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A Hero Reborn

A Hero RebornPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/5/15 2:50
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With the end of the Millennium Wars, the United Earth Council began the process of decommissioning many of its black projects.  Most notably the project known as Operation Flag Waver.  Unbeknownst to most of the five galaxies Operation Flag Waver was a long running program with a long history of great success. The project consisted of a single man, and although that man has been replaced time and again it is important to know that it has always been just a man...a man known only as Captain Freedom.  The current captain held in cryogenic suspension until very recently, is the 15th in a long series of clones. The Captain is superb specimen of the Solaran race..and is considered by many to be a perfect specimen as well.

The captain possesses remarkable attributes which are the peak of human perfection. His combat training is among the best available. He possesses superior regenerative abilities and is for all intents and purposes Immortal though still subject to injuries that can, and have ended in his death.

The Captain is an altruist and believes in doing what he feels is right even if that means disobeying orders. Attempts to adjust his DNA to make him more complacent have failed miserably with no ill side effects. The captain's moral character has been as still remains unimpeachable. He is a born leader and inspires others around him.  He carries only a shield and believes himself to be the last line of defense in the battle against tyranny and evil.

The captains dossier is as follows:

Strength: 19
Endurance: 19
Agility: 19
Intelligence: 24
Psyche: 24
Presence: 24

Powers and abilites:

Enhanced senses all
Minor regeneration (class 1)

The Captain's eyesight is so sensitive that he can microdot images without the need for magnifying devices.

The captain's hearing is sensitive enough to detect a heartbeat at 15 meters and can be used as an improvised lie detector.

His sense of touch allows his to feel textures as subtle as a fingerprint.

His sense of taste is delicate enough to detect poisons in doses too minute to affect him.

His sense of smell can be used in much the same way as a dog does.

The captain possesses minor psionic abilities which guard his mind from external infiltration. He also posses the following psionic abilities:

Equilibrium: Grants unparallelled agility and balance
ESP: The captain can by concentrating read the surface thoughts of one being at a time although those trained against such abilities are unaffected.
Telekinesis: The Captain possesses the ability to move objects with thought. He uses this ability in conjunction with his shield (of which he has had many) to ricochet it from point to point.

The captain is though to use nearly 99 percent of his mind's capacity and if he were to dedicate his time would be quite adept at learning Magic.

As it stands the Captain considers himself to be the consummate soldier and is dedicated to ideal of peace and justice on Earth and across the cosmos. To that end he defends the oppressed and the downtrodden never letting tyranny stand while he has the power to strike it down.  The current incarnation  has only recently been thawed for return to duty though no one is quite sure why as there are no APPARENT threats to Earth at this time...only time will tell.

The Captain is a legend but holds no ties to any hero organization, although he is strongly affiliated with the I.G.F.W. and has been granted above the law "Sentinel" status.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/5/3 15:15
Hits475  Comments2    
Point of advice: If you're planing to mace someone who can rip a Humvee in half don't do it!!!

pinup and the packard

pinup and the packardPopular
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2017/4/29 2:16
Hits387  Comments2    
just a girl and her car on a fall day

Things to come

Things to comePopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/4/28 17:03
Hits437  Comments3    
Just a small glimpse into the future.  A new part of the ship that has gone unexplored until now..actually it wasn't needed until now ...Androids don't work out.

Firebird Dossier

Firebird DossierPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/4/28 17:00
Hits421  Comments4    
James Holden, is a gen ab. He was born in the northern America continent on the eastern bay of the city of New Detroit. His powers are as follows:

Energy manipulation Fire (reduce or intensify)
Energy emission fire and heat.
Invulnerability Fire
Limited Invulnerability Magical fire
Immolation fire
Create construct fire

Vulnerabilities: Firebird requires oxygen to create flames this means he cannot generate flames in a vacuum without the assistance of additional chemicals.

Firebird can focus his flames to to simulate jet thrusters or even a high heat welding torch. Firebird can also ignite any kind of flammable material. It is important to know that Firebird does not usually leave a flame trail but there is often residual effects from creating fires.

James statistics:
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250 lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Age 22:
Occupation: Journalist
Military training: Some basic self defense
Siblings: None
Known Relatives: None

Str: 17
Agl: 15
Int: 18
Psy: 13
End: 19
Pre: 15

Weapon skills: Small arms Basic proficiancy

Non-Weapon skills:
Journalism (Bachelor's Degree)
Creative writing
Investigative research
Computer sciences
Computer hacking
Cooking (professional quality)
Art (drawing/sketching)
Driving (domestic)
Pilot Ship (Frigate and smaller)
Navigation (Land, air sea, space)

Coming out.jpg

Coming out.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/4/28 16:17
Hits453  Comments1    
Ai has asked to meet with me alone in our quarters to talk about her...recent revelation.  It's a conversation I am eager to have but I'm certain she is not.  As I walk through the door her nervousness is obvious to even the untrained eye. I try to be as nonchalant as I can and put her at ease. I pour us both some Elderberry wine (she has quite a taste for it) and I take a seat on the sofa. Ai sits across from me and after a couple of moments of thought she speaks.

"I-I wanted to tell you about what I am. I was going to tell you many times but the moment never seemed right and I wasn't sure how you'd take it."

"I can understand that. It's not something that one just drops in another's lap out of nowhere."

"Yes, but still you are my husband and I have unintentionally deceived you. I apologize and I beg your forgiveness."

"There's nothing to forgive but I do have some questions."

"As I thought you might.  Ask me anything husband and I will answer truly."

"Alright.  Are you dragon or elf?"

"I am...dragon. I have been as you see me now for a very long time.  I know little of my dragon heritage beyond what instinct can reveal."

"Where I come from this next question is considered rude, but not between a husband and wife. I need to ask...How old are you, as we know time?"

"I am 120 of your years but that is only an estimate. In truth I do not know but I have not lived longer than those from my village."

"Fair enough.  Can you use magic like other dragons?"

"I have no spells, and few dragon powers. I can fly, I can see great distances, and perfectly even in magical darkness, My other senses, hearing, smell, taste and touch, are much greater than those of many animals. I can in my dragon form, fly at incredible speed, and of course breathe fire. I am also immune to fire and heat."

"Um mating...if you were to become pregnant how would that work?"

"I don't know. I have had no parent to teach me the ways of my kind and I only know the way of elves."

"We'll have to do some research and discover those things together, or perhaps find you a mentor."

"I would like that husband."

"So basically you were adopted, or is your sister the same?"

"I was very young when the chief's first wife found me. She could not bear children and so claimed me as her own daughter. I grew up with the other children in my village and no-one ever knew what I was, not even me. One day raiders came to destroy our village and the women and children were hiding in a cave.  The raiders found us and were going to enslave, violate or kill, every one of us.  I acted out of instinct and shouted at the warriors before us.  In a flash I could see them in the darkness of the cave and I could smell the fear in their blood.  As my serpentine form writhed before them and my wings unfurled, their hearts filled with terror. With a single breath 8 warriors met a fiery end, burned to smoldering husks. My tribe reacted with joy and hailed me as a hero, blessed by the gods.  They thought my transformation was a blessing, a one time occurrence. Until I revealed myself before you I had never again had the need to transform into my dragon form. I knew instinctively that the dragon scales and my wings were the truest version of me. I did practice flying and whatever abilities I could. It just felt proper."

she shifts into her scaled form effortlessly the appearance is something akin to swirling water.  Even in this form she is beautiful to behold. She looks away, shy, and I cannot help but reach for her face and turn her head to look her in her magnificent golden eyes.

