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HM General Chit Chat Re: Renders 16 07 18 02:47 pm

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"Assignment Earth" #1

"Assignment Earth" #1Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2016/2/15 20:02
Hits844  Comments3    
Here is my new put together cover.
"Assignment Earth"
A Star Trek Spin-off.
Reboot,Recast & Redone.
My choice for Gary Seven-Me.
My Choice for Roberta-Christina Applegate.
Isis as Isis so far.
I hope everyone enjoys this!

"Assignment Earth" #2

"Assignment Earth" #2Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2016/2/28 1:12
Hits785  Comments2    
Here is my new put together cover.
"Assignment Earth"#2
A Star Trek Spin-off.
Reboot,Recast & Redone.
My choice for Gary Seven - Me.
My Choice for Roberta Lincoln-Christina Applegate.
Isis as Isis so far.
I hope everyone enjoys this!

"Assignment Earth"#3 Various Covers

"Assignment Earth"#3 Various CoversPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2016/4/16 17:29
Hits716  Comments0    
I could not decide for a final?!?
I through out a dozen letters for vote purposes.
They are sitting at 5-3-1 with my vote to be a decider if it is necessary
Here are my Choices I put together for this cover.
"Assignment Earth"#3
A Star Trek Spin-off.
Reboot,Recast & Redone.

As Always My Choice for Roberta Lincoln-Christina Applegate
With Isis being either Christina Ricci,Katy Perry or Saoirse Ronan.

I hope everyone enjoys this as the Final version!

"Big Trouble in Little China"

"Big Trouble in Little China" Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2015/6/5 16:18
Hits1005  Comments3    
I don't remember were I just read that
Dwayne"The Rock"Johnson has been given a reboot script to read and decide
if he wants the part in the Remake of
"Big Trouble in Little China"
now I did sub in Lucy Liu who has not been asked
but would be a good choice to replace Kim Cattrall.

Has anyone else read or heard about this?

"Don't Call Me Junior!"

"Don't Call Me Junior!"Popular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2007/12/31 0:57
Hits1350  Comments4    

"I Love You, Dr. Zaius!"

"I Love You, Dr. Zaius!"Popular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2008/1/3 10:12
Hits1025  Comments2    
Yeah, another photopainting jobbie...I dunno, maybe the well's dried up or something.

But hey, it's a monkey (ape, technically; who cares?), so that's gotta count for something. Everybody loves monkies!

"I prefer rum. Rum is good."

"I prefer rum. Rum is good."Popular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2008/1/20 16:24
Hits1032  Comments3    

'Illyria' by Tazman

'Illyria' by TazmanPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2008/10/1 19:56
Hits1794  Comments0    
Illyria is from the TV show 'Angel'

'Past Reborn'  Space Ghost and Jonny Quest

'Past Reborn' Space Ghost and Jonny QuestPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2014/3/24 15:11
Hits970  Comments2    
cut and paste from the net.
Space Ghost- by Gary Owens. Jonny Quest- by Doug Wildey. tough-up on photoshop by Tazman.
These are the two cartoons that made me want to start comicbook form of art. The style of Jonny Quest is what inspired me the most.

'The Time Machine' by Tazman

'The Time Machine' by TazmanPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2008/9/28 12:10
Hits1330  Comments3    
something different.

...And the war rages on...

...And the war rages on...Popular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2010/2/21 1:06
Hits1031  Comments1    


SubmitterdeathroseMore Photos from deathrose   Last Update2014/12/12 5:13
Hits577  Comments2    
Quickie painting of David Tennant as the 10th doctor.

I love Doctor Who <3

painted in ArtRage with an old Wacom bamboo tablet

2006 - Trailer Park Boys

2006 - Trailer Park BoysPopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2016/2/2 5:21
Hits501  Comments4    
In honour of the TV show...

2008 - GM Amalgam Draw-Off: Master Two-Face Shake

2008 - GM Amalgam Draw-Off: Master Two-Face ShakePopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2016/3/21 0:14
Hits462  Comments2    
Here's more flashb'action for y'all...
Graphic Mouse Amalgam D/O circa 2008! I was prescient enough to save my brief outlines at the time, so here's the setup for...

Shake Zula (the mic ruler!) - Master Shake of The Aqua Teen Hunger Force, combined with ex-Gotham city DA - Two-Face... somehow.
Master Two-Face Shake.

2008 - Simpsons in comic-style

2008 - Simpsons in comic-stylePopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2016/1/27 21:17
Hits504  Comments4    
Attempted to capture some key Simpsons cartoon characters in a more comicbook art-style back in 2008...

2013 - Disney's Mad Hatter

2013 - Disney's Mad HatterPopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2016/1/17 23:00
Hits424  Comments3    
I am a big fan of classic Disney stuff and as such I'm a big fan of Alice In Wonderland, thus I had a go at sketching perhaps my favourite character from that film, The Mad Hatter...
A very happy Un-Birthday to you!

2014 - Black Arts - Emperial Guard

2014 - Black Arts - Emperial GuardPopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2016/1/27 21:13
Hits513  Comments6    
Yet another earlier black-card experiment, this one from 2014...

2015 - Game of D'ohs

2015 - Game of D'ohsPopular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2016/2/2 5:25
Hits633  Comments6    
Game of Thrones/ Simpsons... A pretty straight-forward mash-up produced as a "filler" page, of sorts, for Issue #5 of our company's comic publication. Homer the Hound and LisArya...
Hope yez diggit!

