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SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/4/9 23:28
Hits1479  Comments0    
Captain Mar-vell is one of the greatest space heroes of all time. He defeated Thanos several times and he also set the standard for space superheroics for those that came after him. A powerful and selfless warrior, he would have continued fighting the good fight until he died of cancer.

Iron Patriot

Iron PatriotPopular
SubmitterK-SolMore Photos from K-Sol   Last Update2010/4/2 14:40
Hits2106  Comments5    
fast manip with a iron man movie image

Mercury 2

Mercury 2Popular
SubmitterGenniMore Photos from Genni   Last Update2010/3/29 18:46
Hits2222  Comments3    
Jessica Biel again, as Mercury from Marvel comics...


SubmitterGenniMore Photos from Genni   Last Update2010/3/29 8:00
Hits2317  Comments5    
Jessica Biel as Mercury! Our Marvel T-1000

Avengers: Falcon

Avengers: FalconPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/3/29 2:34
Hits1408  Comments0    
While i was going through my pics I realized I wasn't too thrilled with the manip I posted of Falcon a few months back so i kinda updated the photo by adding legs and sky.

model: Victor Butte


SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/3/24 22:25
Hits1646  Comments2    
Adam Warlock first appeared in Fantastic Four# 66 (Sept. 1967).
Even though he was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, it was Jim Starlin who made him popular among the comic book readers.

Dedicated to Jim Starlin

Spiderman VS The Hulk

Spiderman VS The HulkPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/3/24 22:13
Hits1361  Comments0    
Marvel Comics version of Davey and Goliath.

The Vision

The VisionPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   Last Update2010/3/19 18:33
Hits1995  Comments7    


SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/3/17 2:57
Hits1544  Comments0    
Daimien Helstrom, Son of Satan, legally changed his name to Damien Hellstorm when he made up his mind that he was going to take down his father. In the end he did defeat his father, but he ended up inheriting his father's throne as the ruler of Hell. His stalwart ally and servant the Gargoyle is an elderly man named Issac Christians who sold his soul to an alliance of minor demons styling themselves as The Six-Fingered Hand in exchange for his hometown's prosperity. He agreed to inhabit a statue of a gargoyle in order to act as thier agent. When he eventually rebelled against them he left his soul trapped in the gargoyle statue, cursing him with immortality in a monstrous form.

Black Cat waiting...

Black Cat waiting...Popular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   Last Update2010/3/12 17:47
Hits3425  Comments8    
Partially inspired by the awesome Black Cat manip from ReddEra.
Don't know the model's name and Spiderman was found in the web.

This is my way to thank you, Redd.

Not related to the above description, one final thought I want to leave on the air: "Prove I'm wrong" BWAH-AH-AH-AH

Marvel's Baddest Babes: The Black Widow

Marvel's Baddest Babes: The Black WidowPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/3/4 2:30
Hits2120  Comments0    
Natalia Alianovna Romanova also known as the Black Widow. For a woman with no superhuman powers or abilities who relies on deadly skill alone, she has been a member of many powerful teams and organizations like thr Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, the Champions, KGB, Marvel Knights,Lady Liberators and the Thunderbolts. As deadly as she is beautiful, she is definately one of Marvel's Baddest Babes. Wouldn't you agree?

Marvel's Baddest Babes: Hela

Marvel's Baddest Babes: HelaPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/3/4 1:05
Hits1695  Comments0    
Hela is the Asgardian ruler of Hel and Niffleheim. She is the daughter of the trickster god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. Odin himself appointed her as the Goddess of Death.

first appearance: Journey into Mystery# 102 (March 1964)

Psylocke 5

Psylocke 5Popular
SubmitterWolverine1607More Photos from Wolverine1607   Last Update2010/2/28 23:45
Hits6356  Comments6    
Here or there I re-visit characters I have done before. As I move along I like to see how I have improved as well as how I can improve the character from before. So here is another Psylocke that I have done. I tried to play with the suite a little more here, give it a little more of a different look here. As well tried to add in the kinetic energy on the hand. Wasn't totally thrilled with this here but it, is what it is here. I tried this three different times. Went with the third here. The model for this one is Sunny Leone. Characters of course belong to Marvel, artwork is mine here. Thanks in advance here to all who take a look or comment. They are so greatly appreciated. :)

The Elf

The ElfPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/2/22 2:53
Hits1565  Comments1    
Did you know that Nightcrawler is related to Rouge?
He's her foster brother.Rouge was adopted by Mystique years after Mystique abandoned nightcrawler when he was just a baby.

