular
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2015/9/26 0:43
Hits661  Comments8    
i wanted to go with a 60's pinup look so the car clothes and hairstyle are reminiscent of the 60's
and i used a sepia filter to give it a touch of age

Obsidian and the floating city.jpg

Obsidian and the floating city.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/9/24 1:17
Hits506  Comments1    
At the request of his mistress Obsidian Mask travels to the outer rim of the Andromeda galaxy to a small nondescript mountainous world, the planet is unremarkable save for one notable feature...the floating city of Aldorand. The city is known for the sages that reside there as well as the magical secrets they keep. it is though to be merely a legend but the of course the Goddess of Intrigue would know better. Standing atop a high peak of a nearby mountaintop Obsidian view the city in the distance. Once there he hopes to find a way to track down and defeat Nechronos once and for all.

Hell hath no fury...

Hell hath no fury...Popular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2015/9/22 5:04
Hits565  Comments3    
it's been a while since i did any real art.i moved and had some pc issues.i do have access to all my projects so here's Mistress D' Elementale to tide you over till i can get back on track...enjoy

nice car

nice carPopular
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2015/9/17 22:24
Hits592  Comments5    
no story to this one i was simply trying to match a pinup picture and couldnt get the pose right

Obsidian Pair.jpg

Obsidian Pair.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/9/6 16:05
Hits574  Comments2    
I wasn't comfortable with the dark skin at first, now that I have Moonshadow back in my life, I can live with it.  She has made me her Scion, and imbued me with great powers, I can still shadow slide, and I am basically invisible in shadows, once every 24 hours I can know the answer to any one question I ask. I'm also incredibly strong and fast and now I can use shadow magic. Ever been hit by a Darkning bolt? It's literally sucks the life right out of you.  Well we spent our first night together in a blurry whirlwind of passion and if there aren't a dozen offspring from the event I'd be stunned. First thing you have to know about gods is that they're very...fertile...though childbirth for deities can take nearly an form, in her case I try not to think that her divine form is a freaking half spider.  We crashed at her father's place, which is so vast I can park the Lillun inside and lose it.  Her Fathers place is a epic sized star ship 480 million miles wide by 24 million miles long and just as tall.  I'm certain if this thing were to enter a system it would throw off the orbits of several planets.  Inside of this massive ship are 3 Earth sized worlds held in place by massive gravity generators. I thought I was stunned by the Black Mantis's power until I was brought here...I never suspected. We're in a mountainous region on one of those worlds, and the view is spectacular, I begin my morning with some sword practice and after a few moments I can feel a pair of eyes staring my up and down like a choice cut of meat. and I smile because I know she's checking out my ass.

"Mmm good morning, my champion."

She throws her arms around men and hugs me from behind, the sweat from my workout is glistening down my chest and my breathing is already heavy, and I'm pretty sure it's turning her on.

"Darling, I'm all sweaty."

She inhales in deeply, and bites down on my shoulder and we're off again.

So after my second workout I call the Lillun, while Moonshadow cooks breakfast.  There are really some things about this situation that are just off. Gods cooking breakfast and living in much the same way mortals do? It truly doesn't make sense.  In any case Harley answers and I decide there's no time like the present to get the Justiciar thing out of the way.

Harley, I need you to contact Sathari prime and set up a meeting with you, me and Analaeus...

"Okay..." he says puzzled, "As soon as you tell me who the fuck you are."

Harley was never brought up to speed on my recent color adjustment.  

"He He, sorry Harley it's me Mic' Aehl, I had a little mishap with the whole God of intrigue thing and this happened.  of course Moonshadow is now back among the living and a second after i reverted back she redid this. Looks like I'm a dark elf from now on. That's part of what I wanted to meet with Analaeus, I can't continue as High Justiciar and I'm going to recommend that he appoint you, if you want the job?"

He looks bewildered at the onslaught of information and then asks

"Why are you stepping down?"

Here comes the part that I dread, because there's gonna be jokes.  Looooooooots of jokes.

"Moonshadow has made me her Scion."

"Is that another word for..."

"Don't say it dude. You can think it bro but doooon't say it."

"So does this mean that you work for Him now too?"

"No but I live in his house hahaha."

"Okay bro, I'll set it up, in the meantime our comms are getting blown up by the clan asking about the wedding."

"Bah, I forgot all about that. Alright I'll com aboard and we'll set this up."

"How about a double wedding dear?" Moonshaow chimes in.

I'm only vaguely aware of the stupid look on my face as Harley bursts out laughing.

"Darling was that a bit too soon?  Would you like more time to think about it?"

"No uh-I-um I've never been on the receiving end of a proposal before I'm just a little surprised is all.  Can you marry your Scion?"

"As my Scion you have do as you're Mistress bids."

