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Challenge: Super Skrull Strikes!

Challenge: Super Skrull Strikes!Popular
SubmitterKev_IncalMore Photos from Kev_Incal   Last Update2006/12/3 21:56
Hits3071  Comments12    
The second Challenge of the Artists has been posted. Art Notes in the first post...

Lady Heromorph Challenge #1 - Wasp Escapes the Flytrap

Lady Heromorph Challenge #1 - Wasp Escapes the FlytrapPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2006/12/1 17:42
Hits3348  Comments7    
This image started out as a frank of a couple of the available base pics in the first challenge gallery.  I added dragonfly wings from a photo I took myself.  This is one of the Wasp's 14 million costumes.

I recall an old Atom cover years ago where he was trapped in a venus flytrap.  I figured if it could happen to the Atom, it could happen to Janet.  Here we see her escaping the trap.

Editors Note: The 5th challenge entry
Please click here to check the rest of the Lady Heromorph Challenge


SubmitterBRaZZZilMore Photos from BRaZZZil   Last Update2006/11/25 10:30
Hits3348  Comments12    
to wait movie fantastic four 2

galactus - model unknown
silver surfer - toy


Scarlet Witch

Scarlet WitchPopular
SubmitterthebearMore Photos from thebear   Last Update2006/11/24 15:45
Hits4743  Comments6    
I haven't posted anything in quite a while so I decided to do something fairly easy and quick.  Here's the Scarlet Witch relaxing at the Avengers Mansion.  The model is Elena Skubiy.


SubmittercyberphoenixMore Photos from cyberphoenix   Last Update2006/11/5 13:23
Hits2192  Comments2    
this was a victoria's secret model wearing nothing but some panties.loved the way her hair was blowing and the muse hit me.coloured her blonde hair and was up til 7am doing the rest.also gonna post the wallpaper one i did.which is the first one.this one has a few minor tell me what ya think!


SubmitterSCTreeguyMore Photos from SCTreeguy   Last Update2006/11/5 1:53
Hits2332  Comments4    
This was a quick (20minute), joint effort manip from me and my son.  He doesn't do much artwork and rarely uses the computer, but he showed a little interest so I did my best to coach him and show him what little I know...
He's only 10, so we stayed away from the nudes...

New Mutants Movie Poster

New Mutants Movie PosterPopular
SubmitterLittle_LilithMore Photos from Little_Lilith   Last Update2006/11/3 9:27
Hits5596  Comments8    
A simple manip of New Mutants, I did because I?m without time to draw.
It?s me as Mirage  

"Behold!" Excalibur HeroMorph-C2F Crossover by BikerBot and Kev InCal

"Behold!" Excalibur HeroMorph-C2F Crossover by BikerBot and Kev InCalPopular
SubmitterBikerBotMore Photos from BikerBot   Last Update2006/10/29 23:24
Hits4278  Comments21    
There's just something about floating Superheroes...
What are MicroMax and Betsy up to?  Can Captain Britduck save the day?  You'll have to buy the issue to find out...

My "art notes" will be the first post.

----  12 hours later edit:
This image has been updated, the circles and the couple were adjusted slightly.


HM/C2F Crossover: Prelude Days Future Past by Bill Turner and Dark Wanderer

HM/C2F Crossover: Prelude Days Future Past by Bill Turner and Dark WandererPopular
SubmitterBillTurnerMore Photos from BillTurner   Last Update2006/10/29 14:12
Hits3817  Comments22    
Our Entry, notes inside.

She needs to be restraint !!

She needs to be restraint !!Popular
SubmitterWhiteQueenMore Photos from WhiteQueen   Last Update2006/10/26 9:37
Hits2726  Comments6    
another repost

Dagger in a near futur

Dagger in a near futurPopular
SubmitterWhiteQueenMore Photos from WhiteQueen   Last Update2006/10/22 11:18
Hits2578  Comments4    
and another repost :)

Songbird singing

Songbird singingPopular
SubmitterWhiteQueenMore Photos from WhiteQueen   Last Update2006/10/20 7:32
Hits2197  Comments1    
another repost

Shadowcat in the Wall

Shadowcat in the WallPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2006/10/10 12:59
Hits2717  Comments7    
Well, this great picture of a nekkid chick standing up against a wall was in the cookie jar, so I put a Shadowcat costume on her and phased her out.

All in all, she's just another brick in the wall.

Scarlet Witch  close-up

Scarlet Witch close-upPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2006/10/6 21:02
Hits2663  Comments10    
a close-up of a pic I did sometime ago


SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2006/9/18 12:30
Hits3114  Comments12    
Vampire Lover posted a comic art version of this character, and I decided to do a photomanip of a gal in a similar pose.

The model is "Peach".

Call to Arms Girls Night Out

Call to Arms Girls Night OutPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2006/9/14 13:57
Hits11798  Comments26    
First of all I want to say that I had a great team to work with!
After a hard day of adventuring, the girls decided to go hang out at the local pub and relax.
Dark_Wanderer did ShadowCat
Poison Ivy did Sage
Rocinate did Jean Grey
Billy did Sersi
Daruma did Mystique  


SubmitterdreamslayerMore Photos from dreamslayer   Last Update2006/9/12 3:53
Hits4833  Comments22    
I started this some time in march I think, and have finally finished it.

the beautifull Brandy Grace as Psylocke.

