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The thief

The thiefPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/17 7:07
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I have tracked her here, but, she is crafty and she has magic to hide her presence from me.  No matter, she will not evade my newest addition, assuming he takes this job. There's a lot of bad blood between us, especially after I tried to get my daughter to seduce him...heh, it was fun to watch though. He's such a sap. Always the victim, but never crying foul. As if being that way will balance out things in his favor somehow.  The fates have been cruel to that one, constantly stealing what little happiness he can scrape together. You'd think he'd be easy pickings for me, I can offer him everything but for some reason he wants to earn it..It's nopt like he'd be my lave but then again maybe that's not how he sees it. Oh well, I better find out what he needs most so I can have some leverage...hmm.

I can't believe I was so stupid, how could I have ignored the signs,  the spells went off just as they should and every warning  was there, one lone woman comes in and steals my greatest trophy.  Not just any trophy but the head of my greatest foe...Should she somehow figure out how to remove it from it's infinitium casing I and mine will have our hands full.  Parata was no laughing matter when he was alive and his return will be no laughing matter should he return.  Obsidian and the others defeated him before through deception, despite how much more powerful he was than them. They are the unknown element...still.  I'm hoping maybe Obsidian can recover Parata's head and save everyone from a clash of cosmic proportions.

It never fails to amaze me how every great once in a while there comes a mortal who can dupe even the most powerful and wise if divine beings, and while Obsidian may be immortal,  Maybe his lack of divine status, and lack of arrogance will give him the edge he needs to find this girl and save everyone I find it funny and just a bit ironic that it is what he lacks that will aid him most. I'll have to reward him well if he pulls this off.


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/14 6:55
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We make it back yo Kryllia Prime without incident, and I arrange to meet High Crona Hirzhak to collect our payment.  I get to tell him his son is alive and well and the families of the fallen get some much needed closure. Hirzhak  invites me to meet privately and considering he and I just made his goverment look bad for not even attempting what I just pulled off,  I'd say it's a good idea to conclude this transaction out of eyesight.  

"Obsidian," Hirzhak says with tears welling up in his eyes. "You have returned my son to me and I do not know how to repay you for that.  20 million credits doesn't seem like hardly enough to me.  You and your courageous crew risked your lives bring back my only son. If you are ever need anything just ask and if I can make it happen I will."

"I was happy to do it, nobody ever wants to be given up on.  I am glad I could reunite you with your son"

"Many others were not as fortunate, and we will have to make sure that those families are compensated and their loved ones recognized properly."

"Good luck to you sir. I hope never have to meet again under these circumstances. If you should ever require my services again you know how to reach me."

With that I transport up  to the Sable and we head out for some much needed repairs. It looks like it's gonna be a quick trip to Space Station Nimbus and this time I hope I can get my hands on more Absorbium. I love being able to help others and getting paid for it is a real plus. However, I know that somewhere out there the self proclaimed "Multiverse's greatest assassin" has his eyes set on me, and it hangs over me like the sword of Damocles.

God Slayer

God SlayerPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/11 9:50
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I have teleported to the planet's surface. The divine being known as Gredienar is expecting me to kneel, bow, and scrape, to save my life and that of my crew but that's not why I'm here.  No I am here as a matter of defiance, I have pushed around by the Black Mantis, and enough so called GODS to last me my immortal life, and I have had enough of this place and I want to go home!!!  I summon my sword to my hand keeping the blade retracted, if this guy is an elder god he'll know what he's in for and he won't show his face.  This demonstrates he is clearly not an Elder god and and appears in giant form (a favorite of gods ruling through intimidation) he stands roughly ten meters tall and looks really menacing.  There are many tribes in attendance here to watch me grovel but boy are they in for a surprise.  In a booming voice they "God of the people" addresses the crowd.

"Many of you know this man, and thought him a demon or a god.  I have brought him low and proved him false before you. I have made him tremble for his life and instilled fear in him and his people. His lies are laid bare for all to see and none will challenge my right to rule as your GOD!!!"

The crowd is in awe and fear as they look upon me, many of them are jeering and booing me while still other look dejected at the thought of my being a false god.

"Now he will confess before you of his falseness.  Speak to them false one and tell them the truth of your deception."

I take a deep breath and cast a spell increasing the volume of my voice so people on the other side of the world might hear me, okay maybe not that loud but easily enough to match this god.

"Good people, you have called me god, or demon, but I have never said I was these things.  I am not in fact either of these things.  I am like you save that you are mortal.  I  am untouched by time but fate and misfortune are my enemy as much as they are yours.  I am sorry if you have been misled it was not my intention and do not want you to worship me.  I cannot hear your prayers and will not be able to answer them. It was never my intention to mislead you"

It is clear from the look on many faces that my words have left them dejected and still others are smiling with a smug grin, I hate that but I don't say anything. In truth all I really want is for this god to leave me alone but then he opens his mouth one more time and says something that I make certain he regrets for the rest of his immortal life.

"he has taken from you wives for himself, and promised you eternal peace.  There will be no peace with him or his people!!!  I will demonstrate that I am the true god of the people and destroy them all starting with this one."

You almost have to laugh when someone says something like without taking even a second to figure out what they're up against.  Now at first you might think to yourself "But Obsidian this guy is a greater god, capable of rending the continents you're totally screwed right?"  and under normal circumstances you'd be right but I'm about to do something that will kind of even the odds.

"Gredienar!  Would you challenge me with your weak, pathetic, and feeble avatar hiding your true self far away?  Go ahead then show these people how much you truly fear me by hiding your true self away. Demonstrate the cowardice that is your true self."

Now I have basically just called this guy out and he has two choices: Eradicate me on the spot with his avatar or do the thing I just know he's gonna do.  Instead he surprises even me with the thing he says next.

"I do not fear you mortal, you stand before me in my true form already. I ma a god and have nothing to fear from the likes of you."

That's music to my ears. I release the blade from within the handle and utter the words.

"Wanna bet?"

The gigantic being laughs at my audacity, apparently someone has tried this stunt before. Well not the way I'm about to do it. His hand glows and he calmly says

"Begone insect."

As a blast of white energy engulfs me and vaporizes the ground I was just standing on. it takes a second for the dust and smoke to clear, but when it does the look on this guy's face is priceless.  Lo and behold, yours truly is standing defiantly before him without a scratch, although the power sinks in my armor read ten percent of full capacity, and to be honest that's pretty impressive considering a one megaton explosion wouldn't get half of a percent.  Still the armor won't take but a few more of those and I honestly think he was holding back because the look of confusion on his face is replaced quickly with rage.

"You live? No matter I will destroy you once and for all."

Another blast only this time I don't stick around to absorb the energy.  Again the smoke clears only this time he lets out a hearty chuckle and says to those watching.

"See now I have destroyed him.  Now bow before your...GAHHHHH!!!"

He creams as I take my enchanted blade across his back cutting a gash nearly as long and I am tall. he falls to one knee and the look of rage returns as he has just realized....I can hurt him.

The crowd screams and flees in a panic trampling over each other in a desperate bid to escape the onslaught of destruction they know will surely ensue. A bolt of fire screams past me and impacts not far away leaving a massive crater large enough to fit a bus in.  I toss one of my own via my sword and it hits him square in the face knocking his ornate headdress clean off. it disintegrates to nothing consumed by the magical flames.  he reels from the pain and a bolt of lightning screams towards me. it hits me in the chest and the armor again absorbs the power.  The sinks are now charged to thirty percent.  I guess he stopped holding back.  The earth beneath my feet cracks open in an attempt to cause me to plummet to my death and he is not amused to see me hovering above the newly created chasm.  he pulls out two odd looking crescent blades and I laugh out loud this time. and extend my blade once more.

"Who are you?"  He screams in rage.  "How do you resiste my power? How can you defy me?"

"I am Obsidian Mask, I am Luminesti, an immortal elf, and this is my blade God Slayer, want to guess how it got it's name?"

For just a moment I watch his eyes as he begins to comprehend the gravity of the situation.  You see there are very few ways to kill a god such as: Being and equally or more powerful god, or combining divine power to equal a more powerful god, or (as in my case) be an immortal being with a relic. What is a relic? A relic is a magical item of extreme power, so extreme that most  divine beings try to conceal them, unable to destroy them by any means. My sword is such an item. It's power is insane, it can cast spells many times more powerful than mortal spells, and I can slay anyone who wields it with but a word, and most importantly the damage it does is not even close to proportional to it's appearance. What does this mean to our friend Gredienar? it means that he has just realized not only can I hurt him, but I can actually kill him.  The only problem for me is that I don't want his power nor his obligations and they would all be mine just as Mooshadow's were when  I gained her divine power accidentally.

The divine giant attacks again and again and my power armor absorbs each attack again and again.  The power sinks filling more and more.  he tries to use his swords but my relic makes short work of them cutting them to pieces. I retaliate again and again cutting him a little deeper each time burning him electrocuting and even freezing him little by little.  Were it not for my armor he would've had made short work of me and he knows it.  Twice he tries to teleport my weapons and armor away and twice I recall them to me. He is in full out panic mode and unleashes raw energy from his hands in a desperate attempt to destroy me. My armor takes it and I can feel it shudder as it absorbs more energy than I ever though possible.  In a final bid to end this fight which has laid waste to everything for miles I take a flying leap at his head and transfer all of the stored power  to my kinetic gauntlet for one finishing blow. Under normal circumstances I can lift about twenty tonnes but my gauntlets add all the power he's been thrown at me and it's just too much for him to take. With a thundering boom  I connect solidly with his jaw and two of his divine teeth go flying knocking him cold.  When he finally regains consciousness he is much smaller in stature, and nearly powerless.  My blade is resting against his throat and he knows he's a dead man that is until...

"You know I could just kill you?"

"Then why don't you?"

"Because I don't want to."

"What is it you want?"

"What I want, is for you to do right by these people and let me and my people go home.  In return you can tell them you defeated me and I was destroyed."

"And if I choose not to?"

"I have placed enough spells on you to make you go away for a long long time. I will banish you to the freaking void never to return again.  Now you wasted a lot of power here today and I don't imagine you'll regain it any time soon without these people to worship you. So choose wisely."

