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SubmittervoltronreturnsMore Photos from voltronreturns   Last Update2021/12/24 21:49
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merry christmas


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2021/11/4 18:43
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Ever wondered where the Dimension Tide sent him?

Well, now ya know.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2021/4/21 18:58
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Beat that ya fire-snortin lizard!


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2020/10/4 16:56
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SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2021/3/23 19:08
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And the flew the poo!


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2020/6/21 9:30
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And don't mess with his heir unless you're suicidal.

Happy Father's Day.

Return to Coruscant.jpg

Return to Coruscant.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/18 2:06
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Got a couple of new Star Wars freebies so I thought I'd put together an image...been wanting the J type-327 Nubian for some time now. This image shows it approaching Corisant with 2 N-1escorts. Is that the queen aboard?


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2019/8/4 6:50
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YOU RANG?Popular
SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2019/10/4 18:21
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So ookey and kookey.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2019/3/7 13:52
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...Of battle.


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2019/4/18 10:44
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SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2019/5/29 15:46
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During the filming of Godzilla vs Hedorah Kenpachiro Satsuma, the actor who played Hedorah came down with a sudden case of appendicitis and had to undergo an emergency appendectomy.


Incidentally it was also the day Mr Satsuma learned he was immune to pain killers....

New Rides.jpg

New Rides.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2019/1/3 12:52
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So In a colossal act of utter stupidity I accidentally deleted hundreds of files for popular media models... It made me physically sick. Some of them are no longer available anywhere and some I have no money to replace. On the plus side... I was able to reacquire a great many of them which now have to be sorted.   That being said I have acquired some upgraded versions of models that are this Star Destroyer.  So fns get ready for some updated images of some old favorites. New techniques, new models, and new outlook.

Shadow of Snake Mountain.

Shadow of Snake Mountain.Popular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/21 15:06
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I decide to ditch the hover-bike in favor of my Cyber-steed Onyx, and a good thing too as I realize my approach would have been easily detected from miles away.  I can't use my scanners to check for magical energies because Eternia is practically MADE of magic so as I travel I have to watch for dangers the old-fashioned way.  I have a couple of small run-ins with some indigenous monstrosities which doesn't end well for them, but as I travel I notice a wonderful mixture of magic and inappropriately applied technology everywhere I travel.  There's even a point at which I run into a talking tree, who after a lengthy chat, agrees to direct me to Snake mountain providing I'll regale it with a couple of my adventures (apparently trees don't get out much).   I also have run in with a tiny floating half-assed mage by the name Orko the Magnificent, or the Great, or whatever,  he was helpful but otherwise useless with magic. He said I shouldn't go to Snake Mountain, but offered to help with my dilemma saying he knew just the right person to help me.  I passed on his offer and thanked him just the same.  After all I'm sure he was suggesting I turn to Eternia's champion who I have been hearing so much about since I got here.   He-Man is a big deal here, but thus far I'm not impressed considering all of his most formidable adversaries remain alive, well, and unincarcerated. Mine are... few in number these days, either because they're dead or imprisoned.  I don't like loose ends.  

As I near the foot of the mountain I am approached by and orange man that reminds me of an Orc, and what I can only describe as a green fish-person.  

"Halt stranger!" The Beast-Man shouts!

"This is Skeletor's lands you are now and you're trespassing!" The Mer-Man adds

These two carry melee weapons I wouldn't exactly describe as "Threatening" but they mean to cause a problem.

"Gentlemen," I reply as my proximity sensors detect movement behind me, I'd be glad to discuss this peacefully, if you wouldn't mind lowering your weapons?"

The two men laugh and the Third one has stopped moving, and has now lined up directly behind me.

"I don't think so." the Mer-Man gurgles "That fancy horse of yours looks valuable and I'd wager you have coin."

"Besides, Skeletor will definitely want to see YOU in person." The furry Orc thing adds.

"You think it's gonna be that easy huh?" I was trying to avoid a run-in so soon, but it is what it is. I drop a proximity flash mine discreetly behind me.

