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In Darkness She Reigns

In Darkness She ReignsPopular
SubmitterDragontalesMore Photos from Dragontales   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/11/11 6:44
Hits2556  Comments13    
This is the second image I submitted for the contest at Renderotica.  No erotic in it I guess.  :)  I really liked how it came out though.  Posing her (V4) legs was a process, but in the end I think it's realistic.  I don't think I could have posed v3's legs this way as well.  Thanks for Viewing!!

Hope you enjoy!

Bloodrayne's Bane

Bloodrayne's BanePopular
SubmitterDragontalesMore Photos from Dragontales   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2007/11/10 19:30
Hits2453  Comments6    
This was one of two submissions for a halloween contest at Unfortunately I didn't even place in the honorable mentions. :) Guess there wasn't enough nudity in my images. Anyways, hope you all enjoy!!

Thanks for Viewing!

Rayne of Blood

Rayne of BloodPopular
SubmitterDragontalesMore Photos from Dragontales   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2007/10/4 15:36
Hits3317  Comments10    
I fell in love with Bloodrayne as soon as I played that first game. After playing Bloodrayne 2, I was completely enamored. Even though she was only a video game character, I thought the creators did an excellent job of giving her a background, motives for her actions, and most of all, a soul.

Then came that blasted movie. Ughh...what a way to tarnish a great thing. Anyway, when Specs2 made the bloodrayne outfit, I was ecstatic. But I couldn't capture that essence that I loved in Rayne.

Finally after putting her on the back burner for a while, I began to play the second game again. That reminded me I had started this image. Thanfully with some better props, character morphs and hair, I found the combination I was looking for.

I'm completely satisfied with this image. I love everything about it. I hope you all do as well. Lets hope Bloodrayne 3 comes out someday. :)

Thanks for Vewing!!

Death Flies On Leathery Wings

Death Flies On Leathery WingsPopular
SubmitterDragontalesMore Photos from Dragontales   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/9/26 8:37
Hits2001  Comments7    
I'm really pleased with this one. I had the female archer sitting on my hard drive for probably two years. I'm glad I waited to use her as my skills have gotten better and I never would have been able to make this back then. I hope you all enjoy.

My plans are to add her to my story that I've been (slowly) working on. :) We'll see if I ever get back to that.

Thanks for all the comments and critiques you've all given me on my past images. I love to hear what you think about my images.

Thanks for Viewing!!

Disastrous Na?vet?

Disastrous Na?vet?Popular
SubmitterDragontalesMore Photos from Dragontales   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/8/26 21:54
Hits2816  Comments14    
Finally got around to doing another one.  Hope you all enjoy!  

Comments and Critiques always Welcome and Appreciated!

Thanks for Viewing!

Come Closer Love

Come Closer LovePopular
SubmitterDragontalesMore Photos from Dragontales   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/6/20 8:23
Hits2837  Comments8    
A quick but fun little piece. I really like how it turned out. I made it background dimensions for those that may want it as a wallpaper. :)

As always Many Many thanks for Viewing!!


Exhilaration of the Ride (Story Pt 2)

Exhilaration of the Ride (Story Pt 2)Popular
SubmitterDragontalesMore Photos from Dragontales   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/5/21 8:09
Hits1689  Comments4    
    The stables were empty when Sera got there, for which she was quite grateful.  The princess was in no mood to talk to anyone, and was certain that even a child could see right through her feigned nonchalance.  In truth, she was shaking on the inside.  Just as part of her thrilled at the prospect of being out on her own, the immensity of her actions, leaving her parents and safety of home, filled her with unease.  Yes, if anyone had been here, she was sure her resolve would crumble.  
    ?Well Ranale, are you ready?? she said stroking the horse lovingly.  The horse gave a soft whinny and nuzzled Sera?s ear making her laugh.  ?Of course you are.  You and I share the same heart.  And my heart is telling me it?s time to go.?  
    She led the horse from the stable and leapt into the saddle, pointing the horse towards the outer gates of the keep.  She stopped once, only briefly, and looked back.  ?I will return one day.  But not before I?m ready.?  The horse was restless.  He wanted to run.  Sera laughed again, and her unease left her, lifting her spirits.  ?Ok, boy?lets go!?
   No further urging was needed.  The horse fairly flew down the road, kicking up a trail of dust.  A few villagers coming and going from the keep scrambled to get out of their way.  It took only minutes to get to the wooded trail leading her away from home and into an unknown, but open world.  Sera reveled in the freedom and the exhilaration of the ride.  It was a feeling she would not long forget.


