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Photo No. 211-240 (out of 1942 photos hit)
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New Avatar

New AvatarPopular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   Last Update2018/2/14 11:31
Hits246  Comments2    
Playing around with a new Avatar

A day in Asgard

A day in AsgardPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/2/6 16:27
Hits278  Comments2    
I have touched on gods in my universe many times, most recently with Athena and several times with Obsidian Mask (currently the god of Evil). Asgardians and many other exist in this universe worshiped on many planets across the cosmos (how else would they remain so powerful?) and they are known by many names which can cause some confusion among different and has actually been responsible for some bloody conflicts about which form of worship is "True" (sound familiar?) In my universe most of mythology is canon.  For instance Loki is NOT Thor's adopted brother, but his step uncle (In mythology this is accurate), and Thor is a bit of a drunken,  lecherous, Idiot, easily duped...he is also the Strongest of the Asgardians and possesses the most fearsome weapon known to Norse mythology...In other words he's a tempermental badass with a very dangerous weapon...but he's great fun at a party.  Odin is possessed of great power most of which he made great sacrifices for including impaling himself on the world Tree Yggdrasil, and Sacrificing his eye for magical vision, magical powers, and knowledge of Runes and Rune magic. Loki is not only the god of mischief but also the god of Fire, underestimating this son of Jotuns is a massive mistake because while physically weak as gods go he has tremendous intellect and magical powers. In short take what marvel taught you and toss it out the nearest airlock because it does not apply some mythology and you'll know the gods of my universe well. Now I did add a splash of technology to them because mortals have come far over the millennia and it has the god's does indeed.  


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/2/6 8:13
Hits342  Comments1    
Hey, if you can't mooch off family who can you?


IRAVYNE 2Popular
SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/2/5 15:43
Hits279  Comments1    
A new attempt at rendering in Iray.

A little better than the previous one, I'd say

(and this one didn't take two frikkin days)

Fey Folk of the Woods: Redo.

Fey Folk of the Woods: Redo. Popular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2018/2/1 10:22
Hits419  Comments6    
I found this one my HD, an image I did back in 2006. Figured it was time for an upgrade for 2018


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/1/22 14:57
Hits246  Comments3    
This wasn't wasn't how she'd thought the day would go when she woke up this morning...

Finding out shrink rays were actually possible!


COVER ME!Popular
SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/1/17 18:16
Hits300  Comments2    
Remember, it's always wise to team up with a fellow crime fighter who's bulletproof.

fireball playmat

fireball playmatPopular
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2018/1/16 23:45
Hits354  Comments6    
im designing a custom playmat for gaming and went with a classic ww2 pinup feel with modren touches opnions and suggestions r welcome


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/1/16 6:54
Hits279  Comments3    
Here's a tip:

If you're gonna knock over a convenience store make sure it's not a favorite pit stop for crime fighters...


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/1/10 15:35
Hits359  Comments2    

Sailor Dark

Sailor DarkPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2018/1/8 15:29
Hits363  Comments4    
A weird Idea I had on a dark version of a Sailor Scout.

Eby Stokes Special Branch

Eby Stokes Special BranchPopular
SubmitterMikeallMore Photos from Mikeall   Last Update2018/1/7 2:59
Hits320  Comments3    
Playful Faux Cover in anticipation of Andrew Salmon penning another Eby Stokes Special Branch Victorian Adventure story.


BAD REX!Popular
SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/1/5 18:14
Hits299  Comments3    
Y'ever get the feeling you're just some cosmic chew toy?


Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2018/1/5 2:17
Hits309  Comments4    
kitten has been conjured


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/12/30 16:11
Hits284  Comments2    

Window Shiopping

Window ShioppingPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/12/22 23:45
Hits333  Comments3    
Some of the settings this time around may be unsettling ...for our hero...Obsidian has a powerful dislike for Slave Traders and Markets that exchange Sentient being as a commodity. You may be familiar with the android from our last adventure although she's altered her appearance since then...Aini helped her choose her new look and she's been upgraded with combat programs and a brand new holomatrix.  Though she appears sentient I must remind our readers she is any android she's just a machine although whether she remains so is yet to be determined.  Seriously though does obsidian really need another woman in his life? Obsidian is far more comfortable around machines as he doesn't see a problem with endangering a "Vacuum cleaner" as he refers to them.  Though this Vacuum cleaner is kind of special. The slave market trip may have something to do with his new client...or may be completely unrelated...The whole slave bit is going to be a tad heart wrenching if I do it right...and you might get to know what makes our hero tick a bit more. I apologize in advance if the content seems...a bit too sensitive.  Otherwise enjoy this sneak preview of yet more things to come.