The three pounce as on, a bit of coordination they didn't seem capable of at first.  I've underestimated them, and now I'm gonna pay for it.  They grab me by the arms and pull in  opposite directions as the third guy, a well-muscled Solaran-esque with a ring-like visor with three cybernetic eyes, steps out from his cover approaches. The two who have hold of me are strong but they're holding weapons without knowing it. The three-eyed Triclops sets off the flash mine and I catch all three of them with the resulting flare. With my right gauntlet I launch my grappling line into the Beast-Man punching straight through his chest.  I don't hit anything vital but it causes him to release my arm. With my right arm now free I spin into the Mer-Man smashing my forearm into his flat Fish-like face.  As his face erupts with blood he stops fighting and goes down in pain. Triclops is not so lucky as these two as Onyx, my faithful steed, Kicks the living shit out of him.  With all three of them down Onyx and I bolt out of there confident that they didn't have any communications equipment on their person.  Normally I'd stay to finish these idiots off but the Sorceress was pretty insistent on not leaving a trail of blood, and since I don't LIVE in my armor I'll defer o her magical highness.  Now onward to Snake Mountain.

Leroy Brown

Leroy BrownPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2019/9/13 10:12
Hits841  Comments4    
~Encyclopedia Brown is a series of books featuring the adventures of boy detective Leroy Brown, nicknamed "Encyclopedia" for his intelligence and range of knowledge. The series of 29 children's novels was written (one co-written) by Donald J. Sobol, with the first book published in 1963 and the last novel published posthumously, in 2012. The Encyclopedia Brown series has spawned a comic strip, a TV series, and compilation books of puzzles and games.~
~in memory of Eunice P. Hilliard~
hey HMers,
one of my fondest memories of my childhood was reading mr. donald sobol's  encyclopedia brown i remember it i was introduced to them by a young english teacher who would later become one of the finest educators  and guidance councelors baltimore city maryland has ever seen.
during my young years she taught me the importance and joys of reading and words.over the years i spent hours reading whatever i could get my hands on be it solving mysteries with leroy ,nancy,frank and joe or sitting at the round table with arthur even adventuring through the forests of sherwood.not to mention the comics i bought with my 35cents allowance.least i forget our wonderful scrabble games.
 as a late teen i found my true love, art.i began to tell stories of my own as pictures.jump forward give or take to about 22 years ago i shaped an art collection called infinite eye comprised of images and stories.a small part of i'm happy to say, are a part of this gallery.
you see the lady,affectionately known as mrs hilliard to students,friends and peers was my mom.without the gifts she gave me i may never have reached my dream of telling you all my stories.
mom passed away this past may.even though she's moved on from this world she will always be next to me watching as i continue to tell my dreams .
thanks always mom...


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/8/5 11:20
Hits853  Comments2    
Another commissioned piece for my nephew I added the logo (His version doesn't have one) The shot took longer to set up than the sculpt but we're both happy with the final result.

Call of She-Ra.jpg

Call of She-Ra.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/18 14:42
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A sword was delivered to me by private messenger. I didn't know at the time that not only was it from a parallel universe but that it was the incredibly famous "Sword of Protection" the mighty enchanted blade of the legendary She-Ra, twin sister of He-Man.  The question that brings me to Eternia however, is why was it delivered to me.  I have crossed paths with her through my adventures just once and it didn't exactly end well. *  Actually I crossed paths with her impersonator...then her... it's long story.  I stand on the bridge of Castle Grayskull, and I know full well what awaits inside... A powerful mage calleed simply "The Sorceress" the magic radiating from the mighty castle is almost palatable and while I do not fear magical energies,  the very same magic granted a man and a woman near cosmic powers.  The villains of Eternia have yet to show but I have enough information on this place to know that I shouldn't miss if Skeletor shows his skeletal face. The second question looming in the darkness is what happened to She-Ra/Adora.  The phantasm will wait in orbit above the planet and I'll keep my hoverbike planetside to get around. as I approach the drawbridge of the mighty castle the sword's gem begins to glow ominously. Suddenly the drawbridge lowers and I can see an eerie green light emanating from within.

"The welcome wagon I guess? How very melodramatic."

"Enter Champion, do not fear you are perfectly safe within the walls of Castle Grayskull." Says a woman's voice from seemingly everywhere.

Nice words from the ghost voice and incidentally more melodrama.  I'm holding a magical sword that belongs here so I figure it's not a setup.