"Hmm as you wish my mistress, a double wedding it shall be."

I'm not sure about this but I do love her, and I know she loves I guess we're in for a penny, in for a pound. Still I'm who do we get to perform the ceremony?

Return of the Spider Queen.jpg

Return of the Spider Queen.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/9/4 12:12
Hits678  Comments5    
I have tracked down Nechronos to a strange looking temple, but as I enter I realize something is amiss there's a temporal signature to be certain, but no bad guy...the inscriptions on the walls are so ancient that my universal database has nothing on them. I approach what appears to be a computer interface and examine the keys, but as I approach I feel something pulling at me.  I try to jump back but it's got me, I can't move...I can't move? I'm a freaking god for crying out loud what is this thing? Then I hear a voice, a voice I have not heard in some time, one that used to soothe me but now fills my very being with fear and dread.

"I will have what is mine!!!"

The voice is booming and echoes in the vast chamber and still I struggle against it in utter futility then i see it, the form of a giant spider with the torso of a dark elf.


A split second after I utter the name my body explodes in pain.  I can feel the divine power being drawn from me and into her.  It is unlike anything I have ever felt and none of my Ninja training had ever prepared me for.  I feel as though every bone in my body is being crushed and then set aflame.  I can't help but scream it lasts but a few moments but they feel like an eternity.  Then just as quickly as it began it ends, and the pain vanishes. I am keenly aware that I am no longer a god and that my powers are completely gone, moreover my armor has returned to normal, and considering I was wearing armor provided to me by the Black Mantis that's pretty spectacular.

I'm not sure if the being in front of me is Moonshadow or not, but she was killed by an immortal with my sword so she shouldn't be able to return to the living.  The giant spider-elf in front of me speaks again and in the blinding light I still can't quite make out her face. The voice however, that I recognize.

"Do not fear my darling."

Tears well up in my eyes as the I am calmed to my very soul.  I don't know how it is possible but my Moonshadow has returned.

"H-How? You were...he was immortal...with my blade.  This shouldn't be possible."

"No darling he was not immortal.  None of them are, they are pale shadows of the original and their lifespans are limited. Their creator is tied to them and when his life ends theirs will too."

"What?  But they're trying to help me, despite his control."

"No, they are trying to help their master who has commanded them to destroy you."

I run to her arms hoping it's not some sort of illusion, she stretches out her arms to hold me once more and in a flash my Moonshadow is holding me once again.  The spider aspect has vanished and for the first time in a while the rage inside me subsides.

"Wait, How is this possible? Why would Nechronos lead me here?  I mean he'd have to know what the result would be."

"Yes, he knew that your coming here would strip you of the gift of my divinity.  He fears you and having this power made you unstoppable.  He knows I am bound by divine decree to not directly interfere in the affairs of mortals."

"And that would put me at a disadvantage."

"Yes but he must think I'm some sort of moron if he even thinks for a second that I can do nothing.  I have a question for you darling."


"Would you die for me?"

"I uh- Of course I would!"

"Swear it. Swear that you would die for me, that your heart and soul belong to me, swear it and mean it!"

"I-I swear it."

"Take off your armor, and kneel before me. Trust me my love."

The familiar hiss of air echoes in the air as the hermetic seal is broken and I smell the damp mildew laced air. Moonshadow reaches out to touch me and again I hope to myself that this is not some sort of deception.  She is my weakness, for her I would do anything even lay myself vulnerable.  As her hand touches my head I feel strange, powerful, strong,  I look at my arms and my skin has returned to it's pink color, but that doesn't last for long as a blackness born from the darkest abyss takes it's place. The room which had been bright before is now blinding I can barely see through it.

"I have made you my Scion, my champion. My love you are mine now and forever, you swore it and i will hold you to your vow for time eternal. You are mine to have, to love, to command.  This power is a gift born of shadows. You will not be so powerless when my enemies meet you.  Nechronos will die at your hands, now swear it!"

"I swear it, he will die at my hands! I will make him pay for all that he has done to us."

"Then come my love and let me show you all that you have become. As my scion you cannot serve any other master Analaeus Sathari will need a new High Justiciar."

I hadn't thought of that but perhaps he'll appoint Harley. I'll deal with that when this is over, for now, my mistress beckons and I obey happily.  His plan was cute but I think he may have made me more dangerous for his efforts. When we finally meet there won't be anything that can save him.

Another one bites the dust.jpg

Another one bites the dust.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/9/3 12:25
Hits604  Comments1    
Harley receives a transmission from my old friend Panterra, who claims he's killed me, so immediately I head to his location to sort the whole thing out.  Obviously he's come across one my clones, and has mistaken it for being the real me.  Not that hard to do when you consider they have all of my memories, but this one must have lost it's ever loving mind.  Panterra is a powerhouse and his power armor gives him the strength to lift 80 tons, he's easily as skilled as I am and his Adamantine/Mythril armor is nearly as indestructible as my own. he carries a vast array of weapons as well.  I wouldn't want to take him on unless I had no other choice.

