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SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   Last Update2023/12/7 16:02
Hits253  Comments2    
This is from one of my early drawings recently converted to a heromorph. Eclipse is so named because she always seems to find herself in battles between good and evil. Today she is content to be between a rock (Earth) and a hard place (Moon).

Seattle Detective Reign E  Knight PI #5

Seattle Detective Reign E Knight PI #5Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2021/10/25 19:24
Hits608  Comments0    
'A case of Sabotage'

Reign Takes a case with a Marine Insurance Company
as there have been a lot of Yachts sinking of late
for them to payout on these all these Insurance

the misfits of the galactic empire or just a guardians of the galaxy

the misfits of the galactic empire or just a guardians of the galaxy Popular
SubmittervoltronreturnsMore Photos from voltronreturns   Last Update2021/11/25 3:52
Hits667  Comments0    
models dusk hivewire3d others sixus 1 most digital creations  

Happy Halloween you Sexy Devil

Happy Halloween you Sexy DevilPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2021/10/28 21:12
Hits696  Comments0    
Happy Halloween The Devil You Say.

Our new Sexy Devil is wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Wanted: Los Dos Muerta

Wanted: Los Dos Muerta Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2021/10/6 23:37
Hits709  Comments0    
Wanted: Los Dos Muerta

This was just an idea that jumped into my head?
Sorta a Celebrity Else-world Poster.
Hope all you guys like it?


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2021/5/30 15:04
Hits729  Comments0    


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2021/9/22 17:48
Hits753  Comments0    
A commissioned pic

All characters belong to client.

Cyborg Justice One Shot

Cyborg Justice One ShotPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2022/6/11 17:29
Hits821  Comments0    
Judgment Comes to Undertown!

Kung Foo Akshun Theatre 2019

Kung Foo Akshun Theatre 2019Popular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2021/6/18 22:57
Hits825  Comments0    
Hello HM,
Seems like forever since my last visit.a lot has happened irl. My mom's passing,covid,and a nasty separation from my wife of almost 7 years.not to mention a computer on the frizz.
Hopefully i'll be back very soon ona new system and in a new life.
Stay safe and healthy folks,i've missed you guys....

original character flare

original character flarePopular
SubmittervoltronreturnsMore Photos from voltronreturns   Last Update2021/11/21 8:39
Hits845  Comments0    
hey guys still playing around with poser 11 and krita

Inktober #2: Big Bird's Bad Day

Inktober #2: Big Bird's Bad DayPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   Last Update2020/11/14 9:31
Hits847  Comments1    
Loosely based on a lousy pencil drawing I'd done. Largely just having fun scribbling away here.

Tony Jr. and his boys

Tony Jr. and his boysPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/5/26 18:11
Hits894  Comments1    
Here's the bad guys for the first issue of my next comic book LynX #1. (Well, the first half anyway.) Tony Pablasco Jr. is the son of a powerful mob boss that goes to the strip club Queens Over Kings with his bodyguards on his 21st birthday for a little adult fun but gets a lot more 'action' than he bargained for.

lady h

lady hPopular
SubmittervoltronreturnsMore Photos from voltronreturns   Last Update2021/11/23 16:54
Hits896  Comments0    
my version of lady h still working on getting used to poser 11 and krita

Marta Escobar

Marta EscobarPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/5/26 18:07
Hits898  Comments1    
Marta Escobar is the first friend made by my OC LynX when she came to America and took a job as a bouncer at the Queens Over Kings strip club.

The Grim Shredder

The Grim ShredderPopular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2020/3/2 7:20
Hits911  Comments1    

Buddy for Kevin

Buddy for KevinPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2021/1/7 18:04
Hits915  Comments0    
My first pic of the new year is a tribute to an excellent artist and a good online friend, Kevin Karstens, who passed away recently. I was hoping we could work together on my Buddy the Pal Gal comic book since the sexy girls and adult humor it features would have been right up his alley. Instead, here's my version of Buddy I tried to do in his style along with some things that remind me of him: his love of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Like me, he was truly a man of culture,), his affection for Howard The Duck (the cheesy 1986 movie based on the cheesy 1970's comic book series) and his hatred for Donald tRump. (BTW, INSANE was the Mad Magazine inspired comic Kevin did in high school.) Even though you were an atheist, rest in peace, my friend.


SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/3/21 17:56
Hits932  Comments1    
With the 3rd issue of my comic book Red, White & Blue almost done, here's a sneak peek at one of the challenges my superheroines will be facing in their visit to New Atlantis: Aquatomatons, 12 foot tall robots that serve as the elite guard to the young country's usurper, Emperor Damascus the First!

Inktober #5: Turtle

Inktober #5: TurtlePopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   Last Update2020/11/30 20:30
Hits944  Comments1    
quickdraw of a slowpoke.

Red, White & Blue #3 ad

Red, White & Blue #3 adPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/4/23 16:35
Hits949  Comments1    
Here's an advertisement I did that I plan to put in the back of my third issue of Red, White & Blue where I introduce my next comic book projects, Buddy the Pal Gal #1 and Deadly LynX #1!

Inktober #6: Wolf

Inktober #6: WolfPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   Last Update2020/12/7 20:53
Hits950  Comments1    
more doodlin...

Beach Babe Buddy

Beach Babe BuddyPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/7/4 18:08
Hits967  Comments2    
I know this summer's been a little rough but here's a little something to remind you of better times ahead: my OC Buddy hanging out at the beach!

Alien Worlds #30

Alien Worlds #30Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2020/10/2 22:34
Hits970  Comments1    

I figured it was time for #30
of my Alien Worlds covers.

Buddy 'All Washed Up'

Buddy 'All Washed Up' Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/3/28 18:06
Hits978  Comments1    
Here's a little levity courtesy of my OC's Julie and Buddy to maybe give you a little smile during these troubled times. But seriously, folks, wash your ding-dong hands.

Alien Worlds #28

Alien Worlds #28Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2020/6/1 20:55
Hits982  Comments1    
'Even in Space you gotta walk the Dog'

I figured it was time for #28
of my Alien Worlds covers.

Socket Wench

Socket WenchPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/7/18 17:57
Hits987  Comments2    
The first of 2 new wrestling girls OC's I've done recently, Socket Wench is both a bad-ass biker chick wrestler and valet to my bad-ass biker dude Turmoil. (He's kind of like The Undertaker from the early 2000's.)

Inktober #4: Man-ape

Inktober #4: Man-apePopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   Last Update2020/11/30 20:27
Hits991  Comments1    
Another scratchy doodle.

Seattle Detective Reign E  Knight PI #2

Seattle Detective Reign E Knight PI #2 Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2020/12/2 21:44
Hits993  Comments1    
'Storm Warning'

Custom Bike,Custom Waterproof Teflon Armored Clothes,Custom Hand Gun!
Legend has it that she Does her best work During
the Rainy season which is most of the year.
Got Trouble and it's wet outside,
Who you gonna call?

The Numbers Gang

The Numbers GangPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/9/14 17:26
Hits995  Comments1    
If you know me, you know that I'm (still) a wrestling fan and one of the things I seem to hear every episode is "the numbers game" whenever a wrestler gets beaten down by multiple opponents. So I decided to turn that tired clich into a masked faction, The Numbers Gang, consisting of One, Two and Three, with more members waiting in the wings!

Inktober #3: Dino time

Inktober #3: Dino timePopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   Last Update2020/11/21 13:37
Hits995  Comments1    
A slightly more fun and challenging scribbling.

Buddy Comic 'Buddy's Sick Day' Part 3

Buddy Comic 'Buddy's Sick Day' Part 3Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/3/1 18:07
Hits997  Comments2    
Part 3 of Buddy's Sick Day sees our heroine passing time journeying through the vast wasteland that is daytime television and coming to a startling realization.

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 1487 photos hit)
(1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 50 »