I enter the cave-like interior as a large brightly colored eagle soars in from above circling until it reaches eye level at which point it turns into a very beautiful Solaran-Looking woman. She appears to be middle aged and has an air of wisdom about her that reminds me of the Black Scarab from my reality. She approaches slowly and greets me with a smile.

"Greetings champion. I am the Sorceress and I have summoned you here for a mission of great importance."

"Let me guess lady, She-Ra is missing and you want me to find her.  Fair warning, I don't do freebies. Unless my entire galaxy or the universe itself is at stake."

"There is much at stake here. Perhaps all of Eternia or the universe itself."

"Bullshit lady.  The two heavy hitters on your rock are Skeletor and that loser Hordak. Both of which should have been shot in the head ages ago but you guys are too goody goody to get the job done. "

"Be that as it may Obsidian Mask, the powers have told me that you are the one Eternia and Etherea needs right now."

"The powers? You Mean Odin, Zeus, Ra, and the rest? Yeah I'm familiar with them. They know my price as well. I'll save your friend, but it won't be for free. No money, jewels, and treasure don't mean shit to me."

"I  see, well at least it can be said that you are incorruptible by mortal means.  Very well the magics of Grayskull will be at your disposal but only once you have returned She-Ra here."

"I'd expect nothing less... I'll go interview the usual suspects... I'm sure Skeletor will be DYING to have a chat with me."

"I personally expect you to not drown Eternia in a river of blood."

"Hmph, you mortals are all the same... So bloody Merciful to those who plague you."

"Did you say...Mortals?"

"Yes, I did."

"Do you mean to say that you are..."

"Immortal, yes.  I have lived far longer than you and I will be around long after you are gone.  I will Return She-Ra t you assuming she yet lives."

"The sword Obsidian, is bound to Adora and pulses with her very life force. So long as the jewel shines she lives."

With that, I take my leave and make way for my next stop... Snake Mountain.  

Skeletor Encounter.jpg

Skeletor Encounter.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/12/21 15:07
Hits869  Comments1    
The entrance to snake mountain is next to impossible to find and since time is of the essence I use a Phase portal to create one. I latch it to the wall causing a small section of the two foot thick stone to phase out becoming immaterial. As I step through it is very apparent that Skeletor is a man of mysticism a conclusion I gather from the decorations and paraphernalia all around the interior of this place.   I decide to cloak and make my way cautiously through the interior. It's a room by room search and voiding inanimate golems starts becoming a thing.  It doesn't take long to find the Mage responsible for their creation though. Dressed in cliche' black (I should talk) with a cape, she actually pretty hot looking in her weird looking one-piece bikini like bustier and gogo-boots.  Nice look indeed but it's her staff that gets  my full attention.  Mages and their staves, I'm not sure why but they all seem to have one...and a wand or two.  

"The witch appears to be Divining something and as I move closer, I realize I should've killed those three idiots when I had the chance.  Magic is a great replacement for most technology especially where communication is concerned.

"Beastman," She bellows "Report, have you seen any trace of He-Man?  Beastman answer me!"

"He cannot answer Evil-Lynn, Triclops is seeing to his wounds." Fish-head's response doesn't come as a surprise to me.

"What wounds, and why is your face covered in blood? Were you attacked by He-Man or has the imbecile fallen over his own two oafish feet again?" The contempt in her voice would suggest she's higher on the food chain than they were, makes sense.

"We were attacked Evil-Lynn but not by He-Man, some stranger in black on a black steed." Heh I love hearing what the bad guys say about me. It's amazing the details they leave out to save face.

"A stranger you say?  Not He-Man? I must report this to Skeletor at once!  See to Beastman and continue to watch for He-Man, Skeletor's plans must not be thwarted this time!"

"As you command Evil-Lynn."

Did she say Thwarted, Oafish? Wow.  At least he's gonna lead me right to the head honcho.  I follow her through the winding corridors making mental notes of the several traps she disables as she goes.  There's a lot of them actually.

In no time we're in the throne room of what I personally consider biggest comic book cliche' in all of my 300 plus years, this has to top even Dominion. The skull-faced (not sure how functions with that) blue-skinned muscular man sits upon his dragon motif throne, staff in hand (Yup I knew he was a mage). Nearby is a rather large Dark purple Panther whose fur looks like velvet in the dim light. I get the name now Skeletor... I'm gonna be ill if I hear one more pun-name. The big skull-faced man turns to look at his fellow mage (A trick to be sure considering he's got no eyes.) and addresses her with the same disdain she addresses his men with. His nasally voice is annoying at best as he speaks.