Apparently Panterra was tracking down some downloaded data and ran across this loser and in the heat of battle inadvertently snapped the poor guy's neck.

When I transport in I can tell my old friend doesn't quite recognize me. In fact he looks kinda stunned.

He immediately goes into a fighting stance and squares off against me.

"Whoa whoa whoa, relax dude, I'm not here for a fight."

"He said the same thing.  Then I guess he changed his mind."

I look down at the clone's corpse and I shudder. Panterra is no joke when it comes to hand to hand at that clone should have known better...Why would he do something that foolish?

"Look old cat, I can explain the whole thing if you just hear me out."

After a few minutes he's up to speed and a few scans from is equipment confirm what I'm saying.

"Obsidian, that is really messed up so this Nechronos guy is trying to what exactly?"

"We're not sure, apparently he wants something from the Black Mantis but nobody knows what that is exactly."

"Well I've never run into the Black Mantis so I'm really no help.  In fact I came here looking for some missing Namaean scientists who were involved with some new kind of transport technology."

"I hate to say it bro, but I think those people are as good as dead, Nechronos doesn't really take prisoners"

I gesture to the dead clone.

"So I gather. By the way, If that was a clone of you, I'd work on my fighting style if I were you.  He was very sloppy."

"Yeah well I'm a god now so... Besides those clones are a bit cocky and I'm usually full of trepidation and anxiety."

"Perhaps that's a flaw in their creation process?"

"Maybe but I am tired of running into them."

"Well if I hear anything or run across anymore of them I'll keep you posted."

"Sure thing pal."

"Good Hunting Obsidian."

With that he returns to his investigation and I return to my ship with the clone. No answers today just more questions...this is getting old fast.

Give me one good reason.jpg

Give me one good reason.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/8/28 7:18
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I begin my search for Nechronos by first hunting down Takashi's killer, and it doesn't take long to
find my little clone, holed up in a warehouse yet. I decide to handle this old school and begin making my way through the vents. Fortunately for me this warehouse doesn't house anything sensitive so they don't have any sensors in their ventilation shafts. I don't make a sound and it impressed even me how silent I have become. My new powers grant me a level of stealth I have never known before, I mean it's one thing to not make a noise come from you, but no noise comes from anything I touch this means even if I rolled around in these vents nobody would hear the metal buckle. It's creepy actually but as an assassin, dear gods it's frightening.  I spot my quarry below me about 30 feet down and he's discussing his report with an Hadean underling who I let leave without sense killing when I don't have to. I slowly descend upside down on a single strand of webbing, it doesn't creak like rope or cable and  numb nuts doesn't suspect a thing. I am taken bu surprise when he speaks, seriously.

"Come to finish me off?"

He says as he turns to face me. I'm dying to know how he knew I was there but I play it off like it's nothing.

"Word is you did Takashi."

"I did. He was interfering with Nechronos' plans so i was ordered to pay him off or dispose of him. He wouldn't accept the money so..."

"So he basically signed his own death warrant."

"Exactly. I'm surprised you're here, I know you didn't care for him..he was so very pushy."

"Don't get it twisted cloneboy, I'm not here for vengance, I'm here for answers. I want to know what Nechronos is planning and where he's hiding."

"I don't have those answers and if I did I'm certain he would compel me to keep them secret."

He draws his sword, to my utter disbelief. The last time we met I spared him, and gave him his free will.

"I grant you your freedom and this is what you do with it? You do know I'll not be so forgiving this time right?"

"What are you talking about? Until now we have never met. Ah you must be talking about 7, he was...disposed of as well...In truth none of us wanted to do it but that damned compulsion."

"I could free you like I did him. We could use your help and two of me would be incredibly formidable."

"The master has thought of that...he has an eternity crystal...and none of us will be free so long as he lives!"

With that, the moron lunges with his sword, presumably to catch me off guard. I repay his stupidity with a well place fist upside his forehead which sends him flying across the length of the building stopping only when his body meets the reinforced walls. With a flick of my wrists I secure the exits with a powerful webbing that would be difficult for me to cut. He begins to visibly panic scanning the room quickly for an alternate means of escape. There isn't any and he knows it, now he'll fight like the caged animal I just turned him into.

He assumes the standard Djinok ninja fighting stance, and I laugh.

"That's not going to work you know?"

"I'm compelled to do whatever is necessary to complete my mission or die in the attempt.  I can't let you stop me."