"Wow, well...this a bit to take changes nothing between us.  You are still my first wife and I am still your husband."

"Will others accept this? I know how outsiders can be."

"In many places a union between a dragon and any humanoid is not well accepted. Keep this secret until we can find another Golden dragon to help teach you of your people. No need to cause more conflict than necessary."

"Does my form bring shame upon you?"

"No...I would care for you no matter your form. I only ask that you not reveal your true form to strangers...think of it as the element of surprise."

We continue talking well into the evening hours and I get to know my wife a bit better.  Her dreams, her favorite things, and why she is who she is. I don't care that she's a dragon, although some others might. I am not just honor bound to remain...I truly care for Ai.  



Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/4/25 14:51
Hits324  Comments1    

A day at the beach

A day at the beachPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/4/22 17:48
Hits488  Comments1    
The Ferusian continent of Galeria has some beautiful coastlines and I had long ago taken it upon myself to build a vacation home far from the palace that I lived in during my tenure as High Justiciar. The place isn't as grandiose as the palace but then again that's not my style. Built into a cliff about 100 feet above the beach in a little cove it is the perfect place to get away from it all.  My wives and I along along with Aini,  take the next few weeks to get some sun and frolic in the waves like children.  I enjoy snorkeling so we also spend a great deal of time checking out the nearby reefs. The sea creatures of Ferusi are something to behold, both exotic and beautiful to behold most of the eas life is quite colorful. I have given my crew paid furlow and basically run of the place and so they've scattered to the four winds. Normally someone like Shadawar would be a rare sight but since the Sathari occupation of the planet there have a been a few positive changes the presence of aliens being one of those.  it's a gorgeous day for swimming and and I am just getting ready to take the boat out to the reef when I hear a someone yelling from above on the cliff. I can easily magnify my vision with my cybernetics and what I see is a buzz killer.  A Sathari officer, what could he possibly want? If Analaeus wanted me he has a direct line. That being said this seems like personal business invading my personal life. The gentleman makes his way down to the beach where the girls and I are and marches towards me.  The entire time I can't help noting how out of place he looks on a hot summer day in full dress uniform on this sandy beach. As he approaches, he says something that gets my full attention...he says my name.

He salutes like a pro and says:

"Indor Rusquion Tura, I have been sent by his majesty the Emperor Analaeus Sathari to secure your cooperation in a very delicate matter."

Indor is a title given to high ranking former officials by the Sathari government.  It's a title I appreciate but few people use my actual name.  It's so rare sometimes I forget I have a name other than Obsidian. Handing me an official "sealed" document which opens only upon confirmation of my DNA (LIke my clone couldn't have opened it) I am stunned to discover that it contains only a set of coordinates with no instructions. I'm guessing the vacation is over.

Analaeus is a friend and I don't let my friends down when they need me. I'm sure there is a good reason for all the secrecy.

"Okay, um what's your name?"

"High Cano, Vel Revv sir. I am commander of the Fekthir.  According to my orders my ship and my crew are at your disposal. We will take you wherever you need to go."

"I have my own ship, thanks."

"I know sir, it is currently in my ship's docking bay ready to go when you are."

"Damn your ship must be huge."

My ship is easily the size of a small cruiser the Sathari really go overboard with their designs.

"My ship is the largest in fleet.  We have been ordered to remain at your call at all times. These orders come from the Emperor himself. This mission is of the highest secrecy.  Even High Justiciar Harley has not been informed."

Okay now I'm worried, it's not normal to bypass the chain of command.  The girls and I pack up and I send the all hands on deck signal and end several vacations at once.

"It'll take a a full day to reassemble me crew, I'll sinal when we are ready."

"Very good sir, we'll await your call."

he heads to his shuttle atop the cliff and I suit up. I ask the ladies to remain planetside for this one...I've held enough memorials for a while I haven't the stomach to lose more family.  Whatever this is about it won't be fun and games.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/4/22 10:53
Hits462  Comments4    
Fortunately she has a very understanding boyfriend...


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/4/19 18:29
Hits468  Comments2    
Back aboard my ship, We've contacted the Scions and the I.G.F.W. To turn over our prisoner and clear my name of all charges. According to the Scions they Vizier I killed created the clone which would mean it no longer has a master to obey.  Long story short, he's now recognized as a sentient being, but under the clone act of 3767 there are limitations to his rights. The Federation has a ship waiting and two officers on our transporter pad waiting to take him away.  Due to the extenuating circumstances they'll keep the death penalty off the table and I have thrown in a good word to adjust his sentence so that he's doing a form of community service... I have a history with them and since he shares my skills the I.G.F.W. would be fools to not utilize his skills. I find out that Aini is pregnant which was bound to happen sooner or later and despite being knocked around by Abominous the the still tiny fetus is none the worse for wear. Ai isn't exactly happy being first wife and all and I've set up a memorial for Nairi, and Shavi, though to be honest there are now words to describe the loss we're all feeling right now.  As I escort my clone to the teleport pad, I can't help but ask.

"So, Have you decided what you want to do about your identity?"

"Not really.  Obviously I need a new name but I haven't decided on anything."

"I'm sure you'll pick something great. Any word on how long the federation brass think you need to serve?"

"They're talking about a life sentence for each person I killed."

"That's a shit load of time."


"Just remember, I'll keep trying to get your time reduced as often as I can."

"Don't worry about it.  Take care of the girls...and the ship...and the crew. It's your family."

"Yours too...if you want it."


"Seriously. The girls told me how you fought for care at least as much as I do."

"yeah but...that's when I thought I was you."

"You still kind ado though."

"I have all these memories...but I know they're not mine."

"So take this opportunity to make new ones...just don't let this experience make you bitter."

"I don't think I have that in me."

My clone steps up on the teleport pad and the two federation officers shackle him. I can't help but think that if my clone wanted to, those restraints wouldn't stop him from escaping.  I will not soon forget his last words to me Ai, and Aini.

"The family is getting's nice to have  Take care."

He never chose to do any of the things he is responsible for doing and he'll be serving a very long sentence for it. With any luck it won't change who he is, and the next time we cross paths it'll be a happy occasion. Now I have to get back to the day to day grind of living. We never did figure out what the goal of cloning me was.  I still don't know what to make of seeing Danielle...maybe it was delirium...but then again maybe not. I'm calling this one a day and going to take a nice long break from work. I set course  straight for Ferusian space. The ship needs maintenance and the crew needs some well deserved shore leave.
The darndest thing is...I still don't know how Abominous captured me in the first place...too many loose ends on this one.  I hate loose ends.