EVIL SEXY 5Popular
SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/12/18 9:34
Hits325  Comments2    
Don'cha just hate it? You're having this awesome dream and just when it's about to get really good...


Cirana Feyblade

Cirana FeybladePopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/12/17 9:25
Hits243  Comments3    
Many questions arise as concerns Ms. Feyblade...not the least of which are who the hell is she, where did she come from, why is she wearing Obsidian's gear and flying his old ship the Runt, which was destroyed years ago? Nothing about this lady makes sense but the most disturbing question is...Why does she keep calling herself Obsidian Mask?!!!


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/12/17 9:21
Hits254  Comments3    
Mercenaries of Obsidian's calibur don't usually pull bodyguard yes but not simple bodyguard duty...but cash is low and the crew needs to be paid properly for the hell they've been going through so just one Babysitting job won't hurt will it? The spoiled snotty little rock star couldn't possibly be too much for one man to handle.  However, someone is trying to kill her and no one knows it an obsessed fan...or something more?


Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2017/12/16 0:44
Hits293  Comments5    
my roommate is an army vet hence the uniform colors

He was a famous trumpet man from out Chicago way
He had a boogie style that no one else could play
He was the top man at his craft


HEROINE TIP #83Popular
SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/12/11 20:36
Hits284  Comments2    
My little contribution to :iconsinistermarauder:'s


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/12/10 7:04
Hits358  Comments1    
A superheroine in peril novella 6600 words aproximate
It began as just a typical night for the lovely heroine Ravyne. Shes about to break up a heist when shes interrupted by the arrival of four legendary Valkyries who inform her that theyve considered her for recruitment!

Her! A shield maiden of the gods!

At first Ravyne is flattered.

That is until she learns the job requirement.

Available at  for  $1.99


The pale light of the full moon shone down as Ravyne stepped up and peered over the edge of the warehouse roof. Crouching down she sighted several men in dark suits milling around, some of whom were brandishing automatic weapons. Ravynes baby-blue eyes narrowed when she spotted Vito Santino, lead enforcer of the Mastriano syndicate barking orders as a number of men carried cases out of the warehouse belonging to Morgan enterprises and loaded them onto a van.
Pursing her full, glossy lips Ravyne shook her black-maned head. Now just what would mafia goons want from a company that made beauty and hygiene products? She chuckled, perhaps their boss, Olivia Mastriano, the self-proclaimed queen of all the mafia simply didnt want to pay up market prices for her mascara. And, honestly, since shed used the products herself and knew how much they cost the heroine could almost sympathize with the crime lord. Almost.
Well, if that were the case shell just have to settle for paying full price like she did. Standing straight Ravyne readied herself but took a moment to adjust the bottoms of her halter-topped leotard, which had an annoying habit of riding up in back, much to her chagrin. Then she took a step off the roof. The sound of her steel-reinforced heels clacking loudly on the pavement startled the goons, causing them to freeze in place and gawk at the heroine.
Vito was the first to recover from his surprise. Oh, great, we got super bitch! he growled.
Ravynes mouth curled derisively. Boy, did she really hate being called a super bitch! Stop calling me that! she demanded.
Make me! Cant you just mind your own damn business and leave us working stiffs alone! the big goon challenged before turning to his men. We cant afford to let her stop us from delivering this eye liner to th boss! F**k this c*n*!
Obeying their leader four mooks rushed forward and opened fire with their submachine guns at Ravyne. Ow! Ow! That stings! Stop! OW! she shouted as the bullets pelted her nigh invulnerable skin. Then with an angry growl she stalked over to where a man hole was set in the pavement and, with a precision stomp made the cover flip up where she caught it. When will you idiots ever learn your bullets cant ever harm me! then she flung the cover at the goons. They frantically dodged to avoid the large, metal slab which flew past and imbedded itself in the side of an SUV.
Hey, bitch! shouted a livid Vito. I just had that thing detailed! For that youre gonna pay! the big man then motioned to the rest of his crew to join in and they all stalked towards the heroine.
Ravyne merely smirked at the advancing men and took a fighting stance. Even in a group did they honestly think they stood a chance against her, a heroine who could toss a tank? Seriously, brains were definitely not a job requirement for criminals. You guys really are as stupid as you look.
Vito snarled his defiance. Well see whos stupid you. He suddenly halted. And now he stood there with his jaw working up and down, and on his face was now a look of shock, incredulity, fear. Just what was he playing at now? Then, with a shaky
hand he pointed past Ravynes shoulder.
Oh, come on, Vito, Ravyne proclaimed cynically. Theres something behind me? Do you honestly expect me to fall for that tired old. but then Vito simply yelled out in terror then turned and ran with his equally freaked out crew abandoning their loot and falling close behind leaving Ravyne standing there with a wry look on her face. There. really is something behind me, isnt there?