He lunges for me again but this time I head butt him sending him reeling from the impact. he swings his blade even more fiercely again and again locking swords with me in this form is practically an exercise in stupidity and tantamount to suicide, I catch his arm under mine pinning him. With the tip of my blade at this throat, I ask him just one question.

"Give me one good reason not to shove this blade straight through your skull."

"One huh?  How about this: I hate Nechronos as much as you do."  


The answer is really good and I ease my grip...just a little.

"Say that again?"

"We all hate him. We're you...we remember everything you do. We know he caused 7 to kill Moonshadow...and there's nothing we can do about it.  We have to obey him...but..."

"But what?"

"We are somewhat rebellious, we can act outside his orders or twist them..when he's not careful we can do a lot of damage to his plans."

"What do you mean?"

"If for instance he tells me to kill someone I can choose when so long as he doesn't specify. Right now in this situation, I can negotiate my way out if I deem it necessary."

"Because you're compelled to do WHATEVER is necessary to complete your mission."

"Precisely. We are compelled to obey him, but..."

"But what?"

"If he were no longer in a position to give orders, like say if he were stone dead. Then we would all be free."

"You keep saying we, and all, exactly how many of me are there?"

"In total thirty seven were created. Thus far twelve have been sacrificed for whatever this plan of his is."

"Holy shit!!! All that from n arm?"

"There's more.  Five of us have your technology and armor."

"Fantastic!  Well at least I know how to dispose of them if I need to.  How did they get hold of my technology though? I mean that is a lot of Absorbium-80 to make 5 suits, we usually recycle ours."

"Nechronos has a man inside the Black Mantis's ranks who has been funneling resources to him. I don't know how he contacts him or any details but I have overheard him speaking to someone he calls Shadowmaster."

"Okay so lets assume I believe all of this...what exactly are you proposing?"

"Nechronos never once told us to be loyal, he told us to obey, and we do. If you promise to kill him and set us all free I'll deliver information to you that will help you stop him...think of me as a mole. If he finds out though he'll wise up and correct the situation. In which case you'll be screwed."

"If that happens i may have no choice but to kill all of you."

"It's a risk we're willing to take, for her. No matter what though, you make that sonofabitch pay for Moonshadow."

"I'm going to risk this, just this once, I know you're not lying, but if you go back on this agreement of your own free will..."

"I know the consequences."

I release his arm and he walks over to a nearby computer. He taps a few buttons and waves me over.

"Take this."

To my surprise he holds up  a data storage chip. Then adds.

"This is a copy of the information I was sent here to get. I was ordered to destroy it when i was done recovering it but he never said I couldn't make a copy for you before i recovered the data.  Like I said...We all hate him."

With a wave of my hand the webbing sealing the exits dissipates and he the clone nods.

"Just one last thing Obsidian."

"What's that?"

"You're gonna have to do some damage..or he'll never believe a word i tell him and he'll make me tell him the truth so if you want to this chip you're gonna have to pry it out of my fingers."

The words no sooner escape his mouth when I send him crashing into another wall with a single blow.  I take the chip from his unconscious body and check to make sure there's no permanent damage and take my leave.  Dissension in the ranks? I'm actually flattered that even a clone of me would still find a way to be as much me as they could. Not sure what'll happen if they all gain their freedom, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna cost me some contracts.

self portrait

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"when she showed off this portrait somebody mentioned that it was fantastic almost lifelike , in her whisper she remarked that she almost burned down the artist trying to hold the pose"

inspired by the final season of the slayers anime along with the song double vision enjoy self portrait

Dark Enchantress

Dark EnchantressPopular
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Her command over the Undead is absolute.

I have posted several images using iray, but this is the first to render to a complete 100%

It is worth noting that this was done on a system that is pushing 8 years, in a 673 x 621 resolution, Only the character, clothing, hair, and 3 lights. This took my system around 26 hours to render. The results are worth the wait for me. So if anyone is thinking of working with iray, here are results of my own work.

Are you serious.jpg

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I walk into my new quarters aboard the refitted Lillun, and I head for the shower but as I remove my helmet I catch a glance at myself in the mirror...and then on reflex I put three rounds into it. I didn't recognize my own reflection, and why?  Because my skin is as black as ink. What in the for real fuck?  I call the only person who can offer any insight into this sudden transformation...The Black Mantis.  In a flash of lightning he's standing before me and the son of a bitch immediately begins to snicker.

"This is funny to you? Are you serious?"

"Yeah" he laughs..."just a little."

"Well would you mind telling me what the hell is going on? I'm not a Drow, Daakalfar, or any other kind of dark elf."

"Is there um, something wrong with being a Drow?"

The tone in his voice suggest he thinks I might be racist..he's got to be kidding.

"Don't be an ass. Your insinuative tone is seriously uncalled for."