'Fine so be it."

"My wives will leave with me, I will not turn my back on my responsibilities, and you will give them your approval.  I will not have them going through some kind of inner conflict between you and me.  Do this and I let bygones be bygones...refuse and God Slayer here lives up to it's name.  Deal?"


Gods are unlike demons in one very important aspect, they are somehow compelled to keep their word, well most of them anyway. Here's hoping this one is one of the former.

In the end he lives up to his word, he repairs the damage we wrought, even resurrecting the people who died in the conflict (that's costly to a god by the way) and gives my wives his blessing and his leave. The vortex reappears once more right where it should be and we are on our way home. We have been here only a few short days but at home it has only been a few minutes...all in all I would call this a success. assuming of course that we arrive at home on the other side. I have all stations report in and once ready we make the jump. The ride back is every bit as rough as the ride in but knowing what to expect has helped us better fortify our systems and the damage is nearly so bad as the first time. The debris field remains and the vortex is somehow smaller afar less intense. We leave this place "the ghost world"  behind and I hope I never return.

As we travel through the slipstream to Kryllia prime I find myself alone in my office with a moment of quiet contemplation. As I stare out into the swirling light of the stream, a voice speaks from out of nowhere, a famailiar voice I had hope to never hear again.

"You're welcome Obsidian."

I turn on a dime to see the diminutive form of none other than the Black Mantis himself. Fear and panic rise up inside me and anyone who has ever encountered this man knows both are well deserved.


I ask trying to conceal the terror in my voice. I have known this being for centuries now and I would rather fight ten gods than be in his presence. Still, he just said you're welcome, and I need to know why.  He walks over my desk sits down and props his feet on my desktop.

"You didn't really think you defeated Gredienar, so easily all by your little lonesome did you?"

"It' didn't feel like easy to me."

"Well it was, Your armor isn't what it used to be is it? No you should never have been able to absorb that much power.  I mean come on he was a Greater god for crying out loud. Still I couldn't just let him destroy you.  No I have plans for you, so I just thought I'd let you know I'm looking out for you....Heh heh."

With that he vanishes, and I'm shaking in my boots. He and I were finished, but it's clear now he's neer gonna give up trying to make a minion out of me, and there's no way to defeat him and no one I know of who can challenge him.  What am I going to do?

Incoming Transmission

Incoming TransmissionPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/11 8:05
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The day off was something I really needed and I spent the majority of it getting to know my knew wives, biblicaly and intimately.  Aini has settled into her place as more of a maid than my girlfriend...I'm not exactly happy with the arrangement but I can respect the ladies' position on the subject and besides Aini seems perfectly happy to accommodate them so it's a smooth transition. My first wife Ai is a bonified warrior princess and understands the art of war and her position on my ship outside of our relationship is simple...she's a combat expert and I have placed her in charge of security. I make my way to the bridge and call all the senior crew to the briefing room to discuss our situation.  As the crew  assembles I note that there is some concern about my new choice for chief of security.

"okay everyone, I know you're concerned about my having chose Ai for the position of chief of security, but I did not make the choice lightly.  She has a great deal of experience with security with her her tribe and while she is not yet up to speed on our procedures Shadawar will be working closely with her to get her up to speed. That however, is not what I assembled everyone here to discuss.  Our source of greatest concern is the closed Vortex that initially brought us here.  We don't even know where here is or we could plot a our way home and it's entirely possible that we might be in a different dimension altogether, where the passage of time is not parallel to our own as we discovered when we encountered the Kryllian survivors."

"Our sensors haven't been able to locate the energy signature from the vortex but we are holding this position until we have ruled out it's reappearance." Shadawar adds.

"It is possible," Sabrina says while gesturing to a nearby computer screen, "That the vortex is being manipulated by an outside force.  This energy spike just before it's disappearance would indicate that an immense amount of magical energy was expended."

Caewon replies, "There are spells that can close portal like the vortex, but not on that large of a scale.  It would take divine power to force a vortex that size to close completely."
No sooner are those words spoken  when the whole ship shudders.

"Wat the hell was that!?" I exclaim as I spring from my chair.

We all rush out onto the bridge to find the ships alarms going off and the image of what looks like and Aztec, (or some variation thereof) chieftain on the viewscreen.

"I am known to the people of this world as Gredienar, God of the people.  You have taken my children from my world and this I cannot allow!"

The figure on the screen appears male with three eyes and an attitude. Great just great I'm not sure if this a real god or just some impostor but he's got enough power to close a vortex of cosmic proportions.  let me explain how this whole "God" really works. First thee are guys like me who are immortal and to a primitive society the magic and technology I possess would make me "seem" to be a god. Then there are beings of phenomenal power and technology beyond anything ever seen and they would be like gods too. But true gods, do not exist in our dimension and instead use avatars or remote controlled bodies, to interact with mortals.  These are true gods, and they are insanely powerful and come in four classes:  Elder gods, who possess power over life and death and can basically kill you with a though and are nearly omniscient, Greater gods who can control the elements and weather and just make life miserable for whole continents, Lesser gods who can control aspects like luck or crops and still have magic more powerful than mortals, and finally Demigods who are most often mortals who have ascended to divine status or (more commonly) are the offspring between a mortal and a god.  Elves are considered to be somewhat divine and the offspring of elves and gods are usually lesser gods. This guy looks like a Greater but only because my ship is still here and we're not all space debris.

"You will return the four you have taken and leave or I will destroy your vessel."

I'm not a fan of threats and I really don't like being accused of "Taking" anything that isn't mine.  Just as I'm about to object to is accusation Ai kneels before his divineness and says

"Great one, this man did not take us, we have been mated to him in the name of peace."

"A false peace child, brought by deception and fear.  This one has told your people he was a demon who would harm you if you did not make peace and give you four as his wife"

Hearing this I'm appalled, and completely insulted.

"Excuse me your worship but I did no such thing."

"You deny telling these people you were a demon-god?"

"I never said I was, they did. I only said I could destroy them and did not wish to."

"You did not clarify with my children this distinction?"

"No I didn't see the need."

"Even now below there are those that are worshiping you.  You have stolen these worshipers from me and I will not permit this affront to continue.  You will return these four and I will annul your mating, and you bow before me and tell my children that I am the one and true god of the people."

"Seriously? You must be out of your divine mind. I don't bow to any god and I won't make an exception now just beacuse you're butt hurt that your people have been exposed to new ideas. I'll make certain they stop worshiping me because I am no god, but kneel before you like my wife?  Ha! it'll be a cold day in hell."

The ship shudders again and this time he actually damages it.  Okay fine, no problem I know how to deal with this, he's not the first god to give me crap and he probably won't be the last. We'll settle this on the planet below.

"Okay your divineness, you win, I'll do as you bid, just don't hurt my ship and crew."

"A wise choice pretender."

the screen goes off and the ships remains still.  I turn on a dime and head for the lift. these people who have trusted me thus far loook at me with concern...they have no idea how  this is going to play out. I have had this dance before, three different times before, now there's no god of trickery, god of games, or god of festivals....and I'm about to Demonstrate how my sword got it's name.

A day off.

A day off.Popular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/9 9:22
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I have just been told we may not be able to return home, that the vortex that led us here is no longer detectable to our sensors and I have no idea what to do next. I have competent crew working on a solution. I'm standing in my office staring out the window at the planet below...I often find myself doing that.  This situation went from exasperating, to desperate. As I contemplate the situation my doorbell chimes:  


Shadawar comes walking in, a look of concern on his face, dear heavens don't let it be more bad news.

"Captain, I'd like to speak to you about a personal matter."

"Oh thank the gods."


"Honestly, I thought you were coming in here to tell me the power core was overloading or something."

"No heh heh, nothing even close. I just have this crewman who is working himself to death and refuses to take any breaks. I wanted your input on how I should handle it."

"Is he becoming a danger?"

"no but I'm afraid it may be interfering with his performance."

"Well have the The chief medical officer issue a medical for 24 hours R and R. I don't want anyone endangering this mission."

"I already spoke to the doctor and I have the order here."

"'s for me isn't it?"

"Yup 24 hours R and R. As per YOUR orders sir."

"You know this isn't a military ship right, and that I don't have to follow those orders?"

"Yeah but I think you're overworking yourself. You've handled every critical aspect of this mission personally and it's been a bit much. You should seriously take a day to sort it all out.  I can handle things for a day sir, get some's orders."

"Okay fine, maybe you're right. Just, keep the ship in one piece will ya?"

I turn the reigns over to my very astute first officer and head to my quarters where...five women are apparently waiting for me. I really hadn't been looking forward to dealing with this.  The second I walk through the door I am assailed by women catering to my every need. Aini removes my helmet, and she's apparently been telling the others how to remove my armor as they disassemble it like pro's. I'm tired so I don't protest as they lead me to a hot steaming bath.  I receive pampering the likes of which I have never known before. My mind becomes awash as these five ladies treat me like a king. They can cook their butts off and make a meal I won't forget any time soon.  I discover the sister's names are Iote, Ninniach, and Vanim. There are many customs among her people that are strictly between husband and wife and they each take turns observing them. Aini of course is eager to help and any trepidation I felt before is washed away in a haze of delight.  What's the old saying? "In for a penny, in for a pound?" I'm never gonna be good with this but maybe I can make it work.  The next morning the Ai is waiting for me at the foot of my bed on her knees and I nearly lose it.

"Aini!!!!" I shout.

Aini rushes into the room, and immediately identifies the problem.

"N'uma amin arwen, lle uma il- kawa n'ala lle verno'. ro irma ten' lle a' be ho companion il- ho mool. ikotane duna, ro naa sai- lovien. lle coia yassen lye ar' sina lye men, saesa Soora lye customs."

(No my lady, you do not bow before your husband. he desires for you to be his companion not his servant. So rise, he is very loving. You live with us and this our way, please follow our customs)  

Ai nods and I help her to her feet. She looks away, and all I can do is sigh. I lift her chin so that I'm staring in her ice blue eyes. I kiss her gently on the lips and she smiles. I feel warm and fuzzy and Aini is positively beaming. I can't look at this as a mistake anymore, I have to own this. I wanted peace with their people and this was part of the price for that peace. These women didn't ask for this but they accepted it. As for as Ai knows I am a demon just like Aini, or possibly worse. I have to do right by them and honor this arrangement in good faith. The ladies are a a team and a seamless one at that, they work effortlessly in the kitchen together. I call Aini over to me, she's gonna be my go to girl for managing this household, and as she approaches Ai speaks up.