End of the line

End of the linePopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/4/16 6:36
Hits378  Comments1    
I'm adrift in an endless ocean, barely aware of the muffles voices. I know I am submerged and I fight for the strength to swim to the surface, but I have none. The voices are barely audible and I try to scream out for help. My eyes open ever so slightly and I resist the urge to sleep...I have been asleep for far too long.  A single voice guides me calling my name.  Danielle?  I hadn't thought about my first wife in decades, I kept busy so that her memory would finally stop haunting me.  As the years went by I had all but forgotten my first love. How can I be hearing her voice? She's been gone for so long now.

I call out to her.

"Danielle? I hear you.  Does this I dead?"

"No my beloved.  There are those who need you still."

"I'm tired honey, I don't want to keep doing this."

"I know you are, but it is not time for you to rest just yet. We will see each other again but for now you must wake up."
I see her ghostly image before me for just a moment before it fades away to reveal Ai. Ai who is screaming in a panic.

"WAKE THE HELL UP!!! Dammit, I swear husband I did not want you to find out this secret this way.  I would've told you but it was never the right...I'm so very sorry."

He body twists an morphs and suddenly there is a large dragon standing before me.  Suddenly I am very alert.

"What the?"

The beast looks back at me again and with Ai's voice it says...

"I'm so sorry."

I become aware of the battle around me as Ai's dragonfire lays waste to the foes before her.  Their screams and the heat from her breath snap me out of my stupor.  I look around quickly and take note of the situation. There's a liquid suspension tank with the glass shattered. nearby are consoles and other scanning devices, a lab...I'm in a lab.  Someone has been performing experiments on me...Okay Now I'm pissed.

In an instant my armor and weapons are with me...I do love Flash magic.

I leap to my feet and the first bastard close enough to me gets his bead removed. My enchanted blade heals me every wound and forces our any foreign objects save for a select few. Guns in hand I begin making short work of the troops that pour into the small room. There's just too many and while I'm not overly worried about me getting hurt I am keenly aware that Ai...and what appears to be Aini, could be gravely injured at the rate things are going. A simple forcewall blocks  the doorway and it will take some time before anyone brings it down. They don't have a powerful enough  mage to dispel it. This will give us some time.

"Um ladies you wanna tell what's going on?"

Before the last word escapes my lips I am hugged nearly to the point of smothering and the two (ladies?) begin talking at the same time so fast my ears can't keep up.  What I get though is that I have apparently been used as a pawn in some twisted game wherein some guy name Abominous not only kidnapped me but also cloned me via a similar process used by the Black Mantis. This is a rescue mission that has gone horribly wrong.  Suddenly there is the sound if displaced air...a gentle poof. I turn on my heels to see a stereotypical class a grand vizier type flunkie...very cliche' however, as he raises his hands and begins chanting I am certain he is unaware that he just signed his own death warrant. With skill speed an accuracy born of centuries of combat I put two rounds straight through his head...and all that chanting stops, along with all other bodily processes.

"Okay ladies, what was the escape plan?"

"We were going to use our teleporter to get out but..."

"But when the alarms went off they raised their shields and blocked our way out."

"Uh huh."

Neither of these women are stupid, but I'm thinking emotion had something to do with their rash planning. Still we make a break for it shooting up the place as we go. We'll talk about the dragon thing, and Aini's blue skin later. As we make our way to the shield generators we are set upon time and again byt soldiers determined to die for their cause...whatever that may be.

One wrong turn later and we find ourselves looking out onto a wide view of lava as far as the eye can see. It's a mining world...they're remote and usually manned by machines...or elementals depending on the owners.

A voice booms behind us and I turn to see a massive 14 foot behemoth of a man, well a humanoid anyway. He's got a condescending attitude and smug look on his face. The kind that makes me wanna wipe it right off.  He simply stands there with his hand cupped behind his back. It's almost as if he's unconcerned with me or what I can do. Well..sword in one hand and rifle in the other I turn to confront him. Aini lunges for him and with a wave of his hand he simply bats her away as one would an insect.

I begin scanning him.

"You are?"

"I am lord Abominous, and this is my research facility. You are my captive and now so are they."

[stength: 100]

"Really? You think you have what it takes to keep me here?"

"Your armor and abilities are insignificant compared to my own, you cannot win this fight."

[Agility: 15] [Psyche: 100] [intelligence: 128]
[Endurance: 223]

"Yeah I think you're underestimating me, and that it might cost you.

"You elf have no magic to defend yourself, and your allies are unable to come to your rescue as they're occupied with my forces. You cannot escape, and resistance is futile. You can surrender or die"

(come on, come on, stupid computer give me what I need)...
[Powers: Expulsion energy: Ion beam Class 1,] [Power: Regeneration]
[Power: Immortality]
[Various tehnological devices]

I give a little twist of my lead foot to improve my traction and...

"Let's put that theory to the test shall we?"

He's stronger but I'm faster, an advantage whose effects are not completely lost on the lumbering ox as I easy dodge his massive fists and draw first blood...Literally.

Enraged he scareams "You dare to strike me, Nay to draw my blood?  You shall suffer for that elf."

The energy beams from his eyes are a very violent and powerful weapon.I narrowly dodge the first one bu the second blast hit's me square in the back as I realize thy nearly have a will of their own and can track their target down...nice. The blast hurls me straight to his waiting arms and he starts pummeling my face and head. The shuddering inside my helmet rattles my brain but I'm not hurt in the slightest. I point my rifle at his torso and pull the trigger. it knocks him off me but if I want to kill him I'll need a better round so...I click a button and move up to Non-Conventional ammo. Another blast from his eyes and I charge straight for him. As they hit my energy sinks reach capacity and I transfer all of it to my kinetic gauntlets hitting him with all the power he's used on me thus far...the blow shatters the windows of the room and the heat from the lava can be felt inside. Abominous leaps for me and I easily dodge a fist that buckles the floor plates. As I land on my feet I spin around to see him grab Aini and leg and dangle her from the window. Her wing, crippled from the blow he landed earlier will not hold her aloft.

"Enough!  Surrender or your beloved here dies a fiery death in the lava below!!!"

Aini bites his hand and instantly he slams his fist into her sending her hurtling to the lava floor below. Without hesitation Ai dives out after her and it's just me and him.

"You know they're dead. They'll never survive the heat or the gaseous fumes of this planet. Even if you win you have already lost them."

"You know what, I'm really sick of you.  You know so much do you? What do you think they are. Heroes? Ab-Gens? You're so much dumber than you look. The reason The blue one looks like a demon is because she IS a demon...what fire does the mortal world have that can harm her? And the other, that's a great golden dragon, also immune to fire. You're not nearly as smart as you look."

Enraged at my pointing out his shortsightedness, he lunges for me again and I meet him with full fury. He's slow easy to maneuver around, not once does he land a blow. My sensei once spoke of enraging my enemies and how it makes them sloppy now I see what he meant. Abominous is slowly demolishing the room, a room which I realize, via a hole in the floor, is built on the outside of the main structure. We do the dance for a few seconds more as make strategic cuts in the foundations....until finally...

"This has been a really nice game Apostrophe, but I can't play anymore...I hope you can swim."

With that the entire room begins to fall towards the molten lava below and a quick cling spells has me sticking to the wall like a bug. Abominous...not so much. He screams with rage the whole way down until his outstretched hand disappears beneath the glowing orange liquid.