"This had better be good Evil-Lynn, or Panthor will dining on with-legs tonight."

He name the Panther...Panthor. Yup I'm gonna be sick...I might have to kill someone.

"Might'y Skeletor, your men have been attacked!"

"Then He-Man is on his way?"

"No sire, it was not He-Man but someone new."

"Great, a new hero who makes my men look like the fools they are.  And who is this you have brought with you?"

He can see me? No eyes, he must have another way to see me... Damn

"What, who?"

As I de-cloak I select an animal tranquilizer and get ready for the big kitty to do something stupid. The look on the witch's face is priceless.

"You? Who are you?" She says as she raises her staff.

Nope, I shoot her first. Sleep tight sister. The nano-injectors see to it that she's not overdosed as she slumps to the floor.  Skeletor cackles maniacally as he rises to his feet. I'm certain he thinks he has the upper hand but I point my pistol at him and pauses.  In a fit of bravado he says.

"You only get one shot fool, shoot me and Panthor here will tear you to shreds.  If you shoot him then I'll destroy you mysel-"

I shoot the cat.  He aims his staff at me and fires a bolt of energy, the impact does affect me for some reason but the energy is absorbed

"Okay skull face, now that that's out of the way..." I tap the selector on my pistol and select my latest creation, an Absorbium 120 weave bullet it's special ability,  It goes right through force-fields.

"You must be the stranger who attacked my men, it's clear now how you managed it.  So did he-Man send you?"

These guys are really preoccupied with He-Man.

"No, but I don't reveal information about my clients."

"Clients" he says slyly "If you're being paid I can double whatever offer you've been made more than that I can offer you power."

"Are you serious? Do you think a Mercenary of my quality can simply be bought with a better offer?"

"That is how it works yes?"

"What about my reputation you retard? Who would ever hire me if I simply switch sides at the drop of a hat like that?"

"Join me and you'll never have to worry about working for anyone again. Hheheheheheee"

I put three rounds in the wall next to his head and I have his undivided attention.

"Y-you actually mean to destroy me?"

"Noooo. If I wanted to destroy you I'd level this place and leave you alive. I mean to KILL YOU. Assuming of course you don't answer my questions."

"Grrr Fine ask your questions."

"Don't get slick skull face, I'll know if you're lying and each time you do it, I'll put a bullet in you."

He looks concerned,  and while I think he's playing for time I want him to know I'm not PLAYING at all. To that end I place a proximity mine near the exits.  I explain what they are and how lethal they will be for anyone unfortunate enough to activate them.

I sit him in his throne, and begin my interrogation.

"I'm looking for She-Ra and you are my prime suspect. Do you know anything about her recent disappearance?"

"What are you kidding? I have enough problems dealing with He-Man why in Eternia would I want to add Hordak's problems on top of my own?"

"Hordak? Word is he's YOUR former boss. I'm guessing that he may have asked you to do him a favor?"

"Get real, I want nothing to do with Hordak, he can rot on Etheria for all I care and good riddance if he does."

"Okay then why the watch for He-Man?"

He hesitates but I twist the gun in my hand and he thinks better of it.

"It's too late for anyone to do anything now but if you must know I have recently come across the means to take over Castle Grayskull."

With that revelation he taps a little but on his throne and I'm dropped into a pit. with the speed of thought I flash a new feature installed into my armor, a jetpack that slows my descent enough to save me from being skewered on the spikes at the bottom. Now enraged I kick the gate that separates this place from the rest of snake mountain. I hear several explosions and chuckle somebody thought I was bullshitting about the mines.  I hear a commotion above and the sounds of battle... He-Man has arrived.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2019/12/31 6:19
Hits918  Comments2    
I've waited years to do this .

May the new decade be a good one.