"Aini, amin naa yeste' verne', whatever amin verno' quena, naa ten' amin ears. stay manke lle naa. verno', lle melar Lotesse sinta sut things moota sinome, nan' quel verno', ta naa amin yamen' san- acre en' lye eska. saesa quena a' amin."

(Aini, I am first wife, whatever my husband speaks, is for my ears.  Stay where you are. Husband, your lover may know how things work here, but good husband, it is my place to take acre of our home. Please speak to me.)

I raise my hand towards Aini, and nod. With a look of concern she backs down.

"ai, lle quena sanya, Amin hiraetha. saesa nyara aini cael- ilye maa (exclamation)' lle report a' i' medical room ten' y' universal translator mauya. ta will halani lle rangw- i' dirthen lye ilye quena n'uma matter sut n'ataya ron naa."

(Ai you speak the truth. I apologize.  please tell Aini to have each of you report to the medical room for a universal translator implant. it will help you to understand the languages we each speak no matter how different they are.)

Ai looks at her sisters and Aini and they leave for the Medbay. They each kiss me goodbye in turn and head out. I smile and think how I couldn't find one love and now apparently I have 5 and to my disbelief it's not a competition and nobody is accusing me of cheating. As I look around my quarters I realize that they are too small to accommodate six people and make a call to Sabrina.

"Engineering, this is the captain."

"Aye sir?" Sabrina chimes back immediately

"As soon as its convenient I am going to need to see you in my quarters."

"Only so long as you're not planning to add me to your harem sir."


"Ha...ha...ha." I say wryly  "You're close but not quite. I need to expand my quarters to accommodate my wives. As soon as you have time I need you up here to extend my living quarters if possible."

"okay captain, as soon as I'm able."

Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

The next thing I do is turn on my video equipment and watch and old tv show...I think I'm going to enjoy my day off...maybe even...make a sandwich and have a beer. Yeah.

Look What I Did!...

Look What I Did!...Popular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   Last Update2016/11/6 17:03
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Some Old Art...

Local Natives

Local NativesPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/6 10:42
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According to the Kryllian officer the remaining survivors are being held in the very ruins we first investigated. I am hoping to resolve this peacefully without unnecessary bloodshed but I on't think it'll  GO THAT WAY.  All too frequently tribal cultures have superstitions, rituals, codes, and customs that make even the simplest interactions an overly complicated matter. You usually have to find one member of the tribe who can influence the other to at least hear you out. We have no such person, so this is gonna be difficult at best.  We near the entrance to the ruins and survey the area scanning for ambushes and the like but this place is teaming with life so scanning for life signs is really super easy, differentiating one from another, now that's difficult. I'm too focused on the task at hand and I let my guard down, not paying attention to my surroundings. That's how you get blindsided like we just did.  She comes seemingly out of nowhere, I turn my head in time to see her land and in an instant she swept my legs from under me, it doesn't hurt but before any of us can react Omega, and Caewon join me flat on their backs.  Now don't get things twisted I'm fast so fast in fact that before my two companions hit the dirt I'm already regaining my feet with sword in hand.  The woman appears elven judging by her pointy ears alone, with a dark complexion darker than any sylvan elf for sure. She's armed with only a spear and a couple of daggers really no match for me straight up, but I need someone to speak on my behalf so she's going down.

"Lle naa sai- maite,  nan' ta will avail lle nothien.
(You are very skilled, But it will avail you nothing.)"

She swings her spear at my head, and with less effort than it takes to swat at air my sword's infinitium blade cleanly slices it to pieces. She's stunned by the sheer ease of which I dispatched her weapon but she is a fierce warrior. it will take something considerably more grand to shake her confidence which isn't a problem for me.

"Ai girl mani will ta sana a' convince lle?
(Little girl what will it take to convince you?)

Her twin daggers come at me with blinding speed, but as I grab her wrists and begin to squeeze her eyes open wide with shock.  In my armor I can lift just over 20 tonnes, and she's barely over 60 KG. Needless to say she's stuck, and I could rind her bones to powder if I chose to. Instead I squeeze just enough to wrest the daggers from her hands.  The two blades fall almost silently to the ground and I ask her:

"hin, uma lle dura amin sii'? amin can Ndengina  lle yassen ease nan' amin uma il- wish um- ikotane
(Child, do you believe me now? I can kill you without effort but I do not wish to do so.)"

She lets out a groan of pain and I ease my grip but hold her fast. The relief is easy to see on her face.  This whole time I have been speaking our language to her and I was beginning to doubt she was an elf...until she replies.

"lle caela glake amin vanya. yassen lle beleg lle naa ere' y' aute ri' y' rauko. amin naa ten' lle nai-  heru say ta ar' ta nauva ikotane?
(You have captured me justly.  With your strength you must be either a god or a demon. Iam yours to command my lord what would you have of me?)"

Now we're getting somewhere. Holding her by the wrist I reach for a neuralizer pack from my belt and place it on her necklace. I tell her from nopw on if she disobeys me I will make her ill, that she is cursed to my service until i release her.  The doctor and Caewon both start to protest but they don't even need to see the expression on my face to know what kind of bad idea that is right now.

"sii' hin nyara amin lle essa.
(Now child tell me your name.)"

"amin essa naa Ai Thoron heru
(My name is little hawk lord.)"

"tanya naa y' sai- vanima essa. amin merna lle san- amin a' lle i' dol en' lle hostar.

(That is a very pretty name. I want you to take me to your the head of your tribe. )"

"vee' lle irma heru
(As you wish lord.)"

With those words we are on our way. In no time the able warrior takes us through the heavily wooded, overgrown reaches of the ruins. As we travel I can't help but to notice her shapely figure, Strong women are a weakness of mine. She's well muscled, and very agile her hips sway a little when she walks and it's a sight to behold. Her backside is quite pleasant to look at not that she'd notice me looking mind you. her breasts are firm as one might suspect and not overly ample. In fact if I were on the prowl for a woman she'd fit the bill quite nicely indeed. Her animal skin bikini leaves precious little to the imagination but I'd bet my life that the few guys who tried to take a peek never tried twice. We reach the camp and find most of the kryllian captives to be in good health. A few are in rough shape but nothing a couple days in a med bay won't take care of.  Ai brings me before Chief whose name translates to "Laughing Lizard" (actually "Lizard" is whatever the name of those dumb dinosaurs that attacked us are called.).  he doesn't seem to impressed with me although after Ai tells him how I defeated her without effort and nearly broke both of her arms with my bare hands, he doesn't do anything stupid.  I ask them to tell me about their customs specifically greetings, peace offerings, and how to get the captives back. I hail the Wraith and according to their customs I have several sheep (or what passes for them here) transported in as a gift. The exchange of the prisoners costs us a great deal of gold though we can manufacture all we need. Next there is the matter of peace between our people the treaty for which requires my people to perform some act of loyalty. Apparently we have to perform some service that benefits the entire tribe. They ask me to slay some chieftain in a rival tribe and initially There's some disagreement about whether or not I should do it but after sleeping on it I find and eliminate the bastard because I need this to be over.  Finally we all have to attend a feast to commemorate the peace treaty between our tribes. The chief's wives (he has twelve.) prepare a feast of sheep-thingies and of course I am required to remove my helmet at which time they honor name me Nim Rauko (White-Demon). The night id full of fun and frolic and throughout the whole ordeal Ai is ever at my side, at one point (accompanied by her three sisters) placing a wreath upon my head, serving me wine, and dancing for my amusement. When all is said and done the Doctor is happy, well as much as one can be considering I had to kill a native to accomplish our mission, and more than half the crew saved. I call thi one a win...especially when I am greeted by none other than Captain Drizna himself. Oh this is gonna be one helluva payday.

"Obsidian Mask, Drizna says as if we're long time friends, "You can only be Obsidian Mask yes?"

"Yessir, that's me the one and only."

'I want to personally thank you for coming to our rescue and overcoming the many trials that lead to our salvation. In truth I had all but given up any hope of rescue."

"Well my crew and I may have done the work but it was at your father's behest, he paid a hefty sum for your safe return or proof of your demise. Still I was happy to do it>"

"I see, well no matter I am indebted to you on behalf of my crew, if there's anything I can personally do to repay you, you need only ask."
"I'll keep that in mind Captain. Now lets get out of here while he getting is good."

As we make our way to the ship a quartet of female warriors, one of which is Ai, head towards us with a large sack across their shoulders. Ai probably wants me to remove my "Curse" from her and I guess they have farewell rituals as well.  That is when The good, soon to be dead Doctor chimes in with:

"I was wondering when they would join us."

"Say what now?"

"Your brides dear Captain."


I spin around to look the Omega in the eye and there's not one giggle, not one snicker, not so much as one tiny chuckle, from anyone, and I'm not sure why...then I realize I have my pistol cocked and jammed firmly under the good doctor's chin. Seriously sometimes my reflexes get the better of my good sense.

"Do you intend to use that?"

He asks coldly, uncertain of my current mental state. I think better of it and ease the safety back on.

"No. At least not right now. we'll see what happens after I get an explanation. What exactly did you mean by "My Brides" and why did you say "Brides" like there's more than one."

"Remember when I told you not to harm these people?"

"Yeah, and I didn't."

"But you did. You defeated one of them in single combat. I tried to warn you against doing so. Yous see when you bested Ai, and proved your "Superiority over her and her people, you inadvertently acquired her as a possession, she as much as told you so."  

My heart sinks to my stomach and I remember her words she did say I bested her and something to the effect that she was mine to command.

"Okay doc, that doesn't mean we're married."

"You really weren't paying attention to any of the rites, were you? You exchanged gifts, you accepted the wreath, drank the wine and danced with your brides."

I think I'm gonna be sick.