As I being to make my way up the building in the same fashion as Spydra, I hear the flapping of gigantic wings behind me.  I turn around to see my wife and mistress hovering there, smiling at me. Aini's nude form is really sexy when she's blue, apparently her clothing couldn't survive the lava. The two grab hold of me and I hold tight  as they carry us to safety. In no time we are back aboard our ship with some time...time I soon discover, to mourn, and reflect. This whole ordeal has been a bloody nightmare and  yet there is still a clone to contend with...I'm not even sure how to process that...the first time was a pain...but this time...this time is different.

The  real deal

The real dealPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/4/11 9:13
Hits495  Comments2    
Back aboard my ship I retire to my room to find my two wives accompanied by my mistress/demon whose skin has mysteriously turned back to it's original blue color. None of them look happy to see me and the youngest of my wives is pointing what my scanners tell me is an infinitium tipped poisoned arrow dead at the center of my chest. There aren't many things that are a threat to me but infinitium blades are at the top of the list and the arrow most certainly qualifies. I freeze in my tracks.

"I-Is there a problem ladies?"

I try to keep my voice clam and soothing so as not to provoke them.

"Yes darling!" Aini says through gritted teeth.

"We want to know what you've done with our husband."

"Before we kill you where you stand."

The three of them are serious. My computer says they're not lying and they're not impersonators. Something is dreadfully wrong.

"Girls it's me, it really is."

"There's just one problem with that impostor."

Aini again leading the charge is the one who seems the most sure.

"What's that?"

"You and I aren't bond mates Lover!"

"What do you mean?"

"I am bonded to Obsidian Mask , a bond that spans the reaches of reality. I can sense his presence I am tuned to his essence. It gives me purpose and and changes me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Do I look changed to you?"

"Um no, you look almost the way you did when I bought you from that slave trader."

"Your knowledge of my mate's history notwithstanding, I am reverting back to my original form and there can only be one reason for that change."

"And that is?.."

"You are not Obsidian Mask. If I am separated from my bond mate for too long, a month or more, I begin to revert back to my prime form. My last form was chosen by his desires, and his dreams and unconscious longings. You don't have those or my form would remain, unless you suddenly developed a taste for demonic beings. Even if that were so my form would not revert but become that which you desire most...if you were my mate, which you are not."

"O-okay. for the sake of argument, let's say you're right. How do we proceed then?"

"We start" Ai sneers, "By you removing my husband's armor.  Then we'll see some friends and get down to the truth one way or another. Rest assured my sister will kill you if you resist and my husband has taught us all we need to know-"

"To disable and if necessary kill me.  I remember. Fine.  I'll remove the armor but you're going to discover that I'm me."

I remove the armor and head to the infirmary, now at gunpoint, I submit to all the bloody tests the doctor requires.  For the sake of argument we have Aini go through some tests as well just to be safe.

When the doctor comes back I I reach out for Aini's hand and the look I get chills me to the bone so I withdraw my hand.  Whatever it is though we'll get through it together.

"Doctor" Ai addresses him and acts like I'm not even in the room. "What is your conclusion?"

"First, there was some discrepancies in Aini's blood work-"

"See, ladies I told you, I'm me."  

I start to hop up off the medbed and a security officer puts a death grip on my shoulder.

"As I was saying..." the doctor continues "There were some discrepancies in Aini's bloodwork but that's because she's pregnant.  Congratulations by the way."

The girls seem somewhat excited and then turn to me, byut just as they're about to apologize and celebrate.

"You however," the doctor pauses as he gestures to more security officers to join us. You are NOT Obsidian Mask."

"What!!??" I shout in disbelief

"Our tests show that you sir are a very elaborate yet magically constructed clone.  You most likely possess nearly all of the orginal Obsidian's memories but you aren't him."

"Look doc if it's the eyes, they repaired them."

"No they did not. Your eyes were never operated on, in fact you bear nos cars of any kind nor any implants of any kind. There is an aura of magic that helps to sustain you, and all of your cells are essentially perfect."

"Doc seriousl, I'm me, just ask me anything?"

"Very well, what do you remember from your days as a human?"

"I can remember almost all of it, like when I got here and the day I-"

Almost instantly I realize what the doctor just did. I had myself transformed a long time ago, I couldn't remember my time as a human because the magic that transformed me prevented me from even acknowledging I was ever human. I'm NOT me, but then who am I?  I don't even have time to complete my next thought before Aini has her clawed hand on my throat. With speed that rival a superhero she chok-slams me onto the floor repeatedly until she I'm certain she's going to tear my head from my body. All the while screaming

"Where is he! What have you done with him? Give him back give him back give him back.

Again and again I hit the solid deck plate beneath me, until everything goes black.  I awake later still in the infirmary, I step off the medbed and move towards the door, two guards are posted there and they have but one order.  I call for the doctor and when he arrives I ask.

"Doc are you certain? There is another simple way to find out."

"What is it doc"

"Simple, order that clone guard to shoot me."

"The guards are, like you, magically compelled to obey Obsidian Mask.  If that's you then I'll be the one needing a doctor."

"Your funeral doc.  Guard, shoot the doctor."

The guard turns to me and....punches me dead in the face.  Well, either my crew has been replaced or I have...I don't feel like an impostor. My nose is bleeding so I ask the doc for some tissue, he hands me some ice instead and recites an incantation I recognize. It's the same one used to repair magically...created...clones. As the bleeding stops and the pain recedes I realize it must be true. But I thought only the black Mantis and his pantheon had this kind of magic.  Abominous has it too?  This is bad, really really bad.

"Doc, just one thing alright?"

"What is shall I call you...Ah...Shade?"

"Ha ha doc. Very funny."

"You were saying?"

"Just have the crew do me one more favor, consider it a final order.  Have them...find me...and kill the sonofabitch responsible for..." I gesture to myself..."This."

"I'm certain they weren't waiting for your order, but I'll tell the first officer."



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And after they drove her through that cactus patch Ravyne vowed to deliver a punch to their faces for each bug she swallowed....

Battle of our lives.

Battle of our lives.Popular
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The five beings behind us are menacing to be sure, and instantly they are upon us. Dargo (their leader squares off against Black Scarab. I know Dargo from his run-ins with Spydra, and try to match magic with Scarab is a huge mistake.  However, he appears to hold his own.  The big Demon grabs hold of Panterra who underestimates the massive beasts speed and is slammed into the ground with great enough force that I feel the ground shudder several yards away. The black, winged figure goes straight for Batmaster and the two of them begin an aerial dance of death. However, Abominous has apparently hired som knock-off ninja to come after me and his busted skills are no match for three hundred years of true ninjitsu and experience so he's dead before he can swing his blade once. I normally don't go lethal when I'm with the Scions but I've lost two wives to Abominous and that makes this personal so all bets are off. Before the assassin's body hits the ground I toss my sword to Scarab who despite being blind and in the middle of a mage duel catches it effortlessly.

"Use that to cast your spells it will do the a wand."

"Where are you going?"

"After Abominous.  It's time for some payback."