Been a while since I posted.  Hope you enjoy!!  This is part 2.  Check out my previous post for part 1.

Moment of Truth

Moment of TruthPopular
SubmitterDragontalesMore Photos from Dragontales   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/3/2 8:28
Hits2558  Comments6    
As promised, here's another image I've done.  It involved the same character as before.  And now she has a name.  :

She was born Seraphine Arianna Florinda, the Princess of Archisere. She had always been a willful child, strong and self-reliant. But if anyone had told the King and Queen, that one day, the daughter they raised to be a prim and proper lady would flee the confines of her royal, pampered life, in exchange for the adventures and dangers of the road, they would have had them laughed right out of the kingdom. However as the years progressed, and the headstrong little girl slowly became a woman, they watched with increasing unease.

At the age of 9, instead of playing with dolls, little Sera preferred to play with her older brother?s toy knights, building fortresses and waging little toy wars on the floor of her room. And by 13 she had given up learning to play the lute, and spent most of her time at the horse stables, learning to ride with a skill that even the best of her father?s knights envied. However it was at the age of 16 that Sera found something that would consume her for the rest of her life. She began to learn the art of the sword.

At first she practiced by herself. Watching the young men in their training classes, she made sure to memorize every move. Then after the sessions were over, she rode to a secluded place in the forest, and tried to duplicate what she had seen. This one-sided routine sufficed for a while, until Sera felt she had advanced as much as she could without a sparring partner. And it was only after much begging and pleading that her worried parents agreed to let her train under the swords master.

?She?ll quit when she realizes how much it hurts.? The king told his wife that night. ?I?ve instructed Kaltas to be as tough on her as on any of his students.?

But they were quite shocked when a month later, Sera had not quit, but had also begun to beat some of the male students in sparring practice.

?She?s got a gift for the thing.? Kaltas told the king. ?Probably one of the better students I?ve trained in a long time. Give her another few months, and she?ll be the best in the class.?

In fact, it took her only two. She had beaten all the boys, and had to practice against Kaltas himself to continue advancing. This did little to endear the boys? bruised egos to the feisty, yet otherwise beautiful, flame-haired girl. She had no female friends of her own either. While many of the courts maidens may have desired to try and advance their own cause by befriending the princess, Sera?s odd ways baffled them and led them to joke at her expense. Sera didn?t care. She was happiest honing her sword skills, and spending time riding her horse in the countryside.

In the next five years Sera grew more distant from life at the castle. It didn?t do anything for her, and she wasn?t suited for it. When she wasn?t fencing with Kaltas, whom she had beaten on several occasions, she spent more and more time in the wild, camping and learning to fend for herself. Her sword and horse were her only companions, the open road, her only courtier. And finally the day came that she decided it was time to leave.

To say her mother was upset would be an understatement. To say her father was angry would be wrong. He was livid. He refused to speak to her, causing Sera to briefly rethink her decision. But the call of the road was too strong for her to ignore. And as the rays of a new day dawned on the castle that had been her home for 21 years, Sera packed what little provisions she needed, strapped on her sword, and walked out the door.

Danov, her brother whose toy knights she played with as a kid, strode out behind her.

?You?ll be crawling back here in a month, begging father to forgive you!? He yelled. ?I promise you?.You?ll wish you never held a sword!? Sera didn?t even turn around. The Princess of Archisere had left.

An Unforgettable Past...An Unknown Future

An Unforgettable Past...An Unknown FuturePopular
SubmitterDragontalesMore Photos from Dragontales   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/2/17 6:31
Hits2501  Comments10    
One of the characters I've been assembling.  Her outfit is from various clothing packages.  This is my first post here, so I hope you all enjoy!!  :)

Photo No. 1-9 (out of 9 photos hit)