"This tribe has a lot in common with many cultures I have researched, and I did try to take the lead on this one but you had to be i"In charge, so I let you. This is the consequence.  And before you ask, no you can't back out, it would be considered a huge insult and these four magnificent looking young maidens would have no choice but to take their own lives. Call it a ritual of rejection where they can only be accepted by their groom or the gods."

Yeah I'm gonna be real sick.  I have stuck my foot in it this time...I don't want four brides, and what about Aini? I-I can't undo this without sentencing them to death...they wouldn't be able to come to terms with their mind they'd only have one option left. I hang my head and wave them over...I hope Aini can forgive me. The lot of us hop on board the shuttle and depart for the Sable, I hope Sabrina has some good news from the scavenging party.


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She can save the world a dozen times but still they'll only care about her measurements...

Survivor camp.

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Using the data we gathered from the bridge of the Kryllian ship we manage to locate a small encampment of the surviving crew the sad fact s that there are fewer than 50 of the original crew left as far as we can tell. It's now late in the evening and we wasted a lot of time going through there ship but it appears it's time well spent. A quick flyby reveals automated defenses and at least one gun drone. We land nearby and approach with extreme caution so as not to provoke their massive sentry. A small campfire glows brightly in the center of several escape pods each serving as shelter for the surviving crew. Nearby is a generator transceiver, and water purifier. This group is well equipped to survive for some time. They have rations enough for months and all the tools necessary to carve out a life here if need be. like a mini-colony of sorts. IN a more hostile environment they would probably be screwed after a few months but in this land of abundance not so much. Of course most of the life we've encountered is incredibly hostile so life would be a challenge to be sure.  A male kryllian officer steps out to greet us and as he does I note that of all the 47 crew here he is the only male and under any other circumstances I'd say he was a lucky guy but he might not think so right now. The crew looks clean, well nourished and appear to be in their right minds. I approach the male ready to draw my pistil on a moment's notice. behind me Aini, Shadawar, and Caewon spread out taking strategic positions a fact that does not go unnoticed by the Kryllian crew.

"Hello, my name is obsidian mask and I have been sent to locate Captain Drizna by High Crona Hirzhak. We are here to rescue you and your crew-mates."

"I'm commander Nabrin.  It's a pity you could not have come sooner, so many of us were taken."

"Taken? By whom, or what?"

"The primitives that inhabit this planet thought us to be some kind of evil demonic creatures and acted accordingly , we had them out gunned but we're not allowed to interfere in their natural development so we could only stun them while they were outright killing us. Their wounded would revive unharmed in a matter of hours and we would be left with dead crewmen. We couldn't fight a war of attrition.' eventually they began raiding our camps, after the first couple of years it wasn't to hard to deal with but the became emboldened with each successful raid. eventually we had to seclude the women in camps like this with our best resources due to the savage nature of these primitives. A male would be killed but with a female they would do...other things."

"I see, um...did you say two years?"

"Yessir we've been here for four years altogether and we had just assumed everyone thought us lost."

"You guys have only been gone a few weeks at best."

"That's not possible sir we've kept perfect track of the days and the hours. We've been here 4 years 18 days and seven hours."

"Time must flow differently here Captain."

Shadawar adds, and I can 't escape the logic of his statement. Immediately I contact the Sable and fill them in one the apparent time difference, and have Sabrina keep track of both times so we are on calendar when we return.

For myself, Aini,  and Caewon time differences mean very little but for these mortals this is a huge deal.

"Okay Nabrin, we'll need to know where the other camps are and where the rest of your crew have been taken.  We'll arrange for you crew to be taken aboard our ship and return home s soon as we have every survivor on board."

I call down the Wraith and have my crew begin evacuating the survivors, as Commander Nabrin is about to board he turns to me and asks:

"What will you do about the natives here if they resist?  We're rescuing your crew no matter what, I'll try not to harm any of them but I am not beholden to your non-interference policies...I'm not IGFW so I don't have to hold back, but I choose to because I'm not the bad guy. If I can spare lives I will but not at the expense of those I came here to protect."

"I don't agree with your decision but I can respect and in a way even admire it Captain. Good luck."

It'll take some time to get to each camp site and teleport each up to the wraith even so she's got limited cargo capacity so ther'll be several trips to the Sable to transfer the survivors. We'll remain in the shuttle for the time being.  I send Aini, Shadawar and Fred back to the Sable with the crew and have them help with whatever repairs and departure preparations they can. Caewon, and Dr. Omega will remain on the planet with me.  The Doctor claims he speak 7,00 languages which I have to admit is a lot by anyone's standards I use a translator myself it speaks over one million languages but it might help.   As the  Wraith departs Dr. Omega approaches me with a somewhat grim look on his face.

"What's up doc? (I always wanted to say that to a doctor.) Is there a problem?"

"As a matter of fact there is.  I heard what you told that officer and you may not understand this but you cannot kill these people."

"Doc, I have no intention of going in there guns blazin" and a firin, but I have no intention of letting them kill any survivors we find."

"I understand but you have to know in their eyes we're the invaders"
"Good point Doctor but the invaders want to leave, so we need to let them know that. Hopefully they're graceful winners. If this is gonna be too much for you to handle good sir, you can wait in the shuttle. Unless of course you have a better way to handle this in which case I'm all ears."

"Actually, I had thought..."

Ever say something you were pretty sure you were gonna regret, I think I just did that.

sleeping witch

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happy belated halloween yall

Captain's log

Captain's logPopular
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We finally make it to the ship's bridge without any incident and Aini perches herself at one of the stations and begins attempting to access files. She patches in her suit's auxiliary power systems into the main console and provides minimum power to the ship itself (The armor's onboard generators could power a small ship for days but this massive beast would drain them in only a few short hours). Regardless, I note that there's simply no way that she can know all the things she knows and have learned it all in the short few months she's been with me. But unless it becomes and issue I won't say anything, still a well educated demon is just about unheard of. I get why a creature created to be a subservient concubine would need domestic skills, but she navigates the ships systems like she wrote them. Just when I start settling into the notion of her and me she does something like this and changes the game completely.

'Master, I have located the logs and have translated them, they are ready for your analysis."

"Thank you. Transfer them to the captain's console."

The files come up and something just isn't kosher. According to the Captain's entries the crew abandoned ship before it crashed planet-side. I never thought to check for escape pods, but at least we have rendezvous coordinates.

As I continue reviewing the files a Shadawar's voice chirps over the ship's comms.  

"Captian, this is First Officer Shadawar do you read over?"

A small button on the arm of the Captain's chair begins to blink, I press it quietly hoping it's not the self destruct or something like that and reply back.

"Obsidian here, what's your situation?"

"We were ambushed by someone or something, we didn't get a good look."

"Any casualties?"

"No, but it went after the doctor and we managed to wound it."

"Wait any blood traces?"

"Yeah, in fact we have an entire arm. Fred is a lot tougher than he looks and that's saying something he just grabbed the thing by the wrist and ripped it's arm right off."

Well Damn. mental note do NOT underestimate Fred.

"Where are you guys now?"

"We tried to gain access to the bridge but it's no use, every path is cut off. We were thinking of heading back to the entry point when the doctor noticed systems coming back on line."

"That would be Aini, it won't last long though she's using her suit's reserves to provide temporary power."

"She can do that?"

"Apparently.  Head back out as quick as you can we'll meet you back there, then we have to mount a rescue. Caewon got snatched up by something, probably the same thing you ran into."

"Damn. Alright we'll meet you guys at the entry point, Shadawar out."

With that I egin looking around the bridge for a room with a window, hopefully the captain's office has and nice view,  We're in luck as I pry open the door sunlight nearly blinds me and it's a gorgeous day. I take out my sword again and extend the meter long blade. The edge is mono-molecular and made from the indestructible metal Infinitium. meaning it will slice through ANYTHING and never break or bend. And that's exactly what it does to the outer hull of the ship. I pick a panel and open it up to the elements bending it down to make a small platform to stand on. I can see the others below and I ma finally getting a clear signal on my communicator. I give a wave and start to jump down when an earth shuddering explosion rocks the whole ship from within. I booming voice fills the air.

'You dare to think to make a meal of Caewon the great? Caewon of the twelve houses? Caewon slayer of the mighty Cragnar Dragon? Caewon the Immortal? then die by your own foolishness and reap the reward of a fool."

Caewon hovers just outside of a newly made hole half way up the 90 meter tall hull.  His explosion created a massive gaping wound nearly 20 meters wide and just as deep. Lightning begins to dance all around his coalescing at the tip of his staff several creatures emerge, clearly still reeling from the first explosion, they don't have time to regain their senses as a blast of lightning strikes the center-most creature and spreads out to the rest, instantly frying the lot of them to a crisp.  Caewon is very clearly no joke but he does have some questions to answer. Caewon floats to the ground and with a single leap Aini and I rejoin him and the others. Caewon's clothing it torn nearly to shreds and he has deep gashes on hi arms and legs as well as his back and chest. As I approach I start to make a comment s about how impressive that display was when he simply collapses in a heap, his staff clattering to the ground.  The Dctor rushes over to see to his wounds and it's only now that I wonder if he's a medical doctor. I have extensive medical training myself (out of necessity you see) but I don't know anything about this Dr. Omega.  Still there's no need to panic and I gain some insight into the Doctor as he seems oblivious to the fact that there's magic in my possession that could easily heal Caewon's wounds. Suggesting that the Doctor may come from a place or time where there is none. I  place a hand on the Doctor's shoulder and show him my sword.

"Relax, I got this."

I place my hand over  Caewon's chest, and activate the magic within the enchanted sword. My hand begins to glow with a soothing white energy and Caewon's wound simply close themselves fading away to nothing, another wave and another spell and his clothes are mended as if new. I normally don't like using my sword's spell abilities but this is an emergency. The Psi-Mage probably has some healing magic but most healing spells don't have the power the sword possesses. Caewon awakens a bit groggy but none the worse for wear.

"What happened?" Caewon asks wearily.

"You went completely apeshit on some monsters and fried em to a crisp."  Aini chirps having been obviously impressed by the vulgar display of power.

"It was impressive indeed." Fred adds

"it was all well and good but do you mind telling me why my magic couldn't locate you with a simple location spell?"  