As I turn away I see the mighty spell slinger point my sword at Dargo...who simply ceases to be, no explosion, no screams...just...gone.  I know we've won the day.

Hurriedly I make my way through the massive facility and repeatedly I yell.

"Abominous!!! Come die you bastard!!"

Not poetic I know but the sentiment is there. I just want my peace of him. Two guards rush me and with my two pistols in hand I send them to their maker.  Lather rinse, repeat. Again and again his men fall and my ammo never runs out...Folks are never prepared for this kind of magic and technology and the fight is completely one-sided.


"Are you so eager to die Obsidian Mask?"

His voice comes from everywhere, even my computer can't locate him.

"Dude, I can't wait to die. What about you?  Do you plan on running some more or do you have the courage to face me here and now?"

"Bah such feeble attempts to goad me into battle will not work.  Attacking my courage, with base insults will not cause me to tip my hand so easily.  I am not some comic book villain you can lure out.  We will battle Obsidian, but when we do it will be on my terms."

"You sniveling coward I'll meet you anytime anywhere."

"But of course you will.  You need your petty revenge like the misguided mortal you are."

What I say next, stops him cold.  It also begs the question: How could he have not known.

"There is where you are wrong, I am no mortal.  I'm an elf you piece of feted waste, I am Luminesti and I have all of eternity to find you and rip out your blackened heart from your chest and show it to you while it yet beats in my hand!"

There's the poetry.

"So you believe, but we shall see. I bid you farewell assassin."

"That's ninja you schmuck!"

I ran out of poetry

The room goes silent and I hear massive footsteps coming my way fast, I turn to see the demon heading straight for me at a full charge. At that very same moment I hear scarab over my commlink.

"We have the Guardian but two of the royal guard escaped."

With but a thought my sword is in my hand and lok of rage in the demons eyes is replaced with horror as it realizes I've just severed it's demonic head from it's neck with a single stroke.  There's a gurgling sound as it tries to utter some hate-filled word and it's lifeless body slumps to the floor with a sickening thud.  I remove one of the horns as a trophy (I have several demon parts) look up in time to see the Black Winged warrior bear witness and then immediately fly away like the coward it is. The day is won, Infinity-Man is safe but severely injured, and poor Guardian  is really messed up after realizing what she's just done. The remaining Scions join us and we debate what to do next. As Cerebron delves the mind of Guardian he discovers Abominous next move. He's going after the IGFW council. A move that will certainly leave the IGFW in dissaray. That can only mean he's preparing for war, a war we cannot allow to happen.  We're going to need more help.


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Jericho looked down at the lovely heroine limp and helpless in his arms, mesmerized by his dark power. The prince of the undead had never before sampled the blood of a superheroine. A sinister smile formed on his lips. Surely by partaking in her life essence would increase his power, perhaps even enough to challenge his father, the vampire king for supremacy. Yes, he was certain she would make him stronger. Unable to wait any longer Jericho lowered his head to bring his fangs to her slender throat.

Dark Elf Priestess

Dark Elf PriestessPopular
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Once she was just another dumb blond eking out a living serving drinks at Honkerz and avoiding the wandering hands of drunken customers. But then a chance to change things came when a mysterious being granted her one wish.

And her wish was to become smarter! Yes that would give her the means to get back at everybody who belittled her!

Wish granted she instantly went from ditz to genius.

However due to some odd wording her new super I.Q. became tied to her hair. As a result the longer her hair grows the higher her intelligence becomes.

At shoulder length shes of average intellect.

At waist-length shes in Einstein territory.

Down to her ankles her I.Q. cannot be measured.

But unfortunately the reverse it true.

Bobbed shes a total air head.

If buzz cut shes barely functional.

Additionally the higher her I.Q. rises the more mentally unstable she becomes.

singing the blues

singing the bluesPopular
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sing like nobody's watching
the pose took 3 hours to do properly

Begin Phase 2

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The Scions and I have discovered the location of one of Abominous's research facilities withing IGFW territory, and our mandate allows us to search it for any clues pertaining to my case. We split into two teams. Spydra, Silver Beetle, Thunderbolt, and Scarlet bow will cover the second of two exits we have discovered. The Batmaster,  Infinity-Man, Pantera, Black Scarab, and I decide to go straight for the front door. As we approach the place seems quiet then suddenly two very large doors slowly slide open. Standing there before us is what looks like a short, cute, female hero, one the others recognize but I don't.  They Identify her as someone called Guardian but  I have been out of the hero game lately with my own problems so I'm not up to speed on who's who in the hero Universe. As IM approaches her I get the feeling something's wrong...her stance is is too tense for a meeting of heroes, but before I can say a word the woman slams into Infinity-Man with enough force to audibly knock the wind right out of him.  The force of the wind displaced by her movement is enough to floor the rest of us.  Even with my armor's abilities I'm still knocked to the ground.  As I right myself, along with my team we are horrified to see this chick wailing on the most powerful member of our group, and allegedly the most powerful man in the universe. Blow after blow Infinity-Man takes a beating that would have easily overwhelmed my armor.  Black Scarab attempts to cast a spell to restrain the berserk hero but it's not only a futile effort, it's nearly a suicidal action. I leap in front of Scarab just in time to intercept the twin beams of energy , from the crazed hero's eyes which would have  vaporized Black Scarab. My armor screams "critical load" and I try to dissipate the excess energy by firing a blast of concussive force at the heroine who doesn't even acknowledge it.

"Altright!" I shout, "Somebody tell me who the hell that is and how we stop her because it looks like she's gonna kill Infinity-Man!"

Scarab stands next to me and yells over the thundering blows of the battle above.

"Her name is Guardian, a Nerari, last of her kind with cosmic powers and possibly more powerful than Infinity-Man, until now that hasn't been put to the test!"

"Any weaknesses?"

"Magic, but she looks like she's already  under the influence of a powerful mind control spell."

"Aren't you the foremost Mage in the five galaxies? Can't you counter the spell?"

"I am, but this magic is more powerful than my own spells as if enhanced in some way.  If I had access to my laboratory I could restrain her until I could gain access to a few items that would enhance my own spells, but that's not possible."

"Wait, you just need to amplify your magic?"

"Yes, to put it in layman's terms I need an amplifier."

"Sister, I have just the thing right here."

As I reach for my sword I am stopped short by a booming voice behind.

"I am afraid you won't have time for that now mortals.  You'll be far too occupied with my royal guard as the tear you limb from limb!   Aaaahahahahahahaaa!"

The maniacal laughter I can do without. I turn back to see five of the deadliest looking foes I have ever faced down...this is going to be tough...but one thing is, SOMEBODY DIES!

