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SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/8/10 4:30
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In the realm of the Black Mantis I find that time passes differently, for every month I spend here only a minute passes in my own world, and because of this I am able to take the time to learn how to use my newly acquired divine powers.  I gain all of the aspects of a spider, and have insane uses for webs, as well as the knowledge of secrets. No mortal can hide form me what I wish to know. I have the ability to make a mortal willing tell me anything, I can absorb the information contained in any medium simply by touching it. Books, computers anything, I know passwords to all mortal devices with absolute certainty and I find there's roughly a 60% chance I know the password of any magical device about 80% if it's mortal made.  And I don't need my sword to use magic, no I know just about every spell there is and if i don't know it , it doesn't exist.   This is how Moonshadow was able to find my quarry so quickly and so accurately, the black mantis was right I was using her without even knowing it. We buried Moonshadow on a beautiful hill here and they erected a shrine in her honor, and I was informed that without the rest of the "Pantheon" I would be vulnerable to her enemies and so I reluctantly joined their ranks...provisionally.  When all this is over I will select a successor who will take over in the meantime I learn that gods take these power transfers seriously and that there's a lot of pomp and circumstance involved.  The rest of them may think this is a time for celebration but I do not.  During the festivities I find myself thinking of her, and how wrong all of this is. I didn't want this and life is playing one hell of a practical joke on me, a clone of me kills my new love, Razor cuts my bloody arm off and nearly kills my best friend, and some psychopath I have never heard of is responsible for it all.

I stare out of the large bay window in secluded room, my head reeling from the ungodly amounts of information flooding into my brain that I don't want, trying to make sense of it all when I become keenly aware that I'm not alone.  A servant has entered the room, and rather quietly too, shiny and metallic it appears to be some sort of android, and apparently female.

"His majesty has the great and powerful Mantis has sent me to see if you need anything. I am called PDX-17 and I am at your service."

She stands about 5'7" and if she were a real woman she'd be very attractive...not that I'm interested mind you.

"No thank you Sindhe,." I say off the top of my head "Why did I call you that? I'm sorry, PDX-17 is it?"

"H-How did you know my true name? I have not been called that in centuries sire."

Never seen an android act like that before, she's overwhelmed by hearing that name I wonder could she be...?

"PDX-17, were you you are now?  An android I mean."

She seems stunned that I'd ask, and is visibly taken aback.

"N-No sire, I was once mortal of flesh and blood. I am now bound to this form."

That's what I thought, and in an instant i know just about everything there is to know about her. Her childhood, where she grew up, her first love, how she came to be in her predicament, and even how to return her to her true form. She wants to return to her true form but all those she knew and loved are long gone and she's very insecure and...  I start to become lost in her world, and and have to pull myself out of the swirling mist of information.  This is one of the drawbacks to being the god of intrigue and secrets, I am also the god of knowledge and it is all too easy to become lost in someone's life as I see it from their perspective, I only need touch them or be in the presence of someone who does not wish to keep their life story a secret in order to gain every detail of knowledge about them, unfortunately I also gain an empathy and can get caught up in the whirlwind of emotions. Sheesh how do these guys deal with this...Practice I guess.

"Are you alright sire, you seem lost in thought.  Should I return later?"

She's intrigued by me, attracted to me, her feelings for me are quite clear to me, but I am simply not in the mood to entertain them right now.  It's freeing to know how someone feels about you it kinda makes things easy when dealing with relationships I guess.  They don't have to demonstrate how they feel or constantly show what you, that is I, mean to them because I instantly know.  


Oh crap I drifted off again, this is very distracting.

"No um I don't need anything right now, thank were missed."

"I-I'm sorry sire but..."

"Your friends and family, they missed you a lot, and they loved you...they were okay. I know you always wondered."

"Thank you sire."

She places her fingers over her lips, quickly bows and runs out of the room, presumably to go cry, but they are tears of joy.  It feel nice to give someone something they need on an emotional level.  That's when the realization hits me, that's what Moonshadow did for me.  I miss her...but part of her is here, and if I want I can get lost in her life with ease. I won't, I can't, there are more important matters to attend to and as I stare out of the window over the vast city before me I know what must be done and I'm good with it.  My clone must die, and I must be the one to kill him, and I know where to begin my search.   I summon the Lillun and meet her at the space dock, but as she approaches I'm completely floored.  I barely recognize her, the Black Mantis' people have made some major upgrades and there's just no reason for the level of overkill he had put in her, she was already one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy, she IS the most powerful ship in the galaxy. I have been doing everything in my power to avoid serving the Black Mantis but I am starting to think I may have been hasty in that decision, I mean I know he's crazy, and insanely powerful but he travels through the vast realities of the multiverse, only now am I gaining a true appreciation of the possibilities for adventure that could bring. I can't be the High Justiciar forever, and serving Analaeus isn't really my thing, I've never been comfortable in that role.  I have some serious thinking to do gotta be careful though, it's just too easy to get lost in it.

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Posted: 2015/8/11 18:29  Updated: 2015/8/11 18:29
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 Re: Preparations.jpg
Posted: 2015/8/10 21:12  Updated: 2015/8/10 21:12
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 Re: Preparations.jpg
The way you chose to portray the view through the window is a nice effect.