My tone is a bit gruff but the small details are important. He might not have been so badly injured had this not been overlooked."

"It- it is a long story but through my adventures I have made more than a few beings agry. A ngry enough in fact to curse me quite proper actually."

"What-Kind_Of-Curses?" I ask through clenched teeth putting extra emphasis each syllable.  I am not happy about this turn of events since curses can take many forms including monstrous transformations. Transformations where the cursed one ills all of their friends, allies, and loved ones. Oh I am no stranger to curses but tat's a story for another time.

"Well, at one time the curse was so bad nobody could remember me. I would literally be erased from their memory the second I was out of their sight.  of course looking at me again restored their memory of me but It was an abysmal existence. I managed to barter with and elder demon to alter the curse since it was an elder god that gave it to me it was the best that could be done."

"Who eaxcly cursed you and why?"

"Um Zeus, and because I was sleeping with one of his daughters. He wanted all memory of me gone from her, but because I was very persistent..."

"He cursed you and put some stank on it."

"Stank? Well I suppose.  In any event he couldn't bring himself to curse her or make her forget so he cursed me, so she would forget me the moment I was out of sight. Unfortunately she had a plan and had Aphrodite curse her as well, a special curse that for some would be unthinkable but for her would solve our dilemma. She asked Aphrodite to burn the image of me into her eyes, it is an old an ancient curse and it causes blindness save for the one image. So she can never forget me. Diminishing the effect cost me dearly, a price I will not discuss, but now one simply cannot find me. I am sorry I failed to inform you, i usually work alone and so it doesn't come up very often."

"Is that why you relic hunt?"

"Yes, I'm hoping to free us both from Zeus's influence once and for all, but I need a relic for that."

"Relics can be very dangerous and often have their own powerful curses, It's not something I recommend. Regardless we need to be able to find you at least for the time being. Is it possible to tag you or place something on you that I CAN trace?

"yes the curse doesn't really affect my belongings, but to use a location spell you should use a very unique item for greater precision."

"Don't worry, I have just the thing."

I place a neuralizer in his staff and explain what it , does, and how to use it.  I don't want any slip ups.  Going over the data files we finally get coordinates for the escape pods I nonly hope we find survivors.

Searching the Carsh

Searching the CarshPopular
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Entering the crash site we begin making our way to the bridge in the hopes of finding the ship's logs which we hope will allow us to figure out where everyone went and why.  I split the search party into two teams. I take Caewon with me and Aini so that Dr Omega has some combat and magic ability along with his man Fred.  Radiation levels are high and thankfully Caewon has some countermeasure spells to protect himself. Aini and I are well protected by our armor and mine is actively reducing local radiation levels by absorbing the ambient energy.   The place is eerie, and our every movement echoes throughout the corridors of the massive craft. A green fog  clings to the floors as thick as soup at about knee height.  I make take a little extra time to make sure everyone's life support is working because I'd rather be safe than sorry. Every so often as we make our way through the treacherous debris we see deep gouges in the walls the likes of which appear to be claw marks larger than a man's head.  What  we don't see are bodies, which is odd because there's should be more than a few casualties in a crash of this kind and with a crew this size. Every so often we can hear pieces of the ship clanging and clattering. We're startled more than a couple times by the suddenness of a ceiling beam or something similar falling nearby.  Most of our scanners are fouled up by the radiation making finding a clear path next to impossible.

"Be careful where you step"

I offer up, making note that the deck plates are heavily damaged, but no sooner do I utter the words when a massive section behind us simply falls away. I catch Caewon just in time and pull him up from certain death. However. now our way out is now compromised as we can't backtrack.  

"Shadawar This is Obsidian do read?"


The garbled reply is more bad news, the radiation is now interfering with communications. I'm not worried about the radiation hurting me but this ship is a death trap and despite all the things my armor protects me from. being crushed to death is no one of them.  I try to get through to the other team but it's no use, no signal is getting through.  I decide to attempt to boost eh signal and have my team stop while I make the necessary adjustments. As I fiddle around with controls I catch movement out of the corner of my eye in the shadows, I spin around and point my pistol in the general direction and begin scanning with every system I have but it's all useless. Now I'll tell you a secret, my armor is really great at protecting from most things but what it doesn't protect from is slashing, acid, crushing and freezing, arrows, swords, and claws, are serious concerns for me despite everything else the armor does so I'm not invulnerable okay?So when I see something move I tend to get a bit jumpy.  I feel like we're being watched and I don't take chances.  Radiation rarely interferes with magic so I have Caewon cast a spell to detect living beings.  He casts the spell and says

"There's nothing living that my spells reveal."

"What about undead?"

"What?" Aini asks with not just a little bit of fear in her voice.

"Undead can you sense undead?"

"I will try."

As he begins his incantation i am nearly impaled by a shaft of metal that goes screaming past my head, missing me by a matter of millimeters. The one 20 millimeter thick shaft is launched with enough force to penetrate the reinforced bulkhead behind me and bury itself nearly half a meter deep. We each turn to face the source and are stunned to discover...nothing. You ever get the feeling someone's screwing with you?  Yeah me too, just now as a matter of fact. I turn up the volume on my sound pickups so maybe I'll hear something my elven ears can't.   Without warning a last of steam explodes from behind a wall panel knocking Aini to the floor and filling the section of the corridor. Without sensors I'm basically blinded and I do the only thing I can do, I close my eyes and listen...I can hear three people nearby. i grab my sword and quietly extend the metal blade from within it's extra-dimensional sheath.  I have to listen for Caewon's cape, so I don't hit him by mistake. I use my free hand to hold Aini down and instinctively she stops moving and offers no resistance. God I love how she does that. I hear a thud from an unfamiliar step and swing my blade with all the skill I have and hit...nothing?  Dafuq? As suddenly as it began the smoke clears and the first thing I notice is that Caewon is missing. Great it's pick off the heroes time in the spooky alien ship? I've seen this movie before, only one survivor, maybe two...yeah not today. I retract my blade back into the sword hilt and use the magic at my disposal, I choose to cast a location spell to trace Caewon.

"What are you doing master?" Aini ask out of concern.
"I'm trying to cast a location spell, but it's coming up with nothing."

"Any idea why?"

There's really only one possibility.  The mage's name is NOT Caewon."

"How can you tell?"

"There's only two things that would stop the spell from working, one is an "Amulet of protection from scrying" and the other is not knowing the subject's real name. I have a manifest of his magic items from when he joined us and there's no such amulet or other item listed, so no matter what he either lied about his magic items or he lied about his name."

"So what do we do then master?"

"We keep going. If we run into whoever or whatever it is that snatched Caewon we try to capture them or it."

I hope the others aren't having this hard of a time.

Storm before the calm

Storm before the calmPopular
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A herd of large reptiles rush us from the forest edge and I don't know if it's because there's a Psi-Mage here or what but I instinctively go for my sword and fire up the energy blade. It hums loudly as the intermix chamber fires up and antimatter and matter collide inside the two way forcefiled that makes up the blade.  A split second later and I hear a similar sound come from Shadawar,  With a speed that belies their size over half a dozen have closed the 200 meter gap between us in seconds, and are instantly mere meters away.  I spot the alpha of the group which isn't hard as it's the largest and I make a bee line for it.  I hear Aini shout  "No!" as I leap into the fray joined quickly by Shadawar. The alpha pounces launching itself into the air nearly fifteen feet off the ground.  This beast which looks something like a small Tyrannosaurus, with a spiky head probably weighs in at  nearly a ton, but against us it's not really that impressive.  As my sword reaches the beast's neck I hear the sound of searing flesh and a gurgle of surprise. The beast's massive body falls lifelessly to the ground followed immediately by it's severed head, the look of surprise frozen on it's face.   Out of the corner of my eye I see Aini with her twin pistols drop one, then another and another, I hear the familiar hum of a weapon powered by pure psychic energy and the sound of searing flesh yet again and another reptilian giant falls,  the remaining stragglers at the back of the herd think better of this fight and flee back into the dark forest the emerged from.

'Who else wants some!?!?" Screams Aini at the top of her lungs like some lioness unloosed.  More than a couple of us
are taken by surprise by her outburst but I guess that's what adrenaline does.   I don't think anyone was expecting the quiet little demoness to go ape like that, nor  did I know she was such a good shot.  Shadawar approaches me,

"Your skill with a Psi-Blade is impressive Obsidian. I was unaware That you were a fellow Psi-Mage or perhaps.."  he pauses staring down my firearms  "A Psi-Hunter?"

"Neither actually but I did receive formal training in the use of energy blades."

"I have seen every kind of energy blade in existence, and that weapon you wield is no energy blade.I have only ever seen it ilk in the hands of my brethren." he says examining the now blade-less hilt of his own deadly weapon.

"it's special, one of a kind...I don't know what I was thinking using it in .this situation anyway.  A gun would have been much more effective as Aini clearly demonstrated."

"Indeed, still I am happy we did not have to resort to spell-play."

"Me too and that reminds me..."  

I wave for Caewon to join our discussion and instruct both of them.

" I want you to refrain from using destruction magic as much s possible or at least refrain from casting lightning and fire spells, in this forest  environment it could become quite...problematic understood?

Caewon and Shadawar both nod in agreement, and we return to our investigation into the ruins where  possibly  the surviving crew took shelter.  Our earliest scans indicated that the ship had been flooded with radiation over time and would have become uninhabitable and the crew would've had to take shelter somewhere, this being the most likely place. The ruins are really a sight to behold still mostly intact and according to our scanners nearly 100,000 years old the materials the architects used are phenomenal and stand up incredibly well to weathering with almost no signs of wear.  Closer examination reveals that the stone work isn't stone at all but some kind of metal. How could such a primitive society manipulate a metal this resilient?  The stonework looks like a mixture of Roman and Mayan with a tough of something else. High pillars mark the front of dozens of buildings which dot the landscape. The thing that keeps bothering me though is the fact that everything is so pristine. Where did the people go and why leave everything behind?  We find traces of partially eaten meals and laundry that sits in what would have been the was, all over jobs half completed as if the entire population simply got up, dropped everything they were doing, and walked away.  Its very unsettling to say the least and I star making the rounds to make sure everyone has biological protective gear handy.  I know

Search Party

Search PartyPopular
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As the ship closes in on the vortex a tendril of energy lashes out and grabs hold of the warp rings on the aft section spinning the ship on its axis, violently lurching everyone and everything. I know from the Kryllian data tapes that we have to travel headlong into tehe eye of the vortex or the ship is gonna be ripped to shreds.  