Scarlet Bow

Scarlet BowPopular
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After a couple of years of not being satisfied with her costume I think I finally landed on something that does this character some justice...Another archer along the lines of Green Arrow and Hawkeye the Scarlet Bow is fresh take on an old idea...A former thief turned hero she only turned to hero work after serving a lengthy sentence deciding that she liked helping people more than robbing them. Her bow is very special in that it continues to fire long after the arrows are all gone. How you ask?  Scarlet uses the latest in energy weapons, her right glove is specially constructed to work with her bow's energy generator and by dragging her fingertips through the field she can produce energy bolts of varying strength. The bow itself has a 200 lb pull and Scarlet is physically quite strong. Her athletic abilities are equal to an Olympic athlete and her intrusion skills are among the best in the world. Her mask has enhanced optics that work with her bow allowing her to sight targets far out of visual range or obstructed by objects such as cars and walls. Scarlet keeps a crossbow for backup and has a variety of arrowheads ranging from explosives, to sound generators and anything in between. He unique quiver can manufacture arrows at a rate of two per minute as long as it has power. Scarlet's bow has been enchanted which allows her to harm creatures which can only be affected by magic weapons.  Scarlet's hoverbike is a well tuned flying machine and while it does have plenty of room for spare weapons and a costumes, and being bulletproof, it is otherwise unremarkable.

Scarlet makes a living as an art appraiser/consultant and is well respected within her field.

now and forever

now and foreverPopular
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was inspired by a poster ive had since 1993 i couldn't match the pose so i took it another direction hope y'all like it


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After learning that the bad guys are actually good guys who basically didn't know their own strength, I am stuck with the unenviable task of explaining it to the other Obsidian's.  I stare out of the window to the empty stars as I'm fond of doing and I pour myself an Ice cold drink...and it''s blue. The sweet tasting beverage is of some elvish make and is a bit thick and syrupy. The euphoric rush of the intoxicating ambrosia comes quickly as a result of not having had alcohol in some time. My wife Ai walks into my office to look in on me and her black skin glistens amidst the alcoholic haze. While her skin color is odd it also feels normal so I don't say anything.

"Why does your brow furrow so husband?"

"I'm struggling with how  to deliver bad news.  Well not so much bad as it is news that will not be well received."

"So the aliens were misguided an there was a misunderstanding...tell them what they need to hear."

As she speaks the sun peaks through the windows and is nearly blinding so I turn away from the light  I hear a voice, it's a female and sounds very familiar. I step out of the office and onto the busy streets and I'm nearly run down by a car.

My heart races as I realize I could've been killed. I make my way down the street to the towering office buildings that make up the downtown area. I hear what can only be the roar of a aircraft of some kind and I can hear voices. I can't quite make out the words but I do hear gunfire. I turn a corner and there my crew are fighting some...thing.  Shadawar is yelling.

"I have him!We have to get out of here!"

I turn to run but no matter  how hard I try I can't seem to move, like I'm running in slow motion. I feel heavy.

"Give him the stimulant."  Someone yells and I think yeah Give me a  I can....

"Wake up!!  Come on Wake up!! We're in bad shape Obsidian wake the hell up!!!"

I struggle to focus my eyesight, and there's a foul taste in my mouth.  I realize I've been asleep but I don't know what happened I'm disoriented and confused, and I do a backpedal away from whoever the hell is holding me.

In an instant I'm armed and armored with a gun in my hand pointed in the general direction of all the commotion. I can't see my cybernetics aren't on line and everything is white and blurry.

"God, Look at his eyes!"

"Holy crap they're...they're normal."

"Normal, whose eyes...I can't it my eyes?"

I can now clearly hear Panterra and Aini along with more of my crew. The grogginess is wearing off but my eyesight refuses to return. I can see the HUD on my helmet but it's all fuzzy.

"Obsidian it's Panterra, Listen to me! You and most of your crew were somehow rendered unconscious and were taken. The Scions and I have come to rescue you!"

"Okay...okay...But I can't see pal."

"They did something to your eyes regenerated them somehow.  Your implants are gone and I'm guessing your loss of eyesight is a result. Unless you have some magic it's going to take time."

"I have some magic."

With that my sword and pistol exchange places and I cast a healing spell.  Instantly my eyesight returns and the information I normally get is all but gone. Fortunately my helmet uses redundant systems so I can still target. Putting my sword back I poke my gun over the makeshift cover to see what the hell is happening.  There are fires everywhere and several explosions as the Scions battle some unknown foe...a giant shadow demon monster thing. Thunderbolt is distracting the thing as Infinity Man tries to pummel it with energy. Black Scarab is trying to close the portal  that it's trying to break through and the others are holding off demonic minions. I get to my feet and ask

"What do you need me to do?"

"Got more magic?"


With that I charge head first at the damned thing launching every kind of spell I can think of including a banishment spell.  While the magic may come from my sword it is nonetheless highly effective against the creature and as it recoils Scarab is able to close the rift. After a few minutes of battling with the lesser minions it's Q&A time.

Back aboard my hip (which I have yet to name) I find out that for the last three months I have been sedated in a lab.  My captors were attempting to use me as some sort of brainwashing program.  Apparently My assassin skills were to be put to use for the good of the Krihan corporation.  They were trying to make me and my crew into their personal killing machines. To make matters worse I have already been used quite effectively to kill at least one diplomat.  The idea was to have me believe I was fighting some sort of alien invasion and working with other versions of myself they would send me on missions to do their killing all the while thinking I was helping defeat some great evil.  Bastards.

"Their plan might have worked were you not so strong willed." Cerebron adds, "Your mind countered their illusion with a means of escape, and somehow transformed the villain into misunderstood heroes."  

"How did you know about..."

Cerebron simply taps his finger on his helmet and I don't bother finishing my sentence.  The most powerful psionic in the five galaxies probably saw the whole thing.
Aini walks through the door and with a squeel of delight wraps her arms around me.

"Master you're alright...we were so worried."

Ai walks in her face somber, almost sad.

"Ai, what's wrong?"

"There have been casualties husband."

"How many? Who?"

She bursts into tears unable to contain her grief, and Aini bows her head sadly.

"What the...?"

Shadawar places his hand upon my shoulder and leans close to my ear.  

"We lost two of your wives sir. Sabrina and your fourth wife are both in the sickbay with critical injuries."

"Look darling, I say holding Ai's face in my hands, "I can bring them back...As long as I have my sword"

A tear falls from Aini's eyes...

"No Master, you cannot."

"What are you talking about, this blade gives me the power to restore life to anyone no matter the condition of the body."

"It is not the body that is the problem master."

"There souls were devoured!!! BY that thing." Ai sobs.

The room is quiet and no one speaks for a very long time.

Where did the demon come from?

"They summoned it to hold us off" Black scarab says somberly..."they made their escape while we battled, we saved millions of live by defeating it but there was a great loss of life despite that victory.

"You would have been proud of them, they fought valiantly as warriors..they didn't not shrink nor did they falter.  Their final thoughts were of you and the people of the colonies below." Thunderbolt's words ring hollow.  it's not exactly a fair trade.

"How did they do all of this? Where do I find them and who is at the top of my deathlist!!"

Infinity Man places his hand on my chest.

"Clam down old friend, you can't simply go in guns blazing."

"I appreciate your help, heavens know. I know that right now you think you're doign the right thing by trying to be the voice of reason...but they violated me in a way you cannot begin to appreciate.  They killed my family, and injured my family. So please understand that it is with respect and a rage you cannot fathom when I say...if you don't get your hand off me I'll remove it at the wrist...Old friend."

The most powerful man in the universe draws his hand back and allows me my moment of bravado. I'm no match for him but he knows my grief is too strong to be rationalized with right now.