80's Heavy Metal

80's Heavy MetalPopular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2007/5/6 21:10
Hits1341  Comments3    
'DEAD OR ALIVE, YOU'RE COMING WITH ME.' I recently found a couple old videos of a Robocop cartoon that I didn't know existed and felt the urge to try my hand at a pic of him.

Updated new version complete with fancy shading on the color parts.

80's Vengeance #1

80's Vengeance #1Popular
SubmittercontentKILLERMore Photos from contentKILLER   Last Update2006/3/11 7:26
Hits1064  Comments1    
Optimus Prime of the 80's v.s. Ironman of today.

Adam West Tribute

Adam West TributePopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2017/6/10 17:51
Hits378  Comments3    
William West Anderson, commonly known as Adam West,
was an American actor whose career spanned seven decades.
He is best known for having portrayed the Batman in the 1960s ABC series
Batman and its theatrical feature film.

Born: September 19, 1928, Walla Walla, Washington, United States
Died: June 9, 2017, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 1.88 m
Spouse: Marcelle Tagand Lear (m. 19702017), Frisbie Dawson (m. 19571962), Billie Lou Yeager (m. 19501956)
Children: Nina West, Jonelle S. Anderson, Hunter Anderson, Perrin West

Aeon Flux

Aeon FluxPopular
Submitterthemonican2005More Photos from themonican2005   Last Update2006/6/17 12:46
Hits1899  Comments10    
First time I've ever done a digital painting. I just decided to do a tribute to my favorite scene of my favorite movie, Aeon Flux attacking some guards with a shard of glass. I hope you all like it! ^_^ *hugs*

Ahoy Sailors!

Ahoy Sailors!Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2013/6/5 18:13
Hits909  Comments0    
Just in time before my vacation trip to ColossalCon in Sandusky this weekend, here's my OC's Buddy the Pal Gal and her friends as the Sailor Scouts!  

Alan Rickman Tribute "Always the Second Banana"

Alan Rickman Tribute "Always the Second Banana"Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2016/1/14 17:30
Hits806  Comments3    
Acclaimed British actor Alan Rickman has died at the age of 69.
The beloved star, who made the transition from the stage to the big screen in the 1980s, passed away in London after a battle with cancer,
his representative confirmed to the Guardian.
Film audiences first met Rickman in 1988 with the debut of Die Hard,
and spent the following decades catching him in everything from dramas to romantic-comedies to celebrated adaptations.
The late star had many greatest on-screen roles.

Alien movie style poster

Alien movie style posterPopular
SubmitterNebulaStudioMore Photos from NebulaStudio   Last Update2007/12/28 22:24
Hits1153  Comments3    
Hey Heromorph Gang! I haven't posted anything on this site for months and since I have some new art pieces to display,I think it's long overdue for a new posting.This "poster" is originally going to be used in a movie fanzine.Hope you like!


SubmitterJeffSonMore Photos from JeffSon   Last Update2007/4/15 21:10
Hits1055  Comments2    
Total drawing time under an hour...

All growed up.

All growed up.Popular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2008/6/19 16:47
Hits1823  Comments9    
Ok long story:

Over on DeviantArt(Are we allowed to mention other artsites?)one of my friends 'tagged' me to join in on this...thing. Its hard to describe what it was. I think people refer to them as meme's? But I'm old, I don't know what that means. It was a vertical row of images done by different people showing all or one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Apparently, the originator did one and then proceeded to 'tag' someone who had to do one and subsequently 'tag' someone else. Etcetera, etcetera. Anyway, I hadn't drawn the Turtles in a while so I figured I would give it a go. The preceeding artists had all done well at depicting the Turtles in their 'normal' looks so I did one of them...grown up I guess? I don't know, I just drew them more seriously I guess you could say. Plus, I thought it might be cool to only do color on their bandanna/masks.

Anyway, I get it done in my usual mode, i.e. drawing and inking it on paper and then scanning it in to color on photoshop. I add it to the line of artwork and post it. Only to find out that it was supposed to be done completely on the computer. So I just figured I would post it by itself. And then I thought that I haven't been posting anything here regularly for a while(Lack of inspiration) so I would post it here as well.

Sorry for the overexplanation. I tend to be paranoid about explaining things.

Amanda Peterson Tribute

Amanda Peterson TributePopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2015/7/8 15:47
Hits1787  Comments2    
"Back to Neverland"

American Actress
Amanda Peterson was a former American actress.
Peterson gained fame for her role as Cindy Mancini in the 1987 comedy film Can't Buy Me Love.
A native of Greeley, Colorado, Peterson is the youngest of three children.
While living in Colorado, she made her stage debut in a production of The Sound of Music.
At the age of 9, she won a role in the musical film Annie, where she appeared as a dancing extra.
Peterson went on to land guest spots on Father Murphy and Silver Spoons.
In the 19831984 television season, she co-starred as Squirt Sawyer on NBC's Boone.
Boone was canceled after one season.

Lived: Jul 08, 1971 - Jul 05, 2015 (age 43)
Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)
Spouse: Joseph Robert Skutvik David Hartley
Parents: Sylvia Peterson James Hill Peterson
Education: Colorado State University
Siblings: Jimmy Peterson Ann Marie Peterson

An interview I'd pay to see.

An interview I'd pay to see.Popular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2006/7/20 16:32
Hits1338  Comments6    
Would this not be the best talk show episode ever?


SubmitterVampireLoverMore Photos from VampireLover   Last Update2006/10/12 20:33
Hits1146  Comments1    
from She-Ra

I just thought I'd try something different. I did a couple of them.

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 633 photos hit)
(1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 22 »