"Engineering this is the bridge what's happening to my ship?"

"The vortex is pulling at the warp rings and it's causing us to rotate into the eye!"

"Shut them down NOW!  Helm go to maneuvering thrusters only"

"Aye aye!"

Immediately the ship begins to right itself so that we're back on course and headed directly into the center of the storm as it were.

Suddenly the ship begins to fill with a white light and my cybernetics eyes go haywire, everything electrical starts having a conniption and it makes for a bumpy ride.  Computer panels short  and sparks fly the ship shakes and shudders and anyone not sitting is hurled violently to the floor as the vibrations threaten to tear the ship apart completely. The ship begins falling apart from the inside as wiring falls from the ceiling as a metal tile nearly decapitates my navigator.  A wave of terror washes over me as the realization that I may have just doomed us all floods my mind. Then as suddenly as it all started the ships is still and calmly floating through space. The bridge looks like hell and small fires have broken out across the ship.

"Ops Status report!"

The operations chief still in his chair remains motionless a large metal pipe nearly five feel long and 4 inches wide has pierced through his armor pinning him in place, killing him instantly. Another officer runs over to his station and quickly punches in station reports from across the ship.

"We have full power but our weapons and shields are off line, there are several fires all over the ship and crew are working to put those out. Hyperdrive is off line, Fold systems are down as is warp propulsion.  Life support is good and we have sub-light engines functional. Casualty reports several crewmen injured and 5, er 6 dead."

"Make that 7"

Shadawar adds pulling a slumped over helmsman from his station. Apparently the panel didn't jus com close as I glance over to see a gaping wound in his neck.

"Fine get repairs underway, and a medical team up here."  I tap the intercom button and call all available senior officers to the briefing room and once the last of them arrives we begin discussing how to proceed in looking for the lost Kryllian warship.  According to our scans there is a habitable in this system that the ship could have made it too, and it only make sense to begin our search there.  Sabrina informs me that our teleportation systems are completely shot and will need replacing as soon as we can get home assuming we can get home. Replication systems are similarly off line and we'll have to go to hard rations for the time being, and unless we can find somewhere to resupply our food stores we'll be out of food and water within a month. We can supplement using the systems on board my fighter and the shuttle so there's no immediate danger of running out of supplies any time soon.  With the bridge cleared of debris and some makeshift repairs done I order the ship the nearest J type planet. The IGFW ranks J types as most similar to Earth but unfortunately the nearest planet capable of sustaining life is a type L which while livable is covered shore to shore in dense forest and jungle. A close scan reveals a crash site and a Kryllian Battleship.  The ships markings and and working transponder reveal that it our wayward vessel, mostly intact but inoperable. I have everyone get ready to head planetside and meet me in the shuttle bay. The new shuttle is going to work today. Now while I have the capacity to evacuate small groups of up to 5 people at a time the shuttle doesn't have the capacity to transport the crew of over 1,000 expediently.  Unless our telporters are repaired the evacuation could take a couple of days.  I order a couple of squads down to the planet using my fighter and see if they can't salvage anything from the Kryllian wreckage that we might be able to retrofit to our ship. Sabrina is gonna earn her pay today.

I land the shuttle in a massive ruin not far from the crash site and we begin our scans there.  Kryllians are reptilian and scanning for them proves to be difficult at best since this planet is teaming with reptilian life, some of which has decided to introduce itself.

The Ghost Planet

The Ghost PlanetPopular
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Our arrival at the system that is home to the Ghost Planet is quick but none of the stories I  have read or been told have prepared me in any way for what I see on my main view screen. Derelict ships of every size and shape imaginable drift lifelessly throughout the sector, their crews long gone or dead. Many of the ships predate known space travel and still other are designs unknown in this galaxy.  A feeling of foreboding permeates the Sable as we navigate the floating wreckage of this starship graveyard. As we clear a massive destroyer the likes of which would make the Sathari envious I see the the vortex. A beam of energy connects it to the planet below and something immediately grabs my attention: Fully half of the planet has been torn away from the core creating and asteroid field as treacherous as any I have ever navigated. Every story and very once of research I have been privy to describes the planet as whole but with a thin atmosphere yet the planet before me has clearly been torn asunder and what atmosphere remains reads as thick and breathable.  I call the senior officers to my briefing room along with Dr. Omega and his assistant to discuss this turn of events before we proceed.

Assembled around the conference table is The Doctor, Fred, The sage Caewon, Shadawar my first officer, and Sabrina my newly acquired chief engineer.  The vertical windows in the back of the room clearly show the destruction and devastation we are about to address,

"Ladies and Gentlemen as you can see we have something of a problem, we are at the correct coordinates but a planet that should be in one piece clearly is not and we need to know why before we get and closer to that vortex which is dangerous enough on it's own. Doctor have you seen anything like in your travels?"

The doctor looks ponderous as if scanning through his vast memories to find some comparison with his brow furrowed he looks at me and says

"I have seen destruction of this magnitude before but there are typically traces of high levels of radiation and ionization from the discharge of a massive weapon of some sort which would be readily apparent to your scanners.'

"True," Shadawar adds "However, none of our scanners cked up radiation levels high enough to indicate the use of such a weapon."

Caewon stares out the window, his voice barely above a whisper, he says: "If one was simply going to demolish a planet then why bother replenishing the atmosphere?  It doesn't make sense."

"I agree with Caewon's assessment, it wouldn't make sense unless..." Dr Omega's words trail off.

"Unless what?" I almost say "Idiot" since he stopped so abruptly but I resist the urge, if he knows something I want to hear it and the sooner the better.

"Unless that's not the ghost planet."

Everyone in the room looks stunned at that revelation, but if that's the case I'll know in a hot second.
"Chief Walters, I want you to luanch some probes to the other side of that planet and then scan the debris field and taking into account the various ships that are here. combine the data from the probes and our scans and see if there's enough debris in this asteroid field to account for one and a half planets."

"I'm on it captain."

"As for the rest of you, see what other theories you can come up with.  I don't care how far out they might seem.  If they're even slightly plausible I want to hear em."

Everyone agrees in turn and I head back to the bridge with Shadawar to help prep the launch bays for the probes. As soon as they're ready we launch.   as the probes pass the vortex two of the seven fired are snagged by energy tendrils from the vortex as they and are instantly vaporized.  The remaining five make it into position and we begin receiving data.

As the data is finished being analyzed I get an urgent call from engineering.

"Engineering to the bridge, captain Dr Omega and I know what's going on...beyond any shadow of a doubt.  Gather everyone in the briefing room."

Within moment we are all reassembled and anxious to know what exactly is happening.

"Okay Chief tell us what you got."

"We  scanned the debris field as you ordered and sent out the probes.  What we found was that your suspicions are spot on.  This planet isn't the ghost planet, and it doesn't match anything on file."


"Meaning it came here from somewhere else."

"How could that be?" Caewon asks.

"I'm glad you asked,  The planet we're looking at can only have come from one place and the probe data confirmed it."

"And where is that chief, please keep in mind my patience is thin"

"Quite simply..." Dr. Omega says, it came from the vortex.

This revelation is a surprise indeed...and for me only brings up more questions.

Shadawar asks "How can an entire planet come out of that vortex, the apagey ism't nearly large enough to accommodate a battleship let alone an entire planet?"

"No true." the Doctor continues, "What you see with your eyes and what initially appear on scanners is something of an illusion, when subjected to  tachyon burst the true scale of the vortex is nearly 12,000 miles wide more than enough to accommodate that planet. What remains of the ghost planet is largely debris and the side of the planet that we can see is relatively whole but where the two planets impacted is pure devastation. Still enough gravity remains to hold on to what precious little atmosphere remains."

"Okay then, doctor..." I ask breaking the silence of the stunned room. Where the hell is that beam of energy supplying the vortex coming from if not from the ghost world?"

Caewon interjects at this point and clears the whole mess up. "It's easy to figure out captain, the source of power is magical in nature." Gesturing to Shadawar he asks "Can't you feel it? That feeling of nausea and uneasiness like you're in the presence of something truly powerful?"

It sounds far fetched, a vortex sustained by magic, I have seen permanent spells that create light or other spells in place such as with swords and items of power even relics but nothing of this...sheer magnitude. Someone would have to tap into the very fabric of the energy that makes magic possible in order to do something like this. What were those fools thinking.

"So the vortex is self sustaining then? Regardless of any intervening forces even cataclysms like two planets smashing into one another?"

"It's hard to say for certain but I'd wager it's more likely than not given the evidence at hand."

Dear gods, what have I gotten us into.

"Okay everyone make whatever preparations you need to because we're gonna head straight for the center of that vortex and gods willing we'll make it there and back in one piece."  

I only hope I'm making the right call here because the alternative is grim..very grim.

Man's best friend

Man's best friendPopular
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The Sathari cruiser that was waiting here when we arrived here in the Namae system hails us and I'm a little uneasy considering the fact that I'm not speaking to my best friend whose second in command of the empire. On screen is a uniformed captain who looks a little too Nazi for my tastes but is otherwise completely cordial.

"Greetings Danar, I am Captain T'briel of the cruiser Exeter.  I have on board an envoy assigned for personal protection assigned to you by the emperor himself. He'll have more details and his orders with him upon his arrival."

"I'm sorry did you say Danar?"

"Yes , Danar is the name for all former high ranked officials after they leave office."

"You guys don't play around with the formalities do you? I was told to expect the arival of some personal security but I have a detail assigned to my ship already."

"Yes sir, I'm aware of that but this officer has been hand-picked by the emperor as I stated previously he'll have more information with him. We'll send his shuttle over when you're ready."

"Very well, send him over. Obsidian out."