"Heh, you're really starting to loosen up, that stick of yours might actually have made it all the way out of your ass.  Seriously, that quiet terror of me was getting old, still don't get too carried away. Okay I'll tell you what's going on. It's simple actually, didn't you ever notice how dark Moonshadow's skin was, I mean her skin was like, seriously black...even for our kind."

"Well, okay maybe a little."

"She was goddess of shadows and intrigue, and now you are. Being a Drow, and change in her skin tone would have been nearly unnoticeable by outsiders. However, on would literally be a change of night and day but look at your eyes, they're still the same so I'm guessing the change is just cosmetic...Heh heh"

"So I'm stuck like this?"

"I'm afraid so...well at least for as long as your remain Lord of Shadows and Intrigue.  Just be glad those spider legs come out of your back and not your waist.  I don't think you'd do so well as a half spider. Ha Ha!"

He leaves as quickly as he came and I go back to the bathroom. With a wave of my hand the mirror is reassembled so I can get a perfect view of my now jet black skin. I need a nap.


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killing ships since 1902
sirens have nothing on this one lol

Il Templare

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Obsidian Spider.jpg

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Okay this "God" thing is kinda cool but the power itself has some unique aspects, things you think you'd normally be in charge of just go according to divine will aka the power itself influences decisions based apparently on personality and well, I look like freakin Spydra.  Same armor as I always use but with 8 creepy looking spider legs sticking out of my back, and of course as a demigod I can't create an avatar and after hearing what one of those really are I don't want to. I mean would you really want a remote controlled you? In any case I end up looking like some kind of superhero.  The up side is I'm physically very powerful fast as well with a whole host of abilities I have yet to fully explore, but my little clone is in for one helluva shock when I find him, and here on Thrassa 4, a burned out planet that ended with a devastating nuclear war, I just might find my quarry. In the distance I see his fighter, and while I'm not sure what he's looking for here, I am certain that once I find him I'm gonna beat the answers out of him before I tear out his spine...Wow that last comment was uncalled for, I have to get a handle on these divine emotional outbursts...something bad could happen or worse yet it could change me...into something dark.

I set my hovercycle on a distant rooftop far from my quarries ability to detect, and then summon a couple of spiders to use as spies. With my new powers I can see through their eyes and hear what they hear like little spy drones. and they will go completely unnoticed unless they attack him...and they won't.

"Shadowveil, are you inside the structure?"

His radio is loud to a spider, and the itty bitty teeny tiny one on his shoulder is right next to it.

"Yes master Nechronos, I am searching for the relic now."

I shadow slide to where he is with ease, an ability that allows me to travel from one shadow to another and remain unseen.  I find myself in the unique position of either getting the jump on him and taking my revenge or finding out what he's up to.  I choose the latter. The spider legs on my back are not a show piece they are functional and allow me to climb effortlessly onto the ceiling unheard and unseen.  As the imposter searches high and low I use spiders from everywhere to keep tabs on him.  He reaches a vault and that's when I know exactly what I have to do next. Using my shadow slide I enter the vault and jam the lock, which won't stop him for long but a quick Forcewall spell should stop him form cutting through the door. once inside I begin EMT-ing everything in the vault, whatever he's looking for he won't find it in here today.I step back into the shadows and out of the vault. He looses his little clone mind and slashes the hell out of the vault door it fall to pieces before the might of my blade.  I want it back and the instant I find out what he's looking for I'm taking it. as he starts to enter the vault I dispel my magic and let him through.

"Master Nechronos, the vault is empty. and it looks like it was recently...very recently"

He begins looking around and I know he's scanning for me but mortal technology is no match for divine power. After a couple minutes he stops to call his boss..again

"I have made a complete scan of the area, the time key is not within range.  I don't understand master, I detected it here and my scanners are not easily fooled."

"Someone has obviously beaten you to the punch, return to base and destroy the building."

I see him reach for an anti-matter grenade (at least it looks like one) and I web the damned thing to his hand.

"What the?"

It's an ambush of the highest degree he is lost and as I web one foot, then the other, running circles around the room unheard and unseen.  In mere moments he is bound from head to to toe minus one spot.

As I step from the shadows I use my spider legs to remove my blade from his belt and place it firmly in my hand.

"I don't know who you are you Spydra wannabe but you are seriouslly messing with the wrong guy.  Drop dead."

The last time he and I met he chuckled when I said that, the noise that comes from my mouth is a total shock, to the both of us, and it scares the hell out me.

MWaaaaahahahahahahaaaa,  ( did I just laugh maniacally?) this god thing has got to go.  "That didn't work any better on me than it did when i tried it on you."

"Obsidian Mask, I should've guessed. Whats with the spider getup?"

As I command the spiders to crawl over him, I can't help but feel a bit smug...but I'm not stupid...I know he's calling for his ship...the spider hiding inside his helmet as much as told me so.

