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New Avalon Post.jpg
New Avalon Post.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/2/5 0:39
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I have been given temporal coordinates to the Black Mask Society's secret starbase. As I approach my ship sticks out like a sore thumb.  There are variations of the Lillun and the Runt and a couple of designs I thought about but never explored. Karr and Mantis we're only the tip of the alternate reality iceberg. The only thing we all have in common is that we're all Obsidian Mask.  Unlike Mantis and Karr they aren't all alternate versions of me.  Most of them aren't elves there's one who stands out...his entire demeanor reminds me of Analaeus back when he was going by Anihilus the Traitor. He's a big scary dude and his sword is definitely a Psi-Blade. I can tell by the way the others move around him that they're all a bit frightened of him and aren't very fond of his presence. My hearalmost stops when a man clad in Red steps walks towards us.  His costume is identical to what Ray's would have looked like had he lived a bit longer.  The spider queen next to me defers to him like he's the guy in charge.  I decide to listen and see what the deal is before demanding answers, besides I'm not sure I can take on several skilled assassins at once.  Assuming they're all as skilled as me. His voice is synthetic distorted by his helmet, his armor registers as Absorbium 80 and Mythril which is only marginally better than Adamantine. As he approaches I scan the bloody hell out of him...He comes back about 75% effective as a threat.  Impressive and it definitely explains why he's in a position of authority.  He also speaks like he's in charge.  

"Spider, this the guy?"

"Yes. You should've seen-"

"You don't scan so hot pal.  What makes you think you're the Prime?"

"Never said I was.  You come off a bit rude though. Are you in charge here?"

"If I had my way, but no. That's all on the Shadow Mask."

"Okay so then that's who I wanna talk to."

The Psi-Mage Obsidian approaches us and in a deep grating voice straight out of a horror movie he explains.

"That is not possible at this time. There have been many attempts to infiltrate us and we must take precautions."

With each breath he emits a sound like some kind of respirator...the sound is freaking ominous.  It's almost as if his whole gimmik is about fear...and it's effective. However I am way past afraid so...

"Let me explain something to all of you, I have no intention of being treated like some sort of rookie in your little fraternity.  So what you're all going to do is, get me your damned leader or...get ready to prove you're the superior version of me. Now...any takers. I register about thirty pings from scanners and only the dark lord here steps up. The only problem is, his blade is only psychic energy so I meet him half way and it's a prick waving contest for all to see.

"I see what you're doing there...but this is a M.A.M.E. blade. That stands for Matter-Anti-matter Energy.  I promise you, I'll leave a massive hole in the middle of your busted cybernetic body and and not feel a lick of remorse. Now unless you've made peace with whatever the hell you call an afterlife...Get the Hell out of my way."

Neither of us can see each other's face but the power of my blade can be felt from three feet away. It's power eminent with a life of it's own.  There are many swords in attendance but mine is the only one smithed by the Black Mantis, and it is the only Relic class weapon in attendance. The other watch almost awestruck as the seven foot Psi-Lord back down.  I'm kinda glad he does...Now I don't have to kill him.  I'm tired and out of patience.  The crowd gathered parts as their leader walks up.  Male relatively my height, scans say he's running on pure skill and non-magical equipment.

"Now that is probably the first time anyone has ever stood up to him, let alone confronted him.  Let me get a look at you.  Without the helmet if you would."

Th folks in attendance all nod I tap two buttons, one to release my helmet and one .....just in case.

the hiss of air resonates as I remove my helm and I look around to see the others do the same. None of them look like me even the one who comes charging straight at me.


he screams as he leaps for me, but like I said...I pressed a second button just in case.  Mid leap the poor bastard is sent flying as a bright  red shield roughly two feet in diameter comes screaming out of nowhere. Absorbium does many things  but it does not stop edged weapons if they're tough enough...and this shield is a work of deadly art and it belongs to none other than PANTERRA!!  The Cat pounces on my attacker before the poor bastard realizes what's going on an with a slap the guy is out.  The remaining Obsidian's are stunned, and I'm not sure if it's because of what just happened or because there's a non-Obsidian standing before us.

"Thanks old cat."

"Any time friend."

The dark one himself seems indignant but since everyone here can scan, he decides not to mess with the Cat.  Panterra has a max press of roughly 80 tons, and his armor is a unique blend of Admantine and Mythril...he doesn't absorb damage or energy, he simply shrugs it off. The guy is a Humanoid Tank.

"If we're done with that business." Their leader says nonchalantly "Let's adjourn inside."

"After you." Hopefully I can get some answers now. With Panterra at my side the three of head into one of the largest starbases I have ever seen.
'Obsidian, what you see here is the result of many of us working together."

"How many?"

"In the beginning of this debacle, several thousand.  Now we're only down to only a few dozen. Losing Roger when they went to get you was a big loss, but you're the first to actually kill one of our attackers on first contact.  Others have done it but only after careful planning.  Any attempt to simply fight them has met with death.  I only assume it has to do with that sword of yours. The aliens never touch them, and we haven't been able to figure out why. Many of us have magical weapons or hidden defenses to keep from having them turned on us.  What makes yours so different?"

"C'mon, you had to have scanned it already you should know at least half of what it does."

"That's just it, your blade defies conventional scans>"

"Hmm I never tried to scan my own weapon.  Normally I don't divulge but I'm at a loss here so I'll tell you this.  It's a relic, an artifact of immense power and was given as payment by the Black Mantis."

"Seriously? You actually worked for that Psychopath?"

"I see his reputation precedes him."

"Something like that."

"There isn't one of us he didn't try to recruit and a bunch more he got killed.  Eventually he just stopped trying."

"That explains the ships and a lot of the gear I've been noticing. he's had his fingers in a lot of pies."

"To say the least, but you're here to talk about these aliens not the Black Mantis."


The information he gives me over the next eight hours is astonishing and by the end I simply want to murder each and every one of those bastards.

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 Re: New Avalon Post.jpg
That's an impressive shot of the star base. Another good chapter in the story too.