In moments a tiny little shuttlepod arrives in our shuttle bay and I am there to greet it with my new personal security detail and as always Aini eager to prove herself.  I have briefed them that if anything seems amiss to shoot to kill and ask questions later.  Not everyone in the Sathari empire was happy when Analaeus took over or with my appointment as High  Justiciar. More than a few have tried to kill me in the last few years but you have to get up pretty early in the morning to assassinate an assassin.  Still that never stopped the few ca[able of it from trying. In the meantime I have already contacted Ananlaeus who was at the moment in acouncil with the regional governors and was not going to be able to confirm this guy's identity, I send a message to Harley as well just to be safe and hope maybe he's in the loop.  

As the rear hatch opens I am stunned to see a Lunari, black furred and clad in the Nazi-ish uniform the Sathari are known for. I have to remember to have a talk with Harley about those uniforms. The lunari is a male about 6 feet tall with some kind of optical scanner on his head adn wearing a half cape which I personally think looks to be a bit too much but is actually standadr issue for the Sathari Psi-Mage division.  Suddenly it dawns on me why this guy was assigned to me and  the second my men see the cape the draw their weapons.

"This guy doesn't flinch he instead salutes and very carefully hands me his orders. I read them over carefuly and what it boils down to is that because of the nature of my personal life the emperor has deemed it necessary for me to be assigned additional security of an arcane nature. Apparently guns can only do so much but I can understand where he's coming from.

"What's your name soldier?"

"Sub-commander Shadawar reporting as ordered Danar  and may I add it is an honor to be assigned as your personal guard."

"Oh? Why is that sub-commander?"

"To be honest sir, your exploits are well known to all of us in the Sathari empire and anyone working dignitarty security would give his right arm to be assigned to anyone who sees the kind of action you do."

"Too many old farts puttering around at social functions and rubbing elbows with snobby aristocrats?"

"Something like that sir."

at that moment I get the word from Harley that I should expect a large black German Sheppard-looking mofo to arrive at any time.  Okay this guys is on the up and up. His qualifications are impressive, he knows rank 10 spells, tier 56 psionics too.  Yeah this guy is exactly what I expect Analaeus would assign me. I need a new first officer and he's got the credentials and then some.

"Shadawar is it?"

"Yes sir."

"How would you like to be my first officer?"

"I don't see how that would be possible sir, I'm assigned to be your personal security."

"Actually , your orders say right here "...or in whatever capacity you deem necessary." Leaving you free for such duties if I see fit.  So what do you say?"

"It would be my honor sir. Okay I'll brief you in full on your specific duties later, just for now know you're second in command."

The shuttle returns to the Sathari cruiser and make our way to the ghost this point we're about as ready as we're ever gonna be.  

Namaean Stargate

Namaean StargatePopular
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I have a lot of history with the Namae so I head there to see if I can't hunt down a couple of scientific experts in Vortex phenomenon, the Namae are widely known for having expertise in a great many fields, but it varies from colony to colony. So I'll head to their Central planet and see if we can't search their libraries.  Before any of that happens I'll have to gate in. The Stargates, are a miracle of science just for their awesome size their not easy to get into since the destination for each traveler has to be punched in one ship at a time but it cuts a huge check out of the travel time and folding in can start some interstellar shit I don't want to deal with. Fortunately today traffic is light and it's only a two hour wait. Emerging through the Nameaan gate I'm immediately hailed by a Sathari cruiser.  This is gonna be fun.

The Big One

The Big OnePopular
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As I leave Earth's star port I happen to notice a woman on the commuter who seems to be taking an interest in the shuttle's systems. Out of nowhere she makes a mad dash to the cockpit completely freaking out the pilots.

"You have to land this thing now!"

"What, the? Hey you're not supposed to be up here lady! Return to your seat now!"

Her response is one of legend as she knocks the pilot cold with a single hit and screams at the co-pilot.

"Land now or I'll do it myself!"

Taken aback by the the nap delivered to his partner the co-pilot complies. The second we hit the tarmac security swarms the tiny craft. Me and the crazy lady are pulled tot he side and detained, being armed to the teeth almost guaranteed I'd be lined up with her.  We're escorted to the back of a paddy wagon and as they're about to close the door the starboard engine on the commuter bursts into flames. The crazy lady now looks a hell of a lot less crazy.  I lean over and whisper.

"Did you know that was gonna happen?"

"Anyone with a brain knew that was gonna happen, the engine's harmonics were completely off for a type 218 Jumper, the acoustic frequency should be 480.3 megahertz but it was off by 30 megahertz and the most likely source is the plasma injector thermo-couple and since it was just the Starboard side that was off it was a logical conclusion that the starboard engine was in serious jeopardy. In fact the resonance was declining by 40 Megahertz per second while the pilots delayed. There simply wasn't time to tell anyone though."

"So you just took charge.  So you could tell all of that by the way the engine sounded."

"Yeah my trainers in the academy said I had a gift."

"So you were in the military?"

"12 years actually to tell you the truth I liked it a lot better than this gig, just endless hours of going over someone else's work and tons of mindless paperwork, but what else am I gonna do? The military life just wasn't for me too many rules too many proceedures, they're just too rigid in how hey do things."

"What do you do now?"

"You see those guys overlooking the shuttle?"


"I'm their boss."

"No shit?"

"No shit."

Sure enough the security guys discover her identity and come over to release the both of us, she's the only one that gets an apology though.  I head to the new shuttle that arrives but before I do...

"Hey Miss? What's your name?"

"Sabrina, Sabrina Walters."

"Well Sabrina, I have a ship of my own and I could use someone as skilled as you. You think you'd be interested in being my chief engineer? The pay is god and you could run engineering however you see fit. Whadaya say?"

"I don't know, I don't know a thing about you and I my job pays really well."

"I see, well let me introduce myself then, I'm called Obsidian Mask, and..."

"The same obsidian mask that stopped Dominion? The same Obsidian Mask who's second in command of the Sathari Empire? The Captain of the LIllun?"

Her eyes are as big as saucers, and her voice is filled with excitement, apparently I'm a celebrity?

"Yes, that Obsidian Mask."

"I've heard about your ship, is it true you use space-fold generators? Do you really utilize magical components with the on board ship systems?"

Okay, maybe my ship is more famous than me.

"While all of that is true Sabrina I'm not captaining the Lillun anymore."

"Oh" she says disappointingly

"I have a new ship called the Sable, she parked over there."

I gesture to towards my ship where several others are docked nearby.

"That one there the big black one."

"That is a bit smaller then the Lillun, it looks fast."

"It is, and it has nearly all of the same systems the Lillun has."

"Including space fold?"

"Space fold, Hyperdrive, and Warp Rings."

"Wait, how did you get warp and hyperdrive systems to work without causing an intermix conflict in the drive cores?"

"Um maybe you should ask the engineers I have.  Does that mean you'll take the job?"

"How much does it pay?"

I scribble a number down and her eyes get even wider.

"Are you serious?Is that annually or...?"

"No that's per month, just one thing."

"What's the catch?"

"You're bridge crew for all intents and have to attend all meetings for bridge members."

"I think I can handle that, You sir, have yourself a deal, I'll pack my bags and board ASAP."

"Good to have you aboard Sabrina, we depart in 5 hours."

"I'll be ready in 4."

We shake hands and go our separate ways, I start getting the ship ready for departure, I hope this woman is as good as she seems because I'm placing a lot  on her shoulders.  Still need to complete my crew the only positions open now are chif medical, Tactical, helm and science officer...I'm gonna have to go off world for the others I think.

Inside the Sable

Inside the Sable Popular
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I have dropped the Lillun back off to Harley and of course thanked him for loaning it to me so I could pick up my new ship. I have named her the SS Sable and while were safe in Sathari space I'll have her refitted. I have asked Harley to loan me some of the crew from the Lillun temporarily while I hunt down a new crew of my own and along with all I'm doing for the ship he obliges with a smile. It's good to have life long friends. The layout of the Sable's bridge is going to take some getting used to but it's not too drastically different from the Lillun or the Runt. I can't wait to get moved in to my new quarters and get a new FTL drive put in her, I coordinate everything with Harley's people and Find that the Emperor himself has assigned me a full time Psi-Mage as my personal guard along with a small compliment of troopers which he says is customary for anyone leaving a high ranking position in the empire. So I have some muscle on the trip. The Psi-Mage is a Hathhiss By the name of Shrrisa and she's one tough looking customer I think I'm going to like her.  Once my bags are packed and I've said my farewells I head straight to the Solar system destination: Earth.

Obsidian's ships.

Obsidian's ships.Popular
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A side by side comparison of the many ships Obsidian has Captained,.From Right to left, The SS Lillun-A, The SS Lillun, The SS Runt, The SS Sable, The X-225 Wraith, and above The SS Drake. Obsidian typically prefers smaller ship of Frigate size or smaller, the Drake was a gift from the Black Mantis himself with the hopes that it might entice Obsidian to serve him...Obviously that didn't work.

The SS Sable

The SS SablePopular
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Having given the Lillun to Harley and given up the Drake to the Black Mantis I have acquired a new ship, considerably smaller than my previous vessels and without much of the wonderful magic and technology as previous ships before. The worst part is the lack of 4-d technology which made things a lot easier. However, Harley has given me access to the Lillun and I've been able to equip this little warship with all the systems, weapons and defenses that she has available and with my sword's magic I have been able to put back some of the protection spells as before still this tiny little ship is seriously cramped compared to what I'm used to and no matter how good the systems are they can only do so much thanks to the singularity drive.  But it's mine free and clear and she is pretty and fast,,,designed to specs with cash questions asked Ha ha dealers love it when they can get the whole lump sum up front and they throw in lots of extras too.

The Breakup

The BreakupPopular
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I re wrote this because the original ending of this relationship was too much of a side not and it deserved a proper finale...I hope my fans enjoy.

Only days after Defeating Nechronos Moonshaddow summons me to her palace aboard the massive ship her family calls home, The ship stretches farther than the eye can see some 48 million miles across and half as long,,,and awe inspiring sight to be sure...I dock in one of the millions of ports and shuttle to one of the 8 planets held within, On a small island rests her palace a place of beauty and splendor...but it will now and forever be a place where only pain lives for me.  The servants see me inside and ask me to await Moonshaddow, which is new because they seldom speak to me at all. After a few minutes she enters the large sitting area in full regalia. I rush to hold her but she raises her hand and I stop dead in my tracks. Her face is sullen and instantly my heart sinks...and I know something bad is coming.

