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Superman Returns

Superman ReturnsPopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2006/4/27 14:07
Hits1440  Comments6    
After nearly a decade the Man Of Steel returns to the big screen. I personally can't wait. Next to Batman, Superman is my top fave superhero. Hell, he's the first superhero ever!


SubmittercontentKILLERMore Photos from contentKILLER   Last Update2006/4/27 6:47
Hits1023  Comments3    
Here's a picture I did of Inuyasha, the lead character of an anime of the same name. I drew it and colored it for my girlfriend. I think I submitted it before the site went down those months ago and it vanished.

Marvin Vs. Alien

Marvin Vs. AlienPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2006/4/18 21:10
Hits2269  Comments15    
Marv about to kick some Alien Butt!

Pencils by the Talented Biohaz_Daddy, and the colors by me.

I tried a few new things with my coloring this time, trying to grow and improve and create my own coloring look/style.


Tidal Wave

Tidal WavePopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2006/4/16 9:48
Hits1170  Comments2    
The massive battleship Decepticon from Transformers Armada enjoying some Navy ships for dinner.


SubmitterdeathroseMore Photos from deathrose   Last Update2006/3/29 22:49
Hits1416  Comments5    
I saw V for Vendetta, and was inspired to create this.  This is my first non photomanip upload, as well.  I drew it by hand, and then after 10 hours of work in PS7 the colors were done.  


SubmitterVampireLoverMore Photos from VampireLover   Last Update2006/3/29 4:43
Hits1421  Comments5    
boy, I just stick with a select few, don't I?

80's Vengeance #1

80's Vengeance #1Popular
SubmittercontentKILLERMore Photos from contentKILLER   Last Update2006/3/11 7:26
Hits1019  Comments1    
Optimus Prime of the 80's v.s. Ironman of today.

May Challenge - Marv the Wedding Planner

May Challenge - Marv the Wedding PlannerPopular
SubmitterDoobieMore Photos from Doobie   Last Update2006/3/11 0:42
Hits1467  Comments6    
My Submission for a funny summer job has Marv as Basin City's Premiere wedding planner.  Book now; this guy won't be available forever!

November Challenge - Ariel Sardine Advertisement

November Challenge - Ariel Sardine AdvertisementPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2006/3/11 0:42
Hits2114  Comments3    
Well those funny merfolk gotta eat something, don't they?

Star Trek - The First Generation

Star Trek - The First GenerationPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2006/3/11 0:39
Hits1735  Comments9    
OK, so I used David Edward Martin's great submissions as an inspiration for this.  Someday I may have an original thought...

Thanks to the Stone Trek site for the ship.

ultimate Underdog-Feb Challenge-Extreme Makeover

ultimate Underdog-Feb Challenge-Extreme MakeoverPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2006/3/11 0:38
Hits1487  Comments7    
Here he is. The one. The only. "UNDERDOG!"

Halloween '05: Wizard of X - Trick or Treat! (by DM711)

Halloween '05: Wizard of X - Trick or Treat! (by DM711)Popular
SubmitterDivine_Monkey711More Photos from Divine_Monkey711   Last Update2006/3/11 0:32
Hits3278  Comments20    
Well, here's my pic for the Halloween challenge:
Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat convinced the rest of the 'Astonishing X-men' to go trick or treat. She also dressed them up as the cast of 'the Wizard of Oz'. Shadowcat is Dorothy, Lockheed is Toto (he ate his costume), Wolverine as (the cowardly) Lion, Cyclops as (the brainless) Scarecrow, Colossus as the Tin-Man, Emma Frost as the Witch and Beast as a flying monkey. No one but Kitty is happy! (Art Notes: I drew the characters on paper; did the background and coloured it in Photoshop.)

Spongebat Squarepants

Spongebat SquarepantsPopular
SubmitterDjinnMore Photos from Djinn   Last Update2006/3/11 0:24
Hits1699  Comments8    


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   Last Update2005/12/5 21:32
Hits6243  Comments5    
I did another Jasmine piece.  Nothing else to say.

