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Main : ! 2D Art ! : Original Characters :  The Winterhawk Legacy By Winterhawk

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The Winterhawk Legacy By Winterhawk
The Winterhawk Legacy By WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2004/10/18 1:12
Hits6509  Comments7    
Here is my cover for the August Challenge.
This picture is the first time I have tried to draw anything in about 9 years. I used a pencil then did colouring in Photoshop. I am way more sketchy then I used to be, but I think it turned out OK, I was expecting much worse since it has been so long since I have tried to draw.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/8/17 12:41  Updated: 2004/8/17 12:41
The Great Eternal Dragon
Joined: 2004/2/9
From: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Posts: 11236
 Re: The Winterhawk Legacy By Winterhawk
Nice Cover!
I didn't know you were a guy who did the pencil thing thing too? Good on ya.
Posted: 2004/8/17 9:37  Updated: 2004/8/17 9:37
Mr. The Mighty Lord *Krackaboom!*
Joined: 2004/1/13
From: The Good Earth
Posts: 3277
 Re: The Winterhawk Legacy By Winterhawk
This is pretty good, but there aren't enough wrinkles!
(Ducking and running for cover!)

Posted: 2004/8/16 16:09  Updated: 2004/8/16 16:09
Joined: 2004/1/5
From: Leeds, England
Posts: 82
 Re: The Winterhawk Legacy By Winterhawk
This is cool! You should draw more often!

(did I just use the word cool? )
Posted: 2004/8/16 13:08  Updated: 2004/8/16 13:08
Guardian of the Great White North (Webmaster)
Joined: 2003/8/17
From: Canada
Posts: 6812
 Re: The Winterhawk Legacy By Winterhawk
Thanks Guys.
Here is a little bit more info for those of you that want to know.

Name: Winterhawk

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Since the dawn of time

Powers: Create and control ice and cold. He can create blasts of "cold" energy that have incredible power. Control of temperature in 100 sq miles around himself. Flight. Extreme God-like strength and endurance. Invulnerability & Immortality (he can only be truly destroyed by magic or other demi-gods, and when he dies he returns to his original dimension), he can shape change into a hawk. He can also use magic as a master sorcerer. Winterhawk is the best trained and skilled fighter of the demi-gods, that have come to earth.

History: Long ago when the earth was young an ancient civilization existed deep with in the jungles of South America. These people worshiped beings from a different dimension that had incredible powers. These ancient people used magic to open a portal to this world so that their gods could join them here on earth. Winterhawk was one of these gods and was a leader of the Knights of Justice in the pantheon of light. Winterhawk and Morningstar (another member of the pantheon of light) fell in love and for years lived very happily. But as always evil was a foot, and another group of beings came thru the portal to this world. They sat back and watched, waited and planned. When the time was right they made their move and the lords of darkness attacked. Most of the pantheon of light were destroyed and sent back to their dimension and shortly after their destruction, the Lords of darkness closed the portal so that they could not return. A war between these gods broke out. Decades went by and the battle continued. Winterhawk lead the Pantheon of Light against the lords of darkness that was ruled by Winterhawk's Brother. One day the lords of darkness trapped Morningstar and with they used a magical device to convert her into one of them, and from that point on she went by the name Bloodfire. When Bloodfire returned to the Pantheon of Light, she was able to destroy a large number of its members and completely obliterate the ancient people that had created the portal and were living under the protection of the pantheon of light. Winterhawk had to stop her and in the end could not bring himself to destroy her in this plain of existence. The war of the gods still goes on today centuries later with Winterhawk being the last of the true pantheon of light remaining on earth. Winterhawk now protects all of humanity from the Lords of darkness and has been training many Humans and Mutants his ancient magic in an attempt to create a new Pantheon of Light and forever rid this world of the lords of darkness.
Posted: 2004/8/16 11:51  Updated: 2004/8/16 11:51
Off the hook
Joined: 2003/10/20
From: Cleveland
Posts: 1726
 Re: The Winterhawk Legacy By Winterhawk
How 'bout "The Winterhawk Legacy Virus"...?
Just funnin' with you pal, this looks great. I wanna read it! Hey, I just noticed the bar code says "go to heromorph dot com" I win a no-prize?
Posted: 2004/8/16 10:40  Updated: 2004/8/16 10:40
lurks in arcades (moderator)
Joined: 2004/5/10
From: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Posts: 362
 Re: The Winterhawk Legacy By Winterhawk
ha! see, i TOLD you i wasn't just kissin butt...he does have his own comic!

nah, just funnin ya hawk...this looks good bro! a great job, i can't wait till i get a scanner and can show you guys some of my line work...
Posted: 2004/8/16 8:06  Updated: 2004/8/16 8:06
Joined: 2003/10/25
From: The shadows of night
Posts: 422
 Re: The Winterhawk Legacy By Winterhawk
Looks great to me.

What powers does he have?