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Search Party
Search PartyPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/10/27 13:16
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As the ship closes in on the vortex a tendril of energy lashes out and grabs hold of the warp rings on the aft section spinning the ship on its axis, violently lurching everyone and everything. I know from the Kryllian data tapes that we have to travel headlong into tehe eye of the vortex or the ship is gonna be ripped to shreds.  

"Engineering this is the bridge what's happening to my ship?"

"The vortex is pulling at the warp rings and it's causing us to rotate into the eye!"

"Shut them down NOW!  Helm go to maneuvering thrusters only"

"Aye aye!"

Immediately the ship begins to right itself so that we're back on course and headed directly into the center of the storm as it were.

Suddenly the ship begins to fill with a white light and my cybernetics eyes go haywire, everything electrical starts having a conniption and it makes for a bumpy ride.  Computer panels short  and sparks fly the ship shakes and shudders and anyone not sitting is hurled violently to the floor as the vibrations threaten to tear the ship apart completely. The ship begins falling apart from the inside as wiring falls from the ceiling as a metal tile nearly decapitates my navigator.  A wave of terror washes over me as the realization that I may have just doomed us all floods my mind. Then as suddenly as it all started the ships is still and calmly floating through space. The bridge looks like hell and small fires have broken out across the ship.

"Ops Status report!"

The operations chief still in his chair remains motionless a large metal pipe nearly five feel long and 4 inches wide has pierced through his armor pinning him in place, killing him instantly. Another officer runs over to his station and quickly punches in station reports from across the ship.

"We have full power but our weapons and shields are off line, there are several fires all over the ship and crew are working to put those out. Hyperdrive is off line, Fold systems are down as is warp propulsion.  Life support is good and we have sub-light engines functional. Casualty reports several crewmen injured and 5, er 6 dead."

"Make that 7"

Shadawar adds pulling a slumped over helmsman from his station. Apparently the panel didn't jus com close as I glance over to see a gaping wound in his neck.

"Fine get repairs underway, and a medical team up here."  I tap the intercom button and call all available senior officers to the briefing room and once the last of them arrives we begin discussing how to proceed in looking for the lost Kryllian warship.  According to our scans there is a habitable in this system that the ship could have made it too, and it only make sense to begin our search there.  Sabrina informs me that our teleportation systems are completely shot and will need replacing as soon as we can get home assuming we can get home. Replication systems are similarly off line and we'll have to go to hard rations for the time being, and unless we can find somewhere to resupply our food stores we'll be out of food and water within a month. We can supplement using the systems on board my fighter and the shuttle so there's no immediate danger of running out of supplies any time soon.  With the bridge cleared of debris and some makeshift repairs done I order the ship the nearest J type planet. The IGFW ranks J types as most similar to Earth but unfortunately the nearest planet capable of sustaining life is a type L which while livable is covered shore to shore in dense forest and jungle. A close scan reveals a crash site and a Kryllian Battleship.  The ships markings and and working transponder reveal that it our wayward vessel, mostly intact but inoperable. I have everyone get ready to head planetside and meet me in the shuttle bay. The new shuttle is going to work today. Now while I have the capacity to evacuate small groups of up to 5 people at a time the shuttle doesn't have the capacity to transport the crew of over 1,000 expediently.  Unless our telporters are repaired the evacuation could take a couple of days.  I order a couple of squads down to the planet using my fighter and see if they can't salvage anything from the Kryllian wreckage that we might be able to retrofit to our ship. Sabrina is gonna earn her pay today.

I land the shuttle in a massive ruin not far from the crash site and we begin our scans there.  Kryllians are reptilian and scanning for them proves to be difficult at best since this planet is teaming with reptilian life, some of which has decided to introduce itself.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2016/10/28 3:21  Updated: 2016/10/28 3:21
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From: United States
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 Re: Search Party
Things are getting crazy! Tough start for Sabrina. Looking forward to seeing where this is headed.