"What's wrong?" I ask hoping Imy instincts are wrong...but they seldom are.

"I need to talk to you"

"What about everything okay?"

"No things are not, I....I lied to you and I can't do it any more Please understand that I never meant to hurt you and I know your feelings are real."

"I sense a but coming."

"But I refuse to lead you on, regardless of what my Father's wishes are..."

"Your father!?! Gods be damned I knew it!  I never wanted to believe it but since the day I found out the Black Mantis was your father I knew it was a setup.  I asked you, and you said your business was your own. But it's not is it?"

Here eyes begin to tear as my words sting her heart, if anything at least there's some remorse.

"Why come clean now?"

"My father left me for dead, and you resurrected me, I can't just ignore was the most selfless act anyone has ever performed for me in over 9,000 years. I tried to do as my father bid me but he has hardly shown me such compassion or loyalty.   Still he is my father and an elder god and what he asks of me I find I cannot do."

"So that's it then? You won't fight for what we have?"

"I fear there is nothing left to fight for, but I won't lead you on and I won't let him have you.  I release you from my service and I as much as it it breaks my heart I banish you.  return to your life my love, know that there's a place in my heart that will never be complete without you and that I do this not because I don't care but because I care enough to not hand you to my father.  He will be enraged when he discovers what I have done here but he will not harm me and will not harm you either."

"So that's it then...just like that?"

She turns away and with a wave of her hand I'm just me again.  I hate when I'm right about things like this. It sems the only time my instincts serve me best is when it about something bad.  I turn and walk away and a part of me is thankful that this is over...messing around with gods is difficult at best but...she'll always have a place in my heart...she was there when I really wasn't myself and when I really didn't like who I was, I can find solace in that at least   I board MY ship and leave the Drake and it's crew in the docking bay, I want no more to do with the Black Mantis or any of his people...ever again.

Obsidian vs Kylo

Obsidian vs KyloPopular
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Fan art Kylo the whiny bitch vs Obsidian Mask...Kylo fights with the skill of Luke Skywalker while Obsidian fights with the skill of a young sided fight bro?

Obsidian Dossier

Obsidian DossierPopular
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Name: Obsidian Mask
Real Name: Rusquion Tura
Age: 327 (Solaran cycles)
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 147 lbs (172 in armor)
Eye color:Aquamarine (Cybernetic eyes glow blue)
Hair Color: Blond
Species: Luminesti Elf (Solaran formerly)
Vocation: Ninja/Mercenary
Siblings: 6 3 brothers 3 sisters (all deceased)
Birth Rank 3rd of 7
Known Relatives: Miridia (1st wife deceased), Sarah Dashel (2nd wife deceased), Jenara (Daughter), Arethan (son)
Other known Relatives: None
Known Associates:Crimson Mask, Cobalt Mask, The Scions of Justice, PRIDE, The Sathari Empire. IGFW sTAR Command.
Int: 14 (140 IQ)
Agl: !9
Str: 14 (50 in armor)
End: 15 (75 In Armor)
Psy: 18 (Minor Psionic Defenses)
Pre: 19 (Elven DNA)

History: Born on earth in the 20th century Obsidian was once a human. He was accidentally summoned across space and time by a Mage. After some adventures he realized he was too old and out of shape to continue adventuring and so sought out magics to extend his life span. To that end he had himself transformed into a Luminesti elf forsaking his humanity and Solaran roots for all time. Obsidian became embroiled in the "Millennium Wars" fighting on the side of the IGFW and it's allies (Namely Earth). Using the skills he acquired as an adventurer Obsidian quickly rose in rank and was recruited into a black ops branch where he was trained by the alien Oni who worked with him for nearly 50 years before giving their approval and naming him "Ninja". Obsidian later was recruited by the mysterious Black Mantis who sought his services as an operative. While Obsidian refused permanent employment with the Black mantis he did take assignments over a period opf 100 years. Payment for those assignments has taken the form of his ship, his sword and his technology, as well as his crew.

Armor and weapons:

Absorbium 80 power armor: Obsidian's armor was once a heavy suit that provided no enhancements other than Camouflage and Energy Absorption. After an encounter with the villain Dominion, his suit was upgraded and while less absorptive boasts agility, speed, and strength enhancements. Both suits have Contra-Grav systems allowing him to change his point of gravity to any angle he chooses. The most recent upgrade to Obsidian's armor incorporates Absorbium 120 which can be used like Absorbium 80 with similar effectiveness with only one quarter the quantity. When used without restrictors Absorbium 120 can actually absorb life energy which is what makes it so very difficult to manufacture.

Admantine Vibro-claws: Obsidian has 2 retractable claws that while not indestructible can cut through virtually any material.

Gauntlets:  Obsidian's bracers boast a wide array of surveillance, intrusion., and computer systems as well as kinetic relays which allow him to unleash stored energy into a kinetic pulse by punching a target.

Obsidian's Helmet has a wide variety of optics allowing him to see in every spectrum including x-ray. (Currently his cybernetic eyes allow him to do this without the helmet). His cybernetic eyes have similar capabilities though to a lesser degree. The helmet also have interfaces that work with all of the weapon systems of his various vehicles.

Self Contained Atmosphere: Obsidian's armor incorporates a complete self contained environment complete with food dispensaries as well as oxygen and waste direcycling. It has an energy supply that can be charged simply by kinetic impact.

Zero-Weapons: All of Obsidian's firearms are outfitted with smart systems allowing him to see through the barrel like a scope. They all support Variable round systems with nearly every type of ammunition imaginable. His guns have been enchanted so that ammunition is never depleted. They are each constructed with pure Infinitium shells making them indestructible by normal means.

Infinitium Blade: A gift from the Black Mantis Obsidian's sword can cast any spell he knows of at 5 times his power rank (Obsidian is currently rank 27) but only while the blade is retracted. The sword can cut through steel as easily as waving a stick through air and is highly enchanted so as to be able to affect even Deitic beings. The blade is semi sentient and can follow basic commands such as teleporting. The blade is absolutely lethal to anyone but Obsidian who can command anyone holding it to die. Obsidian has named the sword Godslayer and thus far it lives up to its name. The sword also boasts energy blade capabilities using a form of Anti-Matter Containment which allows objects to pass through a field containing Anti-Matter yet does not allow the Anti-Matter to escape. The damage from this version of the sword is nearly incalculable.

Flashing: All of the aforementioned gear is flashed, a process involving implants which allows said items to appear on the user at will so long as the item and the user are in the same dimension otherwise distance is not a factor.

Section-7 command Recommendations: Approach with extreme caution DO NOT confront directly.

Obsidian is known to take assignments from the figure known as he Black mantis, who may possibly be inclined to render aid do NOT confront the Black mantis under any circumstance. Should the Black Mantis become involved in any of Obsidian Mask's operations observe and report back immediately and DO NOT engage.

Secret Identity Series: Panterra

Secret Identity Series: PanterraPopular
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Created in a lab without any true identity the members of PRIDE are thrust forward in time to find the state of California now and island and their secret base submerged hundreds of feet beneath the ocean.  No longer employed by the government and without resources they make their way through this strange new land. During the events of the "Anti-Scion crisis their secret base known as the "Lion's Den" is discovered with nearly all of it's resources mothballed. reactivating and upgrading reveals that they are endowed with a vast fortune at their disposal, the members decide they will first establish new lives for themselves as well as civilian identities. They take the family name Grimalkin and each takes a given name. Panteera's choice is Felix a derivative of the word Feline. As Felix Grimalkin, Panterra is able to walk among men as never before. A select few know his true identity including his android butler. A whole new life awaits each of the members of PRIDE and they are each eager to live it.

Kai'ly repose RocCon 2015

Kai'ly repose RocCon 2015Popular
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A repose I did last year of Kai'ly, the mascot I created for RocCon a few years back.


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I arrive on campus and am directed to doctor Ragoone's office, as I approach the door I hear what sounds like someone turning the place upside down. Instinctively I kick in the door and am greeted by on old fashioned, honest to goodness, genuine, Japanese Ninja. He turns to face me and drops a smoke bomb at my feet to obscure his movements but that is a very useless tactic with my cybernetics. I grab him by the collar and fling him across the room. He lands rather deftly on his feet and reaches for the sword strapped to his back...I can't help but start laughing. He's all business though and takes a stance to fight. I would normally just drop this guy but I'm curious as to what his deal is. My cursory scans reveal a whole inventory of ancient Ninja weapons and tools but no tech, and no magic...this guy is a relic...I draw my sword and extend the blade, his eyes get a bit wider and I know I have his undivided attention...and that he's never seen anything like that before. I speak Japanese so I ask him do you know the the date? His answer comes as no surprise to me...time travel is such a bitch.

Toshi Nakamora The Silver Beetle.

Toshi Nakamora The Silver Beetle.Popular
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The Man behind the metal is the industrialist and multi-billionaire Toshi Nakamora...Third to hold the title in the legacy of the Silver Beetle.  Toshi holds strongly to his Japanese roots and is well trained in Bushido, Jujitsu, and Kenjitsu, as well as Kenpo...He is an honorable man who holds his honor is high regard. The silver beetle is not an escape from this but the embodiment of it...His mother bore the name before him and his grandfather before her.  Now Toshi seeks to carry on the name and do it justice by joining honorable people like himself with courage and a dedication to justice.


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The reason Superman works alone...

The Old Neighborhood

The Old NeighborhoodPopular
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We make it to Earth in no time and I hop aboard my new shuttle to meet with one doctor Emily Rajoone who can hopefully provide a means to navigate through the rift relatively intact.  Michigan looks more or less the way I left it a century ago, some folks have moved on shops open and close and change that landscape a bit but the streets remain the same and I can still find my way around. I had a life here before...before...the memory eludes me but that's how it is with memories about my life before I got here in this time. As I approach the coordinates to the University of Michigan I smile a little knowing that the U of M is still around even in the year 4389. Some things endure. I'll contact the good doctor and arrange to meet with her...hopefully she'll have some good news.

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