Bass Reeves

Bass ReevesPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/10/6 11:40
Hits929  Comments4    
~Bass Reeves (July 1838 12 January 1910) was the first black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River. He worked mostly in Arkansas and the Oklahoma Territory. During his long career, he was credited with arresting more than 3,000 felons. He shot and killed 14 outlaws in self-defense.Bass Reeves rode a big gray horse, wore a black hat, and gave out silver dollars as a calling card.Some say U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves was the inspiration for The Lone Ranger.~
Hiya peeps,
hope you all are ok out there. it's been a minute since i've posted i know.until recently i've had an assortment of computer mishaps nevertheless i'm approaching 500 online images.not a lot for around 12 years of rendering but i am proud to say i was doing a google search the other day and spotted one of my 'spectre' images.what can i say, i'm always happy to find my art unexpectedly like that.
anyhoo i discovered this old west hero while browsing youtube.i'm a sucker for a cool hero as we all know.this time as i was watching his story daz was already loaded with a half sculpted doubt his story will keep me busy for a while.
anyhoo enjoy,
*can't wait to see morgan freeman play this guy


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/4/28 11:57
Hits957  Comments3    


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/4/2 11:31
Hits973  Comments2    
He will rampage across the galaxy.

Plunder world after world.

All to satisfy his addiction to rock candy!

Please Dont make me angry ...

Please Dont make me angry ...Popular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/6/1 23:39
Hits975  Comments2    
anybody remember bill bixby ? his portrayal of dr. david banner/the incredible hulk always gave me chills.poor guy messed around with  some gamma rays in a lab and had to go on the run.i hated the reporter fool who chased him eeeeverywhere.i felt so sad cause he was just tryin to find some peace but noooo... but at the same time i was like 'hell yeah !! go green on em bill !' whenever he said those immortal words  ' please don't make me angry,you won't like me when i'm angry ' . i think my whole generation wished they could green when they got picked on lol.
anyhoo see ya'll in a few...


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/4/5 10:02
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chen zhen vs wong fei hung

chen zhen vs wong fei hungPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/3/8 12:56
Hits994  Comments2    
welcome to kungfoooo akshun theater !!! just finished morphing genesis versions of two of the greatest martial artists of all time- if any of ya'll are fans of them you might be able to figure out who the are from the title.a little clue ,both characters actually played the first name in the title...
i would loved to have seen them on film together but only if it was made in asia, by golden harvest or somebody like that.only because one or both would have gone down with the honor their films always portrayed.
anyhoo enjoy peeps,

Help control the pet population...

Help control the pet population...Popular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   Last Update2018/9/27 8:00
Hits1007  Comments4    
Get your pet(s) and Beastman spade or neutered.

[Skeletor was made using the new Brute 8]
[Evil Lyn was made using Genesis 8 female]
[Beastman was made using the Beast for Genesis 8 Male]
[Panthor was made using Daz Big Cat 2]

2001: A Safe Odyssey

2001: A Safe OdysseyPopular
SubmitterSadmanMore Photos from Sadman   Last Update2017/6/28 16:16
Hits1010  Comments3    
Wanted to use a Nasa-style font on this but when skewed it proved pretty hard to read. Ditto all my space-age, techno and stencil fonts, so I settled on Yu Gothic.

Original photo of spaceship Discovery 1 found on The 2001 Archive. (


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/1/14 8:06
Hits1022  Comments1    
Oh, yeah, they'd make a great duo.

At least until their clashing egos cause them to turn on each other...

Three Sixteen

Three SixteenPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/6/30 7:15
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hiya peeps,
i'm presently in full swing with a bunch of new projects some of which will be ...of course...some of my favorite wrestlers.stone cold and john cena were 2 of my first fully morphed ones. i've played around with flair,taker,and hbk ideas in the past but imho nothing spectacular.
anyhoo here's another stone cold... hopefully it's not too much for this gallery.

what the hell was that thing ?

what the hell was that thing ?Popular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/6/2 0:03
Hits1032  Comments4    
hiya friends,
one great thing about doing the kind of art i do is i get to reminisce back to the good old days when i was a kid.a time when tv, comics, etc kept us on the edge of our seats waiting for whatever cliffhanger to be resolved.
 one of the things that always sticks in my mind are the classic lines that you hear in the background in old tv shows like 'what the hell was that thing ?' when lou ferrigno was running down the street on the incredible hulk.i think the line was used in every show but i can't really tell ya if the voices owner was actually in the scenes or if it was dubbed in.don't ask me why ,i just thought it was mega cool and it was always right on time.
anyhoo, you guys rock, thanks for the support.


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