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Zodiac Bot Capricorn

Zodiac Bot CapricornPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/9/7 8:31
Hits414  Comments3    
Getting close to the end of the Zodiac Bots of Alignment Inc. Here is Capricorn.

Unlimited Evil Issue #2 - Page 10

Unlimited Evil Issue #2 - Page 10Popular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/8/30 7:02
Hits495  Comments2    
Page 10 is finally here! As I proposed in my comments on Page 9, I decided to make this page a bit of a recap of previous events in order to get everyone up to speed on the chaos of the story thus far with a little bit of direction at the end of the page leading into where the tale is headed next. This page also finally introduces the design of the starship of the C.A.R.E.-Givers, which has been mentioned several times in the comic but never seen until now.

Issue 2 - Cover -
Issue 2 - Page 1 -
Issue 2 - Page 2 -
Issue 2 - Page 3 -
Issue 2 - Page 4 -
Issue 2 - Page 5 -
Issue 2 - Page 6 -
Issue 2 - Page 7
Issue 2 - Page 8
Issue 2 Page 9

Bedtime Buddy

Bedtime BuddyPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2015/8/22 17:45
Hits435  Comments1    
An early birthday present to myself, here's my OC Buddy getting ready for bed in quite possibly the sexiest and most provocative pic of her I've done to date. Isn't she   ?

Zodiac Bot Libra

Zodiac Bot LibraPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/8/15 5:15
Hits535  Comments3    
Continuing on with my series of Zodiac Bots, here is Libra.

TheSpider's Web.jpg

TheSpider's Web.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/8/14 21:35
Hits572  Comments1    
I finally get some semblance of control over my "Divine Form" and begin looking more like myself, yeah like myself if I had a baby with a spider. Sheesh. The hardest part about all this divinity stuff is all the extra BS you have to get used to, you know like 5 pairs of eyes...that actually work...3 days of vertigo was the price for that one but in combat it's kind of a plus since no one can sneak up behind me, or to the left, right, above etc etc. In any case I get things as close to normal as I can and I've been assured that my emotional rages will subside after a while (probably after I eat someone or something close). The black Mantis has had his crew hard at work redesigning the Lillun to the point that we re-designated her the Lillun-A. Her weapons are upgraded with Phase modified, variable frequency cannons with instalock, meaning "Shields? Fuck your shields." they go right through shields that aren't in phase, and most aren't. We can now move through hyperspace as well as Space-fold and FTL. Honestly I thought Space-fold and hyperspace were the same thing but apparently they're not, one opens a portal across space and time allowing instantaneous travel, and the other is a short cut through space and time...same principal way different execution, and until recently we had no need for hyper-drives. The ship is immensely larger, by at least 30 percent and is now a light cruiser class with the firepower of a full blown battle cruiser. The bridge and all major systems got a complete overhaul, and I got new quarters, a new office, and an XO's office...never needed one of those before but Harley is welcome to it.
I would say we are more than prepared for whatever Nechronos throws at us.
A bout mid afternoon I get a call from my clan, but it's not Master Takashi, it's some Oni Jonin named Maeko, who informs me that Master Takashi was found dead in his home, apparently murdered.
"As of now Obsidian Mask I am leading our clan and I we have yet to hear from you regarding your Chunin's marriage."
Up till this point I have been reluctant to accept my divine appointment but this bitch is, being kinda pushy and I don't like her tone...So.
My image on her monitor vanishes suddenly, and she becomes Irate.
"Obsidian! Do not walk away while I am speaking! You are bound to this clan and to it's leaders, I will not..."
"Will not what...Mortal?"
My countenance is frightening when I wish it, and right this moment I do. She may be an assassin but she is still mortal and I can generate fear, the shadows in the room seem to darken, an ominous red glow takes the place of whatever light remains...and those spider legs and ten eyes will really put you off your game...they're just unsettling.
"I-I-I What is this? What trickery?"
"No trickery mortal, a god was slain and that god's power is now mine. This I would say seriously alters the dynamic of our...relationship, don't you think? Therefore the next time you speak to me in such a disrespectful manner, will be the last time you all. Am I making myself perfectly clear?"
"My lord I had no idea, please forgive my ignorance I meant no disrespect."
"Of course not, in any case the two chunin are to be wed. However, the time is at my discretion, until then I will keep you apprised of any changes. As for the clan, does anyone know what happened to Takashi?"
"It was an assassin, and a good one. at first we suspected you since he left all the same tell tale signs you are known for, but our contacts assured us you were in the company of...him."
They don't speak the Black Mantis's name, superstitions that he may come for them, and apparently on at least one occasion he did. I digress, the murder sounds like the work of my clone, I'll send you the details. Good day Jonin."
Now things are really getting interesting. Why would my clone kill Takashi? That doesn't make any sense. I shadow slide back to the Lillun and prepare to get underway, we have at least three leads and I intend to follow up on them all including Takashi's assassination.

Zodiac Bot Sagittarius

Zodiac Bot SagittariusPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/8/11 16:00
Hits428  Comments0    
Rounding out my latest batch of Zodiac Bots is Sagittarius the Archer in all of his awesome robo-centaur glory!

Zodiac Bot Scorpio

Zodiac Bot ScorpioPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/8/11 15:58
Hits433  Comments2    
My favorite of the bunch, because it's my own sign, so I'm a bit biased, Scorpio!

Chase to ground

Chase to groundPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/8/3 13:45
Hits414  Comments1    
This is an image from the chase scene described in my last image.


SubmitterefindelMore Photos from efindel   Last Update2015/7/15 9:49
Hits513  Comments3    
... and another pic of my new girl. In-game, she's supposed to have an interest in fashion design, so I'm probably going to be doing quite a few outfits and costumes for her!