"There's no Obsidian Mask, you saw to that when you killed Moonshadow, I am Obsidian Spider now. God of Itrigue."

He is visibly shaking, I just dropped some knowledge on him and he's scared of the god-spider or at least that's what i thought, until he says...

"Moonshadow?  I-I killed her?  N-No I couldn't have, I l-love her....YOU LIE!!!"

Remorse? Could it be he was acting on instinct and didn't know?

"I'm afraid not friend, you took my sword and ran her through...and you are immortal."

"If I had killed her I would have gained her divine pow...ers."

"So you figured since you didn't get her powers you didn't kill her, and that her wound wasn't fatal? Well you were wrong weren't you skippy?  You took off before the transfer and before she actually died. Her abilities were bestowed upon me as she lay dying.  Feel good about yourself?"

"Nooo!!!! It's not TRUE!!  I would never.."

"Never what? Do your master's bidding?  How can you come from me and call anyone master?"

"You, don't understand..."

"Enlighten me."

"I don't have a choice, his magic compels me, I can question my orders but I can disobey them."

"Well isn't that just peachy? Of course that may not fly with the Black Mantis, he wants your boss dead...and you know why he's called "The Multiverse's Greatest Assassin" there's nowhere and no-when Nechronos can hide from him."

"He's actually pretty powerful himself, but there's  more to it than that, he's infiltrated the Black Mantis's realm, that was how he got that sword to Razor."

"You mean this sword?" I ask in a sinister tone as I hold it menacingly close to his face.

"I take it that means YOU killed him."

"Ever so slowly too."

The memory of that now feels enjoyable, and for just a moment I can imagine doing that same thing to my doppelganger here and a smile crawls across my face...I catch myself and turn away.

"Slowly? You sound like you enjoyed it. That doesn't sound like me. Maybe your divine appointment is having a more profound effect on you than you can handle."

Faster than I can think or even comprehend I'm all the way across the room, and with less effort than it takes to swat a fly I put this guy through three walls.  The next words I speak I am only barely aware of, I mean them but I don't want to say them.

"YOU!!!  You have no right to speak of my burden as if you can comprehend what it means to bear it!  I would rather have Moonshadow than her might any day but because of you this is what I have become."

A glowing red light fills the room we now stand in, I can tell he's seriously injured with several broken bones.  They power corrupts, and I know what they mean as I lift his broken body off the ground with my monstrous appendages to hold him before me. Every instinct tells me to end him now, but a small voice in the darkness that soothes me to my very being, whispers "Hold onto the light." and what could have been a bloodbath ends with me tossing him to the ground like a bag of wet sand.

"The voice of my beloved has saved you this day.  Tell your master we know about him and that we're coming for him. I grant you this clone."

With a wave of my hand I alter the magic that binds him to his master and I alter it just enough so that my blade is again mine alone.

"What did you do?"

"I took from you his compulsion. You will is now your own, live with what you have done and know that all that you know of your life is a lie, a shadow of mine, you are a sham and a fake. Make something of yourself or die I care not."      Inside my head I hear myself saying "Who talks like that." This is getting out of hand. I shadow step once more and leave this broken elf to his own devices. I have much to contemplate now.

Love & War:Re do

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I was Happy with the original image I posted 4 years ago. It still remains one of a handful of the images I have done that I am happy with. I wanted to go back and see if I could make it better.

Updated the Armour, Dragon and overall look to be a little darker in nature.

I am happy with this as well as there is absolutely no post work or filters. This was done sing DAZ Studio.

I will post a side by side in comments.


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In the realm of the Black Mantis I find that time passes differently, for every month I spend here only a minute passes in my own world, and because of this I am able to take the time to learn how to use my newly acquired divine powers.  I gain all of the aspects of a spider, and have insane uses for webs, as well as the knowledge of secrets. No mortal can hide form me what I wish to know. I have the ability to make a mortal willing tell me anything, I can absorb the information contained in any medium simply by touching it. Books, computers anything, I know passwords to all mortal devices with absolute certainty and I find there's roughly a 60% chance I know the password of any magical device about 80% if it's mortal made.  And I don't need my sword to use magic, no I know just about every spell there is and if i don't know it , it doesn't exist.   This is how Moonshadow was able to find my quarry so quickly and so accurately, the black mantis was right I was using her without even knowing it. We buried Moonshadow on a beautiful hill here and they erected a shrine in her honor, and I was informed that without the rest of the "Pantheon" I would be vulnerable to her enemies and so I reluctantly joined their ranks...provisionally.  When all this is over I will select a successor who will take over in the meantime I learn that gods take these power transfers seriously and that there's a lot of pomp and circumstance involved.  The rest of them may think this is a time for celebration but I do not.  During the festivities I find myself thinking of her, and how wrong all of this is. I didn't want this and life is playing one hell of a practical joke on me, a clone of me kills my new love, Razor cuts my bloody arm off and nearly kills my best friend, and some psychopath I have never heard of is responsible for it all.