"Take some time, a day or two, mourn your loved ones and we'll take a fresh approach at this.  We are all Scions of Justice here and an attack on one is an attack on us all.  We will fight this enemy together."

Black scarab is the group leader...but they're on my ship and here I'm in charge...I want blood.  There are dead to to tend to and tears to shed...My family will have it's pound of flesh for this...Somebody's head will roll.


praying angel

praying angelPopular
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in memory of my uncle david who passed away before christmas

You did what why

You did what whyPopular
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The alien spilled his guts thought not literally.  In no time it's just myself, Shadawar, Thunderbolt, and Panterra. When we arrive at the aliens citadel, we discover that the place is seriously well guarded.  I make a call to the other Obsidians and the battle begins.  I fly in through the chaos with the Wraith, and slip in completely unnoticed. Thunderbolt who once said he wouldn't follow me into a shopping mall sticks to my plan and the aliens who found it so very easy to take down my alternate selves are finding this hero a bit more difficult to manage. The ones that don't get electrocuted, are pummeled into sweet unconsciousness.  My sensors can barely perceive the action but what I catch is pretty cool. Thunderbolt's speed is unrivaled in all the known galaxies and it truly is a sight to behold. As the guards drop by the dozen as we continue to fight our way inside to the inner sanctum until finally we reach the center. The room is spherical with a throne in the center and 4 control panels surrounding the massive pedestal on which that throne sits. Upon that throne sits an alien unlike the others, larger more intimidating and garbed differently than the others. He rises to his feet and simply lifts his hand and a massive forcefield  springs to life.

"I applaud your tenacity, but you will not go any farther here."

Thunderbolt's lightning bounces harmlessly off the field completely ineffective, as does Panterra's shield, and my own bullets. Even Shadawar's Psi-Blade fails to so much as scratch the thing.

"Your weapons and powers will avail you nothing against this barrier."

"That may be true..." I add "But you're stuck inside. And the second you step foot outside of that thing I'm going to put you down. With the help of my friends of course."

He sighs and shakes his head.

"You are indeed the Prime, none of the others took so much as a second to contemplate gathering their allies.  They each were confident they could protect their friends and loved ones.  Never once did they think that perhaps their friends and allies could have saved them.  The loss of those was a tragedy, had we known the effect that our scans had on them we would have stopped sooner and avoided all this senseless conflict."

His words have me at a loss, I thought they wanted this conflict.

"You have me at a loss.  You were the ones who attacked us.  You've killed us by the thousands and now you say it was all an accident?"

"Our troops were sent simultaneously throughout the myriad realities.  Their mission was to seek out the prime Obsidian, and gain his...your...assistance.  Time has not passed for us as it has for all of you. For my people it has been mere weeks since I order the search and my soldiers have only just returned. Their reports of your deaths were most alarming, and quite unexpected. The energy pulse we used was supposed to be harmless, but on those who were not the prime it simply destroyed their life force. When their allies attacked my men, they defended themselves. So much death, and now it has to end."

"Is this some sort of trick? Do you expect us to believe you meant no harm to us after your people slaughtered us by the thousands?  You have got to be insane."

All of my scans from Voice Stress Analysis, to Heartbeat Monitoring, say he's telling the truth or at least he believes he is.  Still there's a lot of dead folks to answer for. There is only one way however, to tell if he means what he says.

"Fine.  Let's say I believe you. Drop this forcefield and turn yourself over to my custody, and we'll talk."

he takes a deep breath and I wait for him to refuse...but he doesn't.

"So be it.  If that is the only way to end this I will surrender and my soldiers will stand down. We are at your mercy."

He gives the order to his men and the fight is over. We escort him to an interrogation room to be questioned as soon as we figure out exactly what it is we want to ask. I for one cannot believe how this has twisted around. They went from die hard enemy to just giving up.  It just doesn't kae sense.

"So egghead, what do we do now?"

Thunderbolt's question is the one on everyone's mind right now and I honestly don't have an answer.

'Captain, I believe our first step must be to ask the question: Why were they doing this in the first place."

"Captain?" Thunderbolt asks Shadawar wryly.  "Wait a second, you actually call this guy Captain?"

"Obsidian has proven himself to be a more than competent commander and leader.  As captain he always has his crew's best interest and we are each willing to lay down our lives for him and he for us."

"Well I'll be damned."  Thnderbolt says in disbelief.

"What?" I ask in return certain there'll be some smartass remark for my trouble.

"Well it just that I never thought you'd grow up. I guess it takes elves a bit longer but it happens, consider me impressed."



"Kiss my ass."

"There's the Obsidian I know."

"If you two are quite done we have more important things to do."

Panterra, ever the voice of reason is nonetheless right. We'll have time for useless chatter later.

So the question to ask is: Why did they need the Prime in the first place? Hopefully this whole nightmare will be over soon.

Conan 4385  Curse of the  Chimera.jpg

Conan 4385 Curse of the Chimera.jpgPopular
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Conan 4385, challenges the guardian of the temple of Imurgh, a deadly Chimera.  It is not clear which of the two is in more Conan is every bit as fierce as  any Chimera.

Chimera's possess the head and body of a massive lion (nearly 4 times the size of a regular lion) but have the head of a great Ram and a Dragon. Some have the dragon's head attached to their tail while other have it mounted next to the others. Chimera's can fly with their massive wings and are incredibly dangerous.  Chimera's have a mean temper at all times and should not be approached if it can be avoided, the can bite with any or all of their heads and as a bonus can breathe fire like a true dragon. While not as potent as a true Dragon's fire it nonetheless dangerous. Their claws are nearly the size of daggers and are fully retractable.  They  can tear through the toughest non-conventional armors although magical armor seems to be more resilient against their attacks.  Fortunately these massive beasts are not possessed of great intelligence being only marginally smarter than the average canine.  However, even with that much intelligence they refuse to be tamed, and have turned on anyone foolish enough to try even if trained from birth.  Chimera's in the wild reproduce by laying clutches of eggs, so evil are these creatures that their first act upon hatching is to kill and devour their siblings. So that no more than one in every clutch survives, and as vicious as they are it's a good thing too.  Chimera's are fiercely territorial and will attack anyone and anything that encroaches upon their domains...even being foolish enough to attack full grown dragons.

Let's Get Squachy!

Let's Get Squachy!Popular
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Happy Valentine's Day!


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I take the Wraith to visit an old friend on a distant colony in the outer Traverse in the MIlky Way and I'm hoping to have a nice visit.  I hop out of the cockpit and cross the gangway and right there, next to the doorway what do I see? I giant blue police box...I know who that is and all I can think is Dear gods not him. Smug self righteous son of a...Why here why now? The last time we met all had to say was a bunch of condescending remarks about how I am a soldier and how my first thought is to kill what I don't understand...Galifreyans think they know everything. Nevermind that he's singlehandedly responsible for killing more living beings than I have in 300 years. Besides, he can't even claim moral high ground...Elves are the first race, the elders of the universe.  Time Lords bah, meddling around with time and space, it was them who got everyone sucked into the Time wars with the Daleks...nobody every mentions that we were there too. Time lords think themselves  near immortal, long lived is not the same as immortal. But I digress, I know if he's here then trouble isn't far behind.