Firestar Reclining

Firestar RecliningPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2006/9/7 13:36
Hits2941  Comments8    
Is it the end of a long day of superheroing?  Or is she waiting for someone?

The model is Heather Christensen.


Submitterse7endazeMore Photos from se7endaze   Last Update2006/9/7 10:35
Hits2134  Comments4    
Hey ya'll, it's good to back, up and runnin' ...

Special Agent Abigail Brand, S.W.O.R.D.

Special Agent Abigail Brand, S.W.O.R.D.Popular
SubmitterLexusMore Photos from Lexus   Last Update2006/9/5 22:28
Hits2298  Comments2    
Here's my second attempt... tried something easier! I like this one better but a few things bug me about it... comments always welcome :)

Colleen Wing: Hoochies 4 Hire

Colleen Wing: Hoochies 4 HirePopular
SubmitterSCTreeguyMore Photos from SCTreeguy   Last Update2006/9/5 2:43
Hits4293  Comments1    


SubmitterLexusMore Photos from Lexus   Last Update2006/9/4 17:16
Hits2234  Comments7    
Okay, this is my first photomanip ever, and I know it's probably not very good, but I'm just excited that I actually did it! Thanks to Black Alchemy for the start to finish tutorial, it was great. Comments welcome, tips greatly appreciated! The dodge tool wasn't working correctly on the black... is that why people say black and white are the hardest to do? Anyway, here is Susan Ward as Domino.

Mystique by DarkBlade

Mystique by DarkBladePopular
SubmitterDarkBladeMore Photos from DarkBlade   Last Update2006/9/3 18:55
Hits2527  Comments8    
a nice little image of mystique.
I came across the base image and thought to myself. That chick would be hotter if she were blue. So I made her blue.


SubmitterSCTreeguyMore Photos from SCTreeguy   Last Update2006/8/30 23:52
Hits2385  Comments4    
I think my manips are slowly improving...

The Wolverine

The WolverinePopular
SubmitterDarqueImagesMore Photos from DarqueImages   Last Update2006/8/30 19:24
Hits2257  Comments4    
well this is the first Wolverine pic for me,  a real quick and simple manip.  Basically, a Wolverine figure from a Malaysian towy company with a bunch of tweaking by me and a background, cloned a bit of the background and here it is.

Ultimates-Captain America

Ultimates-Captain AmericaPopular
SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   Last Update2006/8/27 12:14
Hits2577  Comments6    
In lieu of the Morph/C2F Crossover event I thought I would bring over images that I have not posted here.  Solidarity....or something like that.  Art notes in first post.


SubmitterscarlettsyrenMore Photos from scarlettsyren   Last Update2006/8/25 8:10
Hits3645  Comments10    
Model: Alzbeta Lenska
Other Images: Just a background I made via PS7 with paper brushes.

Programs used: Paint Shop Pro5 (For all the manipulation)...and PS7 for the background.

I actually made this image for someone else, why it's so small...sorry. If I feel up to it, I may go back and redo the picture larger...I still have the manipulated image.

The work done...was actually a lot of work. I drew her clothing on, the little bands around her legs, her red bandana sash around her head..and her boots which you can't really see much of. I maniped out the gun that was originally in Alzbeta's hand...and placed the Sai there instead. I added the other sai to her leg (I am well aware it's on the wrong leg...but it didn't work the other way!) This actually took 4 hours to do.

Temporal Child: Blink

Temporal Child: BlinkPopular
SubmitterscarlettsyrenMore Photos from scarlettsyren   Last Update2006/8/25 8:10
Hits2354  Comments10    
My all time favorite comic book character...Clarice Ferguson...AKA...Blink.

Model: Laetitia Casta
Other Images: Just the spiffy background
Programs used: Paint Shop Pro5

Work Done: Lots of fun work here. The original picture had the strange metallic costume was an advertisement for makeup. So I changed it from silver to gold around the neck and green for the body. Mostly to follow after the gold and green little dress thing she wears in the comics. Changed her skin colour from normal flesh colour to Blinks beautiful Lavender colour. Her hair colour from Blinks more pinkish auburn colour. (Although in the later comics it's just pink...wasn't always that way). Changed her eyes to white since thats what they were originally in the comics. (Not the strange green colour)...added the arm bands, and her spiffy facial markings..and I made her ears all pointy.

image size: 1024x768

Phoenix Rising: Rachel Summers (Phoenix II)

Phoenix Rising: Rachel Summers (Phoenix II)Popular
SubmitterscarlettsyrenMore Photos from scarlettsyren   Last Update2006/8/25 8:09
Hits3172  Comments5    
Model: Keeley Hazell
Other Images Used: Fire
Program Used: Paint Shop Pro 5 (For most of the Manipulation); PS7 for the starry universe backgroud (made with brushes)

Not perfect, but I am pretty proud of it. I drew the clothing on myself and used the multi-purpose tool in PSP5 to shadow and highlight it. Over all took about 2-3 hours to do, if that. It's been awhile since I made it.

Size: 1024x768


SubmitterdeathroseMore Photos from deathrose   Last Update2006/8/23 0:21
Hits2831  Comments8    
Found another one that I did ages ago, so I decided to throw it up here. Totally can't remember the model though.

Photo No. 631-660 (out of 1359 photos hit)
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