Team Rocket

Team RocketPopular
SubmitterserMore Photos from ser   Last Update2005/11/12 8:05
Hits1973  Comments7    
The Team Rocket trap Pikachu

Soundwave and Laserbeak

Soundwave and LaserbeakPopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2005/10/29 0:37
Hits1361  Comments6    
The Decepticons' communications expert, Soundwave and his loyal spy bird, Laserbeak.

October Challenge: Spawn vs Predator

October Challenge: Spawn vs PredatorPopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2005/10/25 2:38
Hits1186  Comments7    
The Predator returns to hunt the most dangerous prey of all: the Hellspawn, Al Simmons. But Al isn't that easy to kill, because he's already dead.


SubmitterVampireLoverMore Photos from VampireLover   Last Update2005/10/6 7:14
Hits1535  Comments9    
just another one while I work on some more... different... stuff

Iceman & Firestar

Iceman & FirestarPopular
SubmitterVampireLoverMore Photos from VampireLover   Last Update2005/10/4 9:10
Hits1778  Comments9    
wanted to do something with my two favorites.... yes, at some point I'll add spiderman... but that will be much later...

Morphin Time

Morphin TimePopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2005/10/1 1:18
Hits1327  Comments6    
Another blast from the past. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I admit I liked this show.


SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2005/9/20 18:50
Hits1653  Comments7    
A little project with color on a coloring book page provided by Double D --


SubmitterLittleCamperMore Photos from LittleCamper   Last Update2005/9/18 15:53
Hits1664  Comments9    
Colored pencil sketch.

Override (Transformers: Cybertron)

Override (Transformers: Cybertron)Popular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2005/9/9 8:09
Hits1671  Comments6    
Long-time champion and leader of the Speed Planet, OVERRIDE is always ready for a race. Acceleration is her only ideal, but she respects anyone with the guts to challenge her. She's faced and beaten thousands of upstart speedsters in her time. Though at first suspicious of the intentions HOT SHOT and the AUTOBOTS have for her world's Cyber Planet Key, OVERRIDE is only too glad to help once she realizes what's at stake.

Harley & Ivey by JBL Color by Dark Wanderer

Harley & Ivey by JBL Color by Dark WandererPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2005/8/19 19:42
Hits2340  Comments7    
Here is the green skin one. Mods can delte the one they don't like

Megatron from Transformers: Cybertron

Megatron from Transformers: CybertronPopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2005/8/16 1:31
Hits1499  Comments3    
After he was caught in the implosion of Unicron at the end of the Energon War, Megatron survives. Now, wearing salvaged pieces of the Chaos Bringer's armor, Megatron's lust for power grows even stronger. Now he seeks the Cyber Planet Keys, ancient artifacts that contain the ultimate power of the universe. And he will stop at nothing to get them, even if he has to rip out Optimus Prime's power core to do it.


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   Last Update2005/8/9 13:31
Hits11025  Comments14    
I'm back.  Here is my latest commission.  Everything is self explanatory.  Enjoy


SubmitterSadmanMore Photos from Sadman   Last Update2005/8/6 7:42
Hits3518  Comments6    
Batman Returns film version.
Oil on harboard.

Robin Begins

Robin BeginsPopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2005/8/2 2:01
Hits1887  Comments4    
If I had to pick something I liked from "Batman and Robin" it would be the lack of color in Robin's costume. Actually they just took Nightwing's costume, made the bird red, and added a cape. I think if the film guys for the new Batman films were careful, Robin could be worked into it with out camping it up.


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   Last Update2005/7/28 15:53
Hits6407  Comments8    
Jasmine has turn into a mermaid.  I don't think there is anything to explain, so enjoy.

Christian Bale as Batman portrait

Christian Bale as Batman portraitPopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2005/7/27 23:36
Hits1859  Comments6    
I penciled the outline on paper and "painted" it in Photoshop. I used a photo of Bale from a magazine as reference. Enjoy.

Photo No. 571-600 (out of 629 photos hit)
« 1 ... 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 (20) 21 »