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Star Sapphire Wonder Woman

Star Sapphire Wonder WomanPopular
SubmitterchowyspizzMore Photos from chowyspizz   Last Update2010/11/28 20:22
Hits3919  Comments3    
I really wanted to finish this one, cuz my frined Wolverine 1607 helped me a lot with the metal, specially the tiara and the WW logo.

i wanted to find some crystal like texture but couldn?t make it work, instead i did some experiment with some water images. Hope u guys enjoy it.

Please comment!

Wonder Woman and the Star Sapphires are (C) to DC Comics
The model i

Indigo Mary Marvel

Indigo Mary MarvelPopular
SubmitterchowyspizzMore Photos from chowyspizz   Last Update2010/11/23 22:55
Hits3807  Comments8    
Finally my new PC arrived, so I got to finish the series
This one i had to do it twice, when my PC was stolen the psd file was lost, i just had a back up image. But actually I like this second version much better that the first one.

I?m not so sure how good the tattoos came out, but design wise, this has become my favorite manip from this series so far.

Whats your opinion? do u like MM as an indigo tribe member?
Any sugestions on the tattoos?

Mary Marvel and the Indigo Tribe are (c) to DC Comics
The model is Bar Refaeli

Elseworlds: Ultimate PowerGirl

Elseworlds: Ultimate PowerGirlPopular
SubmitterROCINATEMore Photos from ROCINATE   Last Update2010/11/19 13:17
Hits3171  Comments6    
Just taking things to extremes with this Elseworlds version of Ultimate Powergirl. I ditched the cape cause it sucks to have in a fight and gave her some metal gloves and boots(although they probably wouldn't last very long).


BATMAN(&ROBIN) comic campy costume

BATMAN(&ROBIN) comic campy costumePopular
Submitterninjin_turdleMore Photos from ninjin_turdle   Last Update2010/11/19 8:17
Hits2232  Comments0    
carefully cut colored costume clothes conform campy character components consistently, creating caped creature carbon comic copy!

Harley with TDK morphed face

Harley with TDK morphed facePopular
Submitterninjin_turdleMore Photos from ninjin_turdle   Last Update2010/11/19 7:46
Hits1732  Comments0    
same body from morphed with tdk face
looks like a pig faced harley sort of, expiriment

Wonder Woman Promo

Wonder Woman PromoPopular
SubmitterjoshmcMore Photos from joshmc   Last Update2010/11/5 0:21
Hits3138  Comments12    
New Wonder Woman promo featuring Jaimie Alexander as the Amazon princess.

Dianna Agron as Donna Troy

Dianna Agron as Donna TroyPopular
SubmitterCiroMore Photos from Ciro   Last Update2010/10/20 5:09
Hits3795  Comments4    
Dianna Agron (Glee) as Donna.

For more info about this and my other works

Evangeline Lilly as Catwoman

Evangeline Lilly as CatwomanPopular
SubmitterCiroMore Photos from Ciro   Last Update2010/10/19 4:18
Hits3830  Comments4    
Lost's Evangeline Lilly as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in her 1990's look.

For more info about this and my other works

Katie McGrath as Wonder Woman

Katie McGrath as Wonder WomanPopular
SubmitterCiroMore Photos from Ciro   Last Update2010/10/19 4:02
Hits4555  Comments2    
The lovely Katie McGrath (from the British hit TV series Merlin) as Diana.

For more info about this and my other works

Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn

Kristen Bell as Harley QuinnPopular
SubmitterCiroMore Photos from Ciro   Last Update2010/10/17 11:09
Hits2702  Comments3    
Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Heroes, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) as Harley Quinn.

For more info about this and other manips please visit my DeviantArt page

Logan Lerman as Robin

Logan Lerman as RobinPopular
SubmitterCiroMore Photos from Ciro   Last Update2010/10/17 11:07
Hits3115  Comments1    
Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) as Tim Drake/Robin.

For more info about this and other manips please visit my DeviantArt page

Ian Somerhalder as Nightwing

Ian Somerhalder as NightwingPopular
SubmitterCiroMore Photos from Ciro   Last Update2010/10/17 11:05
Hits2935  Comments0    
Ian Somerhalder (Rules of Attraction, Lost, Vampire Diaries) as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

For more info about this and other manips please visit my DeviantArt page

Death of the Endless

Death of the EndlessPopular
SubmitterCiroMore Photos from Ciro   Last Update2010/10/16 15:55
Hits2561  Comments5    
Eva Green as Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

For more info about this and the other two manips I posted (Poison Ivy and the Birds of Prey) please visit my DeviantArt page

Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy

Christina Hendricks as Poison IvyPopular
SubmitterCiroMore Photos from Ciro   Last Update2010/10/16 15:50
Hits3604  Comments6    
Ooooh, Christina. There's no lady on TV right now who's more gorgeous.

Birds of Prey

Birds of PreyPopular
SubmitterCiroMore Photos from Ciro   Last Update2010/10/16 15:47
Hits3716  Comments2    
Having been more than disappointed by the actual Birds of Prey TV show (Dina Meyer as Barbara was pretty much its only saving grace) and being absolutely overjoyed that the great Gail Simone is back at writing my favorite gals in an all new on-going series, I decided that a perfect way to homage the Birds was to make them the subject of this photomanip.

Casting's imagined for a possible TV series.

