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SubmitterLittle_LilithMore Photos from Little_Lilith   Last Update2007/6/20 6:04
Hits2570  Comments9    
Alice and Tinkerbell!!


Wonder Witch!

Wonder Witch!Popular
SubmitterBersebahMore Photos from Bersebah   Last Update2009/3/3 4:33
Hits2758  Comments6    
UPDATE = better quality

For my sister birthday in january.

Fast post because I ruuuuuning!!!!


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   Last Update2005/6/30 23:13
Hits6302  Comments12    
I don't know what you would call this.  But this is my latest commission.  The story goes, that this girl was diving and found this scepter in the lost city of Atlantis, which cause her diving suit to fuse to her skin. And some how she got 2 house legs and a fish tail.  Maybe she is a sea horse.  Anyways enjoy.

Witness the horror...

Witness the horror...Popular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2007/5/12 20:19
Hits1595  Comments9    
of the diabolical BIG OIL. I know this isn't the type of artwork that usually shows up on here. I just had to draw it. We are so powerless in the face of the greed that rules this world. Doing this pic didn't make me feel any better but I had to do it anyway. Ain't capitalism grand?

Witch Girls

Witch GirlsPopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Last Update2003/10/23 2:22
Hits5752  Comments3    
This pic won a pin-up contest for the Manga Graphix title, Witch Girls.


SubmitterVampireLoverMore Photos from VampireLover   Last Update2006/5/7 6:04
Hits1608  Comments7    
my daughter named her  

We Protect This Temple

We Protect This TemplePopular
SubmitterwetworksMore Photos from wetworks   Last Update2018/3/2 6:15
Hits391  Comments5    


SubmitterCrisdeLaraMore Photos from CrisdeLara   Last Update2008/6/9 6:36
Hits3332  Comments17    
This character is a warrior in front of her portal...
She is beautiful and young...her magical is in her stick
I created this image using Photoshop CS and Painter IX

Van Gogh's Ear

Van Gogh's EarPopular
SubmitterVincentMore Photos from Vincent   Last Update2005/12/20 18:38
Hits1860  Comments4    

Vampirella Colored

Vampirella ColoredPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2006/7/10 13:39
Hits2662  Comments9    
Started out as a pencil sketch by Texeira.  This is how it ended up.


SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2006/7/23 19:44
Hits1632  Comments3    
I found an action figure a few years ago that looked somewhat like this. I liked the character design so I tried doing a pic of her.

Urban Fairies

Urban FairiesPopular
SubmitterHisstorymanMore Photos from Hisstoryman   Last Update2010/6/13 19:09
Hits2701  Comments5    
Subtitle: This is Brooklyn baby, Youse Was Expectin' Tinkerbell??

Fairies do not just live in the wilds of nature.  Many have adapted to the harsher life of the cities.  They have also adopted many of the habits and dress styles of the urban denizens.  Be not fooled, although they live in a concrete jungle they still jealously guard what nature they find.

Goth Fairy
Druscilla Goth by Fabiana
was at defunct 3d I beleive now she is at Renderosity

DA BRAT by Pretty 3D

Cigarete and hand pose by -C

Hair by hisstoryman using Posers Hair room

She will Rock You Part 1 by Pretty 3D

Ebony fairy

Naeima V4 by Reciecup

Curly Katsaro Hair by Maria

Universal Wings V2 by Thorne

Tube Top for V4 by Little_Dragon

Erin outfit for Victoria 4

Stair_Wall by DM Productions

Living room (and most furniture) by free fashion

I think that is everything.  If I forgot to credit someone please let me know and I will correct it.

Ultimate Goblin King

Ultimate Goblin KingPopular
SubmitterAFBMore Photos from AFB   Last Update2006/11/20 3:41
Hits1414  Comments1    
Graphic and colouring in comics style


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2010/8/25 19:13
Hits1588  Comments0    

Thor and Valkyrie

Thor and ValkyriePopular
SubmitterDuhMaxxMore Photos from DuhMaxx   Last Update2007/1/11 21:17
Hits2036  Comments8    
Happy New Year Canadians! My scanner is not big enough dammit. I'll have to repost later with the full pic. Until then, hope you enjoy this part! I was inpired by a big hamer at work for this one.

The umbandist huntress - Bersebah first

The umbandist huntress - Bersebah firstPopular
SubmitterBersebahMore Photos from Bersebah   Last Update2009/5/14 5:28
Hits1784  Comments0    
A homagem to a friend.
More details about the image, see my blog.

Well this is the first work, with my new baptism.
And...maybe the last for sometime...
Yeah...the real life is calling, I must put my batbelt, and get my lantern ring     .
But yet I still will be here, talking something.

Farewell guys, and girls, until someday.