I stare out of the large bay window in secluded room, my head reeling from the ungodly amounts of information flooding into my brain that I don't want, trying to make sense of it all when I become keenly aware that I'm not alone.  A servant has entered the room, and rather quietly too, shiny and metallic it appears to be some sort of android, and apparently female.

"His majesty has the great and powerful Mantis has sent me to see if you need anything. I am called PDX-17 and I am at your service."

She stands about 5'7" and if she were a real woman she'd be very attractive...not that I'm interested mind you.

"No thank you Sindhe,." I say off the top of my head "Why did I call you that? I'm sorry, PDX-17 is it?"

"H-How did you know my true name? I have not been called that in centuries sire."

Never seen an android act like that before, she's overwhelmed by hearing that name I wonder could she be...?

"PDX-17, were you you are now?  An android I mean."

She seems stunned that I'd ask, and is visibly taken aback.

"N-No sire, I was once mortal of flesh and blood. I am now bound to this form."

That's what I thought, and in an instant i know just about everything there is to know about her. Her childhood, where she grew up, her first love, how she came to be in her predicament, and even how to return her to her true form. She wants to return to her true form but all those she knew and loved are long gone and she's very insecure and...  I start to become lost in her world, and and have to pull myself out of the swirling mist of information.  This is one of the drawbacks to being the god of intrigue and secrets, I am also the god of knowledge and it is all too easy to become lost in someone's life as I see it from their perspective, I only need touch them or be in the presence of someone who does not wish to keep their life story a secret in order to gain every detail of knowledge about them, unfortunately I also gain an empathy and can get caught up in the whirlwind of emotions. Sheesh how do these guys deal with this...Practice I guess.

"Are you alright sire, you seem lost in thought.  Should I return later?"

She's intrigued by me, attracted to me, her feelings for me are quite clear to me, but I am simply not in the mood to entertain them right now.  It's freeing to know how someone feels about you it kinda makes things easy when dealing with relationships I guess.  They don't have to demonstrate how they feel or constantly show what you, that is I, mean to them because I instantly know.  


Oh crap I drifted off again, this is very distracting.

"No um I don't need anything right now, thank were missed."

"I-I'm sorry sire but..."

"Your friends and family, they missed you a lot, and they loved you...they were okay. I know you always wondered."

"Thank you sire."

She places her fingers over her lips, quickly bows and runs out of the room, presumably to go cry, but they are tears of joy.  It feel nice to give someone something they need on an emotional level.  That's when the realization hits me, that's what Moonshadow did for me.  I miss her...but part of her is here, and if I want I can get lost in her life with ease. I won't, I can't, there are more important matters to attend to and as I stare out of the window over the vast city before me I know what must be done and I'm good with it.  My clone must die, and I must be the one to kill him, and I know where to begin my search.   I summon the Lillun and meet her at the space dock, but as she approaches I'm completely floored.  I barely recognize her, the Black Mantis' people have made some major upgrades and there's just no reason for the level of overkill he had put in her, she was already one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy, she IS the most powerful ship in the galaxy. I have been doing everything in my power to avoid serving the Black Mantis but I am starting to think I may have been hasty in that decision, I mean I know he's crazy, and insanely powerful but he travels through the vast realities of the multiverse, only now am I gaining a true appreciation of the possibilities for adventure that could bring. I can't be the High Justiciar forever, and serving Analaeus isn't really my thing, I've never been comfortable in that role.  I have some serious thinking to do gotta be careful though, it's just too easy to get lost in it.

Daddy's Home.jpg

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What happened here? Answer me !!! I'm certain the Black Mantis would actually want me to answer him.  The trouble with that is, he's choking the life out of me. I try to pry his fingers loose but it's a futile effort at best, I hear the servos audibly strain against his physical power and even my cybernetics start shorting out. Everything gets all snowy like when you're watching a video with poor reception.  I always though this sonofabitch would kill me, I just didn't think it would be today. The whole world starts going black and his booming voice becomes a mere echo in the distance and just as I make peace with the end...

"Gaaah <hack> <cough> Wha, what happened?  Am I dead?"

I'm surprised to feel air filling my lungs although m,y throat feels like it was massaged by an elephant.

"No, you're not dead Obsidian...not yet.  You have much to answer for. For example, why is may eldest child lay there bereft of life and yet you stand before aglow with her divine might? Did you deceive her, just to become a god? I know how it's done, how do you think I gained my divine status?"