Exit Fold

Exit FoldPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/12/9 12:25
Hits280  Comments3    
A spacefold jump courtesy of the S.S. Lillun-B. This is but one of four modes of travel the Lillun which include:  Sub-Light drive, Warp Drive, Slipstream (Hyperspace) Drive, and as viewed here, Spacefold Drive.  The Lillun and the fighter "Wraith" are among very few ships in the five galaxies to use all 4 systems although the only safe combination to use simultaneously is Sub-Light with Spacefold...any other combinations will tear a hole in space-time and decimate any ship whose captain is foolish enough to try something that stupid. It is important to note that all ships have safety features built in to prevent that level of sheer stupidity.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/12/6 12:15
Hits362  Comments2    
A special promo for my latest literary work: Attack of the Valkyries!
It began as just a typical night for the lovely heroine Ravyne. Shes about to break up a heist when shes interrupted by the arrival of four legendary Valkyries who inform her that theyve considered her for recruitment!
Her! A shield maiden of the gods!
At first Ravyne is flattered.
That is until she learns the job requirement.

Coming soon!

Page 1 Meeting the new client

Page 1 Meeting the new clientPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/11/30 21:52
Hits352  Comments2    
This is just a teaser of what's to come.

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham CarterPopular
Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/11/20 4:09
Hits327  Comments2    

Tru-blue Vs Necronimus.jpg

Tru-blue Vs Necronimus.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/11/15 20:16
Hits350  Comments3    
Taking Lady Blue lightly has resulted in a few bruised bodies...and must remember while she is incredibly nice...she becomes quite less so when provoked as Necronimus has just discovered.  After being punched from the air into the building below and turning many floors to rubble Tru Blue has lost her Cherub-like demeanor, and blasted Necronimus into unconsciousness.

Tru Blue

Tru BluePopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/11/14 15:20
Hits233  Comments2    
The newest heroine on the planet Lady Blue (as she's sometimes called) is fighter for justice and peace. her powers aren't fully developed but what is known is that she can fly at supersonic speeds, project beams of high intensity light from her eyes (capable of harming creatures vulnerable to sunlight such as Vampires), she possesses Super strength, and limited invulnerability (can be harmed by wooden weapons and organic matter such as an un-gauntleted fist. Of course even without her invulnerability she is fast enough to avoid most blows...provided she can see them coming. She has telescopic vision and enhanced hearing, taste, touch, and smell...

Tru Blue is Not a solaran and her gray skin does make her quite distinctive but she has the ability to control her pigmentation in both her skin and long as she is conscious it requires minimal effort. She can also manipulate her features to form disguises but nothing too extraordinary, only basic humanoid appearance.

Tru Blue is very naive and believes in the best of others and loves being a "Superhero".  Her powers are registered with IGFW authorities and she is fully licensed and trained to fight crime...a certificate she is quite proud of.  She does NOT handle betrayal well, although she stops short of using lethal force still you'd be surprised what you can live through. In her social life she is a well known novelist famous for her Pretty Pretty Pony stories.  Tru Blue has no known relatives and few friends.  

camping out

camping outPopular
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2017/11/5 22:44
Hits254  Comments0    
i better get the tent up otherwise she drive off without me

i was playing around with this one

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!Popular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   Last Update2017/10/31 10:13
Hits308  Comments3    
Threw this together last night.

Have a HELLISH time on your trick or treat hi-jinx today/tonight.

Photo No. 211-240 (out of 1942 photos hit)
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