Weather Goddess

Weather GoddessPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/2/21 23:17
Hits1987  Comments0    
Only Ororo could make a downpour look beautiful.

Princess Python

Princess PythonPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/31 20:21
Hits1810  Comments0    
Princess Python first appeared in The Amazing Spider-man #22. She was the first female super villain he ever faced. She is a long standing member of the circus of crime and was even a member of the Serpent Society for a short while. She is beautiful,hypnotic and deadly...Just like her beloved pets.

model: Mary Louise Parker

The Avengers: Hercules

The Avengers: HerculesPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/23 16:48
Hits1474  Comments0    
The Lion of Olympus, the Prince of power. Hercules has been called many names, but the one name he honor's most is Avenger.

The Avengers: Wonderman

The Avengers: WondermanPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/21 1:14
Hits1366  Comments0    
The punches of Wonderman have been compared to Thor's hammer Mjolnir.

I'm not the Ghost Rider, I'm the Blazing Skull!

I'm not the Ghost Rider, I'm the Blazing Skull!Popular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/18 1:11
Hits1503  Comments1    
The Blazing Skull was a 1940's superhero who fought alongside the Invaders against the Axis powers. Other than his appearance he has nothing else in common with the Ghost Rider

All Winners Squad: Miss America

All Winners Squad: Miss AmericaPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/17 17:28
Hits1995  Comments2    
Miss America is one of the classic superheroines of World War II, she was one of the first females in comics who possessed super strength and flight decades before before Supergirl was created. She was also a member of the Invaders.

The Falcon

The FalconPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/15 22:56
Hits1362  Comments0    
The Falcon has always been one of my favorite black superheroes.
This is my rendition of the 1st issue cover of his mini-series that came out in the early 90's.

Namora's back

Namora's backPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/15 0:06
Hits2330  Comments1    
Namora is one of the first superpowered females in comics first appearing as Namor the Sub-Mariner's atlantean cousin then later on as a super hero in her own right. She was believed dead for decades until she was recently discovered to be alive and well. She is now a part of the superteam the Agents of Atlas.
I'm glad she's "back".:)

Model: Nicole "Coco" Austin

Just hanging out

Just hanging outPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/7 4:18
Hits2120  Comments2    
Wanted to try giving Spider Woman a shot. Found out she's a lot harder to do than she looks.

model: Nicole "Coco" Austin

Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and DaggerPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/6 2:59
Hits2131  Comments1    
Cloak: A servant of the darkness that hungers within our souls.
Dagger: A mistress of the light of hope that resides within our hearts.
No two people could ever have been so different, yet needed each other more.

Love at first bite

Love at first bitePopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/1/4 20:32
Hits2153  Comments2    
In the Marvel universe Lilith Drake is Dracula's illegitimate daughter. Although she hates him, she shares his thirst for blood and his temper.

model: Unknown

She-Hulk Skrull Comic Cover

She-Hulk Skrull Comic CoverPopular
Submitterronin.47More Photos from ronin.47   Last Update2010/1/2 21:47
Hits1889  Comments0    
Now here is a possible good tie-in comic relating to the Skrull Invasion idea. Jazinda, the skrull bounty-hunter chick, decides to mimic her friend She-Hulk back on her own planet and play the role.

Don't forget the Milk and Cookies

Don't forget the Milk and CookiesPopular
SubmitterWolverine1607More Photos from Wolverine1607   Last Update2009/12/13 13:53
Hits2979  Comments4    
Wanted to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to everyone here at Heromorph, by far one of my most favorite sites. Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas season here. Haven't seen a whole lot of images so far for Christmas. So here is one that is a little naughty and nice both. Don't forget Santa likes cookies and milk. The model was Cassia Riley for this manip. Images for SpiderWoman belong to Marvel of course, and artwork is mine.


SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2009/12/7 22:29
Hits1481  Comments1    
So many people were hoping Triple H would play Thor in the movie but I always thought he looked more like Thunderstrike, Thor's one-time Substitute.

The Norn Queen

The Norn QueenPopular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2009/12/7 22:22
Hits1971  Comments3    
This is Karnilla Queen of the Norns in Norse Mythology. Sometimes she is an enemy of Thor, but her love for Thor's best friend Baldur has prompted her to ally herself with Thor in the past.

"Calendar Girlz" November

"Calendar Girlz" NovemberPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   Last Update2009/11/2 12:46
Hits3154  Comments9    
From the Calendar Girlz Album cover WIP which features Shulks (Shulkiehontus?) for the month of November. I figured this would be a good month to post it.

This is the finished version, and I believe my fave of the six or seven I've done so far.

Photo No. 391-420 (out of 1359 photos hit)
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