His voice is cold as ice and I'm more terrified than I've ever been in my entire life. He could have ended me quickly with a twist if his wrist but I don't think he wanted to or I'd be dead where I stand.

"I was attacked, she came to help, and she was run through with my blade."

I've never seen his face and I'm quite certain that the visage I see now is some kind of illusion but his glowing eyes feel as if they're burning a hole into my soul.

"If what you say is true then why do you have her powers?"

"The assailant didn't stick around, I doubt he knew she was a goddess. She died in my arms and told me this divine power was a gift and not to throw my life away but all I want to do is kill the bastard who took her from me!"

We hadn't known each other long but it felt like an eternity,a blissful forever, that was stolen from me by some cruel twist of fate.

"Why didn't you kill him? He was holding your enchanted blade was he not?"

Here's the good part and I'd like to hear his opinion on why this guy didn't die.

"I tried, I spoke the command phrase but nothing happened. All I know is that this guy was trained by my clan. The move he used to disarm me was created by them..'

"Why did you relinquish your blade?"

I thought for sure I could easily kill him using the sword's failsafe but it didn't work and all I got for my trouble was skewered. That's when Moonshadow showed up and this guy didn't miss a beat, he turned on his heels and ran her through too."

"There is only one possibility that would explain why he didn't die when you spoke the command...He is you."


I can't believe my ears, there's no way this can be true.

"He is either form an alternate timeline, or a clone."


The words ring in my ears as I remember Razor cutting off my arm. Yeah, that would be more than enough raw DNA to do the job. It would certainly explain how he just waltzed right in here without the alarms going ape shit.

"Wait a second, even with accelerated growth how could anyone make a clone that has my fighting skills?"

The Black Mantis reverts back to his diminutive self with a flash, and seems more somber now.

"It is possible though few besides those in my pantheon are familiar with the magics involved, one could create a clone that possesses all of the knowledge and skills of the original. However, it would still die from the enchantments on your sword...this is something else.  As of now, I am formally requesting your assistance, our standard arrangement plus a bonus should suffice. I want you to find my daughter's killer and bring back his head and only his head. I also want you to find out who created him or how he came to be. If there is anyone responsible, I want to know who it is so that I might deal with them myself."

One name immediately comes to mind.

"Nechronos, that was the name of the guy who I most recently crossed paths with.  He sent an old enemy of mine after me and that was how I lost my arm."

He seems puzzled at that last part, I guess he's not omniscient.

"Your arm? Yes that would suffice for a small army of clones, you may be in for more trouble than I first suspected. Let me see your arm."

I show him my cybernetic limb and he as I watch it materializes into an actual arm. I knew he do things like this but when everything we know says I have to wait to fix it and that I can't do it at all without Razor's sword, and then this guy just waves his hand I have to wonder...what the hell does he ever need me for?

"I'm curious Obsidian, why didn't you just repair it with cloned material?"

"Good question. It seems my old adversary used a mythril sword that not only prevents healing but can also stand up to my Infinitium sword."

"Oh is this so? I want to see this blade, show it to me."

I don't often say not to this guy and this is a simple request. I take him to where we're keeping the sword and as he walks into the room I hear him start to laugh.

"Hahaha, do you know what you have here?"

"No." I say stupidly

"This is not a mythril blade, this is an Infinitium blade."

"Um my scanners revealed it to be mythril."

"It was design to cloak itself from detection, I should know...I forged it and I enchanted it. However, this should be in my vault.  Someone has betrayed me or this Nechronos found a way to steal from me. So be it, take this blade, it is yours now and will obey your commands as your previous sword did. They share many of the same powers save that this one is further enchanted to prevent healing of any kind.  You are lucky to have escaped with your life.  You can of course reverse the effects but you need to know the sword's name to do that."

"What is the sword's name?"

"Doombringer.  I have bound it to you, use it well, but I will have it returned once you have yours safely back in your hands.  Now onto more important business.  YOU will need to learn how to use your divine abilities, and for that we must return to my realm. Incidentally, did Moonshadow ever tell you what sphere she was goddess of?"

"No.  It never came up, and I didn't want to take advantage of her like that anyway."

"Oh didn't you? I believe you took advantage of her abilities repeatedly."

"No I didn't I only ever asked her to use your resources to help...hunt...down...Razor.  What are you trying to say?"

"She was the goddess of secrets, Goddess of shadows, and espionage. In short she was the patron of spies, and intrigue. You called on her often, and I dare say that someone with your particular talents should be able to make great use of her powers. Her divine form was truly something to behold, half spider half dark elf.  I can't wait to see what form you take.  Come lets be off we have much to do and you have much to learn."

Yeah after that speech I'm getting rid of these powers whatever may be, at the first opportunity, but only after I've dealt with Nechronos, and my cliche is that really?

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