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SubmitterPoserHobbitMore Photos from PoserHobbit   Last Update2008/4/16 19:45
Hits2838  Comments5    
From Sigma 6. Tried to get the uniform as close as possible!
Go Joe!

Comments are always welcome!!

The Secret of Skaro

The Secret of SkaroPopular
SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/4/15 4:37
Hits1837  Comments5    
I did this image a long time ago on a whim and it sparked an idea for a story about the Doctor and Rose traveling to Skaro, homeworld of the Daleks, at a point in their history before the Daleks had been created, only to find out that the Daleks had stolen timelord technology in order to travel back and ensure their own genesis.  I never wrote the story, but if I ever do, I've got a pretty cool cover image for it.  

Once again, can't remember where I got this stuff.  I do know that in all my searching I've only found a handful of Tardis figures and only one set of Daleks, and they were all on the same site.  If anyone happens to know where these figures came from, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

Alienation III

Alienation IIIPopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2008/4/14 18:43
Hits3008  Comments6    
Part 3 of 3.

Alienation II

Alienation IIPopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2008/4/14 18:39
Hits2819  Comments2    
Part 2 of 3.

The Future of Law Enforcment

The Future of Law EnforcmentPopular
SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/4/13 13:26
Hits2256  Comments4    
custom robocop figure by scooby37 over at  buildings by predatron's city streets set.

*edit* plus there wasn't a lick of postwork that went into this image.

The Baroness (for sturkwurk)

The Baroness (for sturkwurk)Popular
SubmitterPoserHobbitMore Photos from PoserHobbit   Last Update2008/4/11 17:25
Hits3192  Comments7    
This one goes out to Doug, who always seems to be one step in frount of me! A few times I was going to attempt the Baroness and Boom there she was by Doug! Or just the other day I was working on a Ms Marvel and Boom...I've been sturkwurked!! (LOL!)

Hope this meets everybodies hopes (and dreams) of the Baroness!

Go Joe!
Comments are always welcome!


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2008/4/9 19:13
Hits2942  Comments2    
Such is the result of a terrible mood on my part. Were-Xenomorph anyone?

Kenny's Trip

Kenny's TripPopular
SubmitterChup@CabraMore Photos from Chup@Cabra   Last Update2008/3/31 22:20
Hits3894  Comments4    
My version of the 'Taarna' chick from the "Maximum Boobage" episode of South Park  

Mirror Confusion

Mirror ConfusionPopular
SubmitterKhastagirMore Photos from Khastagir   Last Update2008/3/4 12:52
Hits2499  Comments4    
I haven't posted in a while and I thought this would be a nice Trek scene.  

What would happen if a character from the TOS Mirror Mirror Universe showed up on a NG starship.


SubmittermagnetmageMore Photos from magnetmage   Last Update2008/2/11 17:23
Hits6640  Comments7    
V4 as my digital version of Taarna. The black parts of her costume are a bodysuit, her boots are pretty3d's free boots, but I modeled the new tops in Shade8. Shoulder armor, strap, and bird statues I also modeled in Shade8.
Comments always welcome.

Have You Met Miss Jones?

Have You Met Miss Jones?Popular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2008/2/10 18:54
Hits2012  Comments5    
I thought I'd have another go at this character.

Sisters of Orion

Sisters of OrionPopular
SubmitterChup@CabraMore Photos from Chup@Cabra   Last Update2008/1/8 19:28
Hits2592  Comments2    
These three beauties call themselves the Sisters of Orion. They travel through known space providing various forms of 'entertainment' to humanoids (and gathering information to sell to parties who offer enough).
The first sister is the oldest of the siblings, and is in control of their little 'operation'.

I picked three different green skin tones for each sister, for variety's sake. After all, humans have a variety of skin tones, so why not humanoid aliens?

Couiple of mistakes (in the armbands of Sister #1), but its good enough for me

Images with the other two sisters at center can be found at my blog: ....

Goodbye, Futurama

Goodbye, FuturamaPopular
SubmitterChup@CabraMore Photos from Chup@Cabra   Last Update2007/12/31 5:23
Hits2483  Comments6    
Cartoon Network is airing their last Futurama marathon over this past weekend.

I'm going to miss Bender and crew. Watching a Futurama re-run for the umpteenth time while I played a mmorpg or set up another render had become a staple of my late sunday nights

So here is my tribute to the show (maybe one day I'll try to give Leela or Amy a try [or maybe even one of those giant amazon women they met once ^_^ ).


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/12/25 16:39
Hits1991  Comments2    
I rerendered my last submission to show what the Predator is seeing.

pwGhost shader ftw.