"Well," I mutter switching the ammo in my pistols to lethal rounds,  "I never killed anyone who didn't tryo kill me first and I'm quite certain the good Doctor is gonna find something that's gonna try to kill me."

It doesn't take long before I see his companion, always a mortal Solaran, and female most of the time.  This one is cute too. Short little brunette with a cute face and big brown eyes. The doctor himself could've changed faces by now but I'd recognize either his senility or arrogance anywhere.  However, I'm just gonna scan for dual heartbeats or that blasted sonic device he carries. Sound I mean seriously who uses sonics like that?  Neural linked yet? I hope it's Daleks, god I love putting holes in their metal asses...they always seem so surprised every time I do it, like they cornered the market on deflection shielding and energy weapon....Exterminate exterminate!!! Ugh they're always yelling with those synthetic voices of theirs.  Ooh I just had a thought, CYbermen...I love shooting those guys too. Not as Badass as say the Borg but same MO, assimilate. Godslayer in hand I keep the blade retracted and ghost the Doctor's Companion, she'll lead me right to him. I'll let you know how this turns out.  Shh be vewy vewy quiet I hunting Doctow's huhuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuuh...sorry.

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I have been given temporal coordinates to the Black Mask Society's secret starbase. As I approach my ship sticks out like a sore thumb.  There are variations of the Lillun and the Runt and a couple of designs I thought about but never explored. Karr and Mantis we're only the tip of the alternate reality iceberg. The only thing we all have in common is that we're all Obsidian Mask.  Unlike Mantis and Karr they aren't all alternate versions of me.  Most of them aren't elves there's one who stands out...his entire demeanor reminds me of Analaeus back when he was going by Anihilus the Traitor. He's a big scary dude and his sword is definitely a Psi-Blade. I can tell by the way the others move around him that they're all a bit frightened of him and aren't very fond of his presence. My hearalmost stops when a man clad in Red steps walks towards us.  His costume is identical to what Ray's would have looked like had he lived a bit longer.  The spider queen next to me defers to him like he's the guy in charge.  I decide to listen and see what the deal is before demanding answers, besides I'm not sure I can take on several skilled assassins at once.  Assuming they're all as skilled as me. His voice is synthetic distorted by his helmet, his armor registers as Absorbium 80 and Mythril which is only marginally better than Adamantine. As he approaches I scan the bloody hell out of him...He comes back about 75% effective as a threat.  Impressive and it definitely explains why he's in a position of authority.  He also speaks like he's in charge.  

"Spider, this the guy?"

"Yes. You should've seen-"

"You don't scan so hot pal.  What makes you think you're the Prime?"

"Never said I was.  You come off a bit rude though. Are you in charge here?"

"If I had my way, but no. That's all on the Shadow Mask."

"Okay so then that's who I wanna talk to."

The Psi-Mage Obsidian approaches us and in a deep grating voice straight out of a horror movie he explains.

"That is not possible at this time. There have been many attempts to infiltrate us and we must take precautions."

With each breath he emits a sound like some kind of respirator...the sound is freaking ominous.  It's almost as if his whole gimmik is about fear...and it's effective. However I am way past afraid so...

"Let me explain something to all of you, I have no intention of being treated like some sort of rookie in your little fraternity.  So what you're all going to do is, get me your damned leader or...get ready to prove you're the superior version of me. Now...any takers. I register about thirty pings from scanners and only the dark lord here steps up. The only problem is, his blade is only psychic energy so I meet him half way and it's a prick waving contest for all to see.

"I see what you're doing there...but this is a M.A.M.E. blade. That stands for Matter-Anti-matter Energy.  I promise you, I'll leave a massive hole in the middle of your busted cybernetic body and and not feel a lick of remorse. Now unless you've made peace with whatever the hell you call an afterlife...Get the Hell out of my way."

Neither of us can see each other's face but the power of my blade can be felt from three feet away. It's power eminent with a life of it's own.  There are many swords in attendance but mine is the only one smithed by the Black Mantis, and it is the only Relic class weapon in attendance. The other watch almost awestruck as the seven foot Psi-Lord back down.  I'm kinda glad he does...Now I don't have to kill him.  I'm tired and out of patience.  The crowd gathered parts as their leader walks up.  Male relatively my height, scans say he's running on pure skill and non-magical equipment.

"Now that is probably the first time anyone has ever stood up to him, let alone confronted him.  Let me get a look at you.  Without the helmet if you would."

Th folks in attendance all nod I tap two buttons, one to release my helmet and one .....just in case.

the hiss of air resonates as I remove my helm and I look around to see the others do the same. None of them look like me even the one who comes charging straight at me.


he screams as he leaps for me, but like I said...I pressed a second button just in case.  Mid leap the poor bastard is sent flying as a bright  red shield roughly two feet in diameter comes screaming out of nowhere. Absorbium does many things  but it does not stop edged weapons if they're tough enough...and this shield is a work of deadly art and it belongs to none other than PANTERRA!!  The Cat pounces on my attacker before the poor bastard realizes what's going on an with a slap the guy is out.  The remaining Obsidian's are stunned, and I'm not sure if it's because of what just happened or because there's a non-Obsidian standing before us.

"Thanks old cat."

"Any time friend."

The dark one himself seems indignant but since everyone here can scan, he decides not to mess with the Cat.  Panterra has a max press of roughly 80 tons, and his armor is a unique blend of Admantine and Mythril...he doesn't absorb damage or energy, he simply shrugs it off. The guy is a Humanoid Tank.

"If we're done with that business." Their leader says nonchalantly "Let's adjourn inside."

"After you." Hopefully I can get some answers now. With Panterra at my side the three of head into one of the largest starbases I have ever seen.
'Obsidian, what you see here is the result of many of us working together."

"How many?"

"In the beginning of this debacle, several thousand.  Now we're only down to only a few dozen. Losing Roger when they went to get you was a big loss, but you're the first to actually kill one of our attackers on first contact.  Others have done it but only after careful planning.  Any attempt to simply fight them has met with death.  I only assume it has to do with that sword of yours. The aliens never touch them, and we haven't been able to figure out why. Many of us have magical weapons or hidden defenses to keep from having them turned on us.  What makes yours so different?"

"C'mon, you had to have scanned it already you should know at least half of what it does."

"That's just it, your blade defies conventional scans>"

"Hmm I never tried to scan my own weapon.  Normally I don't divulge but I'm at a loss here so I'll tell you this.  It's a relic, an artifact of immense power and was given as payment by the Black Mantis."

"Seriously? You actually worked for that Psychopath?"

"I see his reputation precedes him."

"Something like that."

"There isn't one of us he didn't try to recruit and a bunch more he got killed.  Eventually he just stopped trying."

"That explains the ships and a lot of the gear I've been noticing. he's had his fingers in a lot of pies."

"To say the least, but you're here to talk about these aliens not the Black Mantis."


The information he gives me over the next eight hours is astonishing and by the end I simply want to murder each and every one of those bastards.

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Just a piece of splash are to get a good look at OBsidian in his current incarnation...I really love his new helmet.


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