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress - Charisma Carpenter of Buffy and Angel. Probably the only one who makes sense because she got to kick some ass as Cordelia, but she was also the comic relief of those shows, and Helena is kind of the dark and brooding type. Still, Charisma has shown wonderful range in the last couple of seasons of Angel so I'm sure she could pull it off.

Barbara Gordon/Oracle - Linda Cardellini, from Freaks and Geeks to E.R. to Brokeback Mountain, she always seems to play women that are very strong on the outside but also hide fears and regrets. Babs fits the bill. Linda is an amazing actress and she's hot in that geeky/sweet way that makes her perfect for Barbara.

Zinda Blake/Lady Blackhawk - Portia De Rossi, better known for being Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres, this gorgeous aussie has shown that beautiful women with luscious blonde hair can also be hilarious. With Ally McBeal, Arrested Development and Better Off Ted in her resume Portia has delivered some of the best deadpan humor on TV in the last few years. Zinda's kind of rougher and her humor's definitely broad and showy, but I can see Portia going for that too.

Dinah Lance/Black Canary - my original actress for Dinah was Elisabeth R?hm of Angel fame, but I decided to be bold and choose somebody who's closer to Dinah the hilarious, sassy girl who hangs out with Wildcat rather than deadly warrior Dinah (Elisabeth R?hm would have been better in that department). So, in the end I went with somebody who is relatively unknown, but a beautiful and great actress nonetheless. Andrea Anders was last seen in Better Off Ted and she played such a fun, sassy, kind of clumsy but also very smart character that I couldn't help thinking of Dinah.

Wonder Girls 2 (updated)

Wonder Girls 2 (updated)Popular
SubmitterDark_Knight_DKMore Photos from Dark_Knight_DK   Last Update2010/10/15 15:08
Hits7197  Comments8    
I was looking at my old manips and I saw that my wonder girls has a place in the popular gallery, and I just thought that it would be nice to do a new version...this project started in january and finally I got it finished.

The models are Veronica Ricci (WW) and Carli Banks (WG at least her face).

I have to thank Android becuase he helped me with the metal effects in wonder woman's chest and he share a little of his magic with me.

PS: I deleted the previous image because I updated the background, feel free to comment again...thanks Biohaz_Daddy, I hope you like this one better.

This was made by several base pics if you want to see them click here

Wonder Girls 2003 click here

Powergirl in Peril?

Powergirl in Peril?Popular
SubmitterROCINATEMore Photos from ROCINATE   Last Update2010/10/13 12:49
Hits5915  Comments8    
Challenging myself to work fast these days. Comments appreciated.


Catwoman AJ

Catwoman AJPopular
Submitterninjin_turdleMore Photos from ninjin_turdle   Last Update2010/10/13 8:43
Hits2718  Comments0    
Catwoman imagined for Batman Trilogy using Angelina Jolie face with GPW's Catwoman with face cutout over top. Recolored purple.

Wonder Woman 2010

Wonder Woman 2010Popular
SubmitterBRaZZZilMore Photos from BRaZZZil   Last Update2010/10/5 7:56
Hits3143  Comments3    
Fiz o mais r?pido possivel quando soube da noticia.
Google translate -> I did as soon as possible when he heard the news'

model: body - Luba
      face - Lynda Carter



SubmitterBRaZZZilMore Photos from BRaZZZil   Last Update2010/9/30 13:38
Hits3089  Comments8    

Meanwhile in the Watchtower...

Meanwhile in the Watchtower...Popular
SubmitterROCINATEMore Photos from ROCINATE   Last Update2010/9/30 7:25
Hits3820  Comments6    
Had some requests for an action shot. He we go....


Superman: Bulletproof

Superman: BulletproofPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/9/23 14:34
Hits2018  Comments2    
Dedicated to the memory of Dick Giordano.

Batman VS. Croc

Batman VS. CrocPopular
SubmitterMadChaoMore Photos from MadChao   Last Update2010/9/20 20:35
Hits1628  Comments1    

Retroboot Shrinking Violet

Retroboot Shrinking VioletPopular
SubmitterviridislamentMore Photos from viridislament   Last Update2010/9/20 17:19
Hits2012  Comments0    
Shrinking Violet from the current version of the Legion of Superheroes

Wonder Woman - Themiscyra

Wonder Woman - ThemiscyraPopular
SubmitterROCINATEMore Photos from ROCINATE   Last Update2010/9/19 18:52
Hits2539  Comments2    
Piece done as a fan art.


Justice League honorary members: Tattooed Man II

Justice League honorary members: Tattooed Man IIPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/9/18 22:00
Hits1474  Comments0    

Justice League honorary members: Jade

Justice League honorary members: JadePopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/9/18 21:57
Hits2949  Comments2    
model: Nicole "Coco" Austin

Justice League honorary members: Deadman

Justice League honorary members: DeadmanPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/9/15 20:29
Hits1504  Comments0    

Retro-boot Dawnstar

Retro-boot DawnstarPopular
SubmitterviridislamentMore Photos from viridislament   Last Update2010/9/11 11:22
Hits2385  Comments1    
Dawnstar from the current version of the Legion of Superheroes


SubmitterK-SolMore Photos from K-Sol   Last Update2010/9/7 13:54
Hits2116  Comments5    
Model: Elu-Lux (little_lilith)
Background: Curitiba-PR (Brazil) View from my window

thanks to everyone who encouraged my return

Photo No. 301-330 (out of 1571 photos hit)
« 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (11) 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 ... 53 »