Hunter Or Hunted?

Hunter Or Hunted?Popular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/12/24 19:33
Hits2497  Comments4    
But who hunts the hunters?

AvP 2 is just around the corner, so I figured it was about time I returned to that universe for a spell.


SubmitterChup@CabraMore Photos from Chup@Cabra   Last Update2007/12/7 19:27
Hits2778  Comments5    
My attempt at a 'female' Predator  

This might not be technically right; I have read some official fiction that suggests that the Predator we see in the movies actually IS a female (who says all female aliens have to have boobs?    ).

Like the lioness, they are the hunters for the males (who rule from the safety of home).

But what the hell, I like she-aliens with big boobs    

Widow Of The Web

Widow Of The WebPopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/12/3 0:40
Hits2630  Comments6    
Based on the character in Krull in her younger years.

Malificent Revisioned

Malificent RevisionedPopular
SubmitterChup@CabraMore Photos from Chup@Cabra   Last Update2007/11/19 18:35
Hits2351  Comments4    
My sexier version of Malificent from 'Sleeping Beauty'.

Always thought she was the coolest of the classic disney villians (she can turn into a freaking dragon    ).

I think she will be making an appearance in 'Enchanted', since there is an evil witch who turns into a dragon in it.

If Adventure Had A Daughter

If Adventure Had A DaughterPopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/11/16 22:01
Hits2034  Comments3    
Have you met Miss Jones? :D

Just a spin on the "If Adventure Had A Name..." tagline.

My name is...Smith

My name is...SmithPopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/10/11 2:14
Hits1831  Comments6    
Hey, is this too dark?  suggestions, comments, critiques?

Temptation of Dana Scully

Temptation of Dana ScullyPopular
SubmitterMurkaMore Photos from Murka   Last Update2007/9/25 15:11
Hits2546  Comments4    
Here's a rendering of our favorite agent Dana Scully reimagined a little bit. This is a PG-13 rated version.
An R rated version is available in the members gallery. I figured I should do different versions.

Thanks for viewing

Come with me if you want to live

Come with me if you want to livePopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/9/17 16:11
Hits2603  Comments11    
I heard there was a Terminator series in the works with Summer Glau of all people in the Arnie role. I can't really imagine how it'll turn out. Here's my take on her delivering the legendary line.

Edit: Updated with a less slutty version, better leather shaders and raytraced shadows.

Master Shake

Master ShakePopular
SubmitterDarumaMore Photos from Daruma   Last Update2007/9/17 0:06
Hits2652  Comments7    
I thought a few of you might get a kick out of this Master Shake I made out of a 32 oz Coke cup  
Obviously, Frylock is more than a little skeptical about Shake escaping into the third dimension.

Also, if anyone's interested, I can provide the psd of Shake's 'skin', which I believe should be easy to apply as a 3D texture.

"Little Knife"

"Little Knife"Popular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/8/28 22:16
Hits3400  Comments6    
Machiko Noguchi, given the name Dahtoudi by a Predator, which translates as Little Knife.

The Quickening

The QuickeningPopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/8/21 23:22
Hits2094  Comments4    
There can be only one :D

Hybrid study

Hybrid studyPopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/6/30 23:23
Hits2143  Comments2    
I think I'm done with this series now.  


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/6/28 23:48
Hits2493  Comments2    
A prequel of sorts to my last image.

The Hybrid

The HybridPopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/6/28 22:06
Hits2565  Comments2    
I recently read the original script of Alien 3. Why is wasn't made I'll never know, it was vastly superior to the film that made it into production.
It involved Hicks and Bishop trying to combat a new strain of Xenomorph accidently engineered by a rival company to Wayland Yutani. Instead of being seeded by face huggers, the Aliens were breeding via a virus that mutated victims into hybrid Aliens, rather then hosting them.

Anyhoo, here's my take on what one might have looked like.

I think I need a bigger boat!

I think I need a bigger boat!Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   Last Update2007/5/29 12:34
Hits1781  Comments7    
Another one based on the Jaws movies I watched last week.  I would do an eight legged freaks one, but I HATE SPIDERS!!!!!

Underworld part 2

Underworld part 2Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   Last Update2007/5/28 16:23
Hits2084  Comments4    
Here is another Underworld pic that I did.  Different model and body.  I like this pose more than the standing on the building that was the first one.  I still have not found a trench coat that I like so I will keep looking but this will work in a pinch.

Photo No. 361-390 (out of 423 photos hit)
« 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 (13) 14 15 »