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2015/7/3 16:28
Hits570  Comments3    
Someone once said "only scoundrels wear the flag".

That guy was an idiot!


Buddy Comic "That Chickweed Chick"

Buddy Comic "That Chickweed Chick" Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2015/7/2 18:45
Hits465  Comments1    
"9 Chickweed Lane" is one of those comic strips I want to like with it's multitude of sexy female characters and underlying message of "Live passionately!" but when author/artist Brooke McEldowney draws his characters with freakish facial expressions and tries to impress readers with his extensive vocabulary, it serves as more of a wet blanket than as an enjoyable escape, which is what I've always thought a comic strip should be.

Virgo the Virgin

Virgo the VirginPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/6/27 7:13
Hits467  Comments2    
My Zodiac-Bot, Virgo.

Leo the Lion

Leo the LionPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/6/27 7:11
Hits512  Comments2    
My Zodiac-Bot, Leo.

Cancer the Crab

Cancer the CrabPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/6/27 7:10
Hits437  Comments2    
My Zodiac-Bot, Cancer.

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs FlyPopular
SubmitterNolen_VoidMore Photos from Nolen_Void   Last Update2015/6/26 12:27
Hits514  Comments3    
Introducing "Blaster" Boar and the 14th Airborne Bacon Brigade.

Gemini the Twin (MK2)

Gemini the Twin (MK2)Popular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/6/18 15:19
Hits480  Comments3    
As explained in the bio for this character above, she is the second robot to bear the name Gemini, the first one being captured and reprogrammed to fight for good alongside my hero team, the Galactic Police Enforcers.

Taurus the Bull

Taurus the BullPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/6/18 15:18
Hits426  Comments3    
Here is my zodiac-bot, Taurus the Bull, representing the second sign of the zodiac for my villain team Alignment Inc.

Aries the Ram

Aries the RamPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/6/18 15:18
Hits440  Comments3    
I'm going in order of the zodiac for this series, so here is the first zodiac-bot, Aries the Ram.

Voltt Paint Job [after Tazman]

Voltt Paint Job [after Tazman]Popular
SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2015/6/14 20:34
Hits506  Comments3    
Thought I'd add a splash of color to Taz' sweet pencils. Been awhile since I did any digital coloring but i think it came out pretty decent for a coupla hours work. Hope you like it Taz.

Susan getting ready --from the halls of Unicorn Comics

Susan getting ready --from the halls of Unicorn ComicsPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2015/6/11 16:15
Hits549  Comments6    
black and white ready for colors
Susan Thomas is a creation of Tazman (H.Samson)

Voltt --from the halls of Unicorn Comics

Voltt --from the halls of Unicorn ComicsPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2015/6/11 16:11
Hits520  Comments4    
black and white ready for colors
Voltt is a creation of Starchild (E.Bell)

Javelin Jenny Tenpenny

Javelin Jenny TenpennyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/6/6 15:22
Hits579  Comments4    
Javelin Jenny Tenpenny, or "JJT," as I call her for short is yet another of my female android characters. I can't really recall how exactly I came up with her name other than I wanted to make a character that possessed ten-inch nails as weapons or something and I had heard the term "tenpenny nails" at one time and knew that javelins were sharp pointy sticks that are thrown, so I put the two together and gave her the rhyming name of Jenny and dressed her up like a blonde bimbo cheerleader for some reason and created yet another outrageous character, lol. As illogical as her actual real-life origins are, she has a very logical in-universe origin and reason to exist in the CSCU as the only robotic member of Alignment Inc. that is not based upon a sign of the zodiac or other constellation.

The Toon

The ToonPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/6/6 15:21
Hits483  Comments4    
You're probably wondering why I've created such a character to be associated with a character like Mr. Astrology and his Alignment Inc. organization since a living cartoon being honestly has nothing to do with anything that Astrology and his Zodiac-Bots stand for. Well, when I created these characters many years ago, I made a comic where The Toon suddenly appeared to cause trouble for the G.P.E. while they were battling Astrology and his robots and he just decided to stick around with Astrology for the fun of it and the rest is history. As the bio above states, he is the chaos to Mr. Astrology's proposed sense of order and the poor misguided scientist cannot get rid of him.

Mister Astrology

Mister AstrologyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2015/6/6 15:20
Hits464  Comments3    
Mister Astrology is a villain that has taken his interests to the utmost extreme believing that he is something more than what he is and can do more than what he his capable of doing. In his case it is his extreme devotion to the stars and constellations, particularly the signs of the zodiac. Most everyone has zodiac themed heroes or villains, so this guy is the leader of the group that I have created for such in my Coolstar Universe. (I gave him the sign of Scorpio because that is my own, but nothing else about this character reflects any of my own beliefs in the subject.)

Buddy Comic 'Name That Beaver' Part 6

Buddy Comic 'Name That Beaver' Part 6Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2015/5/26 18:20
Hits455  Comments1    
The last Buddy comic in the 'Name That Beaver' storyline ending with the old "Here we go again!" tag.

The Owl

The OwlPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2015/5/25 11:11
Hits408  Comments3    
A Darth Paul original

Killer Bee

Killer BeePopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2015/5/25 11:10
Hits425  Comments3    
A JrMcDeath original


SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2015/5/25 11:08
Hits464  Comments3    
A DarqueImages original

Transforma - Darth Paul Girls

Transforma - Darth Paul GirlsPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2015/5/23 19:32
Hits499  Comments3    
Girls of the 'Galactic Police Enforcers'

Die-Cast...Darth Paul Girls

Die-Cast...Darth Paul GirlsPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2015/5/23 15:40
Hits465  Comments2    
Girls of The Galactic Police Enforcers

Photo No. 181-210 (out of 1324 photos hit)« 1 2 3 4 5 6 (7) 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ... 45 »