The Tower... Hummm... How "Lord of the Rings" :lol:

The Tower... Hummm... How "Lord of the Rings" :lol:Popular
SubmitterJrMcDeathMore Photos from JrMcDeath   Last Update2004/10/18 1:11
Hits2476  Comments6    
Commission images for a "Lord of the Rings-esque" book.  I can't release the name of the book yet... but I am releasing the images...  Enjoy

The Spirit-Horse Of The Cherokee Detail

The Spirit-Horse Of The Cherokee DetailPopular
SubmitterEduMonteiroMore Photos from EduMonteiro   Last Update2010/4/9 20:04
Hits1619  Comments1    

The Mural Of The Story

The Mural Of The StoryPopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2013/3/6 22:11
Hits1079  Comments3    
2003. The vinyl surface of my desk was falling apart due to my short-sighted use of it as a cutting board, so I stretched three strips of masking-tape alongside each other vertically to keep the vinyl in its place. With this blank canvas of masking-tape panels staring me down daily, it wasn't long before I felt the urge to fill the empty space... so utilising a four-colour ballpoint pen I set about depicting this window into surrealville.
I later replaced the masking tape with new strips and scanned and adjusted the original strips to remove the colour and texture of the tape from the artwork.
Like gazing at clouds, I hope you can see a variety of hidden forms within the image. Lemme know what ya think.

The Master of Perception

The Master of PerceptionPopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2013/2/14 21:43
Hits1189  Comments7    
A tribute of sorts. 2000.

The Little Mermaid by DAGhoul Colored by Wasmith

The Little Mermaid by DAGhoul Colored by WasmithPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2007/2/6 19:46
Hits1711  Comments4    
DAGhoul granted permission to color. Based on her posture (clenched fist, determined look) and the fact that Flounder looks like a man-eater, this should be titled The Little Mermaid...  This Time It's Personal.

The Key to paradise

The Key to paradisePopular
SubmitterBersebahMore Photos from Bersebah   Last Update2012/1/22 20:28
Hits1265  Comments0    
An image I made to a friend.

It's something like claymore style the character, and the place is a mix of a lot of things.

The Inner Shelf

The Inner ShelfPopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2013/1/15 9:43
Hits1100  Comments5    
Here's another surreal sketch I did a couple of years back.
Lemme know what ya think

The Heretic King

The Heretic KingPopular
SubmitterODSMore Photos from ODS   Last Update2008/8/17 17:27
Hits1662  Comments3    
Akhenaten, the heretic king.

The guard angel

The guard angelPopular
SubmitterBersebahMore Photos from Bersebah   Last Update2012/1/14 21:03
Hits1036  Comments0    
When I was doing nothing at my work, I make something different.

This a special image I made to someone I like.

Embraces everyone

The Great Wolf... Will eat your head.

The Great Wolf... Will eat your head.Popular
SubmitterJrMcDeathMore Photos from JrMcDeath   Last Update2004/10/18 1:11
Hits2086  Comments7    
Commission images for a "Lord of the Rings-esque" book.  I can't release the name of the book yet... but I am releasing the images...  Enjoy

The Fall Of The Northern City

The Fall Of The Northern CityPopular
SubmitterEduMonteiroMore Photos from EduMonteiro   Last Update2010/1/26 7:32
Hits1877  Comments3    
I was not inspired by the movie 300  

The Divine Comic WIP

The Divine Comic WIPPopular
SubmitterVincentMore Photos from Vincent   Last Update2005/9/3 20:07
Hits2525  Comments8    
See description in below post...

The Chasm of Opinion

The Chasm of OpinionPopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2013/3/12 8:42
Hits1060  Comments3    
Stark surrealism circa 2002.

Temple of Ishtar: Pirates SIghted!

Temple of Ishtar: Pirates SIghted!Popular
SubmitterHisstorymanMore Photos from Hisstoryman   Last Update2010/8/8 15:28
Hits1858  Comments3    
The sun rose and the morning mist hung heavily on the bay below. Halma, commander of the night watch caught the first glimpse of the sails on the horizon. She left the safety of the battlement and walked carefully on the rock overhang.
"PIRATES"!, she yelled to Miraj.
Without hesitation, the young girl took her torch and lit the signal fire.
The great bronze urn sparked to life as flames jumped from its opening.
Three monoremes made their way into the harbor. The first alert bells sounded from the temple tower.
"They have used the cover of fog to approach us.", Halma said, "There will be no time for reinforcements to arrive." She looked again at the three ships, at best their would be only 20 effectives, at worst 50. She closed her eyes as the morning sun warmed her ebony face. "Prepare sisters, we will have to fight them alone!"

DNA GOTHIC ARMOR for V2 [link]
Courageous BOOTS by RAVENHAIR [link]
Naeima V4 by Reciecup [link]
Mace by Traveller [link]
Sword, Shield Scabbard by Dyald [link]
Kay for V4 by Lady Rhi, marforno, Danie [link]
Medieval Tower by bitkrom [link]
Torch and urn by Nmarforno [link]
Watermill from Elven Village set by chikako [link]
Victoria 4 by Daz 3d [link]
Ferry Docks by Buckhunter [link]
Roman brazier by Gerwynt [link]
Ancient greek Boat by Serrge [link]
Basic Water Plane by perlk [link]

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 167 photos hit)
(1) 2 3 4 5 6 »