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Incoming Transmission
Incoming TransmissionPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/11 8:05
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The day off was something I really needed and I spent the majority of it getting to know my knew wives, biblicaly and intimately.  Aini has settled into her place as more of a maid than my girlfriend...I'm not exactly happy with the arrangement but I can respect the ladies' position on the subject and besides Aini seems perfectly happy to accommodate them so it's a smooth transition. My first wife Ai is a bonified warrior princess and understands the art of war and her position on my ship outside of our relationship is simple...she's a combat expert and I have placed her in charge of security. I make my way to the bridge and call all the senior crew to the briefing room to discuss our situation.  As the crew  assembles I note that there is some concern about my new choice for chief of security.

"okay everyone, I know you're concerned about my having chose Ai for the position of chief of security, but I did not make the choice lightly.  She has a great deal of experience with security with her her tribe and while she is not yet up to speed on our procedures Shadawar will be working closely with her to get her up to speed. That however, is not what I assembled everyone here to discuss.  Our source of greatest concern is the closed Vortex that initially brought us here.  We don't even know where here is or we could plot a our way home and it's entirely possible that we might be in a different dimension altogether, where the passage of time is not parallel to our own as we discovered when we encountered the Kryllian survivors."

"Our sensors haven't been able to locate the energy signature from the vortex but we are holding this position until we have ruled out it's reappearance." Shadawar adds.

"It is possible," Sabrina says while gesturing to a nearby computer screen, "That the vortex is being manipulated by an outside force.  This energy spike just before it's disappearance would indicate that an immense amount of magical energy was expended."

Caewon replies, "There are spells that can close portal like the vortex, but not on that large of a scale.  It would take divine power to force a vortex that size to close completely."
No sooner are those words spoken  when the whole ship shudders.

"Wat the hell was that!?" I exclaim as I spring from my chair.

We all rush out onto the bridge to find the ships alarms going off and the image of what looks like and Aztec, (or some variation thereof) chieftain on the viewscreen.

"I am known to the people of this world as Gredienar, God of the people.  You have taken my children from my world and this I cannot allow!"

The figure on the screen appears male with three eyes and an attitude. Great just great I'm not sure if this a real god or just some impostor but he's got enough power to close a vortex of cosmic proportions.  let me explain how this whole "God" really works. First thee are guys like me who are immortal and to a primitive society the magic and technology I possess would make me "seem" to be a god. Then there are beings of phenomenal power and technology beyond anything ever seen and they would be like gods too. But true gods, do not exist in our dimension and instead use avatars or remote controlled bodies, to interact with mortals.  These are true gods, and they are insanely powerful and come in four classes:  Elder gods, who possess power over life and death and can basically kill you with a though and are nearly omniscient, Greater gods who can control the elements and weather and just make life miserable for whole continents, Lesser gods who can control aspects like luck or crops and still have magic more powerful than mortals, and finally Demigods who are most often mortals who have ascended to divine status or (more commonly) are the offspring between a mortal and a god.  Elves are considered to be somewhat divine and the offspring of elves and gods are usually lesser gods. This guy looks like a Greater but only because my ship is still here and we're not all space debris.

"You will return the four you have taken and leave or I will destroy your vessel."

I'm not a fan of threats and I really don't like being accused of "Taking" anything that isn't mine.  Just as I'm about to object to is accusation Ai kneels before his divineness and says

"Great one, this man did not take us, we have been mated to him in the name of peace."

"A false peace child, brought by deception and fear.  This one has told your people he was a demon who would harm you if you did not make peace and give you four as his wife"

Hearing this I'm appalled, and completely insulted.

"Excuse me your worship but I did no such thing."

"You deny telling these people you were a demon-god?"

"I never said I was, they did. I only said I could destroy them and did not wish to."

"You did not clarify with my children this distinction?"

"No I didn't see the need."

"Even now below there are those that are worshiping you.  You have stolen these worshipers from me and I will not permit this affront to continue.  You will return these four and I will annul your mating, and you bow before me and tell my children that I am the one and true god of the people."

"Seriously? You must be out of your divine mind. I don't bow to any god and I won't make an exception now just beacuse you're butt hurt that your people have been exposed to new ideas. I'll make certain they stop worshiping me because I am no god, but kneel before you like my wife?  Ha! it'll be a cold day in hell."

The ship shudders again and this time he actually damages it.  Okay fine, no problem I know how to deal with this, he's not the first god to give me crap and he probably won't be the last. We'll settle this on the planet below.

"Okay your divineness, you win, I'll do as you bid, just don't hurt my ship and crew."

"A wise choice pretender."

the screen goes off and the ships remains still.  I turn on a dime and head for the lift. these people who have trusted me thus far loook at me with concern...they have no idea how  this is going to play out. I have had this dance before, three different times before, now there's no god of trickery, god of games, or god of festivals....and I'm about to Demonstrate how my sword got it's name.

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 Re: Incoming Transmission
Oh boy... it's about to hit the fan! Just